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Monday, May 24 (cont.)


     “Your bath’s ready,” Reese politely said after knocking on Olivia’s open door. She had taken her shirt and socks off already, and spun around, her giant boobs wobbling from the restrictive confines of her sports bra. But despite how large the piece of athleisure was, his sister’s tits were bigger, and her deep cleavage was made evident for Reese to see. Although despite how much of her breasts were visible from above, her sports bra still covered up a lot more than most of her other ones. So much so that she’d sometimes go on her runs in just her sports bra, much like many other girls would. So Olivia didn’t feel like she had been intruded on, or that he was invading her privacy.

     “Oh, thanks Reese,” she kindly replied. “And the temperature’s nice and hot?” she asked, anticipating her upcoming bath.

     “Mhm,” he mumbled, his head slowly rising as he maintained eye contact while she stepped closer to him.

     “Perfect! I know I’ve mentioned it a few times already, but I just wanted to remind you that we’re gonna be heading to the mall later with Jordan to do some shopping, so make sure not to start any games that’ll take too long because we’ll be leaving in less than an hour.” Shit, I almost forgot. 

     “OK,” he replied, managing a smile. She smiled right back, and brushed by him, her thighs accidentally bumping against his shoulder as she ruffled his hair on the way by. There was a small part of him that was excited by the idea of hanging out with Jordan (especially now that he was 18), but ever since seeing her again for the first time in years the other day, she seemed to have changed. Or at least treated him differently. Probably because of my height. He wasn’t as excited as he would’ve normally expected to be, not to mention the fact that he was now going to be spending his evening shopping, something he didn’t usually like very much.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese considered himself lucky that they didn’t take Olivia’s car this time around. Their dad had returned home from work while Olivia was in her bath, which meant they could take his car out to go shopping that night. The only reason Olivia had bought a Camry was because of how cheap it had been at the time, and she was still only around 6 feet tall when she got it. But now, being six inches taller than she was then, she definitely preferred driving SUV’s like her dad’s because of all the extra leg room. And since there was already a car seat set up in the back, Reese wouldn’t have to endure his sister’s unorthodox method of staying “strapped in.” Being sat on was humiliating enough, but I can’t imagine if Jordan had been there to watch. Although knowing Olivia and how much they like to text, Jordan probably already knows anyways.

     “So I don’t know if I’ve already told you, but we’re actually only going shopping for one thing tonight,” Olivia told him as they headed towards Jordan’s house, who had also moved in with her parents after graduating. “Me and Jordan are going to a party tomorrow night with some of our old high school friends, so I wanna get a new outfit.”

     “You’re going to a party on a Tuesday night?” Reese asked confusedly. “That doesn’t really sound like it’d be that fun. Like, a party party? Or just a get-together.”

     Olivia nodded her head in anticipation, “Oh it’s gonna be a party party. Pretty much everyone from my class has either graduated by now or will be graduating in a few days. Or never went to college at all. We’re all kinda in that sweet spot where most of us don’t have jobs yet so we have a bunch of free time, and I guess those that do just took tomorrow off or might have to leave early. But yeah, it’ll definitely be a party. Kind of like a four-year reunion in a way.”

     Reese gazed out the window, shifting in his booster seat. “Still seems weird to hold it on a week day.”

     Olivia shrugged, “I guess, but I don’t care and I guess nobody else really does either.” She passed her phone back to Reese, never one to text and drive if she could help it. “Here, let Jordan know we’re almost there,” she said as they pulled into her friend’s neighborhood.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     It had been awhile since Reese was last out in public. He hadn’t stopped attending school, and occasionally he would accompany his parents or sister to go somewhere (hence the booster seats). But he didn’t think he had been in a crowded place since before he had shrunk. A crowded place like the mall.

     Feeling sandwiched by the two Amazonian girls on either side of him, Reese struggled to keep up with their pace. He had long since stopped paying attention to whatever they were chatting about, as the trio mapped their way towards H&M so the girls could buy something before tomorrow night’s party. Isn’t it like, kinda pointless to something new for what’s basically a reunion? Everything they wear is gonna seem new to everyone since it’s probably been years since they’ve seen each other. Because the girls were looking forward, they couldn’t see Reese in their peripheral vision. So every once in awhile, one of the girls would unconsciously start to drift closer together so they could walk side by side, before bumping into Reese and remembering there was someone between them. It bothered him, but he didn’t say anything since he knew it was just accidental.

