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Thursday, May 27 (cont.)


     Olivia was gracious enough to take Reese out of her sock after finishing with her bath some time later. Then she finished getting ready for her interview and left a little early so she could stop by Jordan’s on the way and borrow her friend’s socks. After the stress that Reese had caused her after coming home, the stress that didn’t slow down as she went to interview for a job she really wanted, she felt exhausted when she got home. Even though she hadn’t done anything physically demanding, it had just been a long day. And she realized she’d never gotten her massage out of it either. Reese had been laying in his room, trying to cool down after what had happened, when he got a text from his sister moments after hearing the front door close. “need a foot rub” it read, so he wasted no time in heading downstairs right away. He wasn’t sure how she’d react if he ignored the text, but after seeing how he was punished after almost screwing over her interview that afternoon, he didn’t want to find out.

     “I’m sorry if I was a little harsh on you earlier today,” Olivia sighed, stretching out her long legs onto her brother’s lap. He quickly started kneading her soles, pressing hard into her flesh in an attempt to relieve her stress for her. “It’s just… I trusted you, because you promised you’d be able to take care of it, even after I asked if you were sure you just reiterated that it was no problem. And then... it was.” She looked at Reese in disappointment while he continued to work on her peds.

     “You don’t need to apologize,” he quietly replied. “I should’ve set a reminder for myself or something, I just can’t believe I forgot. Did the interview go well at least?”

     Olivia grimaced, “Well I got there on time, and I think I was pretty professional; my resume looked good. And he acted like he liked me.” She paused for a few moments, not wanting to make her brother feel bad, but she definitely wondered if her vibe was off as a result of the day’s proceedings. “But I don’t feel really good about it, I’m not really expecting a call back.” Reese looked down, feeling bad for his sister, but also guilty. His sister had a specific plan in mind, and growing up she had had a tendency to be narrow-minded: a wrench in the plan could easily throw her off. But she was also fairly trusting too, so between the two attributes of hers, she’d had no reason of suspecting that Reese wouldn’t deliver on his guarantee of setting up her bath in time and doing her laundry before the big meeting. But now they’d never know how well it would’ve gone if he had.

     “That’s OK though, it’s just one interview,” she spoke up again, “I’m sure I’ll have a lot more and I have plenty of time to take them over the summer. It’s not like mom or dad’ll kick me out yet, I’m sure they know it can take a bit of time after college to get things goin’.” She hadn’t intended to, but her words cut a bit deep for Reese. He was still worried about not graduating in a few weeks and having his fairly conservative parents kick him out regardless. 

     A few more minutes passed, with Reese silently tending to Olivia’s feet while she watched him and thought about whether his time-out in her sock had been too harsh, too lenient, or just right. She was surprised he was even able to fully fit in her sock; if she hadn’t been wearing her thigh high pair, she didn’t think it would’ve worked. “I know this probably sounds weird, but you don’t really seem that small from far away,” she said. “Like everyone looks short from far away, you know? But then when you get up reeeeal close…” Wrapping one of her hands around his little ankle, she effortlessly pulled him towards her several inches, forcing him to slouch against the couch’s armrest. Then she scooted forward so she was sitting on his waist, and bent her leg to the side like a butterfly pose, moving her foot next to her brother’s head. She automatically burst out laughing in surprise, seeing his tiny head dwarfed next to her arched sole. His head was only 5 inches tall, but her foot—from the bottom of her heel to the top of her big toe, was just barely 12 inches tall. She slowly crept her foot closer and closer to the side of his head, until the two were touching. “Oh my god, I can’t tell if my feet are just huge, or your face is just tiny,” she laughed, and pulled out her phone, opening up the camera. With the selfie camera on, she turned the screen around to show Reese, and his face paled at the sight. Sure enough, the entirety of his head fit snugly right up against her arch, with her heel below even his chin, and the ball of her foot higher than his hair. It was just so emasculating. But Olivia wasn’t even trying to be mean, or mock him; she was just in awe of how much her brother had shrunken. Even if I was twice as big and my head was twice as tall, her stupid, big feet would still be able to completely cover my head, he realized with a mixture of disgust and fear. Then Olivia’s eyes flashed with a spark of curiosity as she bit her lip, and he knew he was in for another one of her games. She hopped her bum back a few inches and leaned to the side so she wasn’t sitting on him anymore, then reached under with her hand and grabbed his body out from under her. He didn’t even ask what she was doing, since he knew he was moments away from finding out anyways. And there was no point in asking her to stop either. At least it might put her in a little bit of a better mood to play around with my body again, he reluctantly told himself inside. With his legs then roughly falling on top of her lap, she reached out with her other foot and placed it on the opposite side of his head from her first foot. His sound became muffled as her giant, warm soles covered the sides of his head. She began giggling as she rolled his head from side to side within the clutches of her feet, her feet moving up and down on either side of him. But they came back to a centered position and started gradually increasing in pressure, and then he felt his body start to move as she leaned back on her hands and lifted her legs up. Slowly more and more of his body rose into the air, until eventually all 23 pounds of him was suspended above the couch. Olivia laid on her back as her long, muscular legs lifted up and up to keep him there, the ends of which pressed firmly against his head in order to firmly grip him. His body seemed to automatically started squirming and thrashing a little bit—not out of discomfort (although he was a little bit annoyed), but because he had never felt the sensation of hanging in mid-air without holding onto anything. But as much as his legs kicked back and forth in search of a surface to ground himself, he was simply stuck. Anchored by his sister’s giant feet until she decided he could be free. Lucky for him and the frustration that he tried not to make visible, she eventually let him down after marveling at his body and her own ability to dangle it without even using her arms. 

