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Friday, May 28


     The last week or so of Reese making Olivia’s breakfast and morning coffee had gone relatively the same, but on Thursday night Olivia asked Reese if he could make double her typical serving in the morning. She was mostly jogging every day, but after her interview debacle she had decided to commit herself to doing them daily, so she wanted to get some extra carbs in her in the mornings to balance her diet with her increasing fitness. She would’ve done all her jogs in the morning too, but it seemed that having Reese give her massages after coming back was becoming a regular thing, and unfortunately he had to go to school most mornings. But he could still make her breakfast. So as a result, Reese now also had a commitment, to wake up an extra 10-15 minutes early so he’d have time to cook the extra food, which by now was routinely consisting of eggs mixed with sausage, toast, and occasionally hash browns. But he didn’t mind the change much. It’s hardly noticeable, he reasoned to himself.

     Today, Reese had just gotten home (Olivia had gotten good about timing her runs to come back the same time he did from school), and was eating a snack in the kitchen when he heard the closing of the front door announce Olivia’s return. She was breathing heavier than usual, although not quite panting, as she came in and collapsed in the kitchen table chair closest to Reese. “Whew,” she sighed, leaning back as she faintly smiled at her brother, “that felt good!” 

     Reese returned a small smile back out of politeness. “Big run?”

     “Wasn’t really a run,” she explained, stretching her arms to either side, “or that big. Just a few miles. Can you get me some water actually?” Reese nodded and got up to fetch his sister a glass. When he returned, she had her shoes up on the table, just a few inches from his plate of quesadilla. He knew that if he mentioned anything, she’d just insist that she wasn’t actually touching the plate, so there wasn’t a problem, and that her legs needed to stretch. So he ignored it and handed her the water. “I went along that forest path near Clearview Park, since it was in the shade. It’s kinda warm, like almost 80 today I think, so I figured the shade might help cool me off,” she explained, then scooted her chair a few inches closer to Reese and moved her shoes from the table to his lap. Pressing the tip of her left shoe against the heel of her right, she pried it off, then did the same for her other foot. She sighed at the feeling of the cool air, as Reese noticed that through his jeans he could feel the heat from her heels resting on his legs. Olivia wrinkled her toes, erupting several cracks from her joints, and Reese sighed. He knew what was coming. He knew what she wanted, and evidently she didn’t even need to say it. He licked his lips nervously, wondering just how bad they would be, as he reached out to touch her feet. Her socks were damp, not quite soaked with sweat, but definitely not dry either. Knowing that she expected him to rub them (and that he felt obligated to), he was grossed out, but glad that the late spring day hadn’t gotten any warmer, or his sister had run outside for even longer. That’s a positive at least, he thought to himself. Maybe she even jogged on the shadier trails because she knew I was gonna rub her feet later, and didn’t want them to be too bad for me. He felt a little better at this idea, until his cynical side reminded him that she didn’t have to put him in this predicament in the first place, rubbing her sweaty feet while she just sat back in her chair relaxing. She didn’t have to go for a jog right around when I come home from school, she also didn’t have to come to me first before heading to the shower, and neither of those would’ve been much of a problem if she hadn’t guilt tripped me into massaging her feet every day in the first place. But he had turned in another batch of the homework she fixed up for him last night, and so far, no problems. So even though it might be a little gross, he wasn’t about to complain just yet. Maybe after school ended in a few weeks. For now, he could handle a little bit of his sister’s sweat and her tedious, if not demeaning chores. But still… he thought, as he kneading his fingers into her big, warm feet, inwardly cringing at just how dirty her socks seemed to get from a single run.

     “You know, I just think it’s so cool that every time I come home from a run you’re willing to massage my feet,” she eagerly announced. “I kinda feel like I’d be able to increase how far I run every time, since I have someone to tend to me when I get back just like a pro athlete or something.” Reese said nothing, but considered the fact that her idea might make his job worse. More running? That means more sweat. And more grossness that I have to put up with. “Nothing to add?” she asked, amused and perplexed at his silence on the matter. “I would’ve at least thought you’d comment on how bad they smell.” And with that, she lifted both of her feet up to his face, digging the moist tips of her socked big toes into his cheeks, and pushed them downwards, forcing a frown on his face. “Sad?” Then she pushed his cheeks back up into a fake smile, “Happy?”

     He looked at her playful expression with a humorless one of his own. “Unamused,” he replied.

