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Story I wrote years ago – but never posted – based on a comic I made using Daz3D years ago. The premise is fairly simple and I tided the story up a bit before posting. It seems I am known for quality literature and I'd like to keep up that appearance.

As the title suggests, a king is abducted by a massive alien, perhaps 200ft/30m tall (who the people think is either a demoness or a Goddess). Then we are introduced to the alien's friend and they do some lewd stuff. The story could be part of a larger series - we'll see.

Rated: X
Categories: Couples, Fantasy, Humiliation, Insertion, New World Order, Sci-Fi, Violent Characters: None
Growth: Titan (101 ft. to 500 ft.)
Shrink: None
Size Roles: FF/m
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Published: September 24 2019 Updated: September 24 2019

1. Chapter 1 by Stubbornstain [Reviews - 2] (3641 words)

The second alien from this story is the primary antagonist from this story I commissioned years ago

Castle Crash and Crunch by versusterminus7



At the end of this story you can find images I made (renders) of the two aliens.