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Thursday, June 3


     Olivia’s new schedule hadn’t totally baked into Reese’s mind yet, and he found himself waking up late on Thursday morning. His sister was actually the one who woke up him, several minutes after when he normally got up, but 20 minutes after when she had asked him to start getting up a few days ago. His eyes creaked open to see her standing over him with her arm on his shoulder, roughly shaking him awake. Her hands returned to her hips as she saw him wake up, and the first thing his mind registered that morning was the look of disappointment on her face. He already woke up later than most high schoolers, so 15 minutes earlier than normal shouldn’t have been a problem, and yet he still managed to let her down, on only the second day. “Did you oversleep, or just not set your alarm?”

     It took him several seconds to realize what she was talking about, until he rolled over and groaned into his pillow. “Sorry,” he sighed, twisting back around to face her. I’m kinda surprised she actually woke me up just because I didn’t wake up early for her. He glanced at his clock - yeah, I only overslept by a few minutes. She didn’t need to come in and wake me like she’s my mom. “Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time for me to make you breakfast and everything,” he said. Truth be told, there wasn’t plenty of time. He’d probably have to rush this morning if he wanted to finish her breakfast and still make it to school on time. Unlike almost every other day of the school year, it was actually important he made it to first period on time today, since he had one of his last finals of the year starting as soon as school did. He sat up, and his covers fell off his torso, revealing he didn’t have a shirt on. “So can you…” he drifted off, motioning to the door to indicate he wanted to get changed. He didn’t have any pants on either.

     Olivia rolled her eyes and turned to leave. “There better be enough time,” she said as she headed towards his door. “Because I’ve been jogging for the past 45 minutes, and I’m getting a bit hungry.” She slammed the door, enough to punctuate her point but not quite loud enough to guarantee their mother would wake up if she wasn’t already. Reese collapsed back in bed, feeling more tired than he normally did. You shouldn’t have agreed to all these things for her if you couldn’t do them, he told himself. She keeps saying you can say no, but you can’t just back out at a shitty time like this when she’s come to expect something from you. With another groan, he heaved himself out of bed and got dressed before heading downstairs to make Olivia’s breakfast.

     Olivia was sitting somewhat patiently in the living room, stretching her legs. Reese opened the fridge to grab the eggs, and his heart stopped when he realized just how sparse their fridge looked. The carton only had three eggs left, with just two links left in the sausage pack. And they had run out of hash browns on Tuesday. “Uh, there’s only three eggs left, and two sausages,” he said, taking them out of the fridge and holding them up to show his sister in the next room over. “And we used up all the hash browns a few days ago.” Olivia fell backwards onto the floor in frustration. “I can cook these, but like, I mean, can you have, like, cereal? Like just for today?”

     Olivia’s moan of frustration told Reese her answer before she even said anything. “I don’t wanna eat your cereal, it has way too much sugar in it. And mom’ll get pissed if I finish off her Fiber One stuff.” 

     Reese bit his lip, knowing she was right. “OK well, eggs and sausages aren’t bad. I’m sure they’ll be enough,” he said, hoping to reassure her.

     “They won’t be.”

     Reese blushed, but got to work cooking her food anyways, then starting up the coffee machine, which he had nearly forgotten. After a little while, the eggs had been scrambled up, and the sausage was finished too. Olivia was waiting at the table now, and he scooped everything onto a plate and served it to her, hoping he could help ease her mood. “I want toast too,” she told him, and he nodded, hurrying back to the pantry to get several slices for the toaster. He pulled out his phone and checked the time as he hurried back and slipped the bread in. He only had a few minutes until he had to leave. Better head upstairs and make sure I have everything. 

     He rushed upstairs and grabbed his laptop, backpack, and several packets and papers that he needed to have turned in today. Stuffing it all into his backpack, he slipped his bag over his shoulders and rushed back downstairs. Shit, I need breakfast too, he realized, as Olivia got up from the table. She had already finished what Reese had served her. What would’ve been more than enough to fill his 4’9 body was only sort of enough to fill his amazonian sister’s appetite. He checked the pantry and spotted his cereal, but the box felt light as he grabbed it, and after checking inside he noticed it was empty. He had finished them yesterday as a snack and hadn’t even thrown away the empty box. FUCK! No cereal, no eggs, no sausage, no hash browns. Just then, the toaster dinged, and Olivia’s two slices of bread popped up just as she was putting her plate in the sink. But there’s still toast. “Hey, there’s no other food I can have, and I have a final I can’t miss so I have to leave, like, right now,” he said, reaching for the toaster. “Can I just have one of your pieces of toast? I can put another one in for you.” Buttered toast wouldn’t be much, but some food was better than none.

