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Author's Chapter Notes:

Just a normal morning in a house rented by three young ladies.

"You are terrible!" Amy said while laughing. She sat at the round kitchen table that the three girls shared drinking a mimosa while watching a video on her phone. "But not really," she said before taking a sip.

Stella rolled her eyes as she flipped her omelette in the pan. For once it didn't fall apart and become scrambled eggs. She smiled though. She really did love her roommates even if their house was full of dry humor and sarcasm that to some would seem hostile. Even if they picked on her usual outfit of tight leggings and a tank top.

It also helped all three of them were roughly the same size. Sharing clothes was easy when all of them came from athletic backgrounds. Amy was the tallest at five foot five, and her long blonde hair normally hung down to her waist. Today she had it in long pigtails leftover from her date last night. 

"You're just bummed out you don't get to laugh at me messing up again!" Stella said to Amy. "I better not see that video on the internet!" she said as she slid her omelette onto a plate.

"Oh relax," Amy replied, "You know Emma and I edit the hell out of these. Deepfake helps, but honestly the look on your face when you get him in is incredible."

Stella snapped her fingers to get Amy's attention. 

"I still wish you'd told me about the cameras first you know. I would've acted it up a bit more!"

"No no, candid is the best," said Emma as she walked into the kitchen in a pair of boxer shorts and a shirt that was far too large for her. Her hair was cut short just like Stella's, except she'd died it a bright candy red. She opened the fridge and poured herself a mimosa from the pitcher they kept constantly full. "But we're both happy you finally got your fantasy in. Pun intended."

Emma pushed the fridge door shut with her hip as Stella sat down with her breakfast. 

"Okay okay," Stella said placatingly as she added some pepper to her plate. "But you can't put my face on there!"

"But look at this!" Amy said holding the phone up to Stella. On it she had paused the video at the exact moment when Stella had pushed Ben up her hungry snatch and sat in a W-position on the hallway floor. Stella's face at that moment was a mixture of ecstacy and fulfillment; if she could have perfected that look for use at any time she'd have had her pick of modeling jobs.

"Wow, you look just like a Japanese schoolgirl without the skirt!" Emma said once she saw the picture. "I'm gonna masturbate to this video later," she said with a laugh and a wink.

"No internet!" Stella said again, "And that's final!" With that she dug into her omelette.

Amy just rolled her eyes and took another drink of her mimosa. She coughed as though she took too large a drink, then picked something out of her mouth. Between her fingers was a thin librarian she'd met at drinks last night. After giving the tiny girl a shake she dropped her back into her drink.

"You know you always do that," Emma said to Amy as she leaned opened a box of cereal and started to pour it into a bowl. Yellow and red crunchy pieces of 'fruit' fell into the bowl, along with a healthy scattering of what used to be several dozen concert-goers. They scrambled in vain at the sides of the bowl as she ignored their plight and poured milk in.

"Excuse me miss crunchy lover," Amy said as she pushed last night's conquest under the mixture of orange juice and champagne. The girl, Rachel? if she remembered right, was a strong swimmer but in her tiny form she would have survived being stuck at the bottom of the drink. She'd been great in bed both full sized and tiny, though Amy hadn't meant to shrink her that small. 

A quarter inch was a great size for the morning after though. Amy was only slightly hung over but tinies always helped with that. Stella told her once it had to do with all the nutrients in a person's body, which made as much sense as anything in their household.

"So how did your night go?" Stella asked Emma, getting ahead of the inevitable low level bickering.

Emma just looked at her and smiled. She picked at her shirt and said "Oh, he was just fine but his taste in clothes leaves something to be desired."

With that she got a spoonful of her breakfast and dug in. Terrified tinies tried to swim out of the way of her spoon but they stood no chance. Their fears of dying in Emma's mouth were exagerrated; these girls' tinies were immortal to most things shy of stomach acid. That didn't mean chewing didn't hurt though, and Emma always made sure she tried to pop the tinies between her teeth before she swallowed them down as a part of her well-balanced breakfast.

"Was?" Amy asked, knowing the answer.

Emma swallowed hard and said "This is my second breakfast," as though it should have been obvious, before getting another spoonful of cereal and tinies.

"Well I'm keeping this one," Stella said halfway through her omelette.

Amy and Emma raised their eyebrows together. They giggled together. Stella had tried this before several times but it never seemed to end well. It didn't help that Amy and Emma made a game out of eating Stella's pets, but Stella herself had an insatiable appetite and tended to get bored with her pets quickly.

Amy finished her mimosa with an extra big gulp just as Emma was spooning up the remaining tinies in her cereal.

