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Chapter Notes:

this chapter’s dedicated to Underman, who said in a review that he wished the chapters were more detailed whenever they reached the climactic events like painting nails, massages, etc. so i made sure to make these last three chapters plenty detailed :) thanks for the review!



Monday, June 7


     Olivia left Reese alone for the most part on Sunday. There were a few things she still wanted him to do, like take care of her laundry and help her clean her room, but she figured she’d have a better chance at getting him to do them if she waited until Monday. And also went easy on him for part of Monday too. On Sunday night she let him know he could sleep in the next day; no worrying about waking up to make her breakfast or brew her coffee anymore. She didn’t know why he had been in a sour mood over the weekend, but after talking with him after she returned from her run, he seemed improved. Maybe not cheery, but at least back to his regular self. 

     “I’m gonna go take a shower since it seems like you just woke up,” she told him as he sat at the kitchen table, eating cereal. “Then when I’m done you can meet me in my room for my foot rub.” She waltzed over to her brother, and reached her arm out. “My laaaast one,” she cooed, bopping him on the nose with her finger, and giggled as she turned to head upstairs.

     “Sounds good,” he said calmly, and went back to browsing Instagram while he ate his food. 

*    *    *    *    *    *

     “I’m ready now,” Olivia said, peeking her head into Reese’s room, like a doctor announcing they’re ready for a patient. Except the patient would be the one doing all the work in this scenario. Olivia was wearing sweat pants and an oversized hoodie that was still somehow loose on her giant, amazon frame, as Reese followed her across the upstairs hallway into her room. “Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t know if you’ve ever given me a real foot rub,” she said, sitting down on her bed and beckoning her brother to do the same.

     Reese looked confused, “What do you mean?” he asked, sitting criss cross in front of her.

     “Well, I just normally like to wear socks everywhere, my feet get cold easily,” she said, stretching out her feet before him. Her nails were plain and clear, but well taken care of, and she wiggled her toes as she looked at them in admiration. “And I also never wanted to make you directly touch my sweaty feet since you normally massage them after my morning workout. But this was your morning off. So it’s the first time I went on my run and had time to shower before you rubbed them.” She scooted forward, laying her head back onto the bundle of pillows laid against her headboard. “So now they should be nice and clean for you.” She smiled and laid them in his lap, and he picked them up, realizing she was right.

     “I guess that’s true,” he said, beginning his task, kneading his fingers into her soles. She’d been barefoot when she used him as a footrest the week before, but he didn’t actually rub them that time. And he’d gotten close on the couple of occasions when he’d shaved her legs and placed them on his chest and shoulder, but this was the first time he’d actually touched them, clean and bare, at their most natural.

     “So whatcha think?” she asked, as if reading his mind.


     “How do they feel? Are they smooth, or like, do they feel like feet?” 

     Reese ran his thumb under her toes, and she gripped him reflexively. His pointer and middle fingers rested on the tops of her toes, and he squeezed them, rubbing his thumbs in circles into the nooks beneath her joints. “Uh, both, I guess. I think most feet are pretty smooth.” He was being honest. The years of preferring to wear socks, especially in the moderate climate where they lived, had shielded her feet from becoming rough or calloused, despite how active she was. Olivia’s skin was soft, almost comfortably so, just like her legs from whenever Reese would shave them; she obviously put lotion on them often. 

     “Oh really? You know how a lot of feet feel, do you have experience with giving foot rubs to other girls?” she teased, and Reese blushed, averting her eyes by looking down to the feet in his lap out of embarrassment. Her big toe wiggled back at him; he couldn’t escape.

     “No, obviously not,” he bit back. “I just mean based on how they look.”

     “Ahhh,” she said, nodding slowly as if she didn’t believe him but was pretending to. She was just teasing him though, she could tell from the first couple times he rubbed her soles that he had never done it before. Reese worked his way down to her heels, firmly pressing the tips of his thumbs into the skin. Her heels were tougher than the rest of her feet, but still incredibly smooth. “It’s not necessarily obvious that you haven’t given out other foot rubs,” Olivia said, turning her head to her side as she watched her obedient little brother rubbing away at her feet. “One of my boyfriends from college used to give me them. It doesn’t even need to be romantic, it can just be a nice gesture. I mean, it’s obviously not romantic in our case, but you’re still just doing it out of love for me, right? I’ve given some to Elle once or twice after getting home from games in high school where she injured herself. I’m sure there’s other people in your life who you love, even in a platonic way.” She interrupted his handiwork momentarily to cross her ankles.

