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Author's Chapter Notes:

Quisinda discovers a very tiny race of humanoids and decides to have some fun with them.





CJ and Ackorn's eyes were still transfixed on the piece of grass where they'd witnessed Darran's body dwindling away just a moment ago. Their mouth and eyes were stunned, wide open in a glare of shock. Yet despite that, there was also a slight remnant of hope doused upon their expression.

It amused Quisinda. It was like they expected to see Darran suddenly emerging from the grass to unleash a fatal blow upon his sister.

The only thing my brother will battle are the ants in the dirt beneath my feet.

Quisinda could not blame them, though. Darran's friends had always been simple-minded fools. Their wits were way too inferior to truly grasp the depth of Quisinda's powers.

Darran was merely a tiny louse in the dirt right now, forced to fight off the littlest of insects to survive. The only way for him to grow back to his former size was if Quisinda would allow it.

"Care to join your friend, lads?" she gestured gracefully toward the grass at her feet.

Both CJ and Ackorn looked up with bulging eyes. Quisinda chuckled as she saw them flinching, taking a step backward as she brought her hand up with a sardonic smirk plastered on her cute, freckled face. Electrical arcs sparked and swirled around her fingers.

"Scared?" she asked.


Quisinda laughed boisterously as Ackorn shrieked and slumped backward with his not so small rear in the dirt. He received a reprimanding look from his friend.

"Ha! You guys are delightfully entertaining. I can give you that! I see why my brother likes to hang around with you lot. It makes him appear less stupid than when he's in the company of people who deem him less clever than he dares to admit.

"Get it?" she asked Ackorn, who was looking at her like he was busy pushing out a large dump.

"Of course, you don't. But he does!" she placed her hands on her hips and looked down.

"Aint that right, my tiny whiny little brother, you?" she said in a condescending voice. Quisinda squatted, zeroed her eyes on the spot where her minuscule brother was probably fighting off ants and sow-bugs and such. Tiny electrical sparks shot down from the tip of her finger, striking blades of grass, scorching them, as Quisinda unleashed a prolific thunderstorm for poor Darran.

"You'll kill him!" Ackorn called out as he took a step forward.

He flinched, almost falling on his butt again when Quisinda treated him on an angry glare and added, "I know what I'm doing, dipstick! And besides, what do you care anyway? You were always a doofus, nothing more than a punching bag in the eyes of my brother. I'm doing you a favor here, and you know it."

Quisinda frowned, "What the?..."

She turned her head and looked over her shoulder. Something was tickling her butt.

"My, my, my, what do we have here?" she pivoted on her feet to turn around. The cut-off denim shorts, wrapped nicely around her well-shaped butt, pulled tighter when she plunged her bare knees in the grass. Placing her hands on the ground, Quisinda looked down upon a humble army of about ten humanoids who appeared to be smaller than her pinky finger even. Quisinda sniggered as she saw them yelling at her with squeaky, foreign voices while hurling tiny spears and arrows at her.

"Mother always told me stories about the Frivelies." Quisinda stared with interest at the enraged little creatures. "A tiny race of people with magical abilities, roaming about in the human realm. I always dismissed those stories as nonsense. Guess mother was right all along."

Ackorn and CJ came ambling up beside her, eager to witness Quisinda's discovery.

"You're not stepping on my brother now, are you, Ackorn?" Quisinda said in earnestness.

Ackorn quickly jumped back, inspecting the underside of his shoe.

A curt derisive snort escaped Quisinda's lips, "You're lucky I still sense his life's energy."

She turned her attention back to the Frivelies again, drooling with curiosity, as they battered her knees and hands with puny, harmless weapons.

"If you guys are here, your village must be close by too. It's a shame I can't understand you. Although I have serious doubts that you guys would tell me willingly." She reached her arm out. Tiny shrieks were heard when Quisinda's hand lunged at the group of Frivelies. They stood their ground bravely, hurling arrows and spears, but were bested with ease by Quisinda's seemingly impregnable huge hand. Quisinda laughed with joy as the little Frivelie, who was firmly clutched within her fist, pounded away with all the strength his cute small hands could muster in a desperate bid to wrestle loose.

