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Friday, May 21


     "Just wanted you to know, I'm really appreciative of you making coffee every morning, just for me,” Olivia said with a smile on Friday morning, opening her arms wide to signal that she wanted a hug from her little brother, who was standing on his stool at the espresso machine. Reese went in for the hug while he waited for the pot to finish, his head pressing against his sister’s giant boobs through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. Oh great, seems like she’s not wearing a bra again this morning. Even with Reese using his stool to gain some height, he was still nowhere near Olivia’s height. What if I never gave her a normal hug ever again? he worried. It was also at that moment that he realized that he had never known what it was like to be taller than his sister. All his life, he had always had to look up at her.

     Because girls go through puberty before guys, and because she was several years older than him, she had always had the significant upper hand when they wrestled as kids. She was a foot taller than him when he had started middle school and she was 15, and was always able to pin him beneath her legs and tickle him. Sometimes she would try to make him submit or tap out, but often he remembered that she just liked being the older, stronger sibling. And of course, even when Reese started to go through growth spurts of his own, it hadn’t made a difference, since by then Olivia was already past the 6 foot mark and was able to maintain power over him if she wanted to. He was just grateful they had both matured past that point from when they were kids. Now he was pretty much as tall as when he was 3 years old, back when he was too young and small to even know what wrestling was, whereas Olivia had increased in height (and size) by nearly a foot. At least in their childhood days he remembered feeling like he might be able to be the one to topple Olivia for once when they grew up, but he didn't even want to think about how powerless he'd feel if Olivia straddled him again now like when they were kids. 

     "I know you just make coffee the normal way, like everyone else," Olivia said, breaking off their hug, "but it still tastes better than I would've otherwise expected it to. Maybe it's just my weird mind adding in extra flavor because of how nice you've been since I've come home," she joked. "I keep thinking of that Folger's commercial though, where the sister makes coffee for her brother before he came home from the war or something like that." She winked at him, "That's like, the ideal sibling relationship. Except every day, and it's you making it instead of me."

     "Well I hope our life doesn't have to be as cheesy as that commercial," he said, letting her pour herself a cup after it finished. 

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese was laying on the floor again like the day before while he watched TV by himself, as Olivia came home from hanging out with her friend Elle. She entered in through the garage, and kicked off her flip flops by the door before sauntering into the living room where Reese was at. He didn’t say anything as she came in, or even look up to acknowledge her, as she stopped right next to his body, gazing down at him. He still didn’t pay her any attention, too focused on his show instead, until suddenly Olivia hopped up and landed both her bare feet on his chest. He lost his breath momentarily, surprised at her actions, as she laughed while struggling to keep her balance on top of her brother’s small chest. Even with her feet together, side by side, they were too wide to both easily fit on Reese’s shrunken torso, and she stumbled off, landing her peds on either side of his body while she continued to look down on him.

     “What the fuck?” he asked, glaring up at her as she put her hands on her hips. He hadn’t completely had the wind knocked out of him, but even if he was full size he would’ve lost his breath for a few seconds if someone had jumped on his stomach.

     “You’re always so addicted to watching your shows, you didn’t even say hi when I came home,” she pouted. “I was just trying to get your attention, you don’t need to freak out.”

     He remembered his goal for the month, and tried to cool himself down. He didn’t need his mom to walk in on him and punish him for overreacting again. She was probably just playing around. “Sorry,” he muttered. “Did you need something?” he asked, somewhat impatiently, but his sister ignored his tone.

     “Not really,” she said, stepping back onto his chest, squarely planting just one of her large feet directly in the center of his torso. While her heel pressed firmly onto his stomach, her sole curved downwards along his sternum and her toes just a hair’s width away from being able to tickle his chin. She stretched her arms out on either side and lifted her other leg up, attempting to balance on top of the poor boy’s chest. Reese’s hand pushed against his sister’s ankles to try and get her off, while his other hand tried pulling at her  long toes. Neither of his attempts proved successful in toppling Olivia, who was magnitudes heavier than he was and managed to keep herself balanced atop her brother, thereby pinning him to the floor at the same time. She started to lift her balancing leg up higher, before bending her knee and bringing it closer to her body. Grabbing ahold of the ankle with one of her hands, she brought the foot up a bit higher still, and then bent her head down towards her upturned sole. She gave it a couple sniffs, “But since you’re offering…” she continued, and lowered the foot back down towards his body, towards his face. “Then what do you think of the smell?” she asked, hovering her sole mere inches above her brother’s tiny head. Nearly his entire vision was obstructed by the sight of Olivia’s smooth, tan foot, almost twice as long as his face. He was helpless, trapped beneath her one foot, while the other one hung above him, patiently waiting for his opinion on its aroma. “You think I need a shower?” she asked again, lowering it still, so close that he could hit it with his forehead if he lifted his neck. He sniffed at it a couple times to try and finally appease her, but she kept her foot above him, waiting for his reply.