     As his hand was about to grab onto the piece of bread, Olivia’s arm reached out and grabbed a tight hold of his wrist. Her fingers easily wrapped around his wrist, and although he wasn’t necessarily skinny (for his size), he felt boney and weak in comparison. Even if her arm wasn’t flexing as it held Reese in place and stopped him in his tracks, her fingers alone were strong enough to ensure he couldn’t pull his arm away from her. “Don’t just grab other peoples’ food unless they tell you you can,” she said, lecturing down to him through gritted teeth. “No, you can’t have my toast. The eggs and sausage weren’t enough, and I should’ve already been finished eating by now.” 

     Reese tried to don a smile for her, hoping to appeal to her better nature. “But you can make more after I leave, I literally have to go right now and—“

     “Then you should’ve woken up on time like you told me you would. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” The way she was speaking down to him, both figuratively and physically, made him feel like he was a little kid being hounded by his mom. “It doesn’t feel good to expect something from someone and then have them not be able to deliver like they said they would.”

     Reese was starting to get angry now. Yeah I messed up, but I still need some fucking breakfast. “Olivia, I need some fucking foo—“

     He was cut off as she pulled her hand towards her head and leaned down. His arm was yanked upwards and for a second he thought she was about to lift him off the ground. “I don’t care,” she sneered. “It’s your. Fault.” She let go of him and he stumbled backwards. “Touch my food again and I’ll slap you.”

     Reese stood there for several seconds, glaring up at Olivia, who matched his cold stare back at him. He didn’t have time to argue with her though, or even get their mom and have her sort it out. Even though she would obviously be on his side since Olivia was on some kind of power trip, he was already late. He didn’t have time for this. Saying nothing, he stomped off towards the front door with his backpack still around on his shoulders and slammed the door shut on his way out, muttering to himself as he threw his stuff in his car and headed off to school on an empty stomach.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese was in class a couple hours later when he got a text from Olivia. She apologized for her outburst that morning, saying that she gets really cranky in the mornings, and when she’s hungry, and that she didn’t even feel like she had been herself. Reese had mostly cooled off, but was still irritated. He wasn’t upset that he had had to cook breakfast for her; that was normal by now. It was not letting him have any food whens he knew he had to leave that hurt him the most. “Still hungry,” he texted back. “Lunch isn’t for another hour.” He figured that would do the trick, and slid his phone back in his pocket. After a minute of thinking, he pulled it back out. Olivia had one slip up, after three weeks of being back home and being a great sister. I shouldn’t be so hard on her just because of one bad day that she had… “I forgive you though,” he texted, and put his phone away again, satisfied with how he handled it. I’ll be the bigger man. I’m literally sitting in a class that I’m only passing now because of all her help for me with the homework files the last few days. She deserves a second chance at least. 

     He felt his phone buzz, and took a peek at what she sent back: a hugging emoji, and a “thank you.” Then seconds later, an image of her feet, toes curled up as she sat in her bed. “Hoping you’ll still be willing to rub my feet today since you couldn’t this morning.” He rolled his eyes at how quickly she had changed subjects back to her again, but couldn’t help but smirk. He was about to reply when she texted again, “Btw, Jordan’s coming over again later, so you’ll probably wanna get it done as soon as you can.” He held back on standing up for himself considering his childhood crush would be coming over again later. If it meant she’d be doing that more often over the summer, giving her some leeway was the least Reese figured he could do.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese sighed as he got home, glad to see Jordan’s car wasn’t in the driveway, but tired nonetheless from knowing he had a chore he’d have to complete immediately. He shrugged his backpack off at the door and trudged upstairs, entering through Olivia’s open door and closing it behind him. “Hey!” she chimed with a smile, evidently in a lot better mood than she was that morning. She was seated at her old desk, working on her resume on her laptop, with her legs stretched out to the side of the desk. Reese sighed and returned her greeting, and walked right over to her desk to take a seat on the floor next to it. He leaned against the wall, and Olivia lifted her feet and set them in his lap without even looking down at him. Is this just what my life is now? he wondered, slipping off her Birkenstocks and glancing up at her face, focused on her work, as he took her socked feet in his hand. I just come home and immediately get to rubbing my sister’s feet. I mean, who does that? I’m so fucking pathetic. He sighed, ashamed at his own actions, but also somehow convinced that all the things he was doing for Olivia was in his best interest. “Bad day at school?” Olivia asked, frowning down at him.

