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Monday, May 24 


     It felt like the closer he got to being done with the school year, the more tired Reese got from waking up each morning. Like his body was already practicing how it would feel getting to sleep in every day over summer, but then his alarm would remind him that there were still a few weeks left. As he began his routine on Monday morning, he felt like even his thoughts were tired or slow. He made coffee for his sister. Then he made breakfast. Olivia will probably just ask me to make breakfast again so mind as well make extra for her. It’ll be nice to eat something instead of cereal in the mornings anyways and with that in mind, it probably won’t take any longer for me to just double the portion size. He loaded up Olivia’s serving onto a plate, chorizo scrambled in some eggs. As she arose from lying down on the couch in waiting, he glanced at her strong, imposing figure like he always did. Actually I might need to triple the portion size tomorrow. 

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese was playing video games online after school when Olivia came home from her run. Kicking off her shoes by the door and running upstairs to her room to change, she passed by Reese and saw him gaming on his computer. “Having fun, lil bro?” she asked, and he whisked around, too engrossed in what he was playing to have even heard his sister come home. 

     “Oh, yeah… I guess.” He felt like he had been caught. I’m not doing anything wrong. I don’t think. But I still feel guilty for some reason. Here she was, messing around and having fun although doing nothing productive, while his sister had just returned from a nice, healthy exercise routine, and was on her way to her room to start up her laptop and do his homework. Well, maybe I am doing something wrong when I think about it like that.

     “Well I was just about to start on finding and copying over some of my old assignments for you to turn in,” she explained. “But since you’re not doing anything super important, it’d be great if you could rub my feet again while I work on your stuff.” She wasn’t being pointed as she spoke, but Reese still felt awkward given the context. “You don’t have to,” she continued, “like I said yesterday, I’ll help you out just because I love you. And I know you can’t really pause those games anyways since they’re all online.”

     And she acts so humble and casual about it too. Ugh, I’d feel like such an asshole if I said no, of course I can give her a lil massage for everything she’s doing for me in return. “No no, that’s fine,” he said, trying to laugh it off and close the game. He had been on a kill-streak, but he could always continue playing after they were done.

     “Perfect! Lemme go get my laptop then. You can wait on your bed for me.” She spun on her heel, her ponytail swishing behind her as she confidently headed towards her room, as Reese clambered up onto his bed, leaning against the headboard while he waited for her to return. She came back a few seconds later holding her MacBook, and pounced onto his bed next to him. He felt tiny next to her, his arms awkwardly pinned to his sides as he got squished against the wall by her overbearing size. It’s like I’m taking the middle seat in a compact car. But to my left is an immovable wall and to my right is… my immovable sister. She turned to look down at him, grinning enthusiastically as she leaned against the headboard and propped his pillow up behind her back. “You might wanna scoot down, silly,” she said, nudging him playfully, and pointed her head towards the foot of the bed. I don’t know, it’s my bed, I would’ve thought I could be the one to use my own back rest, he grumbled inwardly, but did as he was told and struggled to free himself from his confines, causing Olivia to giggle and bite her lip at her intrusiveness. He got down to the other end of his bed though, and sat criss cross as he grabbed her ankles, 6 inches wide from his perspective, to hoist them into his lap. He quickly realized he’d too easily be able to smell their odor, with her toes nearly reaching his chin, so he pushed himself out from under her 15 pound peds to give himself a few more inches of distance.

     Just like on Saturday after her morning run, her socks were gray and slightly damp. He hated that he was familiar with the warm, moist texture of her socks as his fingers hesitantly latched onto her large feet. He decided to start by working his fingers along the creases under her toes, the fabric of the socks stretching to accommodate Reese. But he quickly recoiled after realizing that that area was more damp than the rest of her foot, from the crevices accumulating sweat quicker, and he moved down to the flat, easy part of her sole. After a few minutes of him pressing deeply in circles around the ball of her foot, he lifted his fingers up to his nose to see if the scent molecules were already noticeable on his hands yet. And to no surprise, they were. The mustiness of her old socks was stuck with her feet, but the uncomfortably familiar fragrance of his sister’s foot sweat had already stained his fingers. She felt him take his fingers off and looked up from her laptop, cocking her head to the side with a smirk at his audacity. “Do they smell?” 