     “I mean… like besides family?” he stuttered, caught off guard with the notion of ‘love’ for people he wasn’t attracted to. “Like, I mean… yeahhh, I guess.”

     Olivia rolled her eyes, “Oh my GOD, you have some fragile masculinity issues,” she laughed. “It’s OK to say you love your friends. It’s 2020, get with it dude,” she said, and extended her foot to nudge his shoulder back playfully.

     Reese scratched his neck, returning his hands to her feet as he worked his way back up to the balls of her feet. He knew she was right, he just wasn’t comfortable saying it out loud. Typical boy. And typical of his sister to tease him about it. I guess I’d say I love a few of my best friends, like Steve and Lee. I’m not gonna fucking offer to rub Steve’s feet though, he thought, his face cringing in disgust. There were a few girls he could think of that he’d be more likely to massage though. Wait, if I wouldn’t rub any of my male friends’ feet, but I would for some of the girls I know… Reese’s small-brained world came crashing down as he started worrying if him agreeing to rub his sister’s feet was in any way indicative of unconscious sexual feelings towards her. I’m not even grossed out by them anymore. Hell, I even told her I thought they felt nice. His mind flashed back to Jordan drunkenly smushing his face into Olivia’s ass, or any number of times when his sister would hug him and he wouldn’t immediately recoil after being squished between her giant tits. “You wanna check how well I showered?” Olivia asked, snatching Reese away from spiraling into a panicky flurry of Freudian self judgements.

     A past version of Reese would’ve probably been grossed out by her asking something like that. Or at least confused. But by now, Reese had already smelled Olivia’s feet several times, and it wasn’t even the strangest thing he’d done for her lately. She might not have explicitly asked him, but he knew what she wanted. She wanted him to smell her feet.

     Without even bothering to ask why, or make any kind of judgmental comment, he lifted her left foot higher, close to his nose. He leaned his head in, stopping just an inch shy of his nose making contact with her soft, doughy skin. And then he breathed in. He inhaled a big whiff, but not too strong, inviting the scents and smells that donned his sister’s feet to make their way into his nose. She must’ve done a good job washing up in the shower, because her soles didn’t smell plain; there was a pleasant lavender aroma wafting off her skin. He would’ve even thought it smelled good if it weren’t for where it was coming from. “Seems like you did a pretty good job,” he told her. “Smells clean.”

     Olivia’s bottom lip jutted out, and her face took on a big, wide-eyed pouty expression. “You barely smelled it,” she said, lifting her foot back up for him. “I want to know how well I did cleaning everywhere, not just the surface.” Reese looked confused, and felt the slightest bit scared with how humiliating some of these ‘chores’ of hers were. But he couldn’t say no. Not after all she’d done for him. They were brother and sister after all, and even if she didn’t strictly require it of him, he had told himself he’d do whatever she asked as payment for helping make sure he would graduate. Even if was a bit weird. 

     “I want you to spread my toes apart,” she instructed, “like open up the gap right between my big toe and second toe, and smell there.” Gulping nervously, he did as he was told, parting her toes to create a nice, little valley above the webbing of her feet. A wedge that was just wide enough to fit a nose in. His nose. Reese gingerly leaned down closer to it, his fingers prying her toes apart as both his hands held her big, peachy foot. Right as he stopped and was about to breathe in, Olivia sighed and jammed her foot upwards, catching her brother’s tiny nose between her toes. He gasped in surprise, and grabbed her ankles reflexively, but she spoke up before he could pull her foot off from its grip around his prized smeller. “I told you to get in there and give it a good smell. It’s not that hard. It’s not even that gross.” She uncurled her toes, splaying them for him as her grip over her brother was loosened, and he gasped in a breath of fresh air in surprise, grateful for her letting go of him. “Now do it again, and do it right. Tell me how good I washed myself, I can’t be smelling bad after a shower, even in the furthest to reach nooks and crannies.” Nodding silently as if her reasoning made total sense, he went back in, willfully placing his nose snugly in the crevice of her toes, her silky skin rubbing thankfully on his cheekbones as she looked across at him, satisfied on finally doing exactly as she had asked. Then he took a deep breath, and whatever odors had been lying dormant in the microscopic wrinkles of her webbing came hurling up into his nostrils as Olivia couldn’t keep from giggling at him as she watched. And much to his surprise, it was equally pleasant. Her body wash was truly coated thoroughly across her body, and the pleasing fragrance of springtime flowers was all that came to mind as he took in Olivia’s scent. No tangy dirt or leftover sweat; it was honestly a good smell, meaning she had done as good of a job as she had hoped.

