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Monday, June 7 (cont.)


     Olivia, Jordan, and Reese arrived back at the house, where Jordan collapsed on the couch on her stomach after setting the beach bag down. “Sorry about what happened down there,” she said, her arm hanging off the side of the couch while she traced her finger around divots in the old flooring. “I didn’t actually know he couldn’t breathe,” she continued, turning onto her back to look at Olivia. “I mean obviously I knew the guy was trapping Reese, which is kind of a jerk move, but I’m kind of a jerk sometimes. And then he pulled me up to his face and I just… got lost in the moment I guess,” she said, looking away in shame. She wasn’t faking her sorrow, she did feel remorse. She really didn’t hate Reese, she just liked to tease him (or in this case, let him get teased). But evidently things went a little too far.

     Olivia sighed and went to her friend’s side, sitting on the armrest next to her. “It’s fine, I know you’re not a bad person. We should just move on.” She looked to Reese to gauge his reaction, who just nodded back to her and put down the towels. He had already gotten past it.

     “I mean, I wasn’t like, completely suffocated. It was just a little hard to breathe. I’m already over it.” Olivia bounced up and smiled as she made her way to her brother.

     “That’s good,” she cheered, squeezing him into her side in a quick hug. She released him, but kept a hand on his shoulder as she arched her brows, eying his hair. She spun him around, dragging her fingers through his rough, brown hair. “Your hair looks kinda good like this,” she said, quickly turning to the mirror on the wall and eying her own. She pulled it over her shoulders and ran her fingers through it, running into knot after knot. It was far more tangled than her brothers, after hours of being coated by saltwater and with bits of sand stuck in it. She glanced to Jordan’s hair and noticed the same problem. “We need to wash our hair,” she told her friend, who got up from the couch and joined her by the mirror to inspect her shiny black locks. 

     “Pfft, I don’t,” Reese scoffed, shaking his short hair all about. It wasn’t long enough to look that bad to him, but he agreed that both of the girls could use a wash. As if reading his mind, Olivia spoke up.

     “You know, there’s less than a day left of our agreement, and you haven’t done anything for us since coming here.” She turned to Jordan, “I’d say we make him wash all the grit out of our hair,” she said, giggling as she turned and saw Reese’s upset reaction. Why the fuck did I even say anything… “Come on,” she said, clamping her hand around his wrist and practically dragging him back onto the patio outside, with Jordan following behind them. Next to the covered hot tub was a hose, and Olivia began unwinding it. “Go get my comb,” she instructed Reese, who turned to jog back inside. “And my shampoo!”

     Reese came running back with Olivia’s hair products and handed the shampoo bottle to his sister. She had already turned the hose on and was holding it over her head to get it wet again, before passing it off to Jordan to do the same. Then she squirted some shampoo out onto the top of her hair and worked it down, throughout her strands. Without needing to be told what to do, Reese joined her, splaying apart his fingers like they were combs and running them through his sister’s long, blonde hair. She smiled approvingly, glad that he didn’t need to be told what to do. “Come on, me next,” Jordan reminded him, as she and Olivia switched the hose and shampoo bottle. He then worked to soak the cleansing agent through Jordan’s luscious, wavy locks as well, seeing bits of the soapy liquid splash to the ground with little bits of sand throughout. They finished off by letting the water wash away their shampoo, and Reese used his sister’s comb to further detangle any knots that his hands didn’t get to, straightening out her and Jordan’s hair until they were both adequately satisfied, and Reese felt subtly proud of himself for a job well done.

     After drying off their hair, the two met back up with Reese inside, who was getting himself a snack from the kitchen. “So… what should we have him do for us next?” Olivia asked, wrapping her hair with the towel around her hair and squeezing the water out, section by section. “Got any ideas, dude?” she asked, looking to her brother.

     Before he could say anything, Jordan butted in with an idea of her own. “He can paint our nails!” she answered with giddy enthusiasm. “I brought some polish because I was gonna paint my own tonight, but if he’s our little butler for the day then mind as well have him do it!”

     “I like it! Lemme change first though,” Olivia replied, and Jordan went to fetch her polish while Olivia headed into their parent’s bedroom. I guess it’s not the worst thing they could make me do next, he thought, as Jordan tossed him the nail polish containers and headed into the other room. None of Olivia’s chores are really that bad, to be honest. He set the bottles down on the kitchen counter and went to the bathroom to put his own clothes on, and when he came back out saw that Jordan and Olivia were waiting on the couch already. His sister patted the top of the couch cushions, beckoning Reese to come over, who grabbed the bottles off the counter and headed to the couch. Jordan had the remote to the TV, and was searching for Schitt’s Creek on Netflix as Reese sat between the two girls, who’s feet were kicked up onto the coffee table. Reese’s legs weren’t quite long enough to reach it, until Olivia extended her heels to the table’s edge and pulled the table closer to the three of them. He thanked her, as Jordan started a random episode and set the remote in her lap. “You should paint Jordan’s first, since it’s her polish,” Olivia explained, and Jordan nodded along with the idea and extended her arm out to her side, her hand hovering over Reese’s lap. A little familiar with painting nails now thanks to his prior experience with his sister over the last few weeks, he got to work tracing a shiny black just outside Jordan’s cuticles with the tiny little paintbrush, and laughed along with the two girls as they watched the Rose family embark on another small town adventure on the screen.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     After the girls’ fingernails had been painted, Reese and his tiny little stomach announced that he was hungry, so they decided to head out to a local diner and get some burgers. Afterwards, Olivia had Reese stop by the store (since he was driving, of course) so she could pick up some margarita mix. He didn’t exactly have the fondest memories of the last time his sister and her friend had gotten drunk, but as long as he didn’t get trapped under Olivia again then he would probably be able to stand up to Jordan in case she got too out of hand.

