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Author's Chapter Notes:

new characters introduced.  Spelling errors of celebrites and popular corporations and apps are on purpose.

Britney had long brown hair that looked a little dirty brunette and almost always seemed to have a pissed off look on her face.  Like she hated her job and life and couldn't do anything about it.  You don't know why, but Britney always hated you. It might have been because you said she looked like a washed up hillbilly version of a washed up Britney Speers, but you never told her this in person, only behind her back.  Also every time you would try to do something nice for Erin, like carry something heavy for her, Britney would butt in and say something like "I've got it, you can do go back to doing nothing or whatever it is they pay you for."  Such a bitch.

"Here's the bug spray. I have to hurry to the back of the store to clean up a spill."  

"Thanks, I'll see you later... Hey Britney, wait!  If you found a shrunken man, lets say it's that guy who quit without notice before Christmas last year, what would you do with him?"   

Britney didn't hesitate with her response. "That Worthless Scumbag! The one who wouldn't stop following you around like a lost puppy?  I'd make him suffer. I'd drop him inside my shoe and tell him to lick the toe jam from my toes (not that I have any), but I would make him my personal footcleaner." 

"That's gross Brit. And really cruel." 

"Yeah! That's the point!  I wouldn't even want to wear socks anymore unless he was inside them. That loser would wish he was found by anyone else."  

"Really? Jillian said she would drop him in the back of her underwear and keep him as her asskisser.  You don't think that's worse?"  

"Trust me. After what he did to you and making our lives harder at this store, the levels of torture I can think of for him are endless! And Gloria's idea is actually fitting for that assclown, I could try that out too, but I want to feel him squirm for his life in between my toes.  Anyone else I found shrunk, I would try to help, but that jackass is going to suffer if he gets shrunk and found by me.  Why are you asking anyway?"  

Not trying to sound weird, Erin quickly replies "Its, uh, for my creative writing class for school.  The subject is What If you found a shrunken jerk."  

"Ugh, I hate writing papers.  I'm not looking forward to finals, they better not have us write anything more than half a page.  Anyway, I have to go clean that mess.  Oh and if you see that loser shrunken, give him to me.  I'll make sure he never bothers you again Haha." 

"Um... haha, yeah, sure."

Before Britney walked away, something caught her eye as she pivoted.  "Gross, another bug.  I'll take care of this one."  

Britney raised her foot over the tiny creature, but before Erin could see what Britney was stepping on, her well worn work shoe had already slammed down and crushed it into a red paste.  Erin wondered if that could have been another shrunken person, but then thought the odds of that happening were over one in one billion. As Britney walked away, it was at that moment that you started to dig deeper in fear of these giant evil women and that digging started to irritate your guardian captress.  You were getting a little too close to Erins nipple, so she pretended to wipe dust off her shirt while pushing you back to the center of her breasts.

Jen from customer service noticed this and walked over to confront Erin. "Hey, I saw what you did."

Jennifer was a brunette who usually wore a ponytail.  She dressed sporty outside of work, but didn't participate in many activities since her junior year in college.  She had a boyfriend who worked here when you did, so you never hit on her...that much.  They broke up since then and she swore off men for a year, trying to find her inner feminist.
Erin, shocked that she had been seen putting a shrunken man in between her boobs was getting ready to come clean and admit she had you when Jennifer responded.

"Bra's getting too tight for you. I've noticed you've been growing in all the right places.  It used to happen to me, but I upgraded to more expensive lingerie. Taylors Secret is having a sale down the street. They're high quality so you shouldn't have any problems adjusting them quickly when no ones watching.  I just bought a few pairs and you wouldn't believe how many comments I got from posting on Snapagram."  

"Oh, Um, Yeah. I bought this at Wallmart six months ago and it's already starting to wear out. I saw some of those comments on your post... Who are they from? Anyone you know?"  

"No, mainly creeps who are obsessed with me, hiding behind screens all day.  I checked out a few good looking guys, but I'm pretty sure their accounts are fake." 

This comment reminded Erin of you again and she thought, why shouldn't she ask. "Hey Jen, What would you do if you found a shrunken man, but it was someone you didn't like?  Lets say that guy who used to work here last year, the one who didn't do anything.

"Oh, that guy, I don't know...give him to a manager or someone else to take care of?  He's not my problem, I'm not going to waste my time with him... Actually... if he's the right size...Yeah... Never mind I take that back, I would take him home with me." 

"Really? Why did you change your mind to help him?" 

"Help him?  Lets just say I have a special Drawer in my room he would be joining when I didn't need him.  Which wouldn't be often considering feeling him struggle inside me could help the work day go by faster. Especially if I could teach him to find the right spot on command..." Jen took a deep breath, bit her lip and stared off into space as she said this.

Erin blushed slightly at Jens lustful response and said "Oh... isn't that a little... severe?"  

"Not really. He was always bragging about how much pussy he was going to get after work and now he could have all the pussy he ever wanted.  It's like I'm doing him a favor. Especially since no one believed he was going to get his dick wet wherever he was going.  Why are you asking a strange question like that? Did someone ask you on Utube?"  

"Um, Yeah, that's why I asked." 

"Oh, in that case don't put what I said, you might get banned.  Think of a funny answer like tying him to a balloon knot or putting him in a sandcastle that's about to be destroyed. I have to get back to the front desk, I'll see you when I clock out.  Hey Kacie, Ask Erin about her Utube question."

"What question?"  Erin didn't notice Kacie walk in behind her. She never planned on asking her because she never met her shrunken rescuee confined in her brassiere before.

Chapter End Notes:

hope you enjoyed it.

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