     “Yeah, it smells just as good in between your toes,” he told his sister, retreating from her plush, athletic feet. He took a deep breath in of the regular air of her bedroom, glad that that was over with.

     “Great!” she exclaimed. “I hate when you scrub yourself in the shower and then realize after getting out that you still smell a little bit. And see, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” He smiled faintly and shook his head, and she grinned, glad that her brother was in agreement with her. “OK, you can go back to rubbing now,” she told him, and took out her phone to watch some TikToks while Reese dutifully kept his rubbing at her smooth, now beautifully smelling feet.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     A while had passed, and Olivia decided she wanted something new. Her feet felt great, thanks to Reese, but there was still some massaging that could be done by her brother to make her feel better. “Hey, you know how you’ve given me a couple back rubs lately?” she asked. “Well, since this is probably the last day I’ll get to use your services while our agreement is still intact…” she continued, rolling over onto her stomach. She kicked her bare feet up behind her, right in front of his face, waving them forward and back like a giddy school girl, as she stuffed her arms under her pillow and lay her head on her side. “…then I’d love it if you could give me oneee mooore back rub.”

     “Uh, sure,” Reese replied, and slid onto the ground to approach her back. She looked up at him, smiling reassuringly, as he reached his arms out towards her back.

     “Wait!” she exclaimed, catching Reese off guard, and he took a step back to examine what the problem was. “This hoodie is way too thick,” she exclaiming, getting up herself and standing tall in front of Reese as she looked down at her little brother. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to feel it through the fabric, let me change shirts real quick.” She walked past Reese, and he instinctively turned to watch her as she headed towards her dresser. He realized he should head into the hallway real quick while she changed, but she reached her hands towards the bottom of her hoodie and started lifting it upwards before he could go anywhere. Realizing Olivia was about to be topless, he quickly spun around as he heard the fabric faintly rustle against her skin and hair as she pulled the large sweatshirt off her. She didn’t seem to mind being topless with only her brother’s turned back to shield him from seeing her change. What if I saw her reflection in the window, he thought anxiously, not even daring to glance in that general direction. Does she not even fucking care? Even though he wanted to, he couldn’t just walk out of the room backwards since he’d bump into her standing in the way. 

     “Do you normally change without closing your door?” he asked, a hint of irritation in his voice for putting him in what he deemed an unnecessarily awkward position. Olivia clearly didn’t mind though.

     “Sometimes,” she said, shrugging at the question as she browsed through her dresser, her bare breasts on display for anyone who passed by in the hallway to see. “Why, have you never seen me topless before?”

     “Of course not,” he retorted, his face wrinkling in disgust. “I’m your brother.” Despite being grossed out by the idea of seeing Olivia’s boobs, he couldn’t help his mind as it automatically pictured what she would look like if he turned around. His face being right on eye level with her giant tits. Olivia kept talking before his mind could wander any further.

     “Well I’ve seen you topless. Multiple times.”

     “Yeah but I’m a guy, it’s not weird to see guys topless.”

     “Free the nipple, Reese!” Olivia proclaimed. “It shouldn’t be weird,” she said, picking out a yellow crop top. She decided against it, and threw it back into the bunch.

     “But boobs are sexualized, regular male chests aren’t. That’s why it’s weird.”

     Olivia scoffed at his explanation attempt. “Coming from someone who’s actually into guys, unlike you, guys’ chests are definitely sexualized. The right pair of abs can do it all. But we don’t expect you guys to cover up, because it’s not explicit, like genitals or something.” Reese didn’t know how to respond to that. Even if he had a good retort, he doubted he’d be able to change his sister’s opinion on the matter.

     “Why do you wear bikinis then?” he asked, genuinely curious. “Whenever you go swimming in the pool, you’re always wearing one.”

     “I’m just a thoughtful person,” she answered cheerfully. “I know mom and dad would freak, and I’d rather be polite for their sake. You’re more progressive than they are though, but if you aren’t comfortable with it, then that’s OK. Jordan doesn’t even agree with me, I don’t think.” Reese thought back to when they all got drunk, and his sister’s best friend jammed his head into his sister’s ass. Jordan’s probably a lot more comfortable with things that you wouldn’t expect, he thought, frustrated. That girl still hadn’t apologized to him.