     Reese looked at her with a serious face that let her know he didn’t think the question was funny, but she giggled anyway, encouraged by her brother’s adverse reaction. “I’m not complaining,” he mumbled. “I’m glad you’re helping me out with homework, so I don’t mind doing this for you and just washing my hands when we’re done.”

     Olivia rolled her eyes and lifted her left foot a few inches off the ground, so her toes were now level with his nose, and only  twenty or so inches from his face. “I’m not talking about your hand, I’m talking about my foot.”

     “Well if my fingers smell bad from just a few minutes of rubbing, I’m sure your feet do too. I could smell them just from putting them in my lap.”

     “Yeah but I’m curious like how bad are they. Like on a scale of 1 to 10. Cuz some people can perspire a lot, but it won’t smell that bad, and some don’t sweat that much but have naturally bad BO, so like everyone’s different. I don’t think it’s a hard question, I just wanna know how bad they are.” Gulping nervously, he loudly sniffed his nose, making evident of the fact that he was trying to do what she said. He grimaced and shrugged his shoulders, but she spoke up before he could deliver another unappealing answer. “Okay, cool, good to know you can’t smell anything from like two feet away,” she said sarcastically.

     “Well excuse me for not wanting to just stick my face in there,” he bit back.

     “What’s wrong with sticking your face in there?” she argued. “That sounds like it’d give a pretty accurate answer to me.” Before he could contest her logic, she lurched her legs forward, slamming her dirty socks into his face and laughing. He recoiled in disgust, although not before catching a potent whiff of his sister’s stench, the dampness lightly caressing his forehead and cheeks before he could escape. 

     “What the fuck?!” he exclaimed, on the edge of his bed now. He had to lean back so suddenly that he had grabbed onto the edge of his bed to anchor his weight and keep from falling off. Olivia saw his predicament, and bit her lip in determination, suddenly jumping forward again and shooting her legs back out towards his face. The threat of her stinky, disgusting socks pushed him all the way to the edge, til he was almost horizontal as he leaned back as far as he could while still clutching the edge of the bed frame. He realized too late that he had essentially trapped himself, as now Olivia was able to reach him once more. She had scooted closer to the middle of the bed now, able to reach his face with her long, powerful legs, and he violently shook his head from side to side as her feet tried to catch him. “What are you even doing?” he laughed, truly grossed out but weirdly amused nonetheless at his older sister’s childish antics. 

     “Every good sibling relationship deserves some teasing mixed in!” she answered, sharing his laughs. Realizing how little room he had to move while leaning off his bed, she bent her legs and scooted forward even more, angling them into a kind of butterfly position so each of her feet were on either side of him, slowly inching closer and giving him less room to thrash about. Seeing them approach on either side and realizing she was about to squish his head in between her sweaty, seemingly two-foot tall soles, he let go of the bed, falling towards his bedroom floor. Except only his torso fell backwards; his legs were being sat on by Olivia, preventing him from falling all the way and being able to actually escape. Realizing her advantage, she brought her legs back up and rooted them on his bed for leverage, then hopped off his body and grabbed ahold of his ankles, and slowly pulled him towards her. He felt himself sliding back up onto the bed, like someone was rewinding him, except he knew it would be impossible to kick himself out from his sister’s vice-like grip upon his ankles. The back of his head bumped against his bed frame as the last of his body was hauled back onto his mattress, and he looked up to see Olivia grinning down at him. With his 3 foot body laying back on his bed, she hopped her bum back onto his legs, and lifted her feet high above his head, slowly starting to bring them down towards his face.

     “Wait… wait, hold on,” he panicked, as the dark gray soles slowly inched closer to his head, covering him in shadow now. “Olivia, wait!” He squirmed back and forth, but her heavy weight was easily keeping him from escaping. Just as he reached his arms up to try and attempt something, her feet parted and slammed down onto his upper arms. He tried writhing around again, but with even more pressure from his sister being exerted over more parts of his body, he was even less mobile than just a few seconds ago.