     “I mean, sorta, it’s… not like horrible I guess, but like…” She lifted her foot away from his head now so she could look at him as he spoke. “Why would you even need to check? Don’t you shower every day anyways?”

     “Yeah, that’s true,” she admitted, “guess I’ll go take one now though.” She put her foot down behind his head, finally preparing to step off, and as she took her next step, she dragged her foot that was on his chest across the remaining bit of his head, teasing him by lightly scratching his face with her toes. “Thanks bro,” she giggled, and headed upstairs while Reese was left scowling at his sister’s unchecked playfulness.


(This picture wasn't commissioned, I just found it online. If the picture isn't showing up or if you want to check out the artist: https://www.deviantart.com/stronggirlstory/art/Nala-8-736306401)

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Olivia came trotting down from her shower to find Reese was back up on the couch now, having learned his lesson from an hour ago. He might not be willing to complain about her standing on him in an effort to build his amicable reputation within his family, but that didn’t mean he was going to let it happen again. Of course, Olivia had other means of toying with him though.

     “Jeez, why are people’s feet always so cold after they get out of a shower?” she asked, sitting down across from him as was beginning to be custom. But when she lifted her freshly washed feet up onto the couch, instead of placing them in his lap for him to rub, she used one fluid motion to point her toe against his waist, right under a ruffle in his shirt, and slide her foot upwards, under his clothes. “Or does that just happen to me?” she asked with a giggle, as he instantly felt the cold, damp sole of his sister’s foot against his bare chest. Her second foot slid up next to the other one so they were both resting on his skin, all under his shirt.

     “What the…” he began, almost about to explode. But he held himself back, not wanting to give her the satisfaction, or risk trouble again. Her feet were freezing, and he could already feel the warmth of his body start to channel its way into Olivia’s instead. “Can you please take them out?” he asked calmly, and he felt her strong, plump toes drum against his collarbone in response.

     “I told you, my feet are cold, I just need you to warm them up for me real quick.” She wasn’t even pressing hard against his chest, but her feet were so heavy regardless that he couldn’t scoot out from under her (as if she’d let him). “If you hug them, you might be able to heat them up quicker,” she advised, a serious look on her face. She hadn’t even giggled since coming down yet, it seemed as if she legitimately just wanted her brother to use his body to warm her up.

     I can’t tell if she’s playing around, but she definitely won’t stop if I just do nothing. Mind as well humor her and try to warm them up. He did as she had suggested, wrapping his arms around his own torso, and by extension, Olivia’s feet. They didn’t feel nearly as cold through the fabric of his shirt, but he still hoped it would be a relatively quick process to warm them up. “Yeah, just like that, thanks Reese,” she encouraged, a genuine smile on her face. “Maybe a little bit of friction will help,” she suggested, and started to move her feet around within his chest. But the moisture from such a recent shower had caused her soles to become somewhat adhered to his chest. So her circular motions seemed to cause his skin to slightly shift around on his body instead of causing any actual friction against their skin.

     Regardless, after several minutes of Reese forcefully warming up his sister’s soles, she finally decided that they were good enough, and to pull them off. Her feet weren’t necessarily sticky, but they still had the spongey texture from the moisture of the shower. So as she lifted them off his chest, there was still a kind of unsticking effect it seemed, and a slight peeling sound he heard as they unglued themselves from his body and snaked back out from under his shirt. “Now, I’m going to a small like, get-together with a couple friends in a lil bit,” she explained, already moving onto the next subject. “But I need to leave before you and mom and dad will probably eat dinner, soooooo… can you help me with my manicure before I leave?” Reese sighed in frustration, wanting to tell her no. Simply putting up with her antics today had been enough, in his opinion. “You don’t have to if you really don’t want to,” she added softly, “but it’d help me get ready quicker if I could get them painted while I ate some food.”

     “So you don’t need them like, filed or anything like that?” he asked, cautiously warming up to the idea.

     “No no, of course not, I mean even if you offered to I wouldn’t wanna take the time. The painting should only take like, 15 or 20 minutes.” Well… “And just a manicure, like just for my fingers, I don’t need my toes done too obviously,” she added, crossing her legs and bending her toes up and down while she gazed at their regular, clean shine.

