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Tuesday, May 25


     When Reese went to sleep on Monday night, he realized he smelled something odd. Upon sniffing closer into his pillow, he realized that it was the source, and it smelled like… sweat. Shit, it’s probably from Olivia resting on them earlier today, he thought frustratedly. So he went to change the pillow cover and made a mental note that in the future, he’d make sure to give her massages in her room instead of his. He was lucky enough that his sister’s BO hadn’t stunk up his sheets too.

     While he was at school the next day, he received a text from his sister. Apparently she was about to fold her load of laundry for the week, but one of her friends had had an emotional emergency after getting broken up with, so Olivia had rushed off to console her for a few hours. And since she still had the party to go to later that night with all her old high school friends, along with another batch of his homework to work on transferring, she wouldn’t have time to finish folding everything. So if he could ‘please PLEASE do her a huge favor and fold them when he got home,’ she’d be super grateful. And being the kind little brother he was, he said yes. So when he got home, he did. Then later that afternoon, he got another text, saying she was gonna be home soon, so if he could please turn on the tub for her for when she got home, she’d be ‘double grateful.’ So of course, he did that too.

     In fact, he was still sitting on the edge of the tub, waiting for the water to reach an adequate level, when she burst in through the bathroom door in the middle of taking her sweatshirt off. Underneath the hoodie she was wearing only a thin, white tank top, its spaghetti straps heaving under the weight of her giant boobs, and her black dolphin shorts were as equally casual as her top. The outline of her nipples were obvious; she wasn’t planning on going out in public today, so she hadn’t seen the need to wear a bra. “Oh, you’re still filling it,” she huffed, clearly having expected the bathtub to already be full when she arrived. She breathed in quickly, trying not to appear impatient, although she was trying to keep to a schedule, and every minute spent waiting was a minute she wouldn’t be able to relax in the tub before having to get out and finish the rest of her prep (including a proper shower directly the bath). “Well, I’m here now, so you don’t really need to keep waiting for it,” she added, forcing a smile as she undid her ponytail and whipped her long, luscious hair free from its confines of the hair band. Shaking her hair free in turn shook her torso, which made Reese a bit nervous as he got up and noticed them jostling back and forth, only barely contained by her lightweight top. As he scooted by her to leave, she added a quick “Thanks!” and started taking off the rest of her clothes before he was even done shutting the door.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     “Hey Reese,” Olivia yelled, “can you come in?” She was still in the bathroom, having finished with her bath and subsequent shower a few minutes ago. 

     He walked across the hall but stopped in front of the door before entering. “Do you have your clothes on?”

     Reese could hear her sigh with exasperation from inside before answering. “Yeah, of course, I just told you to come in so obviously you can come in.” He scratched his head, feeling foolish for even asking, before wrapping both his hands around the shiny gold doorknob to turn it and let himself in. The wave of steam hit him, along the the distinct, sharp smell of pomegranate conditioner and lavender body wash. Olivia was sitting on the counter next to the sink with her robe on, while she was typing away to someone on her phone. Probably Jordan, texting about the night’s plans. She greeted her brother by smiling faintly at him as he came in. “Close the door.”

     He looked at her for a second, confused. “Why?” 

     “You’re letting the cold air in, just close it!” He seemed to be questioning her a lot more these past couple days, which was starting to get frustrating. He still hadn’t completely said no to anything she’d asked, although he’d definitely been hesitant a few times, or asked why she wanted something several times. She wondered why he wouldn’t just deny her something if it really mattered that much, it was almost more annoying to have him question her motives instead of just turning her down. But she remained calm as he closed the door and looked to her expectantly to see what she wanted. She put her phone down and hiked the bottom of her robe up, making sure to still keep it covering her lower region, then reached next to her and lifted up a razor. “Can you help me shave my legs?” Help you? It sounds like you mean do the whole thing for you… “Look, I haven’t shaved in several days, they’re prickly.” She grabbed ahold of his tiny wrist with her other hand and pressed it against her thigh, then rubbed it up and down on her skin. Her skin was soft, but there were still some definite hairs beginning to stick out. Olivia didn’t have a lot of hair, and it was a sort of golden color so it didn’t standout against her skin, but she still wanted to be completely smooth before the party, since she liked how it felt. Olivia let go of Reese’s hand. “I know you don’t have a ton of experience with shaving,” she said, then grabbed her brother’s chin between her long, powerful fingers, drawing attention to his lack of facial hair, and he blushed. He had wished for years that he could just grow a respectable amount of stubble at the least so he could feel older, but the sentiment was even stronger after shrinking several feet to the size of a child. His slim physique was the only thing that made him look somewhat like an adult from far away. “But I do, so I can work you through it.”

     “I know how to shave!” Reese responded indignantly. He was so caught up in his sister making him feel infantile, he hadn’t even considered whether or not he wanted to shave his sister’s legs, and had subconsciously agreed to help without needing to say anything. 