     They spent a little bit browsing around the store once they had arrived. Olivia complained that there wasn’t an in-person store for PrettyLittleThings, one of her favorite places online to shop, to which Jordan rolled her eyes. After looking around, Olivia decided to try on a narrow, black tube skirt and a cute white v-neck top for starters. “OK, now wait out here you guys,” she told Reese and Jordan, heading into one of the changing rooms. Except Reese was looking at some of the clothing for guys a few aisles over. When Olivia emerged after a couple minutes, she noticed only Jordan was waiting for her outside the stall. “Hey, Reese!” she called out, eyebrows furrowing as she realized she had lost him. “Where’d you go?” He was completely hidden by all the racks of clothes, but emerged when he heard his name being called. 

     “Oh, I was just checking out some of the stuff for guys,” he said, pointing back to where he had been, underneath a giant banner with some male models on it.

     “Well the store’s supposed to close pretty soon so we don’t have a lot of time to find something for tomorrow night,” Olivia replied, “so can you stick outside the dressing rooms?” Reese sighed, and it wasn’t like any of the clothes they had in the store would’ve fit him anyways.

     “Yeah, sorry,” he apologized.

     “Don’t worry about it,” she smiled, and turned to Jordan. “Now, I’m kinda thinking these would be too simple together, although I kinda like the top. But the skirt’s not that comfortable. What do you guys think?” The v-neck was definitely displaying an enormous amount of his sister’s cleavage, but other than that he couldn’t tell what was so special about it. And the form-fitting skirt accentuated her hips and thighs, although it showed off so much of her legs anyways that it didn’t really matter. She probably just likes how her boobs look in that top, he thought, while Jordan offered a bit more useful criticism.

     “Yeah, it’s not super exciting on its own. I feel like you need some other kinda top. Or maybe you can layer it.” She scurried over to one of the racks where she had seen a red leather jacket, and hurried back to present it to her friend. “Try something like this maybe? Add some color so you’re not just monochromatic.” She glanced at one of the other tops that Olivia had picked out and set aside. “And swap the white with the black. Red and black would look better.”

     “Good idea,” Olivia replied, and turned to her brother, who was rubbing his neck while he looked her over, feeling out of place. He wasn’t really into fashion, and didn’t think he’d be a great help, so he just shrugged and nodded along with Jordan’s idea. Olivia took the jacket and picked up the black top that Jordan had mentioned, along with a pair of ripped jeans she had also picked out, and returned back to the dressing room. She emerged a minute later, strutting out with the same skirt but her two new tops on. Jordan was still waiting expectantly outside the dressing rooms, but Reese was on his phone now, having grown bored of waiting (and a bit bored of having to help his sister pick out an outfit). “Hey, Reese, little brother, hello” she said, bending over and snapping her fingers repeatedly between his face and his phone. He put it back in his pocket and looked up at her, while she put her hands on her hips and returned the stare. “I just told you, I only have so much time to try stuff out before the store closes; I want you paying attention.”

     “Sorry, I thought you just didn’t want me to get lost in the store,” he said. “I didn’t realize you actually wanted my feedback or anything.”

     She sighed exasperatedly and let her hands off her hips, “Of course I want your feedback, you’re my brother. Your opinion matters, dummy.” She smirked, and turned back to Jordan, alternating between looking at the two of them. “So… How’s this?” she asked, spinning in a circle to remind the two of them how she looked from behind and give them the full 360 degree perspective. The jacket was unzipped obviously, and Reese thought that the v-neck seemed even deeper with her new shirt. 

     “I mean, your boobs look great,” Jordan said, and Olivia blushed and did a mini dance in acknowledgement. How her breasts looked was one aspect of the look she already knew. “I’m still not convinced, but I definitely think it’s better than the last outfit.”

     Olivia nodded as she looked down at herself, twirling back and forth to see herself from other angles. “That’s good.” She turned to Reese and playfully struck a pose for her brother, pretending she was a model on the runway (and with how beautiful she knew she was, she felt like one too). “So lil bro, what’s your take?”