     “Just a bad day in general,” he lamented, digging his thumb into her heel. The more he dwelled on how his day had gone, the more frustrated he got, causing his rubbing to increase in strength.

     “Ohh, that feels really good, Reese,” she told him, nearly moaning at how passionate his massage seemed to be that day compared to all his ones before it. The fact that his anger caused him to massage her harder, and in return make her feel even better, only served to frustrate Reese even more. It was almost as if his anger translated itself into her pleasure, and he backed off a bit, not wanting her to enjoy their session too much. Olivia sighed as she noticed his change in intensity, and crossed her feet while he continued to work away at her. She thought about mentioning the obvious change to him, but she knew she had already upset him enough this morning and figured she’d give him some space now.

     After Reese had massaged Olivia for awhile, they heard a knock at the door. “Oh, that’s probably Jordan,” she said, perking up. She whisked her big feet right out of Reese’s hands and ran downstairs, throwing open the door to greet her friend. “Come downstairs, Reese,” she yelled up a minute later, “we have a guest!” Reese slumped over sideways, falling onto the floor. Unlike the last time Jordan came over to visit, he didn’t quite feel as giddy as he was expecting. Mostly in part due to a rushed morning, followed by a long final, 6 more hours of school, and then a foot rub the minute he got home. He was tired. And he had a feeling that as soon as he got downstairs, the work wouldn’t be easing up just yet.

     “Hey Jordan,” he said, greeting his sister’s friend as he entered the kitchen. She smiled faintly and waved back to him. “I feel like we, like, caught up pretty well last week,” Reese told his sister, glancing towards Jordan to gauge her reaction. “So did you need me for something, or can I head back to my room?”

     Olivia scoffed and blinked her eyes in mock incredulity. “Jeesh, feels like you don’t wanna be down here.” Because I kinda don’t, he thought, but kept his mouth shut. “What do you have to do up in your room that’s so important?”

     “Homework,” he lied, hoping she’d buy into it. Or at least take the hint and leave him alone.

     She instantly laughed, and gave him a playful shove on his shoulder, sending him back a few steps. “Bullshit, you graduate on Tuesday, unless high schools changed how they work in the last few years, there’s no way you’re getting new assignments this close to a senior graduation.”

     “It’s not new homework, it’s old assignments.” He doubled down on the lie, initially thinking it to be a good idea until he remembered he was talking to the person who was helping him cheat his way through all his old assignments. 

     “Really?” she asked, taking several steps forward, until she was standing directly in front of him. She placed her hands on her hips and looked straight down at him, while he did his best to match her gaze and ignore her bulging cleavage that threatened to bump his chin. “I thought you told me you had that all taken care of?” She spoked quieter now, as if it was a threat. It was obvious what she was getting at - she was the one who had taken care of it. Should I keep lying? Is it worth the risk? She might just expose me and our agreement in front of Jordan if I keep it up.

     He quickly breathed in, then looked down to his feet to avoid both his sister and her friend’s watchful gazes. “Fine, there’s no homework left, I just wanted to hang out by myself for a little bit, I just got home from school and I’m kinda tired.”

     “You’re tired?” Jordan chimed in. She didn’t believe Reese either, even though this time he was telling the truth, he was tired. “You’re in your last couple days of high school. Ever. It should be the easiest week you’ve had since you were in elementary.”

     “I had a final this morning,” he pouted.

     “So you had one test for an hour, and that made you so exhausted that you’re still worn out…” she looked at her phone, “7 hours later?”

     “Yeah, there seems to be something you’re not telling us,” Olivia added with a smirk, knowing that the difference was their altercation that morning and the foot rub he just gave her a few minutes ago. “But we won’t press you more if you just join us. We’re gonna make margaritas and go tan out on the porch.”