     “Oh,” he said, eager to move on now, lest he start accidentally picturing his sister topless again. Olivia was still ruffling through clothes behind him, and he was nervous with the fact that all he had to do was simply turn around and he’d be face to face with his sister’s giant tits, totally on display for him, nipples and all. “Can I turn around now?”

     “Not unless you wanna see my boobies now,” she answered cheekily, giggling to herself as Reese’s face turned red. “I’m just kidding.” He heard the swishing of fabric against skin, and she walked past him again, falling onto the couch. She was still in her sweats, but her top was a much tighter t-shirt now. Definitely thin enough for him to work through, unlike her old hoodie.

     Reasserting himself and flexing his fingers, he approached his sister and began to firmly press into her, working his fingers up and down her backside. As he leaned over to reach at her shoulder, his short knees straining against the side of the bed, he lost his balance, falling onto Olivia. She grunted in surprise as he quickly pushed himself off of her, and she looked back at him, realizing what had happened. “I don’t think you’re tall enough compared to a normal masseuse,” she explained simply, and Reese felt embarrassed, knowing she was right. While 4’9 was pretty short compared to 6’6, it wasn’t often that he encountered situations where he was too small to do things properly. It wasn’t a great feeling.

     Olivia saw the disappointment on his face from being unable to adequately service her needs, and she reached out, caressing his face, trying to comfort him. “It’s OK Reese, you can just get on the bed so you have a better angle.”

     “I— what? What do you mean?”

     “Just like, mount me,” she explained. He remembered trying to rub her and Jordan’s back the first time Jordan came over, and thinking how it would’ve been easier if he was able to work from atop them. But he hadn’t wanted to actually ask that. It just seemed… weird, like willfully smelling his sister’s feet was weird. But now she was being the one to ask him. “You can just like, sit on my lower back. Or my butt, actually, that’s probably more comfy,” she giggled. “Like if you just straddled me, you’d probably have the best vantage point to work from. Cuz then you can grip my sides and lean forward without falling over again.” Reese was totally taken aback with how nonchalantly she was suggesting all of it. Mount her? ‘Mount?!’ That’s like, the worst word she could’ve used. Other than fucking ‘straddle.’ He couldn’t help but flash back to several nights ago, when he had overheard Olivia having sex. ‘Mount’ and ‘straddle’ only mean like, one thing when talking about people. I don’t wanna mount my sister. 

     “Helloooo?” she called out, waving her hand in front of her face. “What are you zoning out about? Are you gonna hop on or what?” she asked, and shook her butt back and forth a few times, indicating right where she wanted him to sit.

     “Well, yeah… I just,” he stuttered, unsure of how to reply her.

     “Why are you so hesitate-y today?” she asked, grabbing ahold of his wrist. Her fingers easily wrapped all the way around, and she pulled his arm towards her, signaling his body to follow. “Just get on my back already.” Not wanting to frustrate Olivia any further, he did as he was told, and clambered onto the bed, doing his best to board his sister. His hands seemed to be magnetically repulsed by her body, as he felt unsure of where to appropriately touch her as he tried to situate himself and get comfortable. Do I grab her waist? Her hips? I don’t think I should be handling her ass so easily, but honestly between her ‘free the nipple’ rant and ordering me to ‘straddle her,’ I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t react to me grabbing the sides of her butt to try and balance myself. Resting on his knees that were on either side of her, he squeezed them inwards, gripping her hips, and he settled onto her butt, looking on at the canvas before him that was her back, still waiting to be massaged. Olivia’s ass was more supple than he initially expected, but after getting a faceful of it a while ago, he shouldn’t have been surprised. She kicked her legs up behind her again, twirling her feet back and forth, and started bucking her hips upwards all of a sudden. “Yeehawww!” she shouted, laughing at her own juvenile behavior, as Reese bounced up and down on his sister’s butt while she pretended he was a cowboy. “Now hurry up,” she commanded, stopping all of a sudden, and Reese got right to work. Squeezing her hips again to balance himself, he leaned over her back and dug his thumbs into her, feeling the strong, muscular curvature of her athletic body. He had to admit, this was definitely an easier angle to be working from, as his hands could work in symmetry as they pummeled her back, relaxing her various fibers and tendons. “There you gooo,” she sighed, glad that Reese had finally gotten to work, and she practically felt like melting into her bed under the guidance of her brother’s moderately eager hands. Her breathing slowed, and a gleeful smile grew on her lips once more. Reese felt the area beneath him rumble for a split second before he heard an unmistakable toot quickly escape Olivia’s ass, briefly vibrating the big cheeks beneath him. She stifled a giggle. “Sorry about that,” she apologized, while Reese held his breath in the hopes he wouldn’t need to inhale the stench of his sister for the second time that morning. 