     Reese pursed his lips as he examined the look, trying to give it an honest judgement. Even if he wasn’t into fashion or used to critiquing people’s looks, he still had an opinion just like everyone else. “I think the jacket’s too bold. Like, it’s too bright. I mean not bright, but like, it’s just like, really red,” he stuttered, trying to get his point across. “I dunno if that makes sense.” Luckily, his sister understood what he meant about the color, and she began to take the jacket off to heed his advice. Jordan understood him too, but made fun of him anyways.

     “I think what Reese is saying is that he agrees with me, and since your tits look so good you should lose the jacket.” Olivia rolled her eyes and giggled, knowing that her friend was only joking, but Reese sputtered at Jordan having put words in his mouth.

     “That’s— no, I didn’t— I mean, yeah, I don’t think the jacket’s good, but—“

     “Relax, Reese, she’s just messing around,” Olivia chided. Her jacket was off now though, and she stared down at her little 3 foot brother while he gawked up at her, still frustrated by Jordan’s antics. “So, I got rid of the red. Now how’s the booby shirt?” she giggled, and he narrowed his eyebrows as he realized Olivia was taking Jordan’s side and continuing to mess with him. The two girls laughed at his expression, and Olivia got down on her knees. “Wait, lemme get down on your level more and I’ll pretend like I’m meeting you at the party.” But even with the six and a half foot giant on her knees, Reese was still far from seeming the same height as his sister; he went from eye level with her crotch to being eye level with her gigantic, half-exposed tits that the girls were joking about. “Oh hey Michael,” she started, pretending now that she was meeting up with an old friend. “I haven’t seen you in years.” Reese scoffed at her little roleplaying for tomorrow night, but held out his hand anyways.

     “Yeah, hi, great to see you again,” he replied unenthusiastically as he stared back up at her with an unamused expression.

     “Just a handshake? Come on, I thought we used to be friends!” she said, and opened up her arms wide. It was too late to escape as his sister’s long, muscular arms wrapped around his torso and pulled him, sending his head face-first into her deep display of tanned, round cleavage. “Mmmm, mmmm! It’s been too long,” Olivia said with a coy smile as she closed her eyes as if she was actually reminiscing in past memories, and swayed her torso back and forth with her brother's head still nestled against her bosom.

     It didn’t matter that he couldn’t match his sister’s strength, Reese struggled anyways within her grasp, completely put off by her behavior. “What the fuck!” he murmured, and pressed his hands against her to try and push away from her. She heeded his wishes and let go of him, while giggling at his blushed face while her friend laughed behind her. “That wasn’t fucking cool,” he mumbled, head held down, while Olivia sighed and decided it wasn’t worth arguing with him. 

     “Anyways, I didn’t really like that particular jacket,” she said, and got back on her feet and addressed Jordan, “but I think I still want something with some color. You were right, I don’t wanna look ‘monochromatic’ as you put it. Something that’s a little bit of both…” Her eyes scanned the aisles, thankful for her tall height that allowed her to easily scan the hundreds of garments in the store. “Oooh, think I found a couple things,” she said, and pranced off to quickly grab some clothes she’d spotted. She came back carrying some black skinny jeans, along with four new tops: red, yellow, lavender, and blue, which she held up for Jordan and Reese to see. “They’re like the first couple ones I wore, except a little more stylish.” Then she held up the jeans, “And these have the same color as the skirt obviously, but probably feel a bit better.” She glanced at the store’s clock on the wall, and bit her lip; they were only a few minutes away from closing. “Shit, we only have a few minutes. I don’t wanna keep shopping past 9 and have all the employees like, waiting for us to leave and stuff.” She beckoned for her two companions to follow her as she headed back towards the changing rooms, except Reese stayed behind. “Reese, come on,” she urged. He wasn’t looking at his phone or anything, he simply hadn’t budged when she gestured for him to follow.

     “Wait, are we leaving?” he asked, and stood up straighter from his slouched position, thinking they were about to leave. 

     “No, I literally just said, I’m gonna try on these things first. Then we’ll go.”

     “Oh. OK.” He slouched back down, not realizing what she was asking of him. 

