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Story Notes:

DISCLAIMER: i am not the owner nor claim to be the owner of splatoon or any affiliated content. This is a story for my personal fun. I am not affiliated with Nintendo or any of their subsidiaries.

Author's Chapter Notes:
I do intend to use any tags I put on this story. This is also the first story I’ve made so it’d great if you can leave feedback and suggestions for next chapter. I will try and upload a chapter a week unless i forget.
A young 15 year old sea green inkling boy entered a small dingy apartment and dropped his splattershot and the rest of his gear on the floor. He was pretty average compared to everyone else and with his tentacles in a pony tail.? Ahhh home sweet home? he wiped the sweat off his head and grabbed a drink from a hellish mini fridge that looked liked it had never seen a good cleaning. Just like the fridge the inklings home was nothing to gawk at with its grey walls,messy floor, and dirty kitchen that been long neglected. The boy grabbed a drink and guzzled it quickly tossing the can in a pile that was once a trash bin. The boy looked at the pile and thought? man i should really take those out? nah ill do it later i have stuff to do plus i just got back from doing some turf I?m too tired? even though he knew that was just an excuse to put it off.He then walked towards his laptop to get to real work.

? Time to moderate Marie Chan?s fan boards! I wonder what new things have happened since i was gone?. He sat at his computer screen looking at new posts and getting into discussions and giving users the ban hammer.?I really hope Marie Chan sees the good work I?ve put in today since i know she sometimes looks at this blog since its the most popular one about her?. He sat there in his chair looking at the various walls covered in various squid sisters poster with some even cut in half to remove callie and only show his favorite idol. He picked up his marie plush and played with it when he noticed it was getting to be pretty late. He removed his white headband and put it down while removing his basic tee and cream white shoes.

He put the plush down and closed his laptop and proceeded to take a shower to clean off the days filth. ?Ughh today was a pretty unfresh day, I must?ve gotten splatted a million times. How is marie ever going to notice me if I don?t become the best at turf.? He spoke to him self in disappointment. ? That was the whole reason you even came to inkopolis you dope?. It was true that he?d come to inkopolis from the country to get closer to his favorite idol and planned on becoming the top player because the winner of that years inkopolis turf off would always get a trophy presented by the squid sisters.? Its been 2 years ?.. 2 long years since i left for this city Andalusia i have to show are a crappy apartment. Like cmon man i?m still using the basic equipment, have no friends or a squad and still cant break past B rank. HOW I AM I EVER GOING TO MEET MARIE CHAN AT THIS RATE!?. He turned off the shower and got dressed for bed as he had another day of losing rounds and getting wiped at grizzco tommorow. He opened his laptop to shut it off and noticed that he gotten a new email.

The email wasn?t an ad and wasn?t from any marie fan boards. Even weirder was that the sender was unknown and it showed that he?d actually gotten the email before he got home with the subject line only saying MARIE.
? Weird how didn?t i see this earlier? I could?ve sworn i checked my inbox for new emails when i got home?. ? Hmm maybe i shouldn?t open it. I don?t even know who it comes from and it seems really fishy, what if it?s a virus and it destroys my laptop. I cant afforded replace it with all the bills I have?. The fact that his favorites idols name was the subject pawed at his mind though. ?Ill open it, its probably just a sever error from a discussion board that made it all wonky.? The inkling clicked on the email and read what he thought must?ve been a weird prank.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You?ve been hand selected to be eligible to win a day with Marie Calamari. That?s right the hit pop idol is going to spend an entire day with 1 lucky fan doing things in her daily routine.This exclusive email sign up is the only way to get in. So if you ever thought that you might want to spend time with one of the hottest talents in inkopolis sign up now because the amount of contestants allowed to enter are limited. Some terms and conditions may apply yadda yadda yadda.? Man, what kind of joke is this? Do these people really think I?m that stupid to think that?d I?d fall for this crap?! He closed his laptop and went under his covered to sleep.? What if its not fake and I?m losing a opportunity of a lifetime. Squid god knows ill never be able be good enough to get to be the best at turf?. He stared at his ceiling before turning over to look at his discheveled home .? Hmm but if its real and i do sign up its not like i have anything worth stealing?. He got out of bed and opened his laptop and filled in the form as fast as he could and sent it back getting a confirmation email of his entry seconds later. ?I really hope someone doesn?t come to rob me later? the young boy then went to bed and closed his eyes for tomorrow?s day.
Chapter End Notes:
I do intend to use more tags buys i had to do it quickly on my iPad so they didn’t all show up.
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