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese’s phone vibrated while he was still giving the massage, and he pulled it out of his pocket to see that it was an email from his school district. “Shit,” he muttered, and Olivia’s eyes fluttered open, turning back to see what was wrong. An email from my school, the day before graduation? Can’t be good news. He opened it, and saw that it was an email from his teacher. Apparently he only had a 56.8%, still a few points shy from the 60% that he’d need to escape an F. The final he had taken the week before had actually lowered his grade, but because his high school diploma was at stake, his teacher was extending her homework deadline. He had until school started tomorrow to fix his grade and bump it up just a few more points, at which point the teacher said they’d have to go to their superior and let them know whether or not he’d be failing or officially getting his degree with the rest of his class that evening.

     He relayed the information to Olivia, who bit her lip nervously out of shared anxiety with her brother. He unmounted her and started pacing around the room, while she got up and sat on the edge of her bed. “Any chance… you still have some leftover assignments?” he asked, hopeful she could help her out. 

     Olivia sighed, “You really risked your classes with aaaaall the other stuff I let you have to turn in. Now with less than a day left, you really wanna use my old work, and not just spend the day doing a few assignments yourself?”

     Reese hung his head in shame. “Well… if the assignments get a bad grade themselves, then—“

     “I guarantee none of your teachers are that mean, if you actually put in the effort to turn in the work, even if it’s not quite perfect, they’d find a way to help you graduate. Teachers are nice like that, most of them care about their students and want to see them succeed.”

     “But you’re just so much smarter than me,” he said quietly. “And I know your old work would be good enough. I could turn in more than enough. And then I don’t have to spend the entire day working and stressing out.” He raised his head, and looked into her eyes, silently pleading for her to take his side. They had already come this far together, was it really that much more effort for her to give him this last, final push?

     Olivia returned his gaze for several seconds, then broke into a smile, as if he had cracked her. “Alright, fine. If that’s what you wanna do, we can do it your way.” He heaved a sigh of relief; an enormous, last-minute burden was just lifted off his shoulders. “But,” she started back up, not quite finished, “if I’m gonna save you at the last minute, you have to do something for me.” She sat and pondered what to have him do for a few moments, before an idea popped into her head that felt like last-minute fun, while still being relatively fair in her eyes. “You can drive us to our beach house!”

     Reese thought about her idea. Honestly, that doesn’t even seem that bad. I guess I don’t really know what I was expecting. “Cmon, it’ll be fun!” she insisted, and the warm smile on her face infected his own.

     “Alright, fine,” he agreed, breathing a sigh of relief. Like the rest of the various chores and tasks he had done for Olivia per their deal, driving her to their family’s vacation pad was a lot less work than if he had had to cram all the homework before tomorrow.

     “I hope this doesn’t mean our first agreement is cancelled. And that I can still get a few more favors out of you today before you graduate,” she said cheekily, biting her lip.

     He rolled his eyes, “Of course not. Yeah, it’s just one more day, I guess I don’t mind.”