     “C’mere! I don’t wanna have to go in and out and in and out for each of them, just come inside and I’ll try them all on in there.” Again, he unslouched, and followed her towards the dressing rooms. The stalls were surprisingly spacious, and Jordan was already waiting in the centermost one that Olivia had been using, as Olivia headed in too. Reese stopped short of entering, figuring she’d just wanted him to wait directly outside the stall door instead of out in the rest of the door, but as she turned around to close the door and saw him waiting, she rolled her eyes. “Oh my god, just c’mere,” she groaned, and grabbed ahold of his shoulder and pulled him into the changing room with her, shutting the door behind him.

     “Oh, uh...” Reese murmured, not realizing she had wanted him actually in the room with her and Jordan. But didn’t she say she was gonna— “Shit, warn me next time!” he called out suddenly and spun around as she began pulling her top off over her head. There was a mirror behind them though, so he had to close his eyes since apparently there wasn’t anywhere he could look in this cramped stall without seeing his sister undressing in his peripheral vision. “Why do you need me in here if you’re gonna take your clothes off, I don’t wanna see that!”

     He heard some more rustling of clothes behind him. “First off, I still have my bra on, so you can chill. And secondly, I already told you why, it’s cuz we gotta be quick. But I still need feedback, so it’s like a speed round, mkay? And you can relax and turn back around you big baby, the new shirt is on now.” He opened his eyes to see her checking herself out in the mirror, fully dressed again with the yellow top on now, and turned back to face her.

     Jordan shrugged, and Olivia looked to Reese. “Kind of a dull yellow,” he sighed. Then Olivia’s eyes widened and she spun back around to Jordan, making Reese come face-to-face with her butt again. 

     “The other jeans, you forgot to remind me,” Olivia chastised to her friend, playfully slapping her on the arm. Then she hooked her fingers into the waistline of the jeans she currently had on, and quickly pulled them down so fast she ended up mooning her little brother with her huge, bubbly butt and tight, baby blue panties in the process.

     “Augh!” he muttered, squeezing his eyes shut once more while the girls laughed at how easily bothered he was.

     “Geez Reese, you’re such a prude,” Jordan joked. Although it wasn’t entirely a lie, he certainly seemed overly sensitive from the girls’ perspectives. There was a bit more rustling as one pair of jeans were swapped out for another pair, but eventually the noise and commotion ceased. Reese heard a couple grunts, and then suddenly the whole room started to shake, a giant booming sensation rattling the walls and floor. 

     Utterly bewildered, and just the slightest bit confused, he opened his eyes back up, his first thought being that there was some kind of earthquake. But Jordan and Olivia weren’t panicked like he was, and the source of the shaking was right in front of Reese: his sister was hopping up and down to try and shimmy the overly tight jeans up her frustratingly large ass. Her cheeks were being squeezed by the ascending denim, causing the wobbly fat to balloon outwards, inch by inch of it getting sucked into the jeans with each successive hop. Finally the hem came over the cusp of her mounds, and the titanic, Amazonian ass before him was sealed once more within the confines of his sister’s  tight clothing. “Well for starters, I’d definitely need to get something with a few more inches in the waist,” Olivia noticed, looking over her shoulder to check her butt out in the mirror. “But besides that, I like how they look.” There were a couple manufactured rips in the thigh area, but nothing overly distressed. But the yellow top still wasn’t doing her any favors. “I still need a new color up top though,” she commented.

     “Try the red one, it looks more subtle than the jacket was,” Reese offered.

     Olivia gasped at his little suggestion; his first unprompted and useful piece of advice all night. “Thanks, that’s a good idea,” she smiled, and pulled the yellow top clean over her head, once more displaying her prodigious bust within her lacy black bra before Reese had time to shut his eyes again. When he opened them a few moments later, Olivia had on his pick, a floral cami crop top with a moderate v-neck and a more subdued red than the one before. 

     “That’s it, that’s the one,” Jordan said with a nod. 

     “Yeah, I think you’re right,” his sister replied, clearly feeling the red and black outfit a lot more than anything else that night. “Reese, if you saw a girl like, in the club or something wearing this, would you think she’s hot?” she asked, not even looking down at him as her eyes were too busy continuing to check herself out.