     “Yeah, why doesn’t that sound relaxing to you?” Jordan asked. She actually didn’t care if Olivia’s brother joined them, she was just starting to enjoy ganging up on him.

     I guess it doesn’t sound that bad. I’d still rather be upstairs though, but I don’t know how I’d get out of this. “Why do you wanna hang out with me so much?” he asked, genuinely curious now.

     “Because you’re almost done with high school, and then you’ll probably be off to college and I won’t see you that much anymore,” she replied, frowning at the thought. Which was her honest answer too; she really was upset inside that he might be going away soon. Unlike her desire to always be close to home, Reese talked a lot about traveling when he was younger, and she wouldn’t be surprised if he chose a college thousands of miles away. Her arms came up and she wrapped them around his head. She pulled him in so close to her that her arms were able to wrap all the way around his head and touch her body again. He struggled to breathe as his sister forced him into her bosom. Even with her shirt between them, he felt uncomfortable, and she giggled as his head squirmed and tried to pull away from her, jostling her giant boobs against the sides of his face. Jordan laughed at the display of affection Olivia was giving her brother. She almost wished she had a brother as small as Reese that she could push around and tease like Olivia seemed to. If anything, Olivia was too nice; if Jordan’s siblings were two feet shorter than her, she’d make sure they knew it every day. “You know I love you, right?” Olivia asked. “You don’t have to say it back, but if you do I’ll let you go,” she giggled, squeezing his head again.

     “Love you too,” he mumbled into the fabric against the side of her breast, and Olivia smiled as she let him go. “Now go get your shorts on,” she said, shoving him towards the stairs, “unless you wanna get tan lines on your arms and ankles. You can have ten minutes to rest or whatever you need to do, and then come meet us outside.” He sighed, and turned to head upstairs and do as he was told, while Jordan and Olivia giggled to themselves and started pouring some tequila into a blender.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Olivia and Jordan were already outside, laying on their stomachs on the lounge chairs when Reese came downstairs. There was a small table between them, with two small mason jars on each side that were filled to the top with blended cocktail and straws poking out. They were each wearing a two-piece bikini; Jordan’s was red and Olivia’s was blue. They both turned their heads towards the house as they heard the screen door slide open, and Reese came walking out wearing nothing but basketball shorts. He couldn’t notice it from how far away he was, but Jordan’s eyes looked him up and down, getting her first good look at his body since he grew up in the last 4 years. As a recent college grad, she would never go for an 18 year old, not to mention he was one of her best friend’s brothers. But she was still curious. And… he wasn’t too bad looking.

     “There should still be some margarita left in the blender,” Olivia said with a grin. She hadn’t thought he would actually join them, but she was happy that he did. Reese swiveled back around without missing a beat. He didn’t know where his parents were at right now, but he wasn’t gonna pass up an offer for free alcohol. As he walked back inside, Jordan checked him out again. He had a nice back, or at least he would if he wasn’t the size of a kid. When he got back inside, he was disappointed to see how much drink was left in the blender. After pouring it into a kitchen cup, it barely came up halfway. Probably a quarter the amount that Olivia and Jordan each got, he thought reluctantly. But better than nothing. Might still be enough to get me tipsy. Then he remembered how small he was compared to his old size, and how quickly he had gotten drunk at the party he had gone to a few weeks ago. Definitely enough.

     He returned to the patio with his drink in hand, and took the chair next to his sister. “Hey Reeeese,” Jordan called out, “can you put lotion on our backs?” 

     Reese raised his eyebrows, “Why are you guys wearing sunscreen? Doesn’t that like, negate the point of tanning?”

     “Nope,” Jordan said matter-of-factly. 

     “It’s healthier for your skin,” his sister explained. “It takes a little longer to tan, but it helps you from getting burned.” 

     “Oh. Well, can I have some then?” he asked.

     Jordan simply held out her lotion in her hand, looking to him expectantly. “I’ll put some on you first, and then you can do me,” she offered. Reese agreed and he went over to her while she sat up, and he took a seat on the edge of her chair. She took another sip of her drink, then squirted some lotion into her hand and rubbed it around on his back. Even though Jordan wasn’t quite the Amazon his sister was, her hands were still big, and he almost felt intimidated as she rubbed them on his back. “Turn around,” she instructed as she finished up his back. He turned to face her, but his body was still positioned away from hers, so his chest was half twisted away from her. “Just stand up,” she sighed, “you’re not that tall.” He blushed and did as he was told, standing up next to her chair and realizing she was right, she’d still be easily able to reach him. She didn’t need to word it like that though. 