     After they got back, Olivia announced that she wanted to play some video games since they had a Switch that they kept at the beach house for such occasions. When she was in high school, she had come out to the house with several of her friends, and they had stayed up all night playing Mario Kart, so she felt in the mood to do so again. Of course, she didn’t have the same friends, or even nearly as many people, but to her, it was the thought that counts. Reese certainly didn’t mind the idea of playing some video games for a bit, although he did hesitate as he watched Olivia down a whole margarita in one giant gulp. Seeing her giant gullet suck the alcohol down, he knew she could outlast him by quite a bit, but he’d try to keep an eye on her.

     Olivia and Jordan were using regular controllers, while Reese had a half a controller. Olivia’s hands were so big she could hardly even use Reese’s, but they fit perfectly for him. Jordan picked out a regular cup that had four courses, and soon enough they were off. Olivia started off in the lead and stayed there throughout the first lap, but eventually started slipping further and further down the rankings. She huffed angrily at the results, as Reese pulled ahead to 1st and Jordan 2nd, while Olivia was stuck down at 6th. “I kinda thought I was better than this,” she said, and took another swig from her mason jar of margarita. She felt like something was off, but she couldn’t quite figure out what yet. After the second match resulted in a similar fashion, she knew something was wrong. Was it with her controller though? Were the buttons not working? Before round three, she hopped off the couch and onto the ground, scooting forward a couple feet so she was closer to the TV. Sitting criss cross and leaning forward, she mashed the buttons forcefully and gritted her teeth together, yearning for the win she knew she was owed. At last, after several minutes of risky racing and desperate drifting, she flew past the finish line. The ecstatic girl jumped into the air, cheering for herself beyond what seemed reasonable, causing Reese and Jordan to laugh nervously out of surprise. “My controller was broken,” she explained, blushing at her suddenly energetic behavior. “Or it lost connection I think. The buttons worked fine when I sat closer. I wonder if…” she trailed off, stepping back to the couch and going to the home menu to move her joystick back and forth. Sure enough, the screen was lagging a little bit behind when she was pressing the buttons, but when she stepped closer to the TV again it seemed to catch up. “Sorry about that guys,” she said, returning to the game. “That’s kind of annoying though, I have to sit on the ground to get a good connection while you guys can use the couch.”

     “Why don’t you switch controllers with Reese?” Jordan asked. Not surprised to see she won’t gonna offer up her own controller though, Reese noticed. 

     “His is too small,” she sighed. “That’s OK, I just wish I had a backrest or something.”

     Jordan peered at the two of them, and started to form an idea. “Again, I feel like Reese could be the answer to that,” she said, smirking at the young boy. “Didn’t you say you used him as a footrest the other day? This is kinda—“

     “I told you not to fucking mention that to anyone!” Olivia yelled, whipping around. But after several margaritas, she was too intoxicated to stay angry, and she started to giggle as she remembered what had happened. “But yes, I did. But I was kinda tipsy when that happened!” she insisted. 

     “Well you’re pretty tipsy now too,” Jordan reminded her, laughing along with her friend as they clinked glasses, and Jordan took another sip. What the fuck is happening? 

     “How would that even work? I’m smaller than you, Olivia,” he told her. “And I still wanna be able to play the game too. I’d just fall over or something if you were in front of me.”

     The three of them sat is silence for a few seconds. “Yeah. How would that work?” Olivia asked Jordan. “It was your idea.”

     Jordan thought about it for a few seconds. It dawned on her that if she gave it enough good thought, she might actually get to see it in action. “Maybe… he could push against your back?” she wondered.

     “With his hands?”

     “Yeah!” Jordan answered excitedly. “Wait, no… then he couldn’t play. Wiiiiith… his feet?”

      Olivia mulled it over, while Reese himself tried to imagine what that would be like. “So like… c’mere Reese, I wanna try it,” she said, motioning for him to come down off the couch. He wanted so badly to resist or argue. But this was the last day, after all Olivia had done for him. This might even be the last she asked of him. But boy, what a weird thing to request. As he scooted onto the ground, he gingerly lifted his legs up, and realized it would work best if he used the couch as a backrest himself. Then, with his legs lifted up, Olivia would be able to recline against his feet. It was an awkward setup, without a doubt. But it was what Olivia seemed to want. So with a heavy sigh, he braced his legs as his heavier sister fell back on them. And luckily, the TV was mounted high enough on the wall that Reese was still able to view it over Olivia’s head and body that was taking up so much of his view.

