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Tuesday, May 18


     Just like the day before, and most weekdays for the past couple years, Stuart was already downstairs by the time Reese got downstairs the following morning.

     Suddenly, a pair of hands that were wider than his head latched themselves against the sides of Reese’s face, scaring him and causing him to jolt forwards. He heard Olivia’s laughter and didn’t even bother turning around, as he carefully set his morning cup of water down and closed his eyes while rubbing his eyebrows, trying to calm himself down. I could’ve dropped that, and Dad would’ve been pissed, he thought. I’ll probably drop a lot of stuff for the next few weeks considering how much Olivia likes to play around. Reese wanted to get angry with her, but he didn’t want to start off the day with any raised voices lest he wake up his mom. His dad probably would’ve even taken his side, but he might not have, and didn’t want to risk the trouble. For the tenth time this week, he remembered his goal, and his plan. It’s trivial. It doesn’t matter. She didn’t even mean any harm.

     “Uh… morning?” Olivia interjected, displeased that her little brother didn’t greet her. 

     “Hey. Morning,” he replied, just trying to act neutrally in response. But Olivia rolled her eyes, discontent with her brother’s lack of enthusiasm, and went to fetch some cereal for herself. Reese noticed her change in demeanor and tried to remedy the situation. “Do you want me to make you guys some coffee again?” he asked, glancing at his dad before looking to his sister. 

     “Sure!” Olivia exclaimed, spinning on her heels to press his head against her thigh in what he had previously learned was considered a side-hug for someone of his size. That did the trick. “That would be great, Reese, thanks!” Olivia was wearing the same sweats as yesterday that were loose and baggy, even for her, but he could feel a comforting warmth radiating against his face as he was snuggled against her leg like a small child. Reese did his best to return her show of affection, raising his arm to wrap around her thigh as if he was returning the hug. Their dad chimed in his thankfulness for a cup of coffee too, and Olivia went to pour her bowl of cereal at the table while Reese went about brewing the two cups for his family. After a few minutes, the coffee was done, and he wrapped both his hands around the first coffee mug as he slowly took it to his dad. He already knew he couldn’t carry a full mug by its side handle with just one hand, but he was still big enough to carry the cups with two. He went back to grab the second cup, taking it to his grateful sister, before joining her at the table for breakfast.

     It took Reese a bit longer than most people to finish his meals because of his size. Cereal wasn’t really a problem, but a lot of other foods had to be cut up beyond typical serving portions so he could fit them in his mouth. But of course, his appetite was considerably smaller than it used to be. Olivia had always been one to eat lots and lots of food, and between the fact that she was also texting one of her friends while eating breakfast, she still hadn’t finished eating by the time Reese got up to put his dishes in the sink. “Is there any coffee leftover?” Olivia asked, noticing him getting up. 

     “Yeah, there’s still a few cups left.”

     “Can you top me off?” she asked with a smile. 

     “Me too!” their dad chimed in. 

     Reese sighed a little but returned her smile, and grabbed the pitcher to take back to her. “I uh, can’t really pour it very well,” he said, slowly setting it down on his chair for her to use. 

     “That’s OK, I getcha, it’s probably pretty heavy for you,” she kindly replied. She didn’t leave a lot left in the pitcher, but Stuart drank a lot slower by comparison so his refill didn't require much anyways. He thanked his son and Olivia chimed in her agreement, “Thanks! If you make some tomorrow, maybe you should brew a little more,” she suggested. Reese nodded politely, and left to his room to get dressed for school while his sister and dad enjoyed their second cup of the day.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese was sitting on the end of the couch later that afternoon shortly after getting home from school, and his mom was in her husband’s favorite chair, studiously reading a book while her legs were kicked up on the ottoman. Reese heard someone coming down the stairs, and turned to see Olivia strutting across the house towards the living room. She was wearing a patterned ivory-colored sweater and a coffee-colored suede leather skirt, but most noticeable to Reese were the socks she had on. They were thin, white thigh highs, but not just ones that came up a little past a girl’s knees. Olivia’s were so tall that the tops of them, which were encircled with a frilly black lace and bows, disappeared underneath her skirt. All the way completely up her leg, like a pair of pantyhose. “I’ve been in my room for way too long today,” she announced, and took a seat on the end of the couch opposite from Reese. Without skipping a beat, she lifted her legs up onto her seat and settled them down across from her, which just so happened to be precisely where Reese was sitting.