     Undeterred by his lack of playfulness, she slid the foot a few inches across his face until it rested under his nose, then pushed her foot upwards. As a result, his nostrils were widened as the cartilage got stretched upwards, and suddenly the stench of her feet was doubled as her hot sock pressed forcefully against his face. His nose was wedged in the crevice between her toes and the ball of her foot, and its upturned figure looked like when someone makes a pig face, except the expression was completely lost from Olivia’s point of view since her entire foot was covering her brother’s head at this point. “Smell anything good over there?” she teased, as he unsuccessfully tried to shove her foot away from the foul-scented assault.

     “Yeah, it smells like shit, get it off,” he grumbled. The movement of his mouth just to complain caused his lips to smudge against the ball of her foot, and she cackled at his reaction.

     “Finally, a real reaction: anger. A classic of yours.” He continued grumbling, not wanting to say anything else since every word spoken meant the moist fabric would rub against his unwilling lips. But then he heard her say something which just made him feel even worse: “I’ll stop if you give them a kiss though.”

     God, I hate her stupid little games. Why does she think stuff like this is funny? Was I encouraging her to be like this? He could put up with her chores, but this was too much to ask. “No,” he grumbled back. And to his surprise, and her credit, she withdrew her foot, with an exaggeratedly large eye roll.

     “Jeez, for all that I’m doing to help you with homework. And such a small thing to object to too. See look, even I can do it!” She brought her other leg forward and bent her knee towards her, then lifted the foot up near her head as she leaned forward and gave them a peck on her toes with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. “Mwah!” she exclaimed, proving how easy it was. But she instinctively recoiled and her eyes flashed back open, narrowing her eyebrows. “Oh, they’re kinda damper than I was expecting,” she laughed. “I guess I don’t blame you.” But before he could sigh with relief, her leg extended back out and returned to his face, her heel smushing itself eagerly against his mouth. “But now that I’ve done it to prove that it’s not so bad, you have to too so that my kiss wasn’t made in vain,” she demanded, twisting the moist, sweaty fabric against his face. The awful, musty stench returned to his nose, reminding him of how athletic she was—and how old her socks were too. She’s literally stuffed me up against her tits, like multiple times too, yet I’m refusing her over a foot? I guess she’s right, if she can do it, then what’s my excuse? Even though her sole was resting against his face, she had been sure not to press any further than just touching against the skin, so that when he finally did agree to kiss her foot back, she’d be able to feel it. So not wanting to waste any more time, he puckered his lips and extended his jaw out a little bit, pressing his lips against her moist, dirty sock. A minor sucking sound was heard as he pulled away from the coarse, gray material, signifying that he had indeed given his sister’s sock a proper kiss. And as soon as he did, she whipped it away from him again. 

     “See? That was perfect!” she beamed, even though she hadn’t technically been able to see it. She had still felt it though, and just barely heard it. “Your massage isn’t done though,” she reminded him, and returned her peds back into his caring hands for him to continue his work. “You think I’ll need a shower before Parker comes over later?” she asked, and he glared at her with an even less amused expression than before, causing her to break out into a fit of laughter. 

     “Definitely,” he muttered.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     “Ohhhh Reeeeeeese,” Olivia yelled throughout the house after finishing up with her shower. The door to the bathroom was wide open since she was letting out all the steam, and Reese came walking in to see what she needed. She was once again wrapped only in a towel, although it was clearly straining to conceal the private parts of her 6 and a half foot body. The towel was wrapped low enough that a generous showing of deep, tan cleavage was on display for her brother, but still high enough that it covered her nipples and just barely kept her ‘modest.’ And as he came to a stop in front of her, he realized that if she were to raise it any higher, he’d be staring right ahead at her nether region. Given the fact that he could see her panties still on the floor nearby too, he nervously realized that unlike the last time he’d shaved her legs, she wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath and was completely nude under her fluffy, white towel. She bent forward like she was about to talk down to a little kid, but made sure to keep her arm holding the towel up against her chest as her boobs threatened to spill out. “Wanna make 5 bucks again lil bro?” she asked in a singsong voice like she really was speaking to a child, and hopped onto the counter behind her. She deftly crossed her legs as soon as she sat down, so that her thick thighs prevented him from accidentally looking up her towel and seeing her exposed vagina. “I need you to shave my legs, and then give me a mani-pedi. Oh! And put some lotion on my legs after you shave them, you can use the peachy stuff I bought for you.” She smiled at him as if he should be grateful that her lotion was ‘for him,’ although he didn’t like the way she phrased it, as if it was something he had wanted himself.

     “Really? All that? When’s your boyfriend getting here, I don’t know if I’ll have enough time.”

