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Author's Chapter Notes:

Time for the questions to start to end and the giantess interaction to rise.


After the previous response, Erin changed her query from "How best to help a shrunken man?" to "How would you keep a shrunk man safe until there's a cure?"

"I have an old dollhouse he could live in until he grows back."

Erin asks "They can grow back?" 

"Oh, yeah... I guess I don't know if they can grow back, but he could still live there as long as he doesn't become an inconvenience."

Erin replies  "And if he was an inconvenience?" 

"He can leave.  He's not staying with me rent free like some kind of freeloader."  

The woman in line behind her heard this and said "Haha, that's hilarious. I would definitely keep him in my old dollhouse for free.  That is, if my parents didn't sell it yet?  I hope I don't accidentally walk in on him humping Barbie, Hahaha."


"I would keep him safe in my make up dresser.  He'd be great at helping me with my makeup too."

"I'm too old to take care of another mouth to feed. I would give him to my daughter to take care of. I promised her a new pet after the last one died early and this is almost the same thing."

Erin responds "But you're supposed to help him."

"Oh...er...ok... He would be treated great, she's a wonderful, responsible caregiver."  The customer responded, clearly forgetting what was said about the last pet. 


"Until there's a cure I would keep him in a lock box for his own safety, so he cant get out and accidentally get squished by one of us.  I'm really bad at watching where I step.  Ugh, see, I stepped on a something red before. Probably a cherry or strawberry."

"I wouldn't know what to do with it. I forgot to get my niece a present, I'm sure she would like to take care of it, she likes tiny cute animals." 

"I don't want him, but I could give him to my students as the class pet to take care of until they found a cure. With thirty different caregivers he'll always have someone giving him attention.  A different student could take him home each night."

Erin asks "What if he was lost or stolen?" 

"Oh, I haven't thought of that... I'm sure I'll think of something!"


"Aww a helpless little guy. I already have a lot of tiny animals to take care of, but I work at a pet store, so I could bring him there until I found him a nice new caring owner until there's a cure."

Erin asks her "How would you decide if someone was truly nice and caring." 

She answers nonchalantly. "I can just tell.  He'll be fine."

Some people didn't hear the questions correctly. 

One large, fat bottomed customer came to her register and threw down lots of laxatives, suppositories and gas pills. She responded to the question "At this point honey, I'll try anything to get rid of this pain."  Erin thought the customer misheard the question, but you knew what she meant and it terrified you. 

The rest of the answers weren't much better. 

"In my food? There better not be a tiny man eating my lunch, I'm starving, he would get gobbled up in seconds."

"Oh sweetie I don't think I'm allowed to tell you what I would do with him."  Her daughter, eyes glued to her handheld video game, without looking up said with a smile "Got to catch them all!"

Erin was going to ask what they both meant when a group of bitchy looking girls walked over and the Mother and daughter walked away.  this new group didn't seem to like her question "What? Why would we waste our time on some runt? Unless he's cute. He can stay with me if he's cute."

The dark haired girl said, "Girl please, he's staying with me if he's cute, not your ugly ass."

The third girl said " I don't care if he's cute, but if he's rich he can stay with me and when he grows back I can either marry him or get a huge reward as a thank you." 

Erin asks "What if he doesn't grow back" 

She immediately lost interest " Well then his broke ass can go get help somewhere else, but maybe there's other benefits to holding on to this guy?"

Some shoppers were too busy with their own lives to listen to what their cashier was asking and either ignored her, didn't hear her or said they didn't know and moved on with their lives.

"Sure honey, I'll donate to the little sick guy. Here's some change."   

"Yep, today is really nice.  Beautiful weather."

"You have a nice day too."   

"Huh, Yeah, Okay. The card readers not working."   

"I don't roleplay.  You're out of gum." 

"Paper, not plastic." 

"No Thank you.  Can I get my change back in singles?"

"A shrunken what? No thanks, not interested." 

"I don't know.  Can I have two receipts?" 

"Can I get stamps?"

Some patrons answered honestly, but heartlessly.

"I wouldn't. When are you getting the fiesta nacho chip and dip back in stock?"

"Why would I go out of my way for someone I don't even know.  Isn't there a charity or something nearby that can help him?"

"Gross, keep that thing away from me. It's probably filthy and covered in diseases."

"I wouldn't keep him safe. I'm busy now and I don't even know the guy.  I'll do him a favor and call him an ambulance.  Hopefully nothing happens to him by the time it gets here but I gotta go."

"I'm not going to help that thing, It's practically a bug, it would probably bite me. Have you ever saved an insects life before?  A kitten or fuzzy duckling sure, but not some vermin. Yuck."

Erin explains "He is still human." 

The snobby customer responded sarcastically "Sure he is. I don't need my receipt. Have a nice day."


"I'm on my lunch break, but I would bring him to the nearest health center after I finished work.  I can't risk losing my job for something that's in no rush to get help. It's not like he's dying or sick. He's only shrunk." 

Erin asks "Where would you keep him?"

She starts blushing as the first place she looks is down towards her breasts. "... in my pocket? or purse? Somewhere safe for him, but where he wouldn't interrupt me while I'm at work.  Maybe a drawer?"

If Erin thought she was overloaded from her conversation with her coworkers before, She  was certainly close to her limit now at processing all this information.  She was surprised so many people had given so many different answers and even more surprised at her self for asking each and every customer that came to her register.  She needed a break.

"Hey Jillian, Can I take my fifteen now?"

"Sure, let me go find someone to cover for you and you're good."


Finally! These questions were starting to get old fast and now she could finally have a private moment with you and explain why she was being such a bitch and not getting you help right away. 

Chapter End Notes:

These past 2 chapters were difficult for me to format, but I really wanted to do something unique that could give a different view for the gts genre. I'm going to focus on Giantess interaction for the next few chapters, I still have over 20 detailed answers left but I'll think of something to do with them.  Also one point of these questions and answers was to help everyone get what they want in the end. You'll see what I mean at the end of the story.

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