     He looked down, then to his sister, who returned his gaze, seemingly curious what the problem could even be. “Uh… can you like… use the footrest?” he asked, glancing down at her big, imposing feet in his lap. Because of how tall she was, they were about 12 inches long, but from his perspective, they looked like they were almost two feet tall. Despite how fit and muscular he knew his sister was because of how much she worked out, her feet still looked dainty somehow, despite being so tall to him that the tips of her toes came up just below his chin. A single one of her feet had the relative feel of almost 15 pounds resting on his legs, but the two of them were almost too much to handle. They weren’t hurting him, but the sheer audacity that she had to simply use her brother’s lap as a place to put her feet was still shocking to him.

     She shook her head in answer to his question, “Mom’s using it.” And Olivia was right. Tracy didn’t even look up, and kept on reading her book.

     “Well,” he tried next, “can you still like, give me some personal space then? They’re kinda heavy for me, and, like… big.”

     Olivia slowly inhaled, thinking of her reply. “Well… I guess I could, but I was kinda hoping you could give me feedback on my outfit,” she teased. Obviously she didn’t actually care what he thought; he rarely showed any sign of having a sense of fashion. Typical man. But she liked toying with him, so she stroked her fingers up along her thigh, then dragged it up above her head, flicking it upwards as if to say ‘ta-da!’

     Reese was taken aback. I don’t give a fuck what you’re wearing. Are you serious? Does she actually care? No, wait, yeah, no, why would she? “Well, I can give you feedback with you just standing up normally, I’d see you fine,” he slowly replied, an edge in his voice.

     “But then you can’t check out the details,” she giggled, curling her toes and waving them back and forth before him.

     “Well, I don’t… that’s not… you…” he stuttered, trying to find the right words to say, angered by her response. “Just get your fucking feet off me!” he yelled. Their mom sighed and looked up at them. Shit… He had let her get to him. He knew she was probably just messing around, but he had blown his cool in front of his mom anyways.

     “Reese, don’t yell at your sister!” Tracy angrily exclaimed, upset that she had to put down her book to mediate her children’s squabbles. “I’ve been getting sick of your attitude lately.” WHAT?! I’ve been on my best behavior for the couple days. She even mentioned it to dad yesterday when I did the dishwasher. And Olivia’s obviously just trying to get a rise out of me. “Apologize to Olivia. I might need to think of a punishment for your behavior.”

     Olivia sighed, “No, it’s fine, mom. I was just teasing him, it’s my fault for trying to get on his nerves in the first place.” Admittedly, she did feel bad about getting him in trouble. But it also wasn’t her fault if he could be so easily broken by something so harmless and simple.

     “No, it’s not fine,” Tracy replied. “They’re just feet, Reese, get over it and be nicer to your sister. Maybe your punishment should be doing something for Olivia, like cleaning her room for her.”

     Olivia’s eyes widened, she had an idea. “Oh! He can help me do my laundry,” she said excitedly. “As long as you’re fine with that,” she said quieter in Reese’s direction. As if I’d be allowed to not be fine with it, he thought with a grumble.

     “If that’s what you want, fine by me. As long as he does something for you,” Tracy replied. Huh?! What’s that supposed to mean? “Make sure to do it sometime today Reese, I don’t wanna forget.” 

     “Don’t worry mom, we can just head up to do it now and get it over with,” Olivia replied cheerily. Great. “Come on dude, get up,” she said, hopping to her feet and beckoning Reese to do the same. He hung his head low, and let out what was probably the longest sigh all week, but did what she said and got off the couch to follow her. Olivia noticed his despondent attitude, and felt a little bad; he wouldn’t have to be helping her with her own laundry in the first place if she had just kept to her own personal space. “Hey, I’m sorry I tried getting on your nerves earlier, I was just messing around, I didn’t think you’d react like that.” 

     Reese looked up at the great, fashionable amazon before him, and gave her something that was in between a grimace and a smile. “It’s fine.”

