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Wednesday, May 26


     Reese slogged his way through the door on Wednesday afternoon, and as soon as she heard the sound of his arrival, Olivia jumped up from her spot on the couch and bounced over to greet him. “Hey lil bro-man!” she cheered, standing with her hands on her hips as she beamed down at her half-pint sibling. It was clear she was in a good mood today, or at least had a lot of energy. Probably both. “How was school today?” she asked, watching him shrug his backpack off and wander into the kitchen for a snack. 

     “It was fine,” he sighed, trying to be polite but not really wanting to talk. He grabbed a pouch of goldfish and a glass of water and climbed onto one a stool next to the counter.

     “Did you learn anything new?” 

     “I only have like one more week, all my classes are either tests, studying for tests, or watching movies.” If he was being completely honest, he was also a little sad about his year ending soon, and having to say goodbye to a lot of his friends. But he didn’t want to talk about that with her.

     “Oh yeah, I guess that makes sense,” she laughed. “And then I’ll get only a few more months with my wittle baby bwuh-thuh,” she teased, wrapping him up tightly from behind and squeezing his mini torso against her much larger and significantly curvier one. He squirmed within her grasp, and she lightly giggled at how easy it was to suppress his struggles against her adorning affection, before letting him go so he could continue eating. “Anyways, I haven’t gone on my run yet today, because I figured I’d take you out with me!”

     He glanced over at her, and realized now she was dressed in her typical dolphin shorts with a pink sports top, already dressed for exercise.

     “Olivia, I dunno. I’m not really in the mood to do much right now.”

     “I know, don’t worry. But that’s exactly why I think you should come with me. Exercising is great for boosting your dopamine levels, so a little bit of jogging with me can get you in a better mood!” Reese lulled his head, not feeling fully convinced. He knew how fast and far she liked to run. Even at his old size, it would’ve been a workout. But Olivia seemed to be reading his mind. “Don’t worry, I’m gonna tone it down a bit for you. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to keep up with me if I was even lightly running. And I know you’ll get tired a lot sooner too.”

     “I’m not out of shape,” he defended himself, “I’m—“

     “No I know, it’s fine Reese, I totally get it, I understand.” She smiled at him sympathetically. “It’s just basic physics, nothing to feel bad about dude!” 

     He took a deep breath in, evaluating her offer. He had already gone with her to workout with her friend Elle, and before shrinking, he had considered himself a fairly active person. I guess working out with them wasn’t that bad, there were only a couple of mishaps. “Alright, sure,” he relented, and Olivia grinned approvingly. “It might even be fun,” he mumbled under his breath, trying to practice some positivity, and Olivia patted him on the back encouragingly, widening her smile.

     “That’s the spirit! I’ll let you finish your snack, and then we can go.” She twirled around to head back to the couch, before pausing to spin around once more. “Oh, and I invited Elle along too, before you even got home, cuz we’ve kinda started to be workout buddies together. Like she was gonna come along with me regardless of whether or not you were gonna. But you won’t mind if she comes with us, right?”

     Reese shook her head. He didn’t quite want her to be there, like he might’ve with Kayla and her infectious, bubbly personality, but at least she wasn’t as unpredictable as Jordan. “No, that’s fine I guess,” he told her, and went back to finishing his snack.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     As Reese, Olivia, and Elle jogged through one of the sunny parks near their house, the littlest of them all had struggled to keep up with the two giant women. It’s obvious Olivia’s not going at her usual speed, he had thought as he glanced over at his giant sister. She was pretty much just power-walking along the trail, while her blonde friend kept up with a light jog. But Reese had really put in more effort than he was expecting to, even given his decreased size. He had started out jogging, but his regular gait was so slow that Olivia ended up just walking regularly beside him, and she wanted them to speed up. So eventually he pretty much just ran instead, or at least jogged as fast as a person could without it being considered a full-on sprint. But that had proven to be too strenuous on his paltry stamina, and he had asked to take a break before they were even halfway through the trail. So Olivia and her friend had decided that they’d continue on, and circle back around to join up with him for the way back home.