     His face wrinkled up like a prune, “You’re my sister, Olivia, I—“ he stopped himself, knowing that he had made that argument dozens of times before, and it clearly didn’t matter. Olivia was evidently a lot more open with him with every passing day it felt like. “I’d think a girl was hot in a nun’s outfit if she was hot enough. The person matters more than the clothes,” he replied, feeling content with having dodged her question while still giving a sufficient answer.

     “I guess that’s pretty fair,” Olivia said. “So I’ll take it as a yes, cuz I like how I look,” she confidently added.

     “And that’s all that should matter,” Jordan mentioned, to which Olivia nodded along. But the PA system interrupted their little moment of empowerment, announcing to the whole store that they’d be closing in 5 minutes, and asked for everyone to please finish up their shopping.

     “Shit,” Olivia muttered, looking around for her clothes.

     “That’s the one, that’s the one, just go with that,” Jordan repeated. “Just wear it out of the store and have them scan it at the checkout.”

     “But I’m not getting these pants, they’re still too tight,” his sister protested, and sunk her thumbs into the jeans to try and pull them back down. She shimmied her hips back and forth, seemingly every direction, but they were just too tight, and wouldn’t budge. Jordan reached out to help her in trying puling them down, and they were starting to slip, but the further down the jeans slunk, the tighter they seemed to get, as the waistline approached the thickest part of the butt. “Reese, help!” she exclaimed, and seeing what Jordan was doing, he thought better than to protest the absurdity of helping his sister take off her pants and jumped right into action. His little fingers dug into the edge of the jeans, and he pulled as hard he could downwards, noticing only a slight improvement in their progress. “Get behind me,” she instructed, waving her hand back to where she wanted him, “it’s tightest back there. Jordan, you too.” Reese did as he was told, and stood directly behind her right ass cheek, sinking his fingers back into the hem and pulling while Jordan kneeled behind the left side and did the same. Just a friend helping out a friend, a brother helping out a sister, he thought, recognizing the absurdity of the situation but keeping at it anyways, knowing that his sister needed genuine help. After a couple more seconds of straining, the left side of her pants finally slipped over the widest part of Olivia’s butt thanks to Jordan’s significantly stronger ability to pull. And with the hardest part done on one end, the right side eventually came down too, and the smooth, bare cheek of his 6 and a half foot sister exploded in his face, bouncing slightly from finally coming free from its former prison. Reese instinctively lurched backwards in surprise, hitting his head against the wall, but the other girls didn’t seem to notice as Olivia quickly finished taking off the pants and grabbed her shorts from before to put back on. 

     “Thanks,” she huffed, glad that she hadn’t gotten stuck. “See, now I’m definitely glad I brought you,” she smiled to Reese, and her faintly returned the smile. “OK, now let’s get outta here.” She grabbed the jeans and skirt, her shirt from home, the yellow top, and the two other ones she didn’t have time to try on, and stuffed the appropriate clothing in the bin outside the stall designated for clothes that needed to be returned to their proper section. Quickly whisking her way through the store, she made a momentary pit stop where she had gotten the black jeans, and picked out a pair with the same length but a few more inches in the waist, hoping they’d be a proper fit for when she got home. Then they made their way towards the checkout counter, with Reese having to jog to keep up with the two larger women. They finally arrived at the checkout, only one other customer in front of them, and Olivia gave high fives to Jordan and Reese for a successful day. “Nice going everyone!” she beamed. But behind her brother, she spotted a dazzling blue dress, and quickly grabbed ahold of the largest size to add it to her collection, checking the tag to make sure it was the right dimensions for her.

     “Oh my god, that actually looks kinda stunning, are you getting that too? Are you sure it’ll fit you?” Jordan asked, marveling at the garment alongside her friend. “That looks like something that Lulu’s would carry,” she added, surprised at how classy but stylish it was for the store.

     “It seems like it’s the right size, finger’s crossed I guess,” she chuckled, as the customer in front of them finished up their purchase and the employee beckoned for them to come up. Olivia bit her lip in excitement at the risky purchase, already knowing it’d look good, but hoping it’d fit, as they turned to head back towards the checkout counter and finish up their shopping for the night. 

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