     She scrunched her face, still feeling a bit bad, but hoping she could make him feel better. “Here, I won’t even wear my socks anymore, then they definitely can’t end up in your lap,” she said, and reached her hands under her skirt. She pulled the socks, down, down, slowly sliding all the way down her body, from where Reese was looking to the feet on the ground that had gotten him in trouble. Hopping up on one leg and awkwardly trying to balance herself, she pulled the sock all the way off in front of her brother, revealing her smooth, bare legs, before shifting to the other foot to pull the other off. Standing back on two feet, she dangled the cute, white socks in front of Reese. “See?” she said, shaking them in front of him with a giggle, “all good now.” Then she eyed Reese up and down, who got fidgety as he saw his sister scanning his body, and she slowly lowered them until the foot section was touching the ground, and the frilly black top was right in front of his face. “Wow, they’re almost as tall as you are,” she gasped. “I hadn’t realized my socks were that big,” she said, devouring her brother with her amazed gaze once more. “Or that you were that small.” She giggled, deciding her fun was over, and turned to head upstairs now, flinging them over her shoulder and nearly hitting a nervous Reese in the face. “Imagine if you were only as tall as my normal socks.” He shuffled behind her, glancing down at her bare feet prancing along ahead of him. I’d rather not.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese stood, mouth agape, as he looked at the massive pile of clothes that had just been unceremoniously dumped onto Olivia’s bedroom floor. Apparently she had rewashed all the clothes that had been packed up in her car, for no good reason other than they had accumulated a slight musty smell from being boxed up for a week. So before him stood a heaping pile of clothes - and he knew that she had more in the washer and dryer that’d be joining this pile too. He had never seen a pile of clothes that came up to his chest, although obviously the pile was just bigger from his perspective. “You want me to fold all of these?” he asked. There’s no way she’d be that demanding.

     “Ummm… no, yeah, you can just do like, my tops or something,” she said, seeing his hesitation as a shrunken boy faced with a mountain of clothes.

     “Oh, OK,” he replied, and picked out a bright yellow shirt from the top of the pile. Honestly, it’s a lot smaller than I expected, he thought, turning it around in his hands and holding it up before him. It was unusually wide, but the length was about on par with the specialty clothes he wore. “Kinda smaller than I would’ve thought,” he said, holding it up for his sister to see as she ruffled through the pile and looked at what he had grabbed.

     Olivia laughed, “Oh, cuz that’s just a belly shirt, it only goes down to my midriff,” she explained, taking it from him and holding it up for him to see. Sure enough, it was only long enough to cover the top half of her torso. 

     “Oh,” he said, looking down to find something else, and feeling stupid at having thought one of her pairs of clothes would actually fit him. Not that he’d want them to, of course. 

     “Come on,” she said, smiling at him as she sat on the ground, and hopped her butt over a few times, patting the spot where she’d just sat down. “I’m glad you agreed to help me,” she said, giggling out of bewilderment as her brother joined her spot on her bedroom floor. "I mean, I know you kinda had to, but like, I don’t know, it’s still nice to have you helping out.”

     He smiled courteously back at her, “It’s fine, I know what you mean. I’m glad I could help.” And in a way, he wasn’t really lying. Despite being previously angry with her for getting in trouble, he still obviously loved his sister, and he knew how incredibly nice and thoughtful of a person she was. Sometimes it just felt nice to do nice things for people, and see their genuine joy and appreciation at receiving such a gift. Then he thought back to his overarching goal over the next few weeks: acting better around his family so the blow would be softened when they found out he failed his senior year. If I fail. I guess I might not, but considering how little I’m doing to remedy my situation, I probably will. He grabbed a white v-neck from the pile next, and an image of her wearing it popped in his mind. But maybe cleaning her room like mom suggested would’ve been better, he thought, quickly folding up the garment and placing it aside as he shook of thoughts of how giant her sister’s cleavage would look in the shirt.