     So for the fourth and final race of the cup, the three of them set off: Jordan on the couch, Reese laying against it, with his legs raised in the air, and his sister reclining against him, happily playing now that her controller was working again and her little brother was helping her to stay comfortable. Olivia raced ahead to first again, Reese at 2nd, and Jordan in 3rd. But Olivia had done so badly in the first two games, that in the final rankings, Reese ended up being the winner. Even Jordan averaged better than her friend. “Let’s do a new cup,” Olivia said patiently, intent on winning this time around. Years of playing sports had honed her into being so competitive, that Reese knew she wouldn’t quit until she won. She readjusted herself, and as she lay back against his feet again, her weight pushing against Reese caused the couch to budget back just a bit. Reese slipped down a little further, so that he was now just reclining against his neck and upper back, instead of sitting upright like before. It looked more like a slouch than anything, and now his head had dipped below the level of the couch cushions. 

     Seeing this, and wanting to beat Reese just as much as Olivia, Jordan got an idea for how to subtly mess up his game, or at least distract him, enough that she could gain an edge as well. “Shoot, now I think my controller’s acting finicky,” she pouted, and scooted over to the center area of the couch. Since the middle was where Olivia was resting on Reese, she lifted her right leg over the awkwardly positioned boy and set it down on the other side of him. It wasn’t much, of course; she was only trying to budge a little into his personal space. But for at least the first round, she’d see if her legs encroaching on either side of him might distract him.

     As they started the first round, Reese had been surprised to see Jordan move closer to him, but he expected her to try and cheat her way to a victory. He figured she was up to something, like she always seemed to be, but if all she was gonna do was put her legs on either side of him, maybe her controller really was just lagging like Olivia’s and she needed to get closer. With the first race nabbing Olivia a 2nd place, Reese 3rd, and Jordan 5th, he wasn’t too bothered with Jordan’s antics. But Jordan realized that merely taking up his personal space wasn’t enough; she’d need to use her feminine side to distract him too.

     She leaned forward now, resting her elbows on her legs. Reese saw her hands holding the controller entering into his upper field of view, and instinctively looked up to see what she was doing. He nearly gasped as he realized that her leaning forward was causing her low-cut shirt to hang low, giving more than an ample peek into her cleavage. Gulping as he glanced back to the TV, he was positive now that Jordan was trying to distract him, but he wouldn’t let her win. The second round began, and he did his best to focus solely at the TV and not peek upwards at his sister’s best friend. Jordan’s boobs might not have been as massive as Olivia’s, but they were still plenty large enough to distract a straight dude. But her womanly ways weren’t enough, and Reese pulled through again, even beating Olivia on the second race. His sister wasn’t too upset, since they were now tied halfway through the cup, but Jordan knew she needed to go further.

     “God, this controller is just…” she trailed off, grinning mischievously at her plan. “I need to get even closer.” She brought both of her feet up, and rested them on his stomach, so she was able to close her legs now. A ceiling of thick, dark thighs formed right over Reese’s head, so close that he could feel her skin brush against strands of his hair. But now his view was completely ruined: Jordan’s big thighs were shadowing him from above, leading out to her legs and knees that were perched on his stomach, obstructing his view of anything directly in front of him.

     “OK, now you’re just being completely unfair,” he whined, starting to get fed up with antics. Jordan immediately parted her legs about a foot apart, just as Olivia turned around to see what Reese was complaining about. “Her legs were in my way, I couldn’t see,” he protested, and Olivia looked over the situation.

     “But you can see now, right? Looks like you have a clear view of the TV, you’re just underneath her legs a little bit,” she giggled. “She said she couldn’t see though. Just don’t cover him, alright Jordan?”

     Jordan shrugged her shoulders, “Yeah no problem, I was just trying to readjust myself cuz I still wanted to sit on the couch. Sorry if I got in your way for a little bit Reese.” Rolling her eyes, Olivia took another swig of her drink. Sometimes she felt like she was babysitting a couple of kids with how much the two of them seemed to bicker or get in trouble.

     As the third race progress, Jordan would periodically tap against the boy’s stomach with her feet, her socks rubbing around on his torso as she distracted him. And by the third lap, Jordan was leaning on her knees again, so that her cleavage was peeking through the cracks of her thighs above Reese, giving him an overall narrow view of the TV. And in doing so, her weight was shifted forward a bit to her feet, further causing distractions for the frustrated boy as he tried to beat the two girls despite being pretty much used by both of them. Ultimately, Jordan pulled ahead to beat Reese for that round, causing her to throw her hands up and cheer like Olivia had earlier, since she had finally beaten her friend’s brother.

