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100 years ago, war ravaged the world. Germany used biological warfare to shrink a massive chunk of the male population. Now, in the modern day, all males have the virus. For some people, itll never activate. Others arent so lucky. Riku was just going into a normal day at his same old job. What could possibly go wrong?

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Published: November 14 2019 Updated: March 30 2020
Story Notes:

Hi guys this is my new satory im starating. LEt me know what you guys think! I'm thinking about introducing some of the other characters next chapter. I definitely have some fun stuff planned. Consider the first chapter more of the intro. Were going to be building up to a party scene with multiple women. But, all in due time. First we have to meet the femme fatales

1. Meet our main characters by TheGiantessArchives [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (1413 words)

This chapter really is more of an introduction setting the scene for what is to come. A little action, but much more will be in next chapter.

2. Alexis's playtime by TheGiantessArchives [Reviews - 2] (1682 words)

In This chapter, we're going to meet our next new character. i think you guys are going to love her. Shes my personal favorite for this story.

3. Into the pink abyss by TheGiantessArchives [Reviews - 2] (699 words)

Hey guys, I know it has been a minute. However I have a clearer consensus on where I want to go now. I'm going to give a few options at the end of this chapter and see where we want to go. But I plan to have More updates soon, so stay tuned! I know this chapter is very short, but it's more of an intermission for what is to come. So don't worry! More is on the way. Just gotta give a little story 

4. Eternity with your Goddess by TheGiantessArchives [Reviews - 2] (1262 words)

Hi guys, so i know i said this was going to be the run, but i have ended up splitting what i intended to be one chapter into 4, and changed the sequence of events a bit. However, there will be much more content coming very soon. I have the chapter 6 written, i just need to finish 5. There is a fair amount of feet content in this chapter, but this is the ritual scene ive been intending to do so let me know what you think! This was a big push for me to write so give me lots of feedback!  

Also I have a soundtrack for this chapter! you can listen here 



5. testing out the bug boy by TheGiantessArchives [Reviews - 0] (1235 words)

Now we get to see how Brooke tests out her new toy and get an idea of her sadism a little bit. More is coming soon since im officially laid off due to coronavirus. 

6. The Magic Shop by TheGiantessArchives [Reviews - 1] (1977 words)

Hi guys, two. chapters in a row! This one we introduce a new character. Hope you guys like her she might be around for 1-3 chapters, but who know my plan for this story has changed about 17 times sowe shall see