     Like laying a piece of bacon down on a frying pan, from one end to the other, she draped his body back down on the couch, although his body was completely laying down this time instead of sitting up somewhat. “Hey, let’s watch something together,” she chirped with a smile, while he rubbed his flattened ears and tried to get them to resume their regular position.

     “I dunno, I don’t really feel like paying attention to anything right now,” he grumbled.

     “Come on lil man, we should lighten the load and spend some bonding time together,” she replied, not skipping a beat. Just as he was getting up, she practically jumped onto his body, her butt slamming into the center of his waist. The air was knocked out of him for a moment, and he was only barely able to breathe beneath the titanous weight of his sister. It felt like almost a thousand pounds were bearing down on him. It seemed that if she wanted to spend some ‘quality time’ with her brother, she’d make plenty sure that she got it.

     She turned on Netflix and selected Schitt’s Creek without feeling the need to consult Reese; it was a comedy, so she figured there was no reason why he wouldn’t like it. But even if he didn’t, it didn’t matter to her since she had decided it was their bonding time. And since his body was laying flatly beneath her, his head was on its side, meaning he couldn’t even watch the TV normally and everything was tilted 90 degrees to the right. 

     About halfway through the episode, their mom came downstairs to start cooking dinner. “Oh, I wonder if I can hide you so she won’t even know you’re there,” Olivia whispered, stifling a giggle that might give away her newly thought up idea. She leaned over to grab the blanket off the floor, and roughly settled it around Reese’s calves and feet, which was all that was sticking out from the other side of her hips. Sure enough, Tracy walked up to the couch to greet Olivia, and her son’s legs were completely covered so she had no idea he was even there. The only part of him that wasn’t covered by either a blanket or a butt, was his head, but since his mom was on the other side of Olivia, Tracy couldn’t see it. Reese rolled his eyes at his sister’s dumb games and considered just squeaking out a meager ‘Hi, mom,’ but he wasn’t in the mood to spoil his sister’s first time being in a good mood since that morning. 

     “How’d the interview go?” Tracy asked, and Olivia shrugged.

     “It was fine I guess, but I don’t think they were super interested,” she answered, and her mom frowned.

     “Aww, I’m sorry to hear that. I know you’ll get another interview lined up soon enough though,” she encouraged, patting her daughter on the shoulder, before turning to head back into the kitchen.

     Olivia snuck a peek behind her before breaking out into hushed micro giggles again. “She didn’t even see you,” she whispered, looking down at her brother’s little face next to her.

     “Hey honey,” their mom suddenly called out from behind them, walking up behind the couch. Olivia quickly rushed her hand down, splaying her fingers and pressing her whole palm against her brother’s face, concealing it from view once more. “Have you seen the paprika?” their mom asked, and Olivia did her best to act casual

     “Oh, I think I used up the last of it and forgot to get you guys some more from the store. Sorry.” Their mom sighed and turned around, heading back into the kitchen. Once the coast was clear, she lifted her hand off Reese’s face. ‘Close one,’ she mouthed down to him, tapping him on the nose from how cute she thought he looked. Whether he wanted to or not, he had no choice but to play along with her dumb little games. Although she realized that cover his head with her hand had been a close call, and even if he was playing along for now, she wasn’t able to stop him from saying anything… or could she? “I might need to try something more drastic in case of an emergency,” she whispered down to him. If his hands weren’t trapped beneath her massive thighs and butt, he would’ve face palmed with how gung-ho his sister was acting about all of this. 