     She raised her eyebrow in surprise and took on a more serious tone. “For one, Reese, I just told you I’d give you five bucks if you can get it done for me. I seem to recall you kissing my sweaty socks earlier for free, so I’m a bit shocked you don’t appreciate my financial incentive. And two, Parker is not my boyfriend.”

     “OK, OK, I’ll do it,” he replied, holding up his hands in defense. “I wasn’t trying to argue.” As he turned to head back out the door, she lightly bumped his butt with her foot to prod him along, and spoke up again.

     “Oh, and get me a piece of gum from my desk please!” she said as he obediently headed to her room.

     “Yes ma’am,” he mumbled to himself, grabbing everything he needed from her room.

     Just like last time, he did a commendable job of shaving her thighs and calves without ever nicking her skin. And when it came time for the other leg, she told him to turn around. He did, and then he heard her slowly uncross her legs behind him, her foot passing over his head as the other leg came to rest on top of the newly shaved one. “Ready for the next leg,” she informed him, and he turned back around to continue his task. After that, he squirted her lotion onto her newly smooth skin, rubbing the pleasantly scented cream around and somehow making his sister’s legs and feet even softer than they already were. “See, they smell good now, right?” she asked, and pushed her foot against his chest to force him to step back a few feet. As soon as there was more distance between them, she raised the foot back up in front of his face, pressing her spongey sole onto his face for the second time that day. “The area under my toes doesn’t stink so bad now, huh?” He shook his head in reply; her feet really did smell a lot better, but they were still his big sister’s feet and he didn’t want to have his face up in them any longer than he needed to. “Another kiss would make sense then too, right?” Without even arguing, since he knew he’d lose to whatever logic she would inevitably bring up, he puckered his lips and brought his little lips right into the arch of her foot, delivering another kiss to Olivia’s feet. His lips were a bit wetter than earlier, creating an even more noticeable sucking sound as his mouth retracted, causing him to blush. “Perfect, Reese, glad you like them,” she giggled. He didn’t say anything, only glaring at her. “Oh, so you don’t like them?” she asked, feigning surprise and concern. “You don’t look that happy right now and I can never tell what you’re feeling cuz you never seem to say anything.”

     Reese sighed, “OK, fine, they sme—“

     “Huh? Speak up lil dude, I can’t hear you down there,” she smirked, bobbing the foot on her crossed leg up and down while she crossed her arms.

     “They smell better, Olivia. Happy? I’m glad you took a shower so they don’t smell like shit.” 

     Even though his remark could be construed as rude, she burst out into laughter at his deadpan, slightly bitter delivery. “Aww, I love you Reese,” she said, continuing to laugh, eying him with amusement and adoration Encouraged by how well she reacted and how funny she all thought it was, Reese’s face broke into a smile as well, making him feel better about the situation, before starting to chuckle along with her. Their laughter eventually died down, and she leaned against the mirror. “I still need you to paint my nails though, I honestly don’t know when Parker’s getting here so we’ve gotta hurry it up.” He nodded attentively and grabbed the kid, kneeling down in front of her feet so he could get to work on applying a fresh coat of polish to her toes. She smacked away at her gum above him, looking at her phone, as he delicately brushed her clear, well-maintained nails with a dazzling, bright red. After finishing up with both feet, he moved up to her finger nails, so her hands and feet could match. 

     “Perfect!” Olivia exclaimed, hopping off the counter and looking down at her hands, toes, and freshly shaved legs. “And Parker isn’t here yet so I still have time to change, even more perfect! Come on, I’ll go get your 5 bucks before I forget.” She confidently strode out the door, and Reese followed behind, trying to avert his gaze from the towel bouncing off her butt as her hips swayed back and forth in front of him. He stopped at her door as she continued on in. “Be back in a minute,” she told     him, and he stood wait outside while she got into something a bit more decent.

     She opened it back up a minute later, dressed in high-waisted black jean shorts and a white, lace-up back tee that was cut off just above her bellybutton. In case it wasn’t evident she was meeting a boy later, her cute Friday night outfit made it obvious now. “Here, try to help me clean up a little bit,” she said, turning back around as she picked up clothes off her floor. “My room’s kinda a mess, maybe that’s another thing you can help me with! I know there’s cash somewhere around here. It might be in one of my pockets.” She kicked aside some of her clothes, absentmindedly looking through them while Reese helped her look. “God, my legs feel so good,” she squealed, clearly excited for tonight. Reese felt glad he could help get Olivia into a good mood as he lifted up one of her amazon-sized pairs of sweatpants that were taller than he was, and checked the pockets for her money. He heard a buzz from her desk and she rushed over to it, smiling at the notification before grabbing the phone and running downstairs. “