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Thursday, May 27


     Olivia was up as early as Reese was the next morning, since she had an important day ahead of her for the first time since coming home from college. She had been sending her resume to various gyms in the area with the goal of being a fitness trainer, but she’d also applied to several other related positions such as an exercise instructor role, nutrition coaching, and even one that needed fitness models. But today she had an interview with one of the gyms, so getting up early and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day was important to her.

     “I won’t see you until I get home, but good luck on your interview today sweetie,” Stuart chimed, brightly beaming as he kissed his daughter on the cheek.

     Olivia blushed and gave her dad a hug, “Thanks dad, hopefully it will be the first of many this summer.” Then she paused, and thought about what she just said. “Actually, I guess I hope it’s the only interview I’ll need to go on,” she corrected, and they both laughed as her dad picked up his laptop bag and headed towards the door.

     “Whichever scenario results in you getting a job that you love sometime in the next few months, that’s what I’m hoping for,” he said with a laugh. “Love you,” he added, before heading out the front door so he could leave for his own work.

     The downstairs toilet flushed, and moments later Reese came wandering out of the bathroom and into the kitchen to brew Olivia’s cup of coffee and make him and his sister breakfast like he had started to regularly do. “Sorry, I didn’t know you’d be up this early,” he said, referencing how he normally had her cup of joe and morning meal ready for her by the time she came downstairs.

     “That’s OK. Did you hear what I was telling dad? I have an interview later today, that’s why I’m up early.”

     “Oh, nice,” he yawned. “Congrats… I think. For a personal like, fitness trainer position I’m assuming?”

     Olivia nodded proudly, “Mhm, at Gold’s Gym near the Starbucks on 24th.”

     “Sounds pretty good. Isn’t that where like Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out or something?”

     “Uh, I dunno, I don’t really watch his movies. But it’s a pretty famous gym.” Reese pursed his lips and nodded in reaction. “Anyways, I also have a freelance session with a client I need to leave for that’s like, almost an hour away, so you don’t need to make my breakfast today, I already ate. But would you be able to make sure my clothes get washed today? Dad already started a load so I won’t be here by the time they’re done to start them myself, or put them in the dryer later.”

     “I mean, I’ll be at school all day, so…”

     “I know, but my socks and other whites are already sorted so you can just put them in before you leave for school and then switch them to the dryer when you get home. I’ll be back from my run around 3 or 3:30, so obviously they won’t be done by the time I’m back, but if you put them in before I’m home, then they should be dried and ready before I leave for the interview which is at 5. Got it?”

     “Yeah, that makes sense, I guess I can do that.”

     Olivia looked him over worriedly, “Are you sure? Can you or can’t you? If it’s too much or you have something after school then I can figure something else out, but I’d prefer to be wearing fresh clothes while I meet the manager.

     “No, it’s fine, I can do it,” he told her reassuringly. “I like helping, I wanna help if I’m able to, I don’t have anything going on after school so I’ll be able to take care of it for you.”

     “You’re positive? You really, actually will? You have to if you say you will.”

     Reese laughed at how overly serious her anxiety seemed to be making her. “Relax, yes, I promise, I’ll make sure they’re washed for you

     “OK perfect then, thanks a ton!” she said, bending over and kissing him on the top of his head. Like her dad from just a few moments ago, she grabbed her purse, phone, and keys, and headed towards the door. “Oh, and you obviously don’t have to do this too, but the cherry on top would be if you could get a bubble bath going for me before I get home so I can relax before the interview.” 

     Reese nodded, “Yeah, no problem, just text me a reminder or something before you’re about to get home.”

     “Will do, I gotta go now, I’ll see you later,” she said, waving goodbye to him, before heading out and leaving Reese to finish his morning routine before school.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     “hey, i went downtown for my run today so i’ll be home in like 10 minutes,” came a text, buzzing Reese’s phone alert later that afternoon shortly after school. He was sitting on the couch, watching TV, when he picked up his phone to read the alert. Initially, he frowned, wondering why his sister was giving him an update like that, something out of the ordinary. And then it all came flashing back to him, and he suddenly remembered what he had promised his sister that morning. He hadn’t put her clothes in the dryer yet, but even worse it was because he hadn’t even remembered to put them in the wash that morning. She’d be home in just a few minutes, and it was now impossible that she’d be able to leave for her job interview in clean clothes. Fuck.