     “OK well you can sit however you want,” Reese angrily said to Jordan, “but I’m gonna sit how I want too.” Jordan bit her lip as she watched Reese shuffle about below her, clearly agitated by her teasing. He asked Olivia to sit up for a second so he could sit up straight against the couch, tall enough that Jordan’s legs wouldn’t be able to cover him, and he pushed her calves off his chest so they were back to being on either side of him again. “There,” he said, content. Jordan won’t be able to block my field of view at least now. He was still Olivia’s “backrest” though, so he begrudgingly lifted his legs back up and she reclined against them once again as they began the fourth and final race of the cup.

     Even though he was now sitting up, he was still guarded on both sides by Jordan’s shapely bare legs, with his head right in between her kneecaps. But as the game went on, Jordan slowly crawled her body forward on her toes. In doing so, he didn’t even realize as her kneecaps extended further and further away from his head, and he didn’t at first notice her skin on his ears from her thighs. She was inching her body forward again, so with Reese’s head just a bit taller than the couch cushions now, it meant he was also level with her thighs sitting on the couch. As the second lap started, Reese finally realized that her thighs were closing in on him, as his ears were warming up from her warm skin, and beginning to get pressed in to his head. Fuck, she’s trying to distract me again. Well I’ll just ignore her then, that’s the best way to confront a bully, he rationalized. Jordan was catching up behind him, but Reese was still holding ahead, although both of them weren’t even close to Olivia’s lead, who was completely oblivious to what was transpiring behind her. By the third lap, Reese could feel Jordan’s big, smooth thighs start to press against his cheeks, and he thought he could barely make out the sound of her giggling naughtily above him. Further and further she moved closer, but realized that the match would be over in 30 seconds or so, and she had to act fast if she was gonna pull ahead. With one final scoot, she surged her body the rest of the way forward, until her pelvic area, covered only by her jean shorts, bumped into the back of Reese’s head. The poor boy hadn’t realized how much of Jordan’s thighs were still behind him, but it was painfully obvious now as his face became completely squished between her thick, wobbly thighs. His hearing was completely muffled as her fat legs pressed eagerly against his ears. With one final hurrah, Jordan squeezed her thighs together, completely squashing the boy between her body. He was unable to move his head back since her body was pressing against the back of his head, his face was hopelessly trapped on both sides by her legs, and her thighs were so incredibly thick that his head was practically denting the sides of her thighs, meaning the leg fat in front of his head was curving back into place in front of him and obscuring his immediate vision as she squeezed her legs together. Jordan easily pulled ahead now that her opponent’s view was completely obstructed, and she jumped up in victory as Reese exploded with anger.

     “What the fuck was that?” he demanded, standing up quickly to challenge Jordan. As he pulled his legs out from under his sister’s back to stand up, she suddenly fell back, hitting her head on the floor.

     “Ow! Shit, what the hell?” she asked, equally angered by Reese. She stood up too, and the two tall girls looked down at the bitter boy while Olivia wanted to know what happened and Jordan gazed smugly down at him.

     “Jordan just, she fuckin…” he stammered, barely able to string a sentence together. “She squeezed her thighs around my face right at the end of the race and blocked me from being able to see!”

     “And why’d you let me fall like that?” a tipsy and irritated Olivia asked, ignoring his accusation towards her friend. “I hit my head on the ground.”

     He gulped as he looked up into his sister’s eyes, admittedly feeling smaller beneath them. He didn’t like it when she wasn’t in a good mood. “I’m sorry I let you fall, I was just mad at her. She’s been bothering me the whole day, why can’t she just leave me alone?”

     “She just likes to tease people, Reese, that’s just her personality. You’ve known that since you first met her in middle school. You don’t need to cry a fit over it just because she got you for like, a couple seconds at the very end. Besides, if you were as good as me it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, I was so far ahead of 2nd place I could’ve done the last lap with my eyes closed.” Jordan laughed at her friend’s joke, but also at how Olivia was defending her without her needing to even say anything at all. Reese continued to fume underneath the girls’ gaze, but didn’t know what to bite back with. She was right, two wrongs don’t make a right, and just because Jordan bothered him didn’t mean he had to quickly allow his sister to hit her head like that. 

     “Ok, I’m sorry you hit your head,” he huffed, glancing away from his sister’s intense stare.

     “I think I have a solution that’s a win-win. Actually, a win-win-win since there’s three of us. You,” she said, jabbing a finger into Reese’s chest and nearly pushing him backwards, “should take a break for a few minutes and let yourself calm down. Then Jordan won’t have to bother you and you two won’t have to play with each other. And since I don’t want you playing this next cup, you can turn yourself around. Then I’ll use your back as a backrest and you can steady yourself against the couch with your feet, which’ll be much more comfortable than just your stubby little feet. AND Jordan’s legs won’t be able to annoy you or whatever. OK?”

     “You’re using my back as a backrest? But you’re so much taller than—“

     “Hey, I don’t wanna hear you argue with me. You need to cool down, OK? And you’re doing whatever I say tonight, remember?” Reese knew she was right, that was what they had agreed to. He knew better than to try and argue. And it would just be for a couple minutes anyway. “But first, you can go get me the rest of the margarita.”