     “Alright, yeah, fine,” he conceded, and she jumped up excitedly, pulling out her nail kit which she already had in her bath robe pocket. “Here,” she said, and tossed him the supplies, and got up to get some leftovers out of the fridge and microwave them. Reese made his way to the table, pulling up a chair close by to where Olivia normally sat. She joined him after heating up her meal, a fork in her right hand eating some meatloaf and pasta, while her left hand lay on the table for Reese to paint. She had to teach him a few things about the process behind a good mani, but for the most part, it was just painting nails. Not too hard to learn. If five year olds can give ones to themselves, she was confident her fully grown brother would be able to manage the meticulousness. She finished up her food shortly after Reese had finished painting her 8th fingernail, and within a few more minutes he was done. “Thanks!” she exclaimed, and bent over from her chair to give her brother a light side hug. “Wanna see what I’m gonna wear?”

     She never seems to stop getting me involved somehow, he thought, chuckling at her question. “Sure,” he said, throwing his hands up, “mind as well.” 

     Grinning down at him, she hurried off to her room, while Reese scratched his head and returned to the couch, pulling out his phone while he waited for her to return. After what seemed like an unreasonable amount of time just for putting on an outfit, Olivia finally came trotting back down the stairs and rushed into the living room. She was donning a creamy white, button-up romper, with short sleeves and pant legs that only extended a couple inches beyond her crotch. The neckline had a kind of pointed-U shape to it, or at least it seemed like it would; she hadn’t buttoned the top button to give room for her incredibly generous cleavage to breathe and feel more comfortable. Although so much of her breasts were on display, Reese suspected that the ability to show off her tits played a major role in why she decided on wearing the jumpsuit. “What do you think?” she asked, twisting her body back and forth to 45 degree angles so that Reese could judge the clothing from all sides, before turning all the way around with her back to him. She looked down over her shoulder, trying to gauge if she was showing an immodest amount of her ass, although luckily for her brother’s sanity, the fabric wasn’t skin-tight in the back, and seemed to end just at the edge of the bottom of her cheeks. Although the entirety of her legs were still on display. I guess anyone who has a thing for legs won’t be disappointed, he thought, looking up and down her smooth, bronzed thighs that were each wider than his head, toned from years of intense fitness and exercise. 

     “I’m not really smart at girls’ fashion, but it seems fine,” he said, looking back up into her eyes while she continued twirling about, inspecting her body from above.

     “Sounds good to me,” she replied perkily. She hadn’t truly expected him to give a thoughtful take on the outfit, but she still liked hearing people said she looked good anyways. “Hmmmm,” she mused, looking down at the buttons, and pulled them away from her body for a moment to look inside the garb. In doing so, she accidentally showed off more of her boobs, enough for Reese to see she was at least wearing a strapless bra beneath the romper. For some reason he felt relieved by that fact. She looked back up from her clothes, but still down to him seated on the couch. “Can I…?” she started to ask, trailing off while she gazed at him, seemingly lost in thought.

     Reese was confused, but subconsciously assumed it was a clothing related question, and answered automatically without realizing what he was saying. “Yeah, what do you…” he began, also stopping mid sentence. Hearing his affirmation, she reached her hand down, and undid the next two buttons, the fabric opening to reveal even more of her breasts, all the way past them and showing off a peek at the stomach below her boobs. “What are you…” Reese continued, even more confused now, until Olivia reached down and picked him up underneath his shoulders, effortlessly lifting him into the air. “Hey!” he shouted, not taking kindly to being hoisted around against his will. “What—“ was all he could get out, before she lightly tossed him into the air while also rotating her hands, causing him to momentarily fly up in front of her while being turned around, like a parent throwing their baby into the air to catch them. For a brief, timeless moment, he was suspended in midair, before gravity took hold once more, and he came back down, into her waiting hands that caught up under his armpits once more, except now he was facing away from her instead of at her. Did she just wanna toss me around like a baby? I am a lot closer to a newborn’s size than a regular person, he miserably admitted to himself. But she didn’t toss him up again, and instead he found himself traveling backwards, towards her body, but higher up still, til he was above Olivia’s head. Kinda like when that monkey lifts up Simba in the Lion King. He was looking all around him, trying to figure out her plan, but oddly patient and quiet about the whole thing, still thinking she might just be imagining he was a baby, as humiliating as that might be. But soon she began to lower him again, and he looked down just in time to see his feet enter the inside of her romper. Just like the couple of days before when she had gotten him to see how he fit in her giant clothing, including just two days ago when she had gone so far as to momentarily put her pants on while he was still inside of them. Except now the situation was reversed; she was already wearing the clothes, and was now inserting his body into her clothes to once again see how he’d fit. Just like the first time, his legs got split at the crotch of the outfit, each one entering into its respective leg holes. Despite having his own clothes on of course, he could still feel his sister’s bare skin sliding up against his back as his small, helpless body was deposited into her jumpsuit. Reese watched as his arms, which he had kept by his side, were squeezed between his body and her breasts as he simply got lowered further and further into his sister’s romper. The crotch of the garment finally reached his own, signaling he was in his final resting place. But due to how small he was and how much he was lowered, Reese ended up with his tiny head stuck right in the middle of his sister’s huge, round tits. They were just so incredibly large from his perspective, and were already relatively constrained by a piece of clothing that was clearly designed with less endowed women than his sister in mind, that Olivia’s boobs pressed hungrily against the sides of his face, as if they wished they could squeeze him out so they’d have just a little more room to breathe. 