     Squirting more lotion on her hands, she reached out towards his arms and began rubbing the sunscreen into his shoulders and biceps. By the time she reached his forearms, she noticed her thumb and forefinger could fit all the way around his arm because of how small he was compared to her, and she chuckled as he blushed again, feeling emasculated by her. “Wait, why are you even doing my arms, I can do those,” he protested, but didn’t pull back.

     “Well I already started, mind as well finish the job,” she said, moving on to his frontside. He gulped and averted his gaze as he felt her long, slender fingers rub themselves around his stomach, moving up to his chest. As her fingers ran along his pecs, her thumbs rubbed his nipples for just a few seconds, before she smirked and took her hands off him. He quickly inhaled as he felt her rub him there, but it had been so quick that he couldn’t tell if it was intentional or not. “Here, you can do the rest, I don’t wanna touch your hairy legs,” she said, tossing the bottle towards him, and he almost dropped it as he rushed to catch it in time. She took another drink from her margarita, then turned back onto her stomach, kicking her feet up behind her with giddy anticipation. “Me next!” As she laid on her stomach again, he noticed her ass sticking up in his peripheral vision. She’s definitely thicker than Olivia, he noticed, glancing quickly at Jordan’s thighs before scolding himself for comparing his ex-crush to his own sister.

     Reese squirted the lotion into his own hands, and returned the favor to Jordan, spreading the cream across her back. Compared to how big her hands had felt on his body, his own hands felt so small and ineffective on hers, and it took him a bit more time to rub the sunscreen into her soft, already-pretty-tan back. She doesn’t really need a tan, he thought, almost bitterly, with how dark her skin was compared to his and Olivia’s, but he didn’t say anything. She probably doesn’t even need sunscreen. “Looks good,” he said, stepping back to make sure he got everywhere.

     “Yeah I do,” Jordan joked, winking at Reese as she took another sip from her drink. He rolled his eyes and turned to head back to his own chair.

     “Don’t forget about me,” Olivia said, wiggling her back. He backpedaled to where she was laying down, and squeezed out the bottle over her back, rubbing the ointment on his sister. Like Jordan, her skin was soft, but not quite as dark, and he hoped she would suddenly ask him for a back rub again like she had the last time Jordan came over.

     “Have you ever tanned nude before?” Jordan asked while Reese continued to rub the lotion on his sister’s back.

     “No, but I’ve always kinda wanted to,” Olivia said, suppressing a giggle.

     Taking another sip of margarita, Jordan called out to Reese, “Hey, why don’t you untie your sister’s bikini?” she asked, and the two siblings blushed at the notion, although it caused another round of embarrassed laughter out of Olivia as she grabbed her drink too. “What? You said you always wanted to,” Jordan said, feigning ignorance.

     “I’m not taking my bikini off when Reese is around,” Olivia whispered, but they could all clearly hear her.

     Jordan rolled her eyes, “Oh c’mon, he’s 18, right?” Reese’s face was completely red, and he withdrew his hands from Olivia’s back, deciding to be done.

     “He’s my brother,” Olivia sneered, but with a smile, and Reese hurried back to his own lounge chair. With each footstep, his bare feet slapped the pavement, which he felt was a hundred times louder than it really was. He did not want to be a part of their conversation.

     “Fine, fine,” Jordan said, turning her head away from the two of them and giving it a rest. Olivia’s head was facing the same way, but she felt fidgety now, itching her leg with her toes as she tried to rid Jordan’s playful remarks from her memory. With both of the girls’ heads facing away from his chair, Reese took a good look at Olivia’s body: her hair, tied up in a bun, her slender legs and ample butt, her long, muscular legs, fit from years of sports, down to her feet that he rubbed every day. He was glad she wasn’t nude, he didn’t like to think about her like that, but he’d be lying if the image of her naked form hadn’t accidentally popped into his mind before. It couldn’t be helped, thoughts were unconscious. He whisked his head around to make sure his parents weren’t suddenly behind him, watching him watch Olivia, and he bit his lip as he turned back around, settling into the lounge chair. Olivia was right, you just need to relax, he told himself, taking his own sip of the girls’ margarita blend, and tried to lighten up.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     The three of them had decided to watch a movie after spending some time in the sun. Even though Reese normally only watched movies on weekends, “every day was a weekend when you’re out of school,” according to Jordan. So he found himself sandwiched in between his sister and her friend as they watched a new Netflix film that they had all agreed upon after endless bickering. 