"Mall?" she asked Emma, already knowing Stella had a full day planned with freshman orientation. 

"Mall," Emma replied as she motioned for Amy to lift up her shirt. 

When Amy did so, revealing a nipple pierced with a tiny barbell, Emma moved her spoon closer and dropped a tiny onto Emma's nipple. 

"Oh geez!" Amy said, expecting the tiny but not the cold. Stella giggled as she finished her omelette. From across the table she watched Emma lean forward and take that nipple into her mouth.

John screamed as he was dropped from the spoon onto something massive and hot. He panicked as he fell but something metal hit his hands and he grabbed it desperately. Fear gave him the strength to start to pull himself up. Then he felt the heat behind him.

He screamed again as a massive pair of lips surrounded his body. Something massive and wet dragged itself up his back, up the nipple he desperately clang to. Then the suction began. Even using all his strength he only managed to pull on the nipple piercing enough to get Amy a little excited before he vanished into the giantess's mouth and down her throat.

"Pregame?" Emma said to Amy as she swallowed the tiny and licked her lips.

"Pregame," Amy replied, and together they went hand in hand to the living room, stripping their clothes off before they jumped on the couch.

"Have fun you two!" Stella told them as she walked past. Normally she would have joined in but she had a lot of school preparation to take care of today. If she could manage it without becoming too distracted.

"Mmpph!" was the only response the two girls managed as they pressed their bodies together.

Stella entered her room and closed the door behind her as her roommates started getting louder. Idly she kicked Ben's clothes into the corner and turned on her bluetooth speaker. Automatically her favorite album started to play, a fast paced song about a girl hopelessly in love with her neighbor.

"Hey Ben!" she called out to her bedside table. She didn't hear a response, but she didn't need one. Stella pulled open the only drawer and saw him fall to his feet just as the rest of her sex toys rolled forward. Only one landed on him though, and she took it as a sign. 

"Help me damnit!" Ben yelled as something massive hit him from behind and knocked him down. He couldn't see more than Stella's top half over the side of the drawer, but he knew what she was likely doing. And it wasn't helping him. 

Ben rolled onto his back and pushed at the object that held him down. Though it really couldn't have weighed more than a few ouches it was far beyond his capabilies. The shiny metal object had easily rolled onto him to pin him down and he was stuck.

Humming along with her favorite song, Stella ignored Ben as he called for help and slipped her leggings halfway down her toned legs. Still ignoring him she picked up her metal butt plug and a bottle of lubricant. Carefully she spread it on the top of the toy so as not to make a mess.

Stella giggled as Ben tried to run further into the drawer. It was futile of course but she liked his spirit. Hopefully he'd be running further into his next destination too.

She picked up his four-inch form and smeared him with a small amount of lubricant as well. He didn't hold still very nicely but she was used to that. 

Leaning forward she parted her cheeks with one practiced hand while she maneuvered Ben where she wanted him. Part of him touched her pucker and she breathed out to relax. As she did she pushed him against her backdoor and despite his every effort to prevent it, slid him inside of herself effortlessly just as her favorite singer held an impressively long note. Stella followed Ben further into her rectum with her finger until she couldn't push him any deeper.

With a satisfied hum she withdrew her finger and picked up her pre-lubed plug. She took a moment to appreciate the metal's shine and Ben's struggles going back toward her anus. He'd picked the right direction to go this time, and while there were times she'd love to play with herself as a man struggled to escape her backdoor, today wasn't the day for it.

So her plug got pressed up against her pucker as well and she breathed out again. The smooth metal slid inside her satisfyingly and her sphincter clenched down on the narrow neck. Ben's movements paused, the plug had probably shoved him up against the side of her rectum but the lubricant would help him get free.

Turning so that her backside was visible in the tall mirror she leaned forward slightly and spread her cheeks. The heart on the base of her plug was upside down so she rotated it until it was where she liked it. Then the number changing on the clock drew her eye.

"Shit!" she said to herself. She released her cheeks and quickly pulled up her leggings. They were thick enough she wasn't worried about not wearing panties, but today she would have taken the risk even if they were almost see through. In a flash she grabbed her phone and purse and headed down the hall.

"Gotta go bye!" she yelled to her roommates as she dashed to her car. She didn't get a response from either of them, they were both too engrossed in their sixty-nine position anyway. Their knees were probably blocking each other's ears.

Even in her hurry Stella took a moment to enjoy how her plug and new toy felt inside of her as she sat in her car. Then she turned the key and pushed the button to the garage door. Moments later she was on her way to her college tour.

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