     Reese could faintly hear the sound of Olivia’s heart beating behind his head. And it wasn’t fast, she wasn’t excited; she was simply playing around with his body in what she viewed as a completely normal and platonic, albeit unconventional means of experimentation with a shrunken person. If he had fit into her yoga pants, would he fit into a top as well? And now, she wondered, what other kinds of things might be be lucky enough to fit into in ways she’d never get to experience? It was practically all a game to her, just idea after idea for things her brother could do at his new size. And how she, as his loving and caring older sister, would be able to help him explore such possibilities. As she refastened the two buttons together, further encapsulating his body within her clothes, she didn’t even consider that Reese might be anxious or feel awkward because of his proximity to her bare body, never mind his head being clutched by her monstrous cleavage. She just wanted to have fun, and admittedly surprise or tease him a little bit along the way. But she had always liked surprising and teasing her little brother, ever since they were kids, so that was nothing new.

     “Aww,” she cooed with a warm, happy smile, thinking nothing twice of her brother’s miniature head nestled so firmly between her humongous tits. She grabbed her phone from the coffee table and opened up her camera to get a better look at the two of them.

     “Please don’t take a picture,” he quickly remarked, powerless as his eyes fearfully followed the screen around, anticipating the worst. CLICK. His heart skipped a beat as she ignored his request, snapping a selfie.

     “It’s for the memories,” she insisted. “We look so cute together, no way I’d wanna forget this,” she giggled. “Don’t worry, I won’t show anyone, I know you get embarrassed by having fun,” she mocked. The two of them were suddenly interrupted by the sound of Tracy coming downstairs, and both of their hearts suddenly raced at the prospect of their mother catching them. Olivia didn’t think what she was doing was mean, or even wrong, but she knew her mom would likely object to her unorthodox way of treating Reese. She spun around and swiftly sat on the couch, grabbing a nearby blanket and throwing it over herself. Reese’s world was suddenly cast into darkness, hoping Olivia would be able to successfully hide him from their mother. Actually, it might end up being a good thing if Mom found out about me. Obviously I’m faultless for being stuck here, only Olivia could’ve gotten me wedged between her tits like this. But… I don’t really want Olivia to get in trouble, I… I don’t think she’s trying to be mean to me, she’s just playing around. He squirmed uncomfortably from within his awkwardly positioned prison. Tracy greeted her daughter from across the house; she didn’t even come into the living room, she was just grabbing her glasses from the kitchen counter. She soon headed back upstairs, and Olivia breathed a sigh of relief as she pulled back the blanket and stood back up. She looked down at her bosom, and thoughts starting to fly around again. “Honestly, I wonder if I could’ve just…” she started, and grabbed the final, topmost button of the romper, “…covered you.” She pulled the button and the opposing slit together, straining more than she expected, until she was finally able to secure the fastening in its hole. As a result of constraining her clothes even more though, her boobs got squeezed even tighter against Reese’s poor head. He didn’t think such soft, fleshy objects could actually start to hurt, and Olivia didn’t even think her boobs might be causing him discomfort. His view was also completely blocked out now, with the soft, white cotton material resting against his face and disallowing him the ability to even see in front of him. He was simply stuck, blind, and squashed to an uncomfortable degree, but unwilling to offend his sister by protesting her actions. 

     Until a sudden release of tension came as Olivia ripped the buttons back open once again, deciding it would be best to just get him out of her clothes again. She hoisted him back up, out of the outfit, and placed him delicately back on the ground, buttoning the garment back up behind him. “Well, that was kinda fun to try out,” she sighed, biting a smile on her lip at how daringly close they had come to getting caught. “Thanks for indulging me, I gotta go finish my makeup now before I go,” she told him with a nervous but hearty laugh, and he collapsed face first on the couch, hoping that he could finally be done for the day.


Chapter End Notes: Really proud of this one :) Not the longest I’ve done, but yet it still had several exciting teases within. And I’m always glad when I can make a scene out of a really niche, specific idea that I’ve rarely seen before, like a half-sized dude being put into a girl’s clothing. That kinda thing wouldn’t be possible if he was 6 feet tall, obviously, but also he couldn’t be worn and used in the same way if he was only a couple inches. Stuff like that which is why I wanted to make these mini-gts stories, so yeah pretty happy with this one, hope y’all enjoyed!


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