     Olivia held her hands up at her brother’s reaction, realizing she might’ve struck a nerve. “Sorry, sorry. Just make sure to be really delicate with it, like you just need to barely be touching the skin and that should be enough pressure. Leg hair isn’t as strong as beard hair. Or peach fuzz,” she teased, rubbing her finger in the small dent between his nose and upper lip. “And there’s a lot less of it, obviously.” She handed him the razor in her hand and a bottle of shaving cream, then turned on the sink faucet next to her. “It usually only takes me like 5 or 10 minutes to do both legs. And I’ll give you five bucks if you can do it without nicking my skin,” she added with a smile. Initially he felt like rolling his eyes at the offer of only five bucks, until he realized that it was only a few minutes of work. That’s like… what, making two times minimum wage, even if I take a few minutes longer than she does? he estimated. She’d really pay me five bucks just for ten minutes of work? Guess I won’t complain… “But remember, only if you don’t nick my skin,” she reminded him, interrupting her thoughts. “No scratches or cuts.” 

     I guess that’s why, she probably expects me to cut her. “Deal.” I just have to focus and I’d be good. Five bucks is five bucks. Climbing onto a stool so he didn’t have to be eye level with her knees dangling off the counter, he lathered the shaving cream onto his fingers then applied it to her right leg, making sure to spread it evenly all around, from her kneecap to just below her waist. Olivia had made sure after hiking up her robe that a bundle of the fabric was collected between her legs to make sure her brother couldn’t accidentally see anything. This allowed her to lift the sides of her robe high enough that he could reach her upper thigh without risking exposure to any bits of his sister that neither of them wanted him to see while he worked. Delicately, Reese set the razor down at the top of her leg, slowly sliding it down along her leg, collecting copious amounts of cream along with several hairs here and there. Olivia picked her phone back up while her brother worked, confident in her little brother’s ability to work diligently. If only she had offered to pay me for the other stuff I do for her, he wondered as he glided the razor down additional columns along her thigh, rinsing the razor off after each stroke. What if my job was just working for my sister. Like doing whatever she wanted for 8 hours a day. Wonder how much I’d wanna be paid if I actually did that… He finished her upper thigh, then placed his hand back on it like before and rubbed it around. She looked up quickly, not accustomed to the feeling of someone’s hand gripping her bare upper thigh while she wasn’t paying attention. “Feels good,” he said reassuringly, then blushed as he realized the phrasing might sound weird in the context of shaving his sister. She faintly smiled, then went back to texting. Eager to move on, Reese squatted down so her knee was in front of his face, and shaved carefully, not wanting to nick the bonier area. Then he grabbed her calves with both hands and stood back up, hauling her lower leg upwards so it stuck out straight from the counter. “Can you hold it up for me,” he said, and she looked up to see him struggling to hold her leg with one hand so he could lather it with the other. Without responding, she lifted it out of his grasp, and settled her ankle onto his shoulder. Well… I guess that works, he thought, both his hands free now, and got to work with shaving her the area around her toned, muscular calf. It was a bit awkward for him to try and reach the counter to wash the blade off between strokes while still keeping her ankle mounted on his shoulders, but he was so used to awkward movements at his size that he hardly thought anything of it. Before long, he moved on to her left leg, which he was just as careful about shaving. Soon he was all finished up, and took her left leg off his shoulder so he could wash her razor and set it back down on the counter. He wiped down all the excess cream off her legs with the towel she had dried off with, then hung it back up to admire his work while she set her phone down.

     “Looks like you did a good job,” she admired, running her fingers along her leg, glad for them to be clean and barren again. She slid off the counter and let her robe fall back down to her knees, squatting down and spreading her arms open to indicate she wanted a hug. Reese felt good about himself from her positive feedback, and stepped forward to hug her back. The top of her robe was just open enough that he could see her cleavage grow bigger as his face approached her body, before she wrapped her arms around his head and held him snugly with his head pressed up against her breasts, nearly in between them due to the shape of the robe. The smell of her body wash was stronger now, and other than the awkwardness for him of being positioned between his sister’s boobs, he felt comfortable in her embrace and proud of his work in helping her. “Thanks lil bro,” she added, and let go of him as she beamed down at her good little helper. 

     Olivia picked her phone back up, and walked past him, opening the door while he followed behind her to her room. “Hope you take cash,” she said as she entered her room. Reese instinctively followed suit, but was stopped short as he saw her turn at the door with her hand on the inside handle. “I have to change first, silly,” she said with a wink, then closed the door while Reese stood outside patiently.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     “Reese! C’mere again!” Reese hopped off his bed and wandered in through Olivia’s open door. She was dressed in sweats and a loose-fitting t-shirt, not wanting to get fully dressed before her party, but still needing to put something on in the meantime. She was seated at her desk using her laptop, her legs crossed with slippers on her feet, one of which was rhythmically tapping against her sole. “I’ve got another little bit of homework done for you,” she explained, swiveling about in the chair to face him. He was only as tall as her knees as he approached her, and had to stand back a little bit since her crossed legs and dangling foot was in the way. “Which is perfect and right on time, cuz I’ve gotta start getting ready for tonight soon.”