     He ran upstairs, desperate to at least do as much as he could in the few short moments before she’d be returning. First he bolted into her room, spotting her heap of dirty socks and t-shirts lying on the ground, and quickly ran to get a laundry basket to pile them in. He threw them all in, then hurried as quickly as he could downstairs with the basket and emptied the contents into the washer, throwing in a detergent pod and starting the machine. Then he ran back upstairs and searched the bathroom cabinets for Olivia’s bottle of bubble bath solution, and spun the bath faucet on while desperately squirting the gooey contents out into the tub. He could do nothing but just stand and watch and wait, the roaring of the bathtub in his ears as he wondered just how mad his sister would be at him. Reese distinctly remembered how adamant she’d been about how important today was, and how he’d promised that he’d help her out. Maybe she’d be nice and understanding… but he doubted it. And I might just deserve whatever I’ll have coming to me.

     As Olivia came walking through the door, newly returned from her hour of working out in the warm spring weather, she kicked off her shoes and looked around the house. It sounded like the dryer was running in the laundry room, and when she stood still and listened closely, she could also make out the sound of the bathtub upstairs being filled. “Perfect, he remembered,” she said to herself, smiling with pride at her brother’s competence. Ideally, the tub would’ve already been full so she could just strip her clothes off and hop right in, but she wasn’t mad. She hopped up the stairs and burst into the bathroom to find him standing awkwardly in the corner of the bathroom, nervously staring into the water. “Hey dude,” she greeted him warmly, and he smiled faintly in return as she stood with her hands on her hips. “Look at this,” she stated, and held her leg up in front of her for him to see. She was wearing gray thigh high socks, just long enough to cover the edge of her yoga shorts and make the two of them look like a single piece of clothing. “I’ve never worked out in socks like these before,” she laughed, twirling her foot around as she admired the unusually long footwear. “But all my normal socks were in the laundry pile so I had to get a bit creative.” He didn’t say anything in return, fretting too much over the fact that ‘the laundry pile’ hadn’t been cleaned like it should’ve been. 

     She walked over to the rather spacious bathtub, noticing it wasn’t even a quarter of the way full. “Oh, I figured it’d be a bit further along by now,” she commented. Now she’d have to wait more than just a few minutes until it was ready. Again, not worth getting mad over, but a slight inconvenience nonetheless. “Did you start it as soon as I texted you?” she asked, crossing her arms and looking down at her short little brother. He turned to her, face to face with her crotch, wrapped up in the tight gray running shorts she’d gone exercising in. He was too nervous to look up at her, assuming she already knew about the laundry. But he didn’t want to look at his sister’s camel toe obviously, so he kind of glanced away at mumbled his response. 

     “Um, kinda yeah, like… a few minutes after, like pretty soon after,” he murmured. 

     “Hey, Reese,” Olivia said, tapping her brother on his head a few times. “Why can’t you look at me?” she asked. He gingerly raised his head, trying to appease her request. He was surprised to see that she didn’t look mad, but there was still an air of impatience about her. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, and her skin still glistened from her post-workout sweat. “You know, I’m on a pretty tight schedule, now this is like ten minutes I’ll have to wait for it to fill up. That’s why I sent the text ahead of time. It looks like you just turned the faucet on seconds before I stepped through the door. I would’ve, I don’t know, shortened my run or something to adjust my schedule properly if I had known.”

     “Sorry,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck while struggling to maintain eye contact with her. 

     “I mean, I’m even still a little hot from the run too,” she sighed, and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, lifting it up and over her head, “I’ve gotta take this off.” As she tossed her shirt on the floor, he could see her sports bra was stained and discolored from her boob sweat having slowly soaked it over the last hour. She hopped up on the counter and leaned against the mirror, which fogged up a little bit around the perimeter of her body. “Ohhhhh, the tile’s nice and cold,” she said and closed her eyes, relishing in her hot skin being cooled slightly by the hardened surfaces she sat and leaned against. 