     “And some for me too!” Jordan added, winking at him as his fist angrily curled into a ball while he went off to get their drinks. He came back having topped off Jordan’s glass, and completely filling Jordan’s large mason jar with the rest. 

     His sister raised the concoction up high, downing half of it in a single breath. “There, that’s what you two are doing to me,” she said, raising it up to them to highlight how much she had drank. Jordan laughed and took another sip of her own glass as well. “Now, get on the floor,” she instructed Reese, who did as he was told, sitting with his back to the TV and propping his feet against the bottom of the couch. Glad to see him not put up a fight, Olivia then got on the ground in front of him and turned to face the TV. Scooting her butt back until it reached where he was seated, she then leaned back against his body and extended out her legs. His head was only tall enough to reach and support her upper torso, and she was leaned back quite a bit since he wasn’t strong enough to fully sit upright and still support her weight, but it was better than before. “Now this feels good,” she said with a smile, raising her drink back up to her lips in celebration. Meanwhile, Reese’s back was stooped forward, but between his knees that were stretched all the way out to the couch to prevent him from sliding forward on the floor, and his outstretched arms that were sturdily pressing against the floor to prevent his back from falling all the way forward, he was managing to keep Olivia upright. “You ready for a new cup Jordan?” she asked.

     “Of alcohol? Always,” her friend replied, and the two of them erupted into laughter while the sober-minded but miserable Reese rolled his eyes as Olivia’s torso trembled against his back from her laughter.

     “But really, ready to go?” his sister asked again.

     Because of the acute angle his back was positioned in, Reese wasn’t able to fully look up at Jordan who was leaning back on the couch once more. But he saw her legs come into view as she stretched them out in front of her, and rested them into Reese’s lap, right in the middle of his downward-facing head’s point of view. “I am now,” she smirked, as she crossed her socked feet and wiggled her toes up into an irate Reese’s face, as if to say ‘Hey up there, whatcha gonna do about me?’ He knew he couldn’t say anything, especially complain again, since Olivia was just get upset again, and possibly punish him some other way, or for even longer. So instead he sat there silently, his arms beginning to tighten from holding up his sister’s weight as her mere backrest, while Jordan’s feet wiggled mockingly in his lap with him unable to move them.

     Several minutes passed, with Reese still dutifully serving as his sister’s backrest, so Jordan started to tease him. Every once in awhile, she’d lift her foot and tickle his face with her socks. Or her toes would push lightly against his cheeks, just to annoy him. Eventually, she lifted them up to his nose, holding them directly under his nostrils, so he was forced to smell them. The tips of her socked toes didn’t even smell bad, but they smelled like socks, and Jordan knew that was humiliating enough for Reese, so she was satisfied. And best of all, she knew he couldn’t swat her feet away, because if he did, his hands wouldn’t be supporting him anymore and he’d fall over, and therefore Olivia with him. So he just sat there, unable to even glare at her, while she played with his face like some toy.

     After the second round ended, Olivia started shifting uncomfortably. “I mean, I thought your back was a better backrest for me to use because it’s bigger, but with how much you’re slouching under my weight maybe I was wrong.” Sighing, she finished off the rest of her drink. Fuck, she’s really downing that, Reese thought. How many drinks can she handle? She has to be good and drunk now, right?

     “Oh, I might be able to help with that,” Jordan replied.

     Olivia was confused how she’d be able to coerce Reese to sit up straighter. “What do you—“ she started to say, but was cut off as Reese suddenly sat up straight, turning into a perfect floor-chair for Olivia. Without questioning how, her drunk self decided to just move along to the next game, and she reached behind her with her hand and groggily patted her brother’s head several times as a thank you. 

     What really happened though was that as soon as Jordan offered to help, she lifted her feet up and placed the tips of her toes on Reese’s forehead. Before he had a chance to ask what she was doing, she finished planting both of her socked feet firmly on Reese’s face, and pushed forward. This in turn immediately brought his head into an upright position, albeit his head ended up becoming completely squished. Behind his head was Olivia’s back, leaning against him, and in the opposite direction was Jordan’s soft, white socks, pushing with equal force back. So Reese’s entire head was essentially squished between the two girls, unable to move. The soft, fuzzy surface of her socks tickled his nose, as he started to breathe in the newly familiar scent of Jordan’s socks. He felt ripe with anger now, feeling completely mistreated by this girl who was now using his face as nothing more than a footrest, and worst of all, it was supporting Olivia’s weight, so he couldn’t just move. With his hands now free from having to support himself, he pulled one of her legs off of his face, and for the first time since they started gaming without him, he was able to see her face, leering down at him victoriously. “She’s pressing her fucking feet against my face to keep you upright!” he yelled, and pried the other foot off his face, making him immediately slump over before catching his weight with his hands. 

