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Thursday, May 20


     Olivia ended up waking several hours after passing out on Reese’s lap that night, and she made a clumsy, quick apology for having trapped him before stumbling up to her bedroom to head back to bed. It was almost 1 in the morning, and Reese had been beginning to worry that he’d be stuck there all night. But even if he was going to bed late, at least not enough sleep would be better than cramped, uncomfortable, sitting-up couch sleep beneath his sister’s body. But he slept fine, and still managed to get to school on time, so that was what mattered. When he got home though, he still felt exhausted, and threw his backpack off at the door and collapsed on the floor of the living room, where his mom was watching TV. He didn’t even care what she was watching, he just wanted to do absolutely nothing for a little while, if not fall asleep right there on the carpet. He asked his mom to toss him a pillow, and he settled it under his head so it could be propped up while watching Tracy’s show.

     After Reese had watched more than an episode’s worth of his mom’s surprisingly engaging cooking show, he heard the front door open, as Olivia and someone else walked in. He immediately recognized the other girl as Jordan. She had been Olivia’s friend since the 6th grade, after her family had moved to Portland from Arizona. Even after living up north for almost a decade at this point, her complexion was still fairly dark, and she had long, straight black hair that reached all the way to her lower back. Several large tattoos covered her arms, and she had a nose piercing that she got when she was 17. The most surprising thing to Reese after he grew up and looked back on his childhood was that Jordan had never really had a goth phase like the internet had led him to believe every girl had, especially ones with piercings and tattoos like her. Even his sister had had a goth phase at one point. Reese wondered if Jordan had ever had an “alt-girl” phase in college, but she still dressed normally enough that he couldn’t be sure. He remembered that he’d always secretly get excited when Jordan came over when he and his sister were kids, although he hadn’t realized it at the time. As the girls entered high school and Reese eventually entered puberty, he began to develop a bit of a crush on her. She wouldn’t really give him any more attention than any of Olivia’s other friends, but she didn’t ignore him just because he was a boy, or Olivia’s brother. And that was nice. Tracy and Stuart loved having Jordan over, or at least were more subconsciously interested in the girl since she was the most different of Olivia’s other friends, who typically were similar to Olivia’s sporty self. Maybe that was why she was one of Olivia’s best friends growing up - opposites tend to attract. But besides that, Jordan couldn’t be easily typecasted. She was never a modest, quiet girl who was into drawing and reading, although her tattoos were indicative of her artistic appreciation. She wasn’t a nerd who had a vested interested in video games, even though she had a PS4, or someone into premiere fashion even if she liked posting her outfits on Instagram. And like mentioned, she was never the charismatic, sporty girl that Olivia had been, other than matching Olivia’s talkability. Perhaps, above all, it was her resistance to being an easy stereotype that was her most attractive quality to Reese growing up, although he’d never have been able to articulate it as such. He wondered if years later, with the better understanding of himself that he now had at the ripe old age of 18, he might have lost his attraction to Jordan. Or if there was still that something unique that would spark interest in his eyes and keep him coming back for more.

     “Hey I’m home!” Olivia yelled out, “And I brought someone with me.” Tracy got up from the couch and came into the entrance area to investigate, while Stuart heard his daughter from upstairs and left his office to see what she was talking about.

     “Hey, Jordan! Olivia didn’t tell us you were coming over,” their mom said, entering the foyer with a surprised grin on her face at the familiar face that she hadn’t seen in almost 4 years. 

     “Jordan! How are you?” Stuart called out enthusiastically as he came down from the stairs.

     “I’m great Mr. Smith, and I hope that’s OK that Olivia didn’t say I was coming,” Jordan said, not really worried given Tracy’s joyful demeanor. “Me and Olivia were hanging out today, and she invited me over for dinner since I haven’t been here since before college.”

     “Well we’re glad you came,” Tracy replied. “I was making enchiladas, so there should be plenty for you.”

     “So, where’s your brother?” Jordan turned to ask her friend, but glanced around at Stuart and Tracy to see if they might know where he was instead. Olivia had mentioned her brother’s recent case of shrinking, and Jordan couldn’t hide her curiosity to see the boy. Her interest in the small guy was secretly harboring any malicious intent, but she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t at least a little bit fascinated with the fact that there were everyday people in society who would just start shrinking down one day, without any warning. To spend 22 years getting bigger and bigger, and suddenly she might totally reverse those decades of process in the matter of just a couple weeks, potentially to a size even smaller than when she was born. The way she saw it, DSD was the most fascinating illness, disability, or disorder in all of science.

     “Oh, he was in the living room watching TV with me,” Tracy mentioned, leaning back and peeking her head around the corner to see if her son was still there. “He might’ve fallen asleep on the floor actually,” she said, bringing her head back and speaking in a more hushed tone, “he seemed like he had had a long day when he got home.”