     “If you like the cold feeling after you work out, why do you always like the baths to be warm?” Reese asked. He thought it was a fair question, although maybe right now wasn’t the best time to be challenging her.

     Her eyes snapped back open, “Because hot baths are good for your muscles, cold water just helps reduce inflammation because it constricts the blood vessels, but since I’m usually not injured, it’s not useful. And I don’t enjoy like, in-between, room-temperature water. Either I want it hot or I want it cold. And considering you couldn’t even fill it up with hot water before I got home, I’m guessing you wouldn’t have been fast enough to prepare an ice bath either.” Reese looked down in shame, knowing she was probably right. The air was silent for a few moments, before Olivia hopped off the counter and knelt down on the floor. “I mean really, feel how sweaty I still am,” she told him, lifting her arm above her head and the side of her chest, under her arm. He didn’t really want to, but figured he’d do whatever she asked, just to keep her in a somewhat decent mood a little while longer. Does she still not know about the laundry, or was it not as big of a deal as I had thought? he wondered, reaching out his fingers and wiping them along her skin. Sure enough, it was hot to the touch, and thoroughly damp too. It made him want to wash his hands off, which made him empathize with how much she was still waiting to wash her whole body. “Sticky, huh?” she asked, then leaned down a bit, her armpit suddenly rushing towards his face. He recoiled in disgust as a wave of potently sour pit sweat invaded his nostrils, and Olivia chuckled at his reaction. “Yeah, pretty bad, right?”

     “Yeah…” he grumbled, wrinkling his face in disgust, feeling grateful when she stood back up and relieved him from having to smell her post-workout aroma.

     “Well, at least I heard the dryer running when I came home. Having clean laundry was a lot more important than making sure my bath was ready on time,” she said, sighing with relief. But Reese lowered his head again, scratching his neck again. Shit, she doesn’t know. I figured she would’ve figured it out herself. Or maybe she does know and she’s just waiting to see if I fess up to having forgotten. “Reese?” she asked, noticing he was avoiding her again.

     “Uhhh... well…” he mumbled, and suddenly Olivia’s face lost its relaxed demeanor and took on a more grave complexion. 

     “You did remember to do my laundry, right?” she asked, but she already knew the answer.

     “…Not really,” he said, barely audible, the shame he felt keeping him from projecting the truth. He dared to wander his eyes up to meet her own, and she could instantly tell he wasn’t pulling a prank on her. She’d only seen him look this mixture of nervous and embarrassed a few times before, so she knew he was being legit.

     “Are you fucking serious?” she asked. “Was that the washer I heard when I came in? Did you just put them in the wash as soon as I texted you? Is that why it took you so long to start my bath?” With every new question she asked, she felt like she was answering herself. The story was unfolding as her brain put together the pieces. “I had such a good thing going, I need everything to be perfect for the interview,” she yelled, tipping the scales from upset to clearly angry now. “C’mere,” she muttered, grabbing her little brother by the back of his shirt like an old-fashioned mother, and dragged him out of the bathroom in a huff. 

     “Ugh, wait, Olivia, let go,” he grumbled, squirming around as he was pulled against his will with her towards the stairs, his heels rubbing uncomfortably against the upstairs carpet as she hauled him along faster than he could walk. “Stop!” he yelled out, batting at her hand to let him go.

     She groaned in exasperation, “Stop struggling, you’re coming with me,” she told him, and grabbed his arm instead. Her fingers were easily able to wrap all the way around his biceps, and she effortlessly picked him off the ground and held him out to the side, so his childish squirms wouldn’t be able touch her or the floor. 

     “Olivia, let me go! I’m sorry I forgot,” he yelled, but she ignored his apologies as she stomped down the stairs and headed to the laundry room. She finally set him down now in front of the washer, which she could hear was tumbling next to a silent drying machine.