     Sitting on one of the benches along the path, he had quickly grown bored, but after twenty minutes he spotted the two girls returning. And they were racing towards him, as if he was an impromptu finish line and they were trying to see who could arrive at him first. As Olivia dashed up to him, he tried not to notice as her boobs, strained within her tight, pink bra, ferociously wobbled up and down as her body bolted his way. “Thanks for waiting for us,” huffed his sister as she slowed back down. They must’ve been running for most of the time I was gone, cuz they’re a lot sweatier now, Reese noticed. I guess that means her inevitable massage will be worse today for me. “Come on, you ready to head back?” she asked, smiling down at him as he got to his feet. 

     “Don’t worry, we’ll slow down for you on the way back,” Elle added, causing Olivia to giggle, while Reese rolled his eyes and started up again on his run back home.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     “Well, that was fun enough,” Elle said, wiping her forehead clear of some of the sweat that had accumulated. Neither of the girls were drenched, but they were both still glistening a little from the light perspiration of running through the springtime weather. “So are you guys gonna show me then now?” Elle asked, turning to Olivia as she glanced at her watch. “I’ve gotta get home to start dinner soon.”

     Reese looked at his sister with confusion and the slightest amount of trepidation. “Show her what?”

     “Well while we were running, I mentioned the party we went to last night,” Olivia explained, “and how I showed Kayla our little clothing experiments. Putting you in yoga pants, and a romper, and then a dress. Cuz I was trying to figure out like, ‘ok, hm, what else can I put him in?’”

     The young boy lowered his face into his hands, already moping what he knew was coming. “Olivia, like, all due respect, but we all just went out for a run and I don’t wanna get any more sweat on my body than I already have by trying to cram into one of your clothes again.” 

     His sister bit her lip, glancing to her friend in a secretive, knowing way. “Uhhhh, that shouldn’t be a problem then,” she giggled. 

     “Or vice versa. I don’t want any clothes being wrapped around my body either,” he added, thinking that maybe she was going to troll him because he wasn’t specific enough. “It’s pretty much the same as far as I’m concerned.”

     “Still not a problem, that’s not what she had in mind,” Elle said now, causing Reese to look up to the two giggling girls with a raised eyebrow.

     “I don’t want to touch or be touched by any of your clothes, Olivia, until at least we’ve both showered. OK? Is that fine?” Olivia rolled her eyes and looked downcast, and he could tell he had foiled her idea. 

     “If you don’t wanna do them at all, Reese, you can just tell me,” she said, looking disappointed.

     “No, it’s not that. I… I know that it’s like… fun for you or whatever,” he stammered. He felt uncomfortable with it sometimes, but he knew that ultimately they were mostly harmless, so he didn’t mind obliging her now and then if it kept her still willing to do his homework for him. “I just don’t wanna do them under these circumstances.” Olivia nodded in understanding, but still was disappointed at not getting to try Elle’s idea. But then her friend spoke up anyways.

     “I can do it though.”

     “Huh?” Reese asked, as Olivia turned to her friend, slowly realizing she was right.

     “It’s not wearing you in any clothes,” she shrugged, “or putting you in any or wrapping you up or anything, and you don’t get touched by any of your sister’s clothing. So all your demands are met.” Maybe I was wrong. Maybe she’s more unpredictable than I first realized.

     “She’s right, technically she’s right,” Olivia exclaimed, excitedly bouncing on her feet. “So now you have to do it, because we met all your little rules!”

      What the hell could they have planned then? he wondered. “Alright, fine, sure, whatever.” Part of him had agreed to go along with his sister’s fourth ‘experiment’ just out of curiosity for what it was. 

     “Go on, take off your shoes then,” Olivia laughed, clapping excitedly as she looked down to her friend’s feet.

     “HUH?” her little brother repeated, and watched as the slender, five-and-a-half foot blonde girl bent her leg up and pried one of her running shoes off her feet. They were Nikes, a peach and white color, but most importantly, they had just been worn by her after nearly an hour of running in the sun. “I said I didn’t want my body going in anything, remember? And I’m 3 feet tall, not 3 inches, what are you trying to do anyways?”