     Jordan went to peer around the corner too and gaze into the living room, and sure enough, there was the 3 foot boy, his eyes closed as he lay on the ground with his head propped up. Even from across the house, he liked tiny compared to the furniture around him.Olivia and her parents watched as Jordan tiptoed into the living room, and was able to sneak right up to Reese without his eyes ever popping open. “Hey!” she yelled out with a grin, lightly kicking the side of her foot against his waist. Reese jolted awake, instantly looking skywards to see the tall, 5’9 body of his sister’s best friend standing over him, her hands on her hips. Despite being noticeably shorter than Olivia, the difference seemed negligible to him, as the 22-year-old’s fully rounded out body still looked dominant and imposing, especially from his point of view down by her feet.

     “Oh uh, hi Jordan,” he mumbled, sitting up a little as he addressed her.

     “Don’t just sit up, stand up!” she laughed. “I haven’t seen you in four years, hello?!” She held out her arms as if waiting for a hug, but they were extended down instead of out. He clumsily stood up in response, and gingerly gave the girl a hug, pressing the side of his head against her lower abdomen. “Jeez, I kinda thought you’d be bigger when you got up,” she commented. “You really are tiny, huh?” 

     Reese scratched his head nervously, not taking too kindly to her passively demeaning comments. “I could be a lot smaller,” he noted as he bowed out of the hug, trying to defend himself.

     Jordan rolled her eyes, “Yeah, I guess. Nice seeing ya, dude,” she said, ruffling his hair and pushing her palm lightly against his forehead, playfully pushing him backwards. She turned away from him, already ignoring him again as she focused back on the rest of the family, “So what else is new?” 

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese was working on homework later that evening when Olivia knocked on his door, asking to come in. Unlike his parents’ frustrating habit of knocking a couple times, then immediately entering, Olivia actually showed some respect for her brother’s room. It wasn’t a big deal, but it was something he noticed and was appreciative of. “Come in,” he said. 

     Olivia slowly creeped the door open, entering cautiously. She was baring her teeth in a grimace, and he was already stressed out from what she was about to say before she had said anything. Either she broke something of mine, or she wants something. Again. A look like that is just the adult version of using puppy dog eyes to get what you want. “I… need you to rub my back,” she said. He chuckled to himself, his head falling into his hands. I knew it. She always ‘needs’ something. “I know I know I know I know,” she immediately spurted out, “I feel like I’ve asked you of a lot the last few days since I’ve come home.” That’s because you have… “Although in my defense, you usually don’t seem bothered by when I ask stuff, except for me putting my feet on your lap the other day. That’s like, the only time I can remember you saying the word ‘no,’ for any reason.” Reese blushed a bit at this. She was probably right, at least if she was talking about the last few days. “But I was helping Jordan move out of her dorm earlier today—“

     “I thought you said everyone had to clear out last week?” Reese interrupted. “Sorry,” he added, realizing his mistake, “you can finish.”

     “That’s OK,” she replied. “Yeah, we had to clear out, but Jordan went to the University of Portland, so…” Reese nodded in understanding. “Anyways, I did something to my shoulder when I was grabbing a heavy-ish box off a shelf.” She rotated her right arm several times, feeling out where it had hurt. “It’s mostly fine now, but I’d really appreciate it if you could rub my shoulders for a bit. It’s not serious enough that I need to go to a chiropractor or a spa or something, but it’d still make me feel a lot better,” she said, walking over to Reese as she stretched her arm out a few more times.

     “Don’t you, like, know how to lift and carry things? Like don’t they teach that kinda stuff in class?” 

     Olivia sighed with exasperation, “No, EP majors don’t take a class on ‘how to lift things,’” she answered, rolling her eyes. “But yes, obviously I know how to complete strenuous activities correctly. Sometimes stuff just happens though.” She breathed in deeply, taking one last step towards her brother, who was now staring up at her. He realized that she probably made a conscious effort to not walk right up to him, because honestly they wouldn’t be able to look at each other if she did. Her huge fucking tits would get in the way, he thought to himself, gazing up at her statuesque body. He didn’t really want to, of course, but he had to admit, she seemed to have actually had a good reason this time. “I’ll make it worth your while,” she cooed, smirking at her brother as an idea formed in her head.

     Reese’s head turned to the side. He was almost ready to agree anyways. “What do you mean?”

     “I’m pretty sure you had a crush on Jordan when we were kids. I couldn’t tell if that’s true based just off today, but I can invite her by again to come swimming.” She smirked at him, entertained by the fact that she could use her own friendships as a form of currency. She felt like she was in college again.

     Reese’s heart started racing, but he did his best to keep his cool. “What do you mean… why would I…” he slowly started to respond, not being very good at faking disinterest in her offer.

     “Oh, come on. Whenever she’d come over to hang out when I was in high school, you’d always act, like, giddy, or nervous, and you’d suddenly be interested in hanging out around us. It was kinda obvious, at least to me.”

     “I was in middle school, I was probably just acting weird because I was weird.”