     “Open it,” she ordered, and he winced out of sorrow (and because he think she bruised his arm), as he climbed onto his stool and lifted the lid. The machine automatically slowed to a halt, and inside they could both see the soapy water filled with various garments of Olivia’s. “It’s not even close to done, fuck!” she exclaimed, slamming the lid shut so hard in frustration that Reese almost fell off the stool. The boy stood awkwardly by as Olivia closed her eyes, rubbing her temples to try and calm herself down, but she wasn’t sure what she’d do. It wasn’t like she had nothing at all to wear, but she had something specific planned out for her interview in an hour. So now she’d have to throw something else together, which would eat into her little amount of relaxation time before she had to get ready. Not to mention the fact that she distinctly remembered her brother promising her that he would remember. After she made sure and double checked with him several times, he remained adamant that he’d be able to do it for her. 

     “Alright, follow me,” she said, eerily calm now as she led him out of the laundry room and back upstairs. Except they turned into her room instead of heading back to the bathroom. After he followed her inside, she turned the lights on and closed the door partway, checking to make sure she still had a coat rack on the back of her door. Reese was confused by this, since he couldn’t tell what was on her mind, but was fairly confident that he was about to get in trouble somehow. “OK, so I think a fair punishment,” Olivia started to say, turning back to face her brother, as she lifted her leg up and pulled her long, thigh high sock all the way off, “should fit the crime.” Memories of all the other days his sister had stuck him in her clothes flashed in his mind, and he looked up to the coat rack as he slowly pieced it all together. She switched legs, lifting the other one up and pulling her other abnormally big sock off as well, but tossed the second one to the side. “Since these socks that I just worked out in are literally the only available pair I have, thanks to you breaking the promise you made, you’re gonna wait in them for me while I have my bath,” she explained, and squatted down to the ground as she curled the sides of the sock downwards. “Come on, get in,” she encouraged, and Reese took a step forward into the center of the socks, like when he had stepped into the yoga pants a few weeks earlier. As soon as his body was in the right position, she uncurled the socks back upwards, slowly wrapping up the 3 foot boy in the 2 and a half foot legwear. His arms were pinned to his sides as they became mummified in his big sister’s socks. And they were still warm from having spent so long on his sister’s body, that he could instantly feel his own body heat up from the residual body heat that had previously occupied his new cocoon. As soon as they were fully unfurled, she lifted up the sides of the fabric into the air, and Reese along with them, giving the makeshift bundling a few tugs to make sure he sunk even deeper into the foot section of the large material. As the edges of the sock inched closed to his head with each successive tug, he started to be able to smell the musty material. Holding him out in front of her judgmentally, she gave the sock a few more hard tugs, making sure to stretch the cotton to its limits, able to just barely reach it up to his shoulders. But she knew that it would be so tight, his arms wouldn’t be going anywhere anyways. And then, to seal the deal and make sure it retained its tightness around its unfortunate captive, she lifted the sock up, just as Reese suspected, and hooked the edge of it onto her coat rack. She stood back to admire her work, glad to see that gravity was doing its part in making the sock sag downwards and keep Reese from being able to loosen his confines. And he was dangled a good 12 inches or so above the ground, so she felt confident that it wouldn’t sag too far so as to let him stand again. 

     She didn’t even giggle or laugh, because she was so frustrated at having had to do this in the first place to punish her brother, that she couldn’t even take the time to tease him for his helpless predicament. “You’re lucky that Jordan’s house is on the way to the gym, so I’ll be able to stop by real quick and loan a pair of normal, clean socks from her. They won’t be unprofessional like these or sopping wet like the others that you uselessly stuffed into the washer like 15 minutes ago.” He blushed, but didn’t argue back. Deep down, he felt like he was getting what he deserved, for having broken his promise to his sister and almost ruining her interview. “Now you’re in a prison of you’re own doing,” she finished off with, then flicked off the lights to her room and headed back out into the hallway, closing her door forcefully behind her while Reese hung powerless from his sister’s door, wrapped up in her sweaty workout sock for the next half hour.


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