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Chapter Notes: I had a Covid-related interaction that I wanted to try writing with the characters, but since the story takes place in a non-quarantine world it wouldn't really work in line with everything else. Olivia’s still 6’6 and Reese is still 4’9 and they both have the same level of dominance/submissiveness as in the story. Everything’s the same except it takes place during the pandemic, which means face masks are mandated everywhere, and they’re out shopping for Christmas so the timeframe’s different. Anyways, with that background now, I hope you enjoy this lil snippet…

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese was sitting in the passenger seat playing on his phone as Olivia pulled into the parking garage. Typical slacker that he is, Reese hadn’t bothered to buy his parents’ Christmas gift yet, and it was 7:32pm on December 23rd. Their family was leaving on a road trip early tomorrow morning for their aunt and uncle’s house out in the country, so he wouldn’t be able to shop on Christmas Eve for anything (not that he should’ve anyways, that would still be way too late). So after finding out he was giftless, Olivia had dragged him along to the local mall to pick something out for their mom and dad. And knowing she was right about him being lazy and a borderline bad son, he knew he had to go with her.

     “OK, you got your mask?” Olivia asked, pulling her own out of her driver-side cubby and wrapping it around her face.

     Reese’s eyes bugged out. Fuck. Shit! No I don’t have my mask, why didn’t you remind me? he thought to himself, but he knew it was his fault. “Ummm… I don’t think so,” he said, earnestly searching his pockets before checking his own door’s cubby. He checked the floor of the car, the glove compartment, and the storage compartment between the two seats; empty, empty, empty. Reese looked over to his sister guiltily, and her expression was hard to read beneath her face covering. “Can we go home real quick to grab it?”

     Olivia rolled her eyes and sighed, “No, the mall closes in half an hour, we wouldn’t make it back in time before they close. Check the back seats.” He opened his door and hopped out to run to the back, opening them to peer in. Nothing on the floor either, or the seats, and the pockets on the back of the seats were empty too, save for some spare change. Olivia watched him in the rear view mirror with her arms crossed, silently judging her irresponsible brother, as he slammed the back doors shut and ran around to check the trunk. Again, nothing in the back, not even a plastic bag he might be able to fashion into some kind of usable mask. He closed the trunk, and slowly walked back to the front of the car, opening the door to address his sister. “Uh… so…”

     “So what are you gonna do?” she asked, glaring at him.

     He glanced towards the entrance, seeing an attendant waiting by the entrance. “Maybe they’ll let me in? Since they’re about to close? It could be a Christmas miracle,” he tried to joke, but his sister just rolled his eyes.

     “I’m not wasting my time getting out of the car to check with them, but you can go ahead though and if you’re lucky I’ll follow you in.” Reese nodded and closed the door. 

     He was only wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans, but he pulled his shirt up above his mouth with a weak smile and approached the entrance. The security guard at the door shook his head, “Sorry kid, you need an actual face covering to go in.”

     “But my face IS covered, see? As long as I hold it up, it’s no different.”

     “It needs to be independently attached. Way too easy for your arm to just grow tired after you head in.”

     Reese dropped his hand, and his shirt fell with it. No use holding it up any longer anyways. “Look, but I haven’t bought my Christmas presents for my parents yet, so can you just do me like, the biggest solid and let me in… just this once, for Christmas.”

     The man sighed, “I don’t wanna risk losing my job, dude. I wish I could, really, but I don’t make the rules. Personally I don’t see the problem with you holding your shirt over your mouth, but someone did that yesterday and our boss got mad at him. Just not up to me.” Reese scratched his head, trying to think of another plan, but nothing came to mind. He trudged back to his sister’s car, who had been watching the interaction from her parking spot.

     He got in the car, and she looked down at him. “It’s 7:37. Mall closes in 23 minutes. Now what?”

     Reese looked up to his sister’s mask. “What if I use yours and just go in alone?”

