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Author's Chapter Notes:

There's no giant interaction in this story, but since this isn't an all female grocery store, there are both males and females answering these questions. For most answers I didn't specify their sex so use your imagination.  My Imagination works as if they are all women answering the questions unless otherwise noted.  Each quotation mark for speech is for a different customers answer. unless otherwise noted.

Erin never expected such broad answers and it was a lot to think about. Especially what Kacie had said.  If there was no way to grow back then he would be at the mercy of this giant world.  But if he did know some unimaginable way to grow back, then that would mean he did this to himself, probably to be a pervert and spy on her and in that case he deserved no pity from her.  She could hand him off to the next person she saw and let him be their problem to take care of. Or... She could keep him?  Having a tiny pet treating her like royalty, waiting on her hand and foot sounded really cool, but could she really do that to a human being?  No, absolutely not, especially if his shrinkage wasn't intentional, regardless of the situation, she had to help him no matter what.

He was currently resting motionlessly in the same place she moved him last time.  It was annoying when he squirmed in fear of what the other girls said, maybe his tranquil state from what Kacie said was a sign that he wouldn't mind becoming a well taken care of pet?  He wouldn't have any more responsibilities to deal with. His life would be simple and carefree.  He shouldn't have any complaints especially when his caretaker is someone he is infatuated with. She couldn't ask him now until her shift was over, but she could ask some other people on what their opinion was.  She would meet many different people over the course of her shift today.  From different nationalities, races, religions, ways of life, ages, sizes, attitudes, political views and favorite sports and games.  Everyone had to buy food from somewhere.  Literally anyone could walk in from a family on welfare to a wealthy celebrity.  Why not start with the fashionable business woman in front of her?

"Excuse me miss?  If you found a shrunken man that no one likes because he's a pompous fool..."  Erin was cut off before she could finish her question.

The stylish business woman replied with confidence and authority "I heard what she said while I was picking out a drink, I would take him as a pet and train him immediately. I could use the free Mani-Pedis." 

Erin reiterates "But you're supposed to help him." 

The woman replies while walking away "Yeah, I am helping him. Do you remember what the other girl said?  This is whats best for him...and me."

Erin thought to herself "Maybe I should leave out the part where he's a self-centered bum?  Then I can get some answers that could help him.  If any other woman heard Kacies response, they might not resist the female empowerment of having a man as their plaything.  Even I was tempted hearing Kacie's reasoning, but he's not that bad.  He deserves a chance."

Following the business woman was a much older irritated woman with graying hair. She replied with frustration "Young lady I don't care what they say on the radio, there's no such thing as shrinking and I don't see any shrunken man here, so that proves it's not real." 

Erin replies in a quiet, meek voice, "No, you misunderstood.  I was only saying What if?"  Erin had to apologize many more times before she started on another rant, but by that time her groceries were already bagged.

A woman with a fancy delivery outfit walked over to Erins register next "Well, I have to finish my delivery route, but I could stop home and drop him off at my house until I bring him to where he wants to go. I would have to keep him away from my younger siblings. They would treat him like a toy. I could always hide him in my closet."

Erin counters  "What if they go in your closet?" 

"Then I guess he's their toy now.  I can't control those animals, they would probably hide him at a friends house where I couldn't find him.  I guess that's his fault for trusting a stranger he's never met before.  I have an important job to do delivering medicine.  If he gets captured by them he's in for a difficult life.  Especially from a spoiled brat like Monica, she would make him treat her like a Princess.  Poor guy, he would be slaving away until the sun came down."

After that, a lot of people gave generic, basic responses: Take him to a hospital,  Officer, EMT, Nurse, Doctor, Librarian, Mayors office at city hall, pretty much any civil worker or public employee.

One couple said they didn't have time to personally bring him there, but they would mail him there by putting him in a padded cardboard box and dropping him off in a postbox or the post office on their way home.

Your patience was almost at it's end "What the Hell is she doing asking these questions? She better not mail me!" You started punching her boob in anger. Erin felt this and although it didn't hurt her, it was distracting, so instead of looking like a crazy person and whispering into her cleavage, she instead pretended to adjust her bra again, but this time tightened it so much that you were squished into her massive mammary and couldn't move. you got the message, but you weren't any less angry.  "What a bitch. What the frick is she doing? I know it's busy at work, but she should make an excuse to use the bathroom and then get me the help I deserve."

Erin continues to ask more customers ranging from young to old and gets a variety of different answers.

"Take him too a hospital. Duh."

