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Thursday, May 27


     Reese came home on the edge of his feet. He had just received his grade for his history final: a D. Technically, it helped his grade, since he had an F overall - but it would’ve helped a lot more if he had gotten a B, or even an A somehow. He sighed, slumping off his backpack at the front door and crashing face down on the couch. Olivia was in the kitchen, making a protein shake for herself. “Excited to be done with school?” she joked, remembering back to her last few high school days when she felt his same energy.

     “Yeah, unless it takes me another year to be done with,” he groaned. “I came this close to failing my final for history. I could’ve passed the class with a high enough grade and just had to worry about passing Lit, but not anymore.”

     Olivia grabbed her smoothie in one hand and went to the kitchen table to grab her laptop in the other. She could tell where this conversation would be heading. “Well, good thing we made that deal yesterday,” she replied, chipper as ever. “Move over,” she told him as she got to the couch, sitting on his feet at the end of the sofa before he had a chance to respond. Her butt sank deep into the couch, trapping his feet there and any hope he had at moving. 

     “Aaaghh!” he yelled into the couch cushion in surprise. “Owwww,” he whined, not out of actual pain as much as annoyance at his sister’s antics. 

     “Oh, your feet weren’t a good spot? I can move.” She got up from her spot and side stepped over to the other end. “This spot better?” Face down into the couch, he couldn’t see where she was referring to, and turned his head just in time to see her jean-covered ass fall on top of him. He yelled out in surprise as his head sank into the couch, just like his feet had moments before, under the pressure of his sister’s large behind. She laughed for a few moments at his helplessness as he did his best to hold his breath for fear of breathing anything in, before she stood back up and moved back to sit on his feet.

     “Wait, I’ll move them,” he said, attempting to pull them out from under her, causing her to wobble slightly from the movement beneath her. But his weight was half of what it used to be because of the shrinkage, essentially making his sister seem twice as heavy. And while she definitely was lighter than her six and a half foot male counterparts, not to mention pretty fit considering her career goals in fitness, her 194 pounds felt like at least 350 to the poor boy. He hadn’t even lifted anything beyond a couple hundred pounds when he was normal size, so he couldn’t register just how heavy his sister was at his new height. There was 0 chance of him getting out from under her.

    “Hey, I’ll spill my smoothie!” she protested as she felt his legs try to shift under her. “You should’ve moved them when I gave you the chance. Now,” she started, swinging her feet onto his chest as she turned to rest her back against the armrest, “I got your email while you were at school today with a couple of the assignments that your teacher gave you as makeup work.” Her feet loomed large in front of him, resting on his chest, just above his stomach. He couldn’t even see her face anymore since her soles were taking up such a large portion of his view. He was glad she had socks on, but with how close they were to his face compared to her normal position of having them in his lap, he couldn’t escape the slight smell. It seemed mostly like dirty fabric, but also undoubtedly some amount of sweat. She had probably gone running again today. “Hey,” she said, waking him from his thoughts, parting her feet to either side so they could see each other’s faces, “are you gonna give me a foot rub or not?”

     “Oh, uh…” he mumbled, not even having thought about it.

     “Remember our deal from yesterday?” Oh yeah, he thought, as their conversation came back in his mind. Well, that was when we were just watching movies. And I couldn’t smell them any of the other days. And I wasn’t pinned beneath her. But what am I supposed to do, complain while she’s literally in the middle of practically doing my homework for me? “I went on a jog like two hours ago, and they always feel better afterwards. I mean, they feel fine, it was awhile ago, but like, it couldn’t hurt, right?” No wonder they smell… “And I changed my socks when I got home, so hopefully they don’t stink or anything.” They were still socks she had worn a few days ago, even if they weren’t freshly sweated in. But she didn’t think that Reese needed to know that.

     “Nah, I can’t really smell anything,” he lied, trying to appease her.

     She smiled, glad to hear that there was nothing worth complaining about, as she closed her feet back up. She got a little more comfortable, slouching slightly deeper into the seat, which caused her feet to jut out another inch or so closer to Reese, and he rolled his eyes at his own stupidity as he was reminded of the smell that she didn’t even seem to notice. He reached out in front of him and grabbed her feet, beginning to rub circles into her soles, feeling thankful that they at least felt dry, as Olivia began to type away at her computer, enjoying her smoothie and her foot rub while she worked to do her brother’s homework.

     Twenty minutes later, and Olivia had finished tampering with several of her old assignments; she felt confident that they were now different enough answers that the online anti-plagiarism site wouldn’t catch her brother. Her smoothie was gone too, and her foot rub? Well, she didn’t think massages really have a clear end point, so they Reese could go on forever. But he had been diligent thus far, and she pulled back her feet out of his hands, removing herself from trapping his feet too. “Thanks,” he said dryly, and hauled them over the side to see if he could walk on them. But they were dead asleep from the low blood circulation. 

     “My task went well, what about yours?” she asked, shutting her laptop and heading to the kitchen to put her cup in the dishwasher. 

     “It was fine,” he sighed.

     “Just fine?” she smirked, coming back around to the living room.

     He sighed again, almost scared to tell her the truth. “Well, yeah, I mean… when I said they didn’t really smell earlier, I was kinda lying, cuz I could kinda smell something…” he paused, looking up at her, standing over him. She wasn’t frowning or smiling, just listening, and he couldn’t tell what she was thinking, so he continued. “But it wasn’t bad. Like it didn’t smell bad. Or like, it didn’t smell good, but like it wasn’t too much, you know?” He scratched his head nervously, wondering if his rambling was making any sense. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” 

     She laughed at his demeanor, and reached her arm out to put a hand on his shoulder, calming him down. He gulped as he saw in his peripheral vision, her shirt opened up as she bent over, revealing her light blue bra and a valley of cleavage. He did his best to look into her eyes as she spoke to him. “Calm down,” she assured him. “I get what you mean, you could’ve just told me originally and maybe I would’ve saved it until after I have a shower tonight.”

     “Well, it’s not just your feet,” he replied, a little bolder, but still slightly fazed by his sister’s oxymoronic state of being so large and muscular, but soft-spoken and gentle to him. “The soles of your socks were, like, kinda dirty. Like, I don’t know, maybe your socks were dirty too… Like that might’ve been the smell…” he said, judging her reaction to his change of accounts. “Not your feet…”

     She stood bolt upright, crossing her arms happily. “Well that’s good! I think.” She glanced at the clock in the kitchen. “OK, well, I’m gonna go meet Jordan for a bit, glad to know I won’t stink around her” she joked, heading to the foyer. “I’ll make sure to invite her over for tomorrow like I said.” Olivia giggled, wondering if her brother really was into her friend like she had assumed from their high school days. Jordan wasn’t too different from her, and her brother already seemed like he had gotten more nervous around her ever since losing a bit of his height. She grabbed her purse and opened the door, then backtracked a step as she remembered something. “Oh yeah, and you were right, my socks might’ve been dirty, I haven’t done any laundry in a bit. If you wanna get a load started though, then maybe they’ll be cleaner for you tomorrow.” And with that, she was out the door. Reese thought about what she said, and then decided it would be in his best interest for tomorrow if he got her laundry started while she was out with her friend, so he headed upstairs with a basket to gather Olivia’s dirty clothes up for the wash.


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