     The girls had made another round of margaritas, but Reese didn’t get any this time. “At your size, you’ve had more than enough,” Olivia insisted, causing Jordan to snicker as she turned on the blender. But because Reese wasn’t old enough to drink yet where he lived, he knew better than to argue with Olivia, especially since his parents were still home somewhere. So Olivia and Jordan got progressively more and and more tipsy, and eventually drunk, cheering and jeering at the TV while Reese huddled in between the two of them, wishing he had alcohol in his system to be in as good of a mood as they seemed to be. Even for people who weren’t in school anymore, having as much to drink on a Thursday night as they did was still fairly irresponsible in Reese’s opinion, but who was he to stop them? They were older, bigger, and probably smarter than he was anyways. So he just continued to let them drink throughout the next few hours as the movie went on.

     Eventually their movie finished up, and with a big sigh, Jordan announced that she should probably be heading home, and got up to put their mason jars in the sink. “Hoookaayy,” Olivia said, her speech a bit slurred. Still seated, she reached out towards Jordan as if she was going to give her friend a hug goodbye, but simply fell over on the couch, trapping Reese under her body, and causing Jordan to erupt in a fit of laughter. Olivia quietly laughed into the couch cushion in response, although she didn’t know what was so funny. 

     “I’m gonna go pee and call an Uber,” Jordan whispered, so as not to stir Olivia, and tiptoed off to the bathroom. Olivia readjusted herself, pulling her legs up behind her so she was in more of a sleeping position. Meanwhile, Reese was still sitting down, being pushed into the couch as he was trapped beneath his giant sister’s weight. Just like a few weeks before, he was trapped squarely under her middle section, with her butt (now wearing some white jean shorts) facing upwards in his lap. But unlike the other night where she had been tired and just gotten back from a run, Olivia was drunk now, and probably pretty sleepy too. He tried pushing her off of himself, but the couch behind him prevented his arms from moving far enough back to get the proper leverage. 

     “Hey, can you… move?” he asked her, shaking her body somewhat. Her slowed breathing patterns didn’t seem to be a good sign, and he shook her more aggressively. “Hey! Olivia!” She still didn’t say anything, and he feared that she had already fallen asleep. Just then, Jordan returned from the bathroom, and Reese turned around as far as he could from his disadvantaged position. “Hey, I think she fell asleep on top of me,” he explained. “Can you help me move her off?”

     Jordan broke out into another fit of giggles as she saw him stuck beneath her. “Wwoooww, you reaally are ssmall,” she cooed, tussling his hair like a kid. He hated when people did that, but now wasn’t the time. “I can’t liftyer ssisder,” Jordan slurred. Fuck, she’s really drunk, he realized. “She’s like… twwenty feet tawwll. ’N probly like a thousand pounds.”

     “But I’m stuck,” he whispered hoarsely and desperately.

     Jordan slowly walked over to him from behind the couch, and stopped just above him, standing silently above him, almost menacingly. Her smile was contorted, but her eyes scanned all around his and his sister’s body. “Yeah you are,” she said, before her hand whipped up behind Reese’s head, and grabbed it, slamming it into Olivia’s butt. Jordan’s large hand easily covered the back of Reese’s head and kept him pinned down as his face was smashed against his sister’s ass, and he squirmed violently about, trying to get his head out. But Olivia was fast asleep, a drunken sleep, and Jordan’s strong grip kept Reese from escape. She laughed as Reese’s hands tried to move hers, but she held fast, and his yells were muffled by the denim wrapped tight around his sister’s big cheeks. Just as he was wondering if he’d run out of breath pressed so firmly up against her butt, Jordan let go. “Oh, my ride’s here,” she said, and scurried off to the front door. “See ya, shrimp,” she said, and hurried towards the black Camry parked in the driveway, while Reese sat there gasping, unable to believe what had just happened to him.


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