     “Whoah!” Olivia called back, feeling herself suddenly fall back a little with Reese. “Hey, I don’t care what she did, let her do it some more. You can handle a couple of minutes of feet. Maybe you deserve it anyways with how much you’ve been bitching today. Do you want me to find a worse punishment for you than being my backrest? Maybe I should put my feet on your face!” Stewing furiously beneath the weight of his sister, Reese was helpless as he watched Jordan happily reach her feet back up to his face and press his head back again, lifting Olivia back up. “Thanks, Jordan,” Olivia sighed, as the third race finally drew to a close despite the commotion.

     “Oh, no problem,” Jordan replied. “Sorry your brother’s in a bad mood,” she sneered, to which Olivia simply sighed and nodded in agreement. “Hey Reese, now that your hands are free, would you mind taking off my socks?” she asked, lifting one of her feet off of his face. “Gettin kinda warm in here.” Almost shaking out of irritation, Reese did as he was asked, slipping the cute, fuzzy sock off of her foot, knowing he couldn’t risk making Olivia any angrier. Placing just her newly bare toes against his forehead in order to keep Olivia stable, she lifted her other foot off his face. “And the other, please,” she asked with a wink. He complied, digging his fingers into her sock and pulling it off her feet, freeing her into the cool, evening air. “Ahhhh, thanks!” she said, then immediately thrust her soles right back onto his face. Reese was absolutely irate, but could do nothing but just sit there as her fleshy peds wiggled mercilessly against his face. Her skin’s complexion was mostly tan, but the bottoms of her feet were a pinkish hue; not that Reese could see them anyway. The balls of her feet had forced his eyelids to shut, so he was in darkness while Jordan’s feet played with his face. “I hope they don’t smell too bad,” she giggled, and even Olivia heard this comment, joining in on her friend’s laughter as they laughed at her poor little brother.

     After a few minutes, the game was finally over, with Olivia coming away as the victor yet again (as if the outcome made any difference to Reese). Jordan withdrew her feet from Reese’s face, and Olivia got up to turn off the Switch. “Fucking finally…” Reese muttered, glad to have Jordan’s feet off of his face. Olivia turned back around, overhearing his under-the-breath talk.

     “Jordan’s really getting on your nerves that bad, huh?” she asked, a smile on the edge of her lips. She couldn’t help but find the whole thing a bit funny now instead of annoying, but she wasn’t sure if that was because of how much she had to drink or just a genuine change of heart. 

     “Yes!” Reese said. “I get that she likes to tease people, but like… that was too much… that just felt—“

     “Hey, hey, hey,” Olivia cooed, coming over to hug Reese, and pulling him into her broad chest. “It’s OK, I understand. How about we all just watch a movie to finish off the night, OK?”

     “I mean… that sounds good…” Reese started, trying to imagine how Jordan might be able to take advantage of him next. “But I don’t want her to mess with me anymore.”

     “Don’t worry, you can sit with me, and I’ll protect you,” she said, playfully grinning with her tongue between her teeth. 

     Just as he was about to give in, Reese suddenly remembered why they had even come there in the first place. “Wait, what about my homework? You still have to finish those, you said you were gonna help and we have to wake up early tomorrow to make it to school cuz if you can’t do it tonight then I need to—“

     “Shhhhhhhh…” She placed her finger over his lips, urging him to be quiet. “I already did them in the car on the way here, on my phone. Transferred the files before we left so I’d have something to work on after I lost a 4G signal. Everything’s done.” She cupped his head between her hands, her thumbs delicately stroking his cheek. “You don’t need to worry about it. Today is just about fun.” Taking her hands away from his face, she began to sit down, with her back against the front of the couch. She grabbed ahold of his hand, urging him to sit with her. “Now let’s just watch a movie, mkay?”

     Reese smiled. So that’s it. I’m good. I’m done. I always knew I could count on her. He lowered himself to the ground, sitting next to her, while Jordan passively got onto the couch and stretched along it, deciding to leave the two siblings be. “Nuh-uh, not next to me,” Olivia said, and scooping her fingers underneath his armpits and lifting him up and over, into her lap. She parted her legs into a V-shape and set him down right in between, with his back to her torso. “I told you I was gonna make sure you were safe,” she whispered, and lightly pushed his forehead back against her. Not for the first time that night, his head slowly became enveloped by her boobs, although luckily for Reese she wasn’t wearing just a skimpy bikini anymore. But she was still wearing an oversized, loose t-shirt, which totally gave way behind him and allowed his head to nestle securely between her giant breasts without any resistance. Picking up the remote off the ground, she selected a new superhero movie that had just arrived on Disney+. As the movie started, she lifted her long legs up, and covered his own legs, effectively trapping him in. “There, now you’re secure. Safe with me,” she softly giggled. With his lap completely covered and his head nestled firmly between her big, round tits, he couldn’t deny it. There was no way Jordan would be able to take him from her now. Her arms crossed her torso, as if she was hugging herself, but she was hugging Reese instead, squeezing him even tighter into her warm, caring clutch. “I love you, little bro,” she whispered softly, so only the two of them could hear, and planted a soft, delicate kiss atop his head, as the two of them snuggled together in each other’s embrace.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     But the night wasn’t over yet, not quite. The alcohol had taken ahold of Olivia, and she had dozed off not even halfway through the movie. He could hear her softly snoring above him, and listened as Jordan got off the couch behind him, walking over in front of them. He suddenly got a nagging feeling in his chest as he realized how closely his current situation resembled the one from several nights ago. Olivia and Jordan drunk and sleepy, with Reese trapped under his sister, and Jordan staring down at him from above. “Awww, isn’t that so sweet, you two look so cute together,” Jordan whispered, smiling fondly at the little boy wrapped in the clutches of his bigger sister.

