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Author's Chapter Notes:

Who's in charge here? Main characters are back in the spotlight


Being trapped with her warm jugs was starting to make you sweat. The body temperature of her breasts and close contact with her skin was literally making you hot.  Erin wasn't sweating more than normal, but at your puny size you could just barely see and feel the moisture perspiring from her pleasant smelling body.  Even though she was sweating, you were surprised that her sweat didn't stink. It smelled like normal sweat, but with the type of feminine body soap or lotion she used.  You have no idea how many hours it's been, but it feels like it's been all day since you have no idea how to measure the passage of time under her shirt. 

In reality Erin wasn't even halfway done with her shift, but was still relieved when Jen came to relieve her for her break."  "I'll cover for you, Erin.  When you get back from yours, Jillian is going to cover for my break."


"Great, Thanks!  I'm starving I need to get something to eat right now."

"Here, you can have this candy. I bought it because it's new, but I didn't like the flavor." "Thanks.  I skipped breakfast so I'll eat anything at this point."


Erin ran through the store to the breakroom and almost bumped into a customer on the way.  Fortunately they had no idea, they were too absorbed in comparing the prices of name brand to store brand products. She sat down in the break room and places her head on her arms, so exhausted that she almost forgets about the shrunken former co-worker in her undergarments.  Erin takes you out and places you on the table, right next to her piece of gum she was chewing. She put it in the original wrapper to save for after her break.  She opens a bag of candy and gobbles half the bag down like it was life or death. Which is how you viewed your situation.  You can't believe this bitch is actually ignoring you to eat some sugary sweets instead.  Now that Erin took that moment to have something in her belly to digest, she was ready to ask this incredibly shrunken man just what was going on, but before she could, he spoke instead.

"Hey, HEY! Are you going to help me or what?  Put down the junk food and do something.  why the fuck haven't you done anything yet!" 

"Calm down, It's not like your dying. I'm on my fifteen min break and I haven't eaten yet today.  And you're not making my job any easier, you're very uncomfortable and distracting to hold in there, I can feel you squirming and poking my breast. If only I had pockets or someplace else to keep you."  She goes back to her snack and starts gulping it down.

"What the fuck? Did you really just say that and then ignore me to eat your lunch? Why do you have to keep me under your shirt anyway?  Why don't you go bring me to a place that can help me." 

Erin facepalms, gives an aggravated groan and puts her impromptu meal on hold because of your annoying squeaks.  She can just barely hear you, so she picks you up with two fingers and drops you inelegantly onto the palm of her right hand. Her skin is very smooth, she must lotion often. Under the aroma of her lotion is the sweetened fragrance of the confection she was eating and just barely sniffable is the scent of loose metal change and new paper money bills.  There weren't any cuts or rough patches, so you could see she took good care of her hands.

"Where am I supposed to bring you?  You haven't even told me.  Where do you live?" 

"I don't live far, but you cant bring me there."  "Why not? "Because I owe my friends parents a lot of rent money and I don't think they would want to help me right now." 

"Do you go to school?" 

"No... I dropped out... but I'm going to go back!" 


"...Eventually. I have to save up some money first." 

"So you have a job?" 

"No... I'm on unemployment." 

"So you mooch off of other peoples hard work and effort without giving anything beneficial back in return, like a leech or parasite. How long were you planning on staying on unemployment? Why don't you have a job?"  

(Internal thoughts) "She is really grilling me. I don't think I should tell her that I don't want a job because I plan on riding this unemployment benefit for as long as possible. Why did these questions matter? Why couldn't she just help me?  Why did she have to wait until her break to take me out?  I would think finding a shrunken person warrants leaving your register to get them help.  Wow ,shes beautiful, but so Gigantic.  She's staring at me with such a piercing gaze.  Like I really am a parasite. She looks like she's getting agitated and impatient now."


"Well?  Are you going to answer me?  If you're not going to school, not working and living off of other peoples blood, sweat and tears... What are you doing with your life?" 

You tried to tell her how hard it was in this economy to find a job after you quit to go on vacation and party in the Bahamas because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Or why you couldn't focus on school because you were out all night partying because that's what your old roommates did and you had yo join them. And how your parents kicked you out and decided to retire out of the country because of this and the old basement of your friends house didn't let any light in and that messed with your sleep schedule.  You used to win at friends poker games, but you were on a bit of a losing streak.  She didn't seem too sympathetic with your plight. When you started talking about your metflix and exbox live accounts being cancelled and your favorite drink being taken off shelves, Erin had had enough. 

She looked down at the ground in frustration, gave an exasperated sigh, looked back up and waved her beautiful dark hair out of her face and said. "Oh My God! None of that matters. Excuses, excuses, excuses! Who cares about your TV shows and video games and spending all your money on partying and gambling.  You've wasted your life and now you want me to feel bad for you and risk losing my job to get you help that doesn't need to be rushed. I have to help my family pay bills and you need junk food and soda money.  You think I like working this crappy minimum wage job?  No. We all hate it, but we do it because we have to.  We can't just run away and party just because we don't like our jobs and want to stream movies in a dank, musty, old basement.  What are you doing with your life?"

"I'm doing a lot, but it's a bad time and it's taking time and..."

"I'm going to ask you one more time and I want you to answer honestly with no pathetic, shitty excuses. It should be obvious, but I'll even give you a hint. You can sum up your answer in one word.  So... What are you doing with your life?" 

The look she gave you was now only slightly of anger and more of disappointment.  The kind of disappointment where you see a poor, sick homeless man begging for money, but then later find out he has a house and car and is very healthy, but only does this because he doesn't feel like working like everybody else.  You wanted to give more reasons why you were in this financial situation, but that would definitely only anger her more and you didn't want to enrage a giantess who could crush you in the palm of her hand.  The more important thing than explaining your lifestyle choices was gaining her help and it killed you to admit it, but you knew you had to say what she wanted to hear in order to survive this ordeal.  Embarrassed by her words and your decision to admit this to her, You look her in the eye and say in a meek voice  "...Nothing." 

She stares at you for a moment without any emotion before saying "So why should I help someone who's doing nothing with their life?"

"Because you fucking said so!  You say you're going to help me and now your going back on your word after keeping me a prisoner with those jumbo gazongas you keep in your bra this whole time!  Go get me some fuckin' help right now!"

The look on Erins face instantly made your anger disappear.  You've never seen her this angry before or even angry at all before today.  This wasn't like her at all.

"You think a tiny thing like you can make demands of a giant?  I could squish in my hand right now.  I would never do that, but do you really understand your position right now? Go on, try to get out." 

She gently closes her fist around you, so only the top half of your body is free.  Her arm is outstretched, holding you in a fist while you're struggling to escape from her grip, but it's too strong.  An almost smug smirk appears on her face, her red lipstick complementing her dark hair. 

"Do you see how powerless you are?  I'm not even trying that hard and you're trying to make demands from me?  How dare you after I've gone out of my way to try to help you."

"Wait! Erin, please you have to help me.  You can't leave me like this, I'm helpless here, look at me.  No one else knows I'm like this.  Anyone could come in here and squash me like a bug or grab me for themselves.  Please, I'm begging you, I know you're a genuine, honest person who only wants to do what's right.  You have to help me, it's the right thing to do."  


Chapter End Notes:

Conversation ends next chapter and details of what each female associate would do to him are brought up

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