"You're a feisty one, aren't you! Here, let me help you." Quisinda gently placed a finger on top of his head. The little guy kept screaming and pounding. Then his body came at ease, hanging limply between Quisinda's clutched finger.

Quisinda closed her eyes and took a long breath as her mind sank in deep concentration. A luminous, blue aura engulfed the little guy, swirling its way toward Quisinda's head.

"No way! Is she trying to… "

CJ nodded.

"But how? Not even my fa-" CJ shushed him.

"There," Quisinda opened her eyes. "Thank you, little dude. Go along, play with your friends again."

Panic broke loose in the small crowd of Frivelies when Quisinda's huge hand hovered over them. "Bombs away!" she released her grip and chuckled when the little guy bowled them all over.

Quisinda stood back up and was about to amble off when Ackorn started to blabber, "That. Was. Freakin. Aaawesome what you did back there, Quisinda! Mind reading?! Not even my grandfather could pull off such an insidious spell without losing a part of his sanity! And, and, and you carried it out like a fuckin-"

"He always like this?" Quisinda spun her head, looking at CJ.

CJ just shrugged.

"It annoys me." Quisinda snapped her fingers and Ackorn finds himself shrinking down until he was roughly one foot tall.

"You're going to pipe down, or you want to join Darran and his amazing adventures among Lucas Nickle and his ant buddies?" Quisinda cocked an eyebrow, looking down upon Ackorn. The latter merely nods in agreement.

"Good." Quisinda continued her journey, taking a few steps before she spun around again.

"He's lonely. Go join him." She snapped her fingers again and CJ gasped as he too started shrinking.

"You both be quit now, understood?" Quisinda did not wait for an answer, but strode off, With both Ackorn and CJ, who were roughly one foot tall, in tow. They tried in vain to keep up with her positively tall legs.

"It must be around here somewhere." Bushes rustled as Quisinda wrestled her way through a thick pack of branches and leaves until a clearing revealed itself in front of her.

Her eyes widened as an entire miniature settlement stretched out in front of her feet, vaster than she could ever imagine, with countless of so-called frivelies milling about in a medieval-like town to fulfill their daily business.

"Well I'll be…"

Quisinda frowned as she checked her feet.

"Hey? Why did we stop?" Ackorn said, rubbing his nose after it bounced against Quisinda's calf.

"She did it." CJ uttered in awe, joining the others.

"Look! They even have a castle!" Ackorn pointed. "I bet some fat, filthy rich king lives there. Let's abduct him and demand ransom!"

Their presence did not stay unnoticed for too long. While all simple servants and peasants ran off to cower in their wooden huts, a considerable amount of warriors assembled, forming a front to face the invading giants.

"Hey?!" We come in peace!" Ackorn conjured a ward to protect himself from the barrage of arrows and spears raining down on them.

CJ laughed, conjuring a protective ward also against the spray of steel and wood being hurled at them, "You've just suggested abducting their king for godsakes! Where is the peace in that?"

"I was going to ask him politely," Ackorn said in an apologetic tone. He screamed out as one arrow slipped past his protective ward, piercing his big toe.

Quisinda, who was vastly larger than her peers and impervious against the frivelie weapons, witnessed it all in sweet repose. She cocked her head when a procession of robed individuals marched their way to the frontline, guarded by a crescent-shaped perimeter of warriors with large shields upfront.

"Here comes the magic." Quisinda mumbled, eying them with peaked curiosity. "let's see what you got."

Both Ackorn and CJ grunted while suffering greatly under the barrage of elemental attacks hurling their way. Pyro blasts, bolts of lightning, interspersed with shards of ice, whistled and cracked through the air until they clattered against the faltering wards of both Ackorn and CJ.

"Enlarge me!" Ackorn screamed between huffs and puffs.

"No need." Quisinda answered as she watched the spectacle at her feet with great amusement. "It won't make a difference."