     “Hey, Olivia, time to wake up,” he said loudly. “We gotta head to bed.” Two hours of being stuck in the same position was starting to make him feel a bit cramped and sore; he was not planning on spending the entire night like this. 

     “She’s not gonna hear you, Reese,” Jordan said, a little louder this time. “Remember? You can’t wake her up with words alone.” 

     “Olivia!” he yelled, more desperately this time. He started to shake his body, but couldn’t do much to move her. “Olivia!” He knew Jordan was right. Biting his lip and looking down shamefully, Reese quietly asked, “Can you please wake her up for me? Like shake her really hard, or throw water on her face?” 

     “Mmmm, I cooould…” Jordan mused, staring off to the ocean waves out the window, lost in thought. She snapped her attention back to Reese. “You know last time, I teased you by squishing your head into her butt. But it looks like this time I don’t need to do anything, your head’s already squished in there pretty good, huh?”

     “Please, Jordan.”

     She ignored him and continued. “Olivia’s got awfully big tits, dontcha think? Your sister’s got big boobies?” They were both silent.

     “Yeah,” he whispered.

     “What was that?”


     “Yes what?”

     “Yes, my sister’s got big fucking boobs!” She smirked down to him, glad that she could get him to admit it.

     “And a big butt too, huh?”

     He gulped, glancing down to her wide thighs that were covering him. “Yeah, and a big butt.”

     Jordan nodded along, as if she agreed with what he said (which she did). “Doooo… you like big butts?”

     “What?” he asked incredulously.

     Jordan shrugged, “It’s just a simple question. Do you, as a guy, a straight guy. Do you like big ol’ booties?”

     “No,” Reese said, gulping out of fear from where this was headed.

     It was an obvious lie though, Jordan could see it on his face. “Really? Cuz you seemed to like mine earlier today, when Olivia slapped it nice and hard. I bet it jiggled all about, and I know she caught you looking. So I’ll ask again, Reese. Do you like big butts?”

     “Yeah.” He sighed, “I do.”

     Jordan jutted her chin out and pursed her lips together, as if analyzing new information that wasn’t already obvious. “So Olivia’s got a big butt. And you like big butts. So…” As she trailed off, she slowly looked down at Reese, and smiled. She didn’t even have to say it. He knew what she wanted.

     “I like my sister’s ass, it’s fucking huge and I love every inch of it. There, you happy? Can you wake her up now?” he asked, clearly irate. 

      “Yeah yeah, just one last thing. One last thing I wanna hear you… admit.” Well at least there it was, she said it: she’d wake Olivia up for him. As cruel as her verbal humiliation was, it was good to know she’d still end it soon. After thinking on it for a minute, Jordan finally came up with what she wanted Reese to say, and his eyes grew big.

     “No, fuck no, I’m not saying that.”
     “Oh, too much? No you’re right, it’s almost a paragraph I guess,” she laughed. “Here, I’ll write it down for you so you can remember,” she said, grabbing her phone and opening up the Notes app.

     “No, I’m not saying that because it’s fucking gross for a brother to say, and it’s not fucking true. Fuck you.”

     Jordan rolled his eyes. “They’re just words, Reese. As much as I totally believe it to be true, I don’t actually know it for a fact. So just say it.” Finished typing, she held the phone out in front of her, crouching down on the ground so she’d be able to get a better look at Reese’s final act of humiliation and self-torture. “Just admit it Reese. Admit it, say it, or I’m going to bed and you can spend the night between Olivia’s tits.”

     He really, really wanted to not say it. It hurt him so much inside to say it. It wasn’t true, he knew that deep down, but saying it out loud for Jordan was so, utterly, incredibly humiliating that it almost didn’t matter. He wanted to ask Jordan why, but he already kenw why. She just liked toying with him. The whole trip, and arguably the whole time that he had been shrunken, she treated him as less than. Because that was what she just liked to do. And all he had to do was just say a few simple words for her. Olivia wasn’t awake, so it wasn’t like it would matter anyways. As much as it disgusted him to say it, he wanted to just go to bed and get a good night’s sleep more, so he made his decision.

     Closing his eyes as he mentally prepared himself, he opened them back up and looked into Jordan’s eyes, hatred spewing forth from them, and opened his lips to recite.

     “Olivia’s got huge boobs, and I love when she hugs me. I love when she squeezes my head between her giant melons, it feels so good. And her butt’s big too, her ass is a perfect bubble shape that’s so, so fucking juicy, and I wish she could just sit on me and hide me beneath her glorious ass cheeks. But most of all, Olivia is beautiful. She’s not just hot, or sexy, she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, from her amazing dimples on her face, to her smooth skin and strong muscles, all the way down to her pretty little toes. She’s little the most perfect human being I’ve ever met, and every day I consider myself lucky to be her brother. I love you, Olivia.”