     “Alright, thanks,” he replied, glancing at the laptop and back at her with a grateful smile. But she remained facing him, and didn’t swivel back around or get up from her chair. “…Did you want something else? Like in return for you helping me?”

     Olivia shrugged, “No, no, I already told you, you don’t need to do anything in return if you don’t want to. And besides, you already helped me shave my legs before tonight. But… I did do something else for you,” she added with a sly smile. “Go on, take off my slippers for a sec.” With a request like that, he was confused what this ‘something else’ was, but he did as she said and took the fuzzy slip-on off for her, revealing an immaculately clean foot whose polished, clear toes wiggled to greet him. There was a subtle scent of peaches and cream emanating from them as he took it off, and he got onto his knees so he could stoop down and slide the other slipper off too. “Notice anything?” she asked, and he looked up to her now, her dangling foot being right in front of his face due to his kneeled-down position. The fruity sweet smell was stronger now; It seems like she put some lotion on her feet.

     “Uh… well it seems like you put on some kind of moisturizer after the shower…” he mentioned, biting his lip in thought as he studied her feet to see if he could notice anything more significant.

     She clasped her hands together excitedly. “Oh, good, so you did notice!” she exclaimed. “Yeah, after you told me they didn’t smell too good after my runs, which like, I totally get, like I have to sweat sometimes, but still, I figured I’d get some new lotion specifically for my feet, just for you for whenever you massage them,” she said with a gleaming grin. “Don’t they smell good now?”

     He respectfully leaned in a little bit closer—he could already smell them, he had just said that, but he still wanted to be polite. Her foot loomed so large in front of him, and he was more preoccupied marveling at its size than he was trying to sniff up a second helping. “Yeah, definitely better than before,” he reassured her with a courteous smile.

     “So, are you gonna thank me then?” she asked with a giggle, tilting her head to the side and hunching her shoulders nervously as she bent her ankle downwards and lifted the top of her foot up to his face. Wait, does she want me to kiss it? Like when she extended her hand and I ‘kissed the ring’ a couple days ago? 

     He hope he was right in his assumption as he gingerly bent down and planted his lips on the soft, warm skin of her upper foot, the peachy scent of her lotion returning to fill his nostrils as an unorthodox welcome. “Uh… th-thanks…?” he asked, unsure of himself. If he was wrong, this situation was about to get a lot more awkward.

     But luckily he assumed correctly. “Ugh, why do white guys never know how to use their lips?” she asked. “Like you didn’t even pucker or anything. But I guess it still counts. It’s not your fault, it’s just years of subconscious patriarchal privilege that never taught you to put in more effort,” she said with a laugh, rubbing his hair as she withdrew her foot and stood up. He rolled his eyes and smirked at her, knowing she was joking wit him but still probably believed what she said too. “Anyways, I’m gonna get dressed for real this time, do you wanna come with us tonight?”

     The question hit him out of nowhere. “Uh, isn’t it kinda like a reunion thing for your class though?”

     Olivia shrugged, “Not officially, I already know there’s gonna be a few other people there anyways. It’s a lot of people from my high school class, but it’s not just for us, it’s a normal party.”

     “Oh, uh… well that’s OK, you should still go and have fun with Jordan without me bogging you down.” He was trying to be humble about the whole thing, but he didn’t want to go anyways since his friends were gonna be playing Call of Duty in a couple hours.

     “Oh get over yourself,” Olivia scoffed, “you’re not gonna weigh me down. We have fun together, right? And since when are you one to turn down parties?”

     “Since I shrunk. And me and Jarrone were gonna play Warzone later.”

     “You guys can play video games literally any day you want. And bullshit on ‘since I shrunk,’” she said, hold up mock quotations in the air and mimicking his voice. “I saw you at what looked like quite the rager a few weeks ago on your story.” Reese groaned, Shit, why do I even still use Snapchat anyways? “Sounds like that settles it then,” she added with a chipper voice and her head held high. “Now go find something better to wear.” The only thing keeping him from arguing was the fact that he knew she was kinda right, he did like parties and he could play his games another night. Plus hrealized there would probably be alcohol wherever she was going, and maybe not the cheap shit that his 17 and 18 year old classmates would always buy whenever they threw something. 

     As much as he loved his sister though, he was a little cautious, and hoped she’d just let him have fun and not try any of her dumb antics or ‘experiments’ she’d pulled over the last few days. But he had a suspicion he wouldn’t be so lucky.


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