"Bullshit! You seem to suffer no harm by their attacks!" Ackorn called out, nearly at the end of his rope.

Quisinda sighed, "You're magical potential stands independent of your physical size. In other words, big or small, you're still a weakling."

"Aaaargh!" Ackorn fell to the ground as his protective ward shattered under the ceaseless attacks. A short time later, CJ's ward followed as he too fell down in the dirt, screaming and covering his face in vain against the flood of elemental attacks.

Quisinda snorted, "Figures… I'll handle this." She rose her hand in the air and stretched out her index finger, pointing it upwards. All elemental attacks, which were whistling through the air, came at a sudden stop.

She laughed as she noticed all those tiny, magical Frivelies sweating from exhaustion while their combined effort appeared fruitless against Quisinda's magical supremacy.

"That all you got? Boring…" she flicked her wrist and sent all the elemental attacks back to their conjurers. Panic broke loose among the frivelie ranks as a rain of fire, ice and lightning crashed down upon them, demanding casualties.

Quisinda raised both hands, palms up, "I'll teach you. You're trying to screw the wrong girl." She uttered some words of enchantment.

Screeching pandemonium erupted throughout the whole Frivelie settlement as dark clouds packed together and unleashed a devastating thunderstorm. Quisinda's laughter echoed through the air as huts and bridges and stables received the full brunt of flickering lightning bolts cracking down from the dark sky. Everyone was running about, all frenzied, as realization sank in that no Frivelie was save for Quisinda's wrath.

Quisinda cocked an eyebrow as she saw a lone figure galloping its way to her on an evenly-proportioned horse through throngs of screaming frivelies and blazing fires. He was dressed like an aristocrat, donned in an expensive looking garment, with some relic resting on his head.

The king

He galloped all the way up to Quisinda, who loomed over him like some apocalyptic Goddess, unsaddled and raised his hands in the air. He started to shout up to her in some foreign language. Quisinda did not understand a word, but his tone sounded soothing. She lowered her hands and immediately, the thunderstorm subsided, revealing a clear blue sky as the pack of dark clouds faded away.

Little by little, more and more Frivelies dared to shuffle closer as they gathered up behind their king, still on their guard for the gigantic teen girl looming over them all.

Quisinda scrutinized him, narrowing her eyes before she crouched down and placed her hand on the ground in an inviting manner. At first, the king and his people flinched in fear by her sudden movement, but when he realized that it was meant as a friendly gesture, he took a step forward. Prodded by Quisinda's gentle smile, the king took another step, then another as he approached a sprawled-out feminine hand the size of a house.

He climbed on Quisinda's hand, who kept treating him a warm smile and sat down in the middle of her palm. Quisinda stood back up to her full height and sized the little king up, scanning him with her radiant green eyes.

"You brave, brave man." She said.

An agonizing scream followed when the king combusted in a living torch as scorching flames started gnawing at him all over his body.

When all was done, Quisinda simply dropped his charred remains on the dirt below.

"There…" she clapped her hands clean. "now you serve me."

She cocked her head as she noticed that all Frivelies were slowly backing away from her. A single individual ran off, more followed.

"You stay here, right now!" Quisinda commanded. No one listened. Panic broke loose as all frivelies scurried off to find safety for the brutal teen giantess.

"You dare to defy me?!" Quisinda made a gesture with her hand and a blazing inferno brewed up at the town's perimeter, grower wider and higher, until a massive wall of flames enclosed it all, cutting off every way of escape for the poor Frivelies.

Quisinda chuckled at their futile attempts to find a way out. With her palm wide open, Quisinda slowly started to close her fingers into a tight fist. Simultaneously, the grand circle of flames contracted, becoming tighter and smaller as it burned homes and other structures at the town's outer perimeter.

"Made up your mind yet?" Quisinda's voice boomed above the scorching flames. One by one, every Frivelie lowered, bending their knees in submission to the almighty Quisinda. It was either that or face a painful death.

"Thats right," The wall of flames shrank down subsequently after Quisinda lowered her hand.

"you will all worship me now as your new Goddess."

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