     The two of them continued folding for awhile, and Olivia asked some things about high school and what had changed since she’d left, and they got to talking about some of their shared teachers. While Reese was going on about their new vice principal, Olivia stole a glance at her brother as he dutifully folded her clothes side by side with her. So quickly he had gone from yelling at her over her feet on his lap, to graciously folding her own clothes right beside her. She wondered if something was up, or if he really had just had a change in demeanor. Since Olivia hadn't seen him since before his height loss, it just looked to her like his loss of a few inches had simply made him into a nicer guy. She might not have understood it, but she certainly wasn't gonna complain. But she wanted to test him again.

     She saw one of her yoga pants in the pile and pulled it out, standing up as she did so. “Remember when we were younger and I made you wear my yoga pants for a day?” she asked with a smirk. Uh-oh… Reese knew where she was going with this.

     “Yeah,” he answered cautiously. “They’re, like, tight. I don’t get how girls can always wear them all the time.”

     “Well first off, yoga pants are like, the most comfortable clothing that’s ever been invented, I don’t know how the fuck you didn’t like them. But second off, I’ll bet they’re not so tight on you anymore.” Reese scanned the length of her pants. He really didn’t wanna put them on. What if she made me wear them for the rest of the day again? They wouldn’t even fit. “C’mon, stand up.” He didn’t wanna put them on, but he stood up anyways. With her holding the pants in front of her, he realized they were almost as tall as he was. How would I even wear them? “Don’t worry, I won’t make you wear them,” she said, as if reading his mind. “But I do wanna see if you’ll fit!” She smiled with her tongue between her teeth, eager to see if she could actually get him to play along.

     “I don’t — what do you mean, they’re like the same size as me, they’re way too big.”

     “I told you, I don’t mean wear them, I just wanna see if you’ll fit. Like in one of the leg parts.” Reese didn’t like the sound of that. But he knew his sister was just trying to have fun. Oddly enough, he’d rather try and fit into her yoga pants than have her big, heavy feet in his lap again. Olivia sighed, “Come on, I’ve never been friends with someone who had DSD like you do, let alone be their sister. I’m just curious, it’s kinda fun.” He looked into her eyes, and had a nagging feeling that she was being honest. Olivia wasn’t a monster, and she rarely tried to trick him growing up. It just wasn’t how she liked to play. If she just wants me to try fitting, then she just wants me to try fitting. What’s the harm in trying? I’m trying to be a nicer part of the family member anyways, aren’t I?”

     He looked over the lycra-woven material one more time. “Alright, fine,” he said, looking up at his sister in a reassuring smile. That is, trying to reassure himself. 

     But she returned the warmth, and squatted down, lowering the pants all the way to the ground. “Hop in!” He took a step into the center of the pants, his feet placed firmly onto each of the spots of carpet left by the leg holes. 

     “OK, I’m ready,” he said, and she frowned slightly, since he hadn’t done quite what she had wanted or expected by standing in the middle. But hey, he said he was ready, right? So returning her smile back, she quickly shot back up into a standing position, pulling the pair of pants up with her, and heard as Reese let out a quick gasp inside. She had wanted him to just try and fit his body into one of the legs, but by standing in the middle, the pair of pants had shot up right around him, with each of his small legs in both of the leg holes. The crotch of the pants ran into his own, so as the pants continued to lift, it pulled his 30 pound body along with it, raising him high into the air. But his weight was just heavy enough to stretch the spandex material, as Olivia was able to pull the top of the pants all the way up to his armpits. His feet dangled in the middle of the leg holes, instinctively kicking about slightly, as the workout gear were raised up to his sister’s face.
     “You were supposed to just get in one of the legs,” she said, as he addressed the large, giggling face just a few inches in front of his own. Her breath washed over him as she laughed, although luckily it didn’t smell noticeably bad, and Reese’s face ran red from a mixture of surprise and embarrassment. 

     “Oh…” he utterly softly, looking down at the ground, which from his view seemed several feet below his own. “Can you let me down now then?” he asked, still staring at the ground to avoid her gleeful reaction, and she did as he asked.

     He quickly stepped out of the pair of pants as soon as they were back on the ground, and Olivia snatched them back up as soon as her legs were clear. “See? Just having some fun. Let’s call that a test round. We can do it properly tomorrow,” she said, and threw the bundled up pair of pants in his face with a laugh.

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