     “I guess that’s fine with me,” she said, and started to take off her mask. “Got your wallet?” Reese’s heart sank. He already knew the answer, but he patted all his pockets again anyways. Olivia’s head rolled back and hit the headrest behind her as she realized just how careless her brother really was. Reese was running out of options. Although technically, he never had any to begin with. “Uh… well, do you—“

     “No, I didn’t take my purse because I thought this was gonna be a quick trip. And my pants don’t have any pockets, I only brought my phone with me.”

     “Don’t you have Apple Pay?” he asked, feeling a spark of hope again.

     Her eyes shot to his, “Yeah, but I’m NOT letting you go in with my phone while I stay here with nothing to do. This is your fuckup, you need to fix it.” Reese sank lower in his seat, and turned to stare out the window. He didn’t even see anyone around that he could ask, the mall was unsurprisingly not too packed for the day before Christmas Eve in the middle of a pandemic. There was nothing in their car, no masks, the security guard didn’t seem to have any spares. “You couldn’t hold your shirt up over your mouth?” she asked, and he shook his head. 

     “Apparently not. I thought about just taking my shirt off and like, trying to wrap that around as a mask or something. But I don’t think you can shop without a shirt on.” Olivia sat up straight, his words giving her an idea. But it wasn’t one he was gonna like. 

     “I have an idea,” she said slowly. “But you won’t like it.”
     “I’ve got no other choice, I’ll fucking take it,” he replied with a pained laugh. “I’ll be fucked if I don’t get mom and dad a gift.” He glanced at his phone again. 7:40. The mall closed at 8:00. He heard his sister lean forward, and turned to see her reach her arm behind her back and under her shirt and fiddle with something. He didn’t realize what she was doing at first until her arm pulled back out and her other one reached into her shirt and pull out her bra. “N-nevermind,” he stammered, “I won’t take it, that’s too far.”

     “Reese, you’ve got no other choice,” she said. He did his best not to glance down to her shirt, which was now blossoming out a lot further from her chest than before. Her skin began reacting to the cool winter air, and her nipples began to harden, poking through the thin fabric of her upper garment. “You literally have no other option, you’ve tried them all, you literally,” she stressed, glaring down at him, “have no other option. Put my fucking bra on, or I’ll tie it on myself. We have less than twenty minutes now, not counting however long it takes to walk to Nordstrom.” 

     Reese continued stuttering, looking at his sister’s bra in shock. It was black, with lace edges, with an extremely noticeable curves thanks to the G-sized cup she wore. God, her tits must be fucking huge, he thought, trying not to imagine his sister’s boobs filling the cavernous lingerie. “Honestly, I—“

     Before he could finish, she slammed her cup against his face as he let out a childish yelp, and was immediately greeted with a scent that smelled slightly like sweat, with a tinge of what he could only describe as “skin.” Initially, her bra’s right cup covered the entirety of his head, and then some, so she had to slide it down his face, curving it under his chin. Eventually it ran into his neck and she couldn’t move it down any more, but it was just below his eyes at this point, so he was good enough to see, although the bottom of his vision would be obscured by her bra. He didn’t fight back as she worked her hands to continue wrapping it around his head, and the left cup covered the back of his head like a helmet. “Hold it there,” she ordered, and with trembling hands he placed his palms against the outside of the garment, pressing his sister’s massive bra against his face while she worked to tie the straps in a bow-knot on the side of his head. She leaned back now, eying her creation. “OK, there,” she said, and he quickly removed his hands, seeing that her makeshift mask was indeed staying on. “Alright, let’s get going then,” she told him, opening her door as he got out as well. Every time he inhaled, he was greeted with the scent of his sister’s breasts, but he shamefully followed behind her as she briskly walked towards the entrance with her own, normal mask on her face. 

     The security guard chuckled as he saw Reese approaching with Olivia’s bra strapped clumsily to his face. “I guess that’ll work.” Reese was walking slowly behind his sister as he stared straight at the ground, utterly humiliated by what he had to do to gain entry. Frustrated with how slow he was, Olivia angrily grabbed his hand like he was a child, and pulled him along as they walked on by the man, now free to roam inside. “I guess that’s what girlfriends are for,” Reese overheard the guard say, doubling his embarrassment as he was dragged through the the mall, hoping nobody would recognize him with his sister and her massive lingerie stuck to his reddened little face.


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