"The police can protect him."

"Bring him to a psychologist to explain to him that this is his new life now.  It sucks, but it's true."

"Give him some chocolate. Eating giant candy would be so cool!"

"Bring him to the proper Authorities for help." 

Erin inquires "Which proper Authorities?" 

"Ya know, like a doctor or specialist."

Her friend chimes in. "You should bring him to the police Shelley, so they could arrest him for spying." 

"Carissa, you don't know that's what he was doing. He probably needs help." 

"Yeah Shelley, probably, but if he was spying, I wouldn't have him arrested if he would agree to be my spy instead.  There are so many ways I can use him."   

"Don't blackmail him Carissa! He's helpless! He's a tiny, little thing..." the two friends walk out the store continuing to argue about what to do with a tiny man.

One customer with thick horn rimmed glasses said  "I'd ask if I was getting Punked." 

Erin asks  "Are you famous?"

"No...oh... well, whatever I'd ask if was on Kandid Kamera or part of a Chris Angel illusion.  That's too bizarre to happen to me."

A cute, nerdy bookworm around her age approached her register. "I don't have many friends.  I'd ask him if he wants to stay with me and be my friend forever."   

Erin counters "What if he said no?" 

"Oh, I don't know, I could go get him help or something."  Her last remark didn't seem too enthusiastic.  Erin wasnt sure if she would really go get him help.

"I'd help him grow back to normal." 

Erin inquires "How?" 

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know. Haha, a magic potion?  Do shrunken people grow back to normal?"   

Erin asks "What if he couldn't grow back?"  "I would keep him safe until he wanted to leave." Erin inquires again "How?"   

"I have an old reptile cage he could live in.  Aww wait, do I have to feed him and clean up after him too?  I guess I'll ask my aunt or younger sister to take care of him... which might be a bad idea because Ashley might not want to let him go... Oh well, he should have asked someone he trusted for help instead of someone he barely knows.  Kind of stupid if you think about it, because anyone could keep him and tell no one and nobody would ever know he's being kept against his will like some kind of toy sized prisoner. Is that the point of this question?  Was that the right answer?  What do I win?"


"I don't have time for that.  I would give him to the first employee I saw who worked here to help him.  It's the least I can do to help." You say sardonically. "Too bad that wouldn't help at all since almost all the employees here want to torture me or keep me as a slave.  Except Erin, but I don't know why she hasn't done anything yet? Do something." You poke at her hefty hooters as you say this, but your tiny finger is barely recognizable to the giant girl.  She doesn't respond to your insignificant movements so you continue to prod while she proceeds to ask the question.

"Take him to get help right away! I heard some people who find them keep them as pets and they're never seen or heard from again.  Can you believe some people would actually do that?  Taking advantage of someone who needs help and keeping them for their own personal amusement?  Such despicable people should be punished."

"I have terrible eyesight, so I would presumably think he's a bug and step on him. So sad."

Some who answered were... a little eccentric.

"Ask him how I could help him get back to his fairy village of other minikins and then go to a doctor and explain my bad decisions at Woodstock."

"Aliens man, Aliens. It's the only possible explanation. People don't shrink for no reason."

"Not the Government, that's for sure.  They don't tell you this, but the Illuminati ordered the scientists to do experiments on them to reverse engineer it, so they can weaponize it and shrink their enemies and use it on their allies for covert spy operations."  This guy sounded like a nut job, but those last two applications did make some sense.

"Until he gets a cure, I would keep him attached to my Necklace.  So I could always feel him and know he's safe."

Erin asks "There's a cure?"

"Ummmmm, I haven't heard of one, but there has to be one eventually, right?  They conceivably already have a cure, but are waiting for it to be a higher demand so they can jack up the price. Damn Corporations taking advantage of the little guy. Oh, haha I made a joke. haha, "little guy", that cracks me up.  Oh! I can keep him on my anklet! And on my bracelet too! And attached to my belly button ring! He can go everywhere with me!"

After that response Erin changed her query from "How best to help a shrunken man?" to "How would you keep him safe until there's a cure?"  There was still plenty she didn't know about keeping a shrunken man safe, but soon enough she would learn everything she needed.


Chapter End Notes:

I Tried to do something unique by having a large number of people answer but tried to make it as realistic as possible but still keeping every possibility open.

If there's any problem with the formatting let me know and I'll fix it. It was not easy, but I plan to continue it in the next chapter which should be uploaded in a few days and then chapter 7 will have Erin interact with her shrunken captive.

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