     “Yeah, keep struggling, I’m sure you’ll be able to break free,” she laughed, and he sighed and stopped struggling, knowing she was right. There wasn’t any point in trying to get out from under her until she allowed him to go free. “I would never have imagined I’d have this much fun after coming home. Or that for the first time in my life I’d be spending so much time with my little brother.” She tilted her head endearingly, filled with genuine love for Reese, while still relishing the teasing antics she pulled on him.

     “Uh, you too, I guess. I mean like, sometimes obviously.” Obviously. Because I wouldn’t really call this fun that I’m having right now… but most of the time, yeah, it’s nice that our relationship is a lot stronger than it used to be. We’ve both matured a lot in the four years she’s been at college. And even including that one outburst I had a few days ago, we don’t bicker as much. “But can you like… let me back up?” he asked cautiously. Olivia’s feet slid along his arms inwards til they were pinning his shoulders, and then she bent her legs outwards like she was getting in a butterfly position, but with her little brother’s head sandwiched in between her stinky, dirty socks. His head was so small that it could fit snugly between her arches, her heels rounding out below his chin and nearly able to touch, the balls of her feet thumping merrily on the top of his head. He feared she might slide her soles further up along his head and easily cover his face with her musty workout socks, but instead she leaned down, showcasing her flexibility as her head stopped just inches above Reese’s. He was startled for a moment, unsure what she was about to do or say, and looked deep into her eyes as her gorgeous blue ones gazed right back. 

     “Why do you look so scared, little brother?” she teased, but bent down even further and planted a kiss on his forehead. “Of course I’ll let you up, I was just playing around!” Suddenly the warm, coarse material on the sides of his head was released, and she hopped backwards onto his pillows, leaning back once more to let him get back up.

     Reese grimaced, but smiled weakly nonetheless. “Thanks,” he managed, and took his sister’s feet back into his hands. Even after getting messed with, he had almost forgotten that he still had to finish rubbing them.

     Some time had passed before Olivia shut her laptop, having finished her bit of work. “Alright, I’ve emailed you the copies. You might still need to patch some things up but for the most part, they’re all good.”

     Reese took this as a sign that he was done with massaging her feet, and sat up straight, smiling thankfully at his gracious sibling. “Thanks.” He almost instinctively offered to do something in return, but after rubbing her feet for a little while, he figured he wouldn’t mention anything more.

     Olivia shrugged, “Of course, it’s no biggie. But there is something you can do for me as a favor.” She glanced off to the side, momentarily in thought. “Actually, two things.” Reese nodded, listening attentively. “Firstly I’d love it if you could start a bath for me again so I can soak my muscles and relax. Just come and get me when it’s ready,” she said, climbing off his bed and heading to the door.

     “Alright, sure,” Reese agreed. “And the second thing?”

     “It’s not so much a one-time thing as much as it is a request…” she stated. “You already are sorta starting to do this, it’s just not official, but I’d love it if my foot rubs could happen more often? Like after all my rubs, they really make my feet feel better. Like I said, you’re pretty much already doing that now, or at least you have for the past week whenever I’ve asked.” He started to think about her offer. “But I know you have the free time to,” she added, and he remembered her having interrupted him while he was playing video games earlier. “And you always agree to it anyways. So…” she shrugged, and Reese got the message. 

     He inhaled, then slowly blew it back out through a small hole his mouth had formed. His way of thinking. She’s kinda right. I have the time too, I don’t really enjoy it but it’s not like torture or anything. And it’s not even really for forever, I’ll be graduated in a couple weeks and then I can stop. So she’s not really asking for every day as much as just like two weeks. It’s the least I could do. “Sure. I guess. That sounds kinda fair.”

     She beamed brightly, “Great, thanks!” She turned and exited his room, heading towards her own. “I’ll be waiting in my room for the bath,” she called out back to him, and he hopped off the bed to go do her bidding.

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