     “Fine,” she sighed. “Maybe you really don’t care, but you look like you’re lying so I’ll invite her over anyways. And either way, my back could honestly use some massaging, it actually hurts.”

     Reese was secretly glad that she was still gonna invite Jordan over, despite his embarrassment and unwillingness to admit that he thought she was hot. He didn’t exactly have the best interaction with her earlier today, she seemed a bit more… pretentious? She definitely seemed to treat him differently compared to how he remembered, but maybe he was just blocking out the bad memories. A lot of people seemed to treat him differently after he shrunk though. But Olivia was right, he did think she was cute when he was 13 or 14, and she was still attractive now, several years later. So the least he could do was at least agree to help Olivia out. He looked at his sister for a few more seconds, before a smile crept onto his face. He had to admit, there was a part of him that felt good about helping his sister out this much. And even if it felt like there was a bit too much give and not enough take, their relationship was definitely more amicable than it was when they were younger. “OK,” he relented. “Sure. I’ll help.” He hopped off his chair and looked up to his big sister. “Where do you wanna do it?”

     “We can just do it here in your room if you’re fine with that,” she replied, heading over to his bed before waiting for his response. She climbed onto it, sitting criss cross at the head of his bed, facing his window.

     “Yeah, that’s fine.” He went over and joined her, climbing onto the bed and taking his spot behind her. He was on his knees after hoisting himself up, but it was evident that he’d have to stand all the way up if he wanted to reach her shoulders, even though she was merely sitting herself. He reached out and grabbed ahold of Olivia’s shoulders, proceeding to do his best job of what he imagined a good massage would feel like. She started to breathe slower, enjoying the rub as he worked his way lower, down, across her back. Even if he didn’t know what he was doing, he still felt better than nothing. His small hands weren’t quite large enough to completely encompass her shoulder from front to back like a normal masseuse, but he was still big enough to apply force to her muscles. As the time passed, she helped him along, guiding him on how best to massage her at his size while she gazed at the warm, orange sunset out the window.

     After a pleasant 15 minutes, Olivia’s back was feeling better, and she thanked her brother for helping her out. “Ugh, now I just need my muscles to soak,” she murmured, getting up as she stretched her arms and arched her back. She got on the ground and took on what Reese assumed was some kind of yoga position, testing out her arms (and legs) after the massage. “Hey,” she groaned, curving her back again so that she could look up at Reese, “can you turn the bath on for me? Just until it’s on hot.” 

     I thought you felt bad about making me do all this stuff, and now you can’t even walk to the other room for a few seconds? But he nodded, his body reacting kindly despite his grumbling head, “Sure.”

     “And plug the drain when the water’s ready,” she added just after he left to head to the bathroom. Their tub was big compared to most, but still normal enough that he wondered how she was able to comfortably fit in it. He mentally shrugged as the he felt the water arrive at a warm, but not scalding temperature under his fingers, then plugged the drain and left to head downstairs while Olivia finished up her stretches on his bedroom floor.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese was downstairs, watching an episode of one of his favorite shows, when Olivia came down after her bath. Wrapped in a light pink robe, she trotted up next to him, taking a seat right beside him on the couch. She leaned into him, playfully resting her giant head on top of his, her damp hair falling all around him on accident. “Thank you for the massage today,” she said. “And for the bath,” she quickly added, her thankfulness causing a smile to rise out of him.

     “No problem.” She gave him one more thankful nudge, then scooched over to the other end of the couch, promptly pulling her pinkish bare feet up onto his lap, for what was now the third day in a row. They were still slightly warm, and obviously very fresh and clean.

     “Can you rub my feet again like yesterday? It’d be the cherry on top of your massage from earlier, and obviously they’re nice and clean for you.” The way she added those last two words made it sound like she had cleaned them specifically with Reese in mind, with the expectation that he’d give her a foot rub if they were fresh and presentable. “You can smell them if you don’t believe me,” she giggled, and he rolled his eyes. Despite her joking though, she still lifted her feet up towards his face, her big, round toes coming within inches of her brother’s nose, as if she was inviting him to lean in and smell.

     “No, I saw you take the bath, I believe you,” he replied, batting her feet away. 

     “You saw me bathing?!” She feigned mock surprise and disgust, a smile on the edge of her lips.

     “Whatever,” he chuckled. “Sure.” He took ahold of her feet once more, and began to knead his thumbs into her big, soft soles. He could faintly smell an air of peaches and cream, but he wasn’t sure if that was her feet specifically or just the rest of her body in general. Either way, he was grateful that if he was gonna rub his sister’s feet, they were at least clean for him. They were so much softer than he had expected, especially because of how recently they had been washed. For a few moments, he wasn’t even rubbing them because she had asked him to, but because he was surprised with how they felt against his fingertips. It’s not that I enjoy it, he thought, as he noticed her quickly turn her attention away from him as he continued rubbing her feet, but I’m glad she takes good care of them. I mean, if there’s any feet that I’d be forced to give a foot rub to, I’d without a doubt choose my sister’s. 

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