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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the last major character to be introduced for a while.


Finally someone you didn't recognize, who had no reason to wish you any ill will.  She could easily give a normal response that didn't involve you being tortured or turned into a sextoy.

Kacie was the newest hire here. She had mid length, natural blonde hair and was petite for her age. She always had a bright, cheerful smile on her face that seemed contagious and instantly lit up any room she walked in with a spring in her step.  There wasn't anyone who ever had a problem with her and everyone seemed to fall in love with her lively, positive and upbeat attitude.  Erin knew she never met the guy in her bra who annoyed everyone last year, so she would be a solid unbiased opinion. 

"Hey Erin. What question?"

Erin blurted out nervously fast "Oh it's nothing, I have an internet writing question thing that asks how would you react If a shrunk person appeared in front of you?  But the catch is everyone knows him as a jerk who only helps himself and doesn't care about others and it's possible he did this to himself or at the very least karma did this."

Kacie thought it was funny the way her co-worker blurted out the question and says "Haha, that's a, strange question?  I still would like to help him even though from what you said he doesn't really seem like a nice guy.  Everyone deserves a chance at redemption." 

"So you would turn him into the authorities for help?"

"No, I wouldn't do that to him, I would want to help him.  I'd keep him with me and I would personally take care of him and keep him safe in my old hamster cage when I was busy.  The government would probably experiment on him and he might be living in a metal cage being tested on for the rest of his days.  I wouldn't want him to live that miserable, meaningless life.  That would be cruel." 

"But you just said you were going to keep him in a cage?" 

"Yeah. A fun plastic cage. My hamster seemed to like it and it has plenty of exercise equipment, games and food and water trays for him.  I'm not going to dissect him like some science project like those creepy research scientists."   

"But don't you think he wouldn't want that?" 

"No. He wouldn't want that. But since growing back to normal size is probably impossible for him, he doesn't really have much of a choice.  He would fight it at first, but over time he would come to the conclusion that being owned by a cute girl is much more preferable than being tested on by a bunch of old stuffy lab coats or living out in the wilderness."

"Being owned? So you would own him? Like property?" 

"No... well... not like a possession or item, more like... a pet.  Yeah, he would be living in my old pet cage and would have to rely on me to live and listen to everything I say.  So yeah, he would be my special little pet." 

"Wow.  You would actually turn a person into your pet?"  "Yeah.  It's whats best for him.  And can he even be considered a person like us at his size?  I guess so, I don't know what the proper classification is for them, but he cant do anything you or I can, except basic stuff like walk and talk.  Parrots can do that."

Erin was going to disagree with her and argue he could easily do more than that, but then thought about all the limitations you had and all the differences between you and her.  There really wasn't much you could safely do at that size.  She didn't consider you an animal or pet like Kacie did, but overall shrunken people were pretty useless in a giants world where literally anything could harm you.

You wanted to yell up to them that you could do more than an animal can, but decided to continue to stay silent and safe until Erin was alone.  She continued the conversation with Kacie while you listened with abject horror of what this giant girl would do to you if she found you shrunken and defenseless. 

"What if he doesn't listen to you?  I don't think he would like being owned by a giant woman?" 

"Then he will be disciplined.  If after everything I've done for his well being is ignored, the only thing left for the little thing is a proper punishment.  Nothing sadistic, but it has to lay the message down of what his new place is in life. I could take away his treats, give him a spanking, spray him with water, keep him alone in my shoe closet for the weekend with only water and crackers, stick his nose in it if he leaves a mess. you know, typical pet training. He should understand his place after that and realize that being my pet is one of the best things that could happen to him, as long as he listens."

"And if he still didn't listen to you?  What if he was so stubborn and proud that he never accepted that being your pet was in his best interest?  It would be hard for anyone to accept that belonging to someone as their property, I mean pet, is actually their best chance of survival at that reduced size." 

"If he continued to be disobedient... I don't know, I could always check online, I'm sure there are thousands of websites on how to properly train and discipline a defiant pet.  I don't have to take care of him either, I was only trying to be a good Samaritan.  I could always dump him outside and let him fend for himself, but I couldn't do that since his chances of survival are almost zero and I want to help him live, not kill him.  I could always give him away to someone else to take care of, but the problem would be finding someone who actually cares for him.  Some people might lie and say they would take care of him, but as soon as I give him away, they could start treating him like shit or sell him to the highest bidder.  You said he's a jerk and no one likes him?  That would be even harder to find someone capable of caring for him." 

Erin didn't even think of trying to solve this dilemma by looking online.  And so far everyone she knows here besides Kacie, doesn't like him, so giving him away to help him is out of the question if she's looking out for his well being. 

"Even if you did tame him enough to be domesticated what would you have him do at that size?  Just sit there in his cage?  He's so small, there isn't much he could do. "

"I could probably make him paint my nails or massage me or clean something, but he should be doing that anyway in thanks for what I've done for him.  I'm sure over time I would think of a lot of creative ideas to make himself useful for me.  I'd have him think of ways to thank me too.  It's not like he'll be doing anything else for the rest of his life, so he has all the time in the world.  Like I said before, he would probably hate it at first, but over time he would get used to it and realize how lucky he is to be found and taken care of by a cute girl who actually cares for his welfare." 

There was so much information to be absorbed and Erin never even considered most of what everyone had said.  It was true that there were so many bad endings for him, but what about the good endings?  There didn't seem to be many. 

"Anyway, I have to go clock in, but if you find any shrunken men, let me know Erin and I'll help them." 

She winked as she walked away and you wondered how each of these women could be so similar yet different?  Whats so hard about helping someone who's shrunk? So far she seemed to be the lesser of all these evils.  You weren't afraid of her like the other three, but you still wouldn't want to become an obedient pet to a peppy possessive girl who expected to be pampered like a spoiled brat in exchange for capturing you.  She didn't want to torture you or make you her sex toy, but there was no way in hell you were going to willingly be her loyal lapdog and listen to any command she said all because she believed she was helping you by turning you into her docile pet. 

Erin was being abnormally silent and you didn't like it.  She really should have gotten you help by now.  There was no reason why she shouldn't have and it was making you uncomfortable.  

You couldn't see this from your breastwork, but Erin was deep in thought from what everyone had said.  If you could read her mind, you'd feel as if her thoughts wouldn't exactly put you at ease. At least her tits were comfy.

Chapter End Notes:

I hope she doesn't check giantessworld for advice.

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