     “Yeah, obviously we know that,” Olivia retorted. “That’s why your body isn’t going in. Just your head.” Elle grinned with her tongue out in playful anticipation, before reaching over with her shoe and turning it upside down.

     “Wait, but can I—“ he started to protest again, before Elle pulled the opening of the shoe over Reese’s the top of Reese’s head. “Agh,” he said, stumbling back initially out of surprise. “It’s not even gonna fit!” he yelled, and the shoe fell off of his head.

     Olivia rushed behind him to prevent him from getting away. “You said you’d let us try, just hold still,” she instructed, pushing his arms down until he willingly lowered them himself. 

     Elle picked the shoe back up. “Well my feet are pretty big, and these shoes are pretty lightweight and flexible,” she explained. “Plus your head is a little bit on the smaller size.” She giggled at how obvious she sounded. “I mean, before you shrunk.” With her thumb and pointer finger tugging hard at the tongue flap, and her other hand’s finger pulling down in the loop at the back, she strained to pull the shoe down over his head. It was like she was forcing a hat to fit. A really weird shaped hat. But she was right about the elasticity of the material, and it helped that the shoe was a few years old, as it slowly began to sink down over Reese’s head. Soon his eyes were covered, and eventually his nose began to sneak inside as well, until the shoe was down to the widest part of the back of his head just as its insole started to touch his hair. 

     “I guess that’s as good as we’re gonna get it,” she started to chuckle, as she and Olivia stood back. Reese couldn’t see the outside world anymore, as only cracks of light seeped in, giving him the faintest vision to see inside the girl’s old running shoe. And the tongue of the shoe had just barely been lodged over his nose, so her musty smell was pretty much flapping against his nostrils whenever he stumbled about. Even inside, he could feel his forehead start to heat up, from the leftover warmth that had accumulated after running for so long. The girls began pointing and laughing at how ridiculous Reese looked, unable to see, and with an off-kilter balance as he fumbled about, blind to anything in front of him. The only advantage he had was the tip of the shoe branching out in front of him, letting him know right before he was about to run into something. 

     “Can’t even fucking see,” he grumbled, blinking his eyes out of annoyance, but all there was for his irises to register were the sparse few inches of dirtied insole and synthetic fibers that imprisoned his vision. But his inability to even walk straight caused the girls to laugh even more.

     “How’s it smell?” Olivia teased, causing Elle to snicker at his misfortune as Reese derisively huffed in frustration. 

     “Alright, you guys got to see, we’re done now,” he stated, and reached up to pull the shoe off of his head. The girls quieted as they realized he might not even be able to take it off. If Elle had struggled getting it on, it would make sense that someone smaller and weaker than her would have a hard time getting it off. And sure enough, as much as he pulled and pushed the shoe to try and gain his vision, smell, and dignity back, he just couldn’t make it budge. His fruitless exertion caused a second wave of laughter to erupt from the giggles; he might not be able to see, or smell anything other than sweaty rubber and foam, but he could hear them just fine. “Just get it off!” he yelled.

     The two girls showed him mercy though before making him suffer for too long, and Elle grabbed ahold of the shoe and lifted it—along with Reese—several feet up into the air. He didn’t protest as she began shaking the shoe up and down forcefully, giving him a headache as his body  flailed and tossed about. But he could feel the shoe slowly start to slip off more and more with ever successive shake, until finally his head popped out and he fell to the ground, landing on his butt. 

     Elle put her shoe back on and looked down at her feet, holding her foot sideways for a moment as she gazed at it in thought. “I can’t believe  your head actually fit in this thing,” she murmured, while collapsed backwards, tired from both the run and now having been shaken about like a rag doll. “Anyways, I really do have to go. See you guys later,” she said, hugging Olivia goodbye and waving to Reese as she headed out the door. 

     Reese heaved a sigh of relief as he stared up at the ceiling, until Olivia stepped up to him and bent over to smile down at him. “Hope you’re not too tired, cuz I still need a foot massage,” she told him, reminding him that his day wasn’t over yet.


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