     Reese hung his head down low, ashamed of what he said, while Jordan stood up, proud that she won. That was it. She didn’t need anything else. Just watching him say those words put a devilish smile on her face that she’d think of every time she hung out with her best friend, and would never forget. She went to go get a cup of water while Reese thought about what he’d said. Possible the worst part is how some of it’s true. Obviously I’m not attracted to her, but she is an amazing person. I… I am lucky to be her brother.

     He was startled from his thoughts as a small wave of cold water splashed onto him, and he shook his head instinctively as he felt Olivia stir above him. “Hey, it’s time to wake up,” Jordan told her, her demeanor calm and regular once more. “You fell asleep with Reese trapped in your hug, we need to head to bed. I’m gonna go to the bathroom, goodnight guys.” Olivia lifted her legs off of Reese and released him from her hug, and he quickly stood up, stretching his sore muscles. He avoided her eyes as she struggled to her feet as well.

     “Me and Jordan can sleep in our old room since there’s two beds and we’re both girls, and you can sleep in mom and dad’s room on their bed” she said. “See you in the morning,” she said, and trudged her way to her room, closing the door quietly behind her. Reese made his way to his parent’s room, taking off his pants and shirt to settle in for a good night’s sleep, finally. But just as he was about to get under the covers, he heard a toilet flush, and the door to the master bathroom opened. Reese had assumed Jordan was in the hall bathroom and would be joining his sister in their room, but evidently she had used his parent’s bathroom instead.

     “What the fuck are you doing in my room?” Jordan asked, stepping out into the open. She was only wearing a t-shirt, with no bra or panties, although luckily the shirt was long enough to cover her genitals. 

     “I thought—“

     “Get out! Get the fuck out of here, I’m not wearing any underwear you creep, you’re sleeping in the other room!”

     For all that Jordan had done to him today, now was definitely not the time to make a stand, and he rushed out of her room, Jordan slamming it shut behind him. With a sigh, he approached the other room that Olivia had gone into. She had said that it was for just her and Jordan, so should he go in? Obviously Jordan wouldn’t be sleeping in there anymore, and he didn’t want to sleep on the couch. So he raised his fist to the door, and lightly knocked on it a few times.

     “Come in,” came a soft voice from inside, and he turned the door handle, slowly peeking in. Olivia was just in the process of pulling up a pair of dark purple lace short pajamas over her shapely rump as he walked in, seeing her standing by the window. She was wearing a gray cami crop top, and as she turned to face him, he was unsurprised to see how much cleavage she was showing off (although they were her pajamas, so it’s not like they were supposed to be modest anyways). Behind her was a window that faced out into the ocean, and the moon reflected off of the water, its light shining softly into the room, silhouetting her figure. He almost gasped as he saw his sister’s figure highlighted by the late night moon, as if a scene out of a romance movie. She slowly walked over to him, a somber, caring expression on her face, as he did his best not to gawk at her skimpy pajamas that showed off a plethora of her naturally clear skin. He was instantly reminded of what he had told Jordan just a few minutes ago back when Olivia was sleeping. As much as it wasn’t true, it pained him how close to reality it was. Olivia was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen, even if he wasn’t attracted to her, and he worried that he might always think of the lines that Jordan forced him to recite, every time he looked at his big, older sister. That was the real price he paid, something he hadn’t even thought of before. He might’ve had to sleep stuck in her grasp had he refused Jordan’s instructions, but now he was robbed of his dignity, and he’d never be able to shake the memory of what he said about Olivia.

     She raised her hand up to caress his face. “I heard Jordan kicking you out. I didn’t know she was gonna be sleeping in there, I’m sorry. You can sleep with me tonight, in the other bed.” As her finger traced his chin, he remembered that he wasn’t wearing any clothes, and he instantly felt cold and ashamed. He started to shiver, and Olivia pulled him over to one of the beds, pulling back the covers and nudging him forward. He followed her lead, and climbed into the covers, while she pulled them back up over his body. He smiled, grateful for the warmth of the blankets, and Olivia sat down on the bed, turning to face him and reaching down to stroke his face some more. “Feels nice and warm, right?” she asked, and he nodded appreciatively. 

     A bit more time passed, with the two of them looking at each other in silence, listening to the quiet crash of the ocean just outside the window. “You know, I’m really thankful for all you’ve done for me over the past few months,” she said, fondly remembering back to all that she’d had him do. “I know I helped you out too, but I feel like it was kinda… fun. To have you helping me out.” She stood now, retracting her hand from his face, and peered down at him while he gazed back into her big, shiny eyes. “You were a good little servant, Reese. I feel like I really trained you well. Thank you.” And with that, speechless to her truth, he watched his sister climb into the bed next to him, and quickly drift off to sleep while he lay there thinking about all that he had done.


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