     “Great!” she exclaimed. “Then I mind as well have you clean my room one last time,” she said, falling back onto her bed and picking her phone back up. Reese sighed, chuckling to himself at her audacity, I guess I can’t blame her though. He began with tidying up the top of her dresser, something he could barely reach. In just the three weeks that Olivia had lived with them again, she’d already gotten it cluttered with various items: cups, chargers, change, gum wrappers, makeup, an unused tampon. He threw away what he could, but a lot of stuff he just wasn’t sure where to put, so he tried to at least order them in such a way that they looked organized. Pursing his lips at what looked like a half-assed job atop her dresser, he turned around, his eyes scouring her floor. He realized that the bulk of her mess (which honestly, wasn’t even that much) was just getting things off the ground. So while Olivia sat on her bed, texting Parker again as she decided whether or not to invite her little boy toy with them to the beach, Reese went about her room picking up shirts and shorts and jeans and jackets, tossing most of them in her hamper and putting away the clothes he could tell (and hoped) were clean. Whenever he came across a pair of panties, something of his sister’s he didn’t really want to touch with her hand, he’d just scoop it up with his foot and kick it in into the basket. But her other undergarments seemed just as big. The cups on Olivia’s bras were so deep and wide, he wondered if he’d actually be able to wear one as a hat on his shrunken little head. Not that I want to, of course, he thought, dropping a few into the basket. But I could. Her socks obviously weren’t big enough to fit over his head, but he could use them as gloves. A few of her knee-socks seemed to be so long, he could fit his whole arm into them and wear them as a sleeve. But that wasn’t something a concept he was gonna play about with, considering she was sitting just a few feet away. 

     The last sock and the last piece of clothing too, he dropped a pair of black, striped socks into her hamper, and turned to announce he was done right as Olivia whisked past him, softly bumping into him as she picked up her hamper. “Thanks! I know you did my laundry for me a few days ago, but since I saw I have some delicates in here, I’m assuming you don’t know how to wash a girl’s underwear or bra. So I’ll take care of that.” She turned back around, her giant, heaving basket of laundry practically overflowing from her arms, her muscles slightly flexed in front of him as she held a large, heavy load that he doubted he’d be able to handle just as easily. “Thanks for all your help so far this morning,” she said, and bent over to give him a peck on his forehead, before waltzing past him on her way downstairs. “I’ll text mom and dad about our plans,” she called back up. So what am I gonna do now? 

     Reese wandered his way back into his room, as if he were both physically and mentally lost after spending over an hour on doing things for his sister. He sat on his bed, wondering if Olivia would give him new tasks when she came back upstairs, or if she’d let him have a break for a few hours. Weren’t we gonna go to Cannon Beach today though? Or did she mean I’d take her after graduation? His question was answered as the doorbell rang out, and he got up, heading downstairs to see who it was. Too short to use the peephole, he swung open the front door to see one of the last people he was hoping would come with them, but the first person he expected Olivia to invite.

     “Hiiii!” Jordan announced, stepping forward into their house while Reese took a surprised step back. He knew she was pretty wasted when they had last seen each other, and was normally pretty nice, but he still saw a mischievous side to her that he didn’t want to bring back out again. “Olivia told me about your guys’ little trip,” she said, looking around for her friend. She was dressed in black shorts and flip flops, with an olive green patterned gypsy top that showed off just a peek of her midriff. Jordan sighed as she realized Olivia wasn’t coming at the moment, and turned to face Reese. “Look, I barely remembered what happened the morning after last time I came over here,” she said, taking on a serious tone now. “But I’m pretty sure I… did some shitty stuff while I was drunk.” She didn’t want to outright say what she did, especially with Olivia possibly right around a corner, but she could tell from looking in Reese’s nervous eyes that her memories were accurate. “That doesn’t excuse it though, just cuz I was drunk. So I wanted to apologize.” He looked up at her, and she seemed to be genuine. He certainly couldn’t think of any ulterior motive that Jordan could be having right now; Olivia had already invited her to come with them on their trip, so she didn’t have to apologize, yet she did anyway. “Cool?” she asked, hoping for forgiveness from the small boy.

     Reese averted her gaze, but accepted her show of regret. “Yeah, it’s fine. I guess it could’ve been worse." I just hope we don't get drunk again tonight, he thought. "And I know you’re normally not like that when you’re sober.” Jordan nodded, agreeing with his assessment, and they stood in awkward silence for a few seconds. 

     Just as Jordan was about to say something else, the garage door opened, and Olivia came walking back in, her empty laundry basket in one hand. “Heyyy!” she said, her face lighting up as she saw her friend had already arrived. “Since we have to leave early tomorrow morning, we mind as well leave now. Lemme just go get my things. You brought your stuff, right?”

     “Yep, my bag’s in my car,” Jordan replied.

     “Perfect,” Olivia smiled, disappearing up the staircase as she went to pack. That was sooner than I expected, Reese thought, turning to follow after his sister while Jordan went to wait on the couch. The two siblings each headed into their rooms and began stuffing their backpacks with overnight clothes, swimming attire, and other items for their last-minute excursion to the Oregon coast.


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