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I've had people ask about various physical traits or dimensions for characters in the series ever since I started it. And sometimes when I read other writers' stories (which unfortunately isn't that much anymore ahhhh) I get confused between who is who if there are too many characters. So I made this guide for people to use :) The info provided is intended for Version 2 of the story, which starts after this chapter.

Also I had to compress the images a bit so if you're downloading, you can also check out the full resolution on my DeviantArt or this link: https://imgur.com/a/NiBhZ9N

The below version of the guide uses measurements for the Imperial system, and stuff like shoe size and bra size is based on U.S. measurements. The metric/European sizes version is below it (That's right I'm lookin out for everybody 😎)


They took even longer to make than a normal chapter so hope you enjoy them!

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