     They had started on the second episode by the time their mom finished preparing the ham and had put it in the oven. Olivia heard her mom approaching from behind again, and without anything more than a quick glance down to her side and a rushed mouthing of ‘sorry,’ to her brother, she scooted over even further, covering the last of his head beneath her immovable, giant body. He wasn’t sure if his face was under one of her thick thighs, or her colossal ass, but either way he couldn’t see anything as he realized with a pounding heart that his sister had just fully sat on his face. His nose hurt as it became uncomfortably squashed against the tight fabric of her jeans, and he quickly worried that he wouldn’t be able to breath. Despite being somewhat constrained by her pants, the fat of legs and butt seemed to sink and conform around his head, cutting off his mouth from receiving any fresh oxygen. A desperate attempt to breathe in new air, which his mother apparently didn’t hear, was doomed to fail thanks to the warm, unflinching surface of Olivia’s body. And it didn’t help that she the other side of her butt and thighs were sitting on his lungs and stomach, making it hard to even inhale in the first place. His hands were completely flattened; he couldn’t even so much as lift a finger to try and scratch at his sister to signal that he needed air. He was just trapped, 100% at the mercy of Olivia’s whims, his consciousness dependent on whether or not she’d even realize he couldn’t breathe beneath her. He had never realized it before, but without any air left to exhale, Reese found himself unable to use his voice to even call out for help. A terrifying notion passed through his mind. What if this is how I die? What if she just doesn’t even realize that I can’t breathe under her, and doesn’t get off me until it’s too late? I can’t even tell her I’m out of breath, I’m literally unable to do a single thing to grab her attention, let alone Mom’s. 

     But lucky for Reese, as Tracy came around to the front of the couch, she spotted two little beige things stretching in between her daughter and the blanket. Olivia realized that upon scooting over to cover her brother’s head, she’d uncovered part of his legs in the process, and the jig was up now. A bewildered Tracy came around and snatched the blanket off of the couch, revealing that the pole-shaped objects were slightly hairy legs, with little socked feet on the end. “Olivia!” she yelled. “Stand up, right now!” she ordered, flabbergasted at the audacity of her daughter. It had been years since the last time they pranked each other, and Tracy thought the two were older than that now. With a defeated sigh, Olivia stood up from the couch, and immediately Reese gasped and sat bolt upright with fearful, widened eyes. He hungrily sucked down fresh air as his breathing slowed and Tracy knelt down next to her son worryingly. “Oh my god, Reese, are you alright, are you OK? Did she hurt you?”

     “Mom!” Olivia reacted, “you’re asking that like I’m a monster, I just sat on him for like, maybe 10 seconds, he’s fine.”

     “Be quiet, I’m not talking to you!” she shouted, angrily whipping her head towards her daughter.

     Reese’s breathing started to get back under her control, and the sudden relaxation of his nerves caused him to chuckle in response to his mom’s reaction. “I’m fine, mom. She’s right, it was only a few seconds, not like the whole time you were cooking or anything.” Tracy felt relieved, having wondered for a moment if he’d been beneath there for the whole 15 or 20 minutes that she was busy in the kitchen. 

     “We were just playing a game to see if I could keep him hidden from you. Do you honestly think I’d let him pass out or something?” Olivia continued, desperate to defend her honor.

     “I don’t know Olivia, sitting on your brother is a pretty weird game to begin with,” their mom bit back. She turned back to Reese, “Is she telling the truth?” 

     Reese nodded slowly, not exactly enthused about the little shenanigans his sister pulled, but knowing that she wasn’t coming from a malicious place of intent. “Yeah, she was just messing around. I forgot to take a deep breath before she… sat on me.” Another glare from mom to daughter as Tracy stood up, and Olivia rolled her eyes.

     “I don’t care what you want to call it, I think it’s dangerous for you to do that with him at his size, even if he agrees to it. You are not to sit on your brother again in this household, you hear?” Olivia looked down; she didn’t think ever since becoming an adult that she’d get chastised by her mom again. But she nodded nonetheless. Tracy continued looking at her daughter in disbelief for a few more seconds, before shaking her head and muttering something under her breath that neither of them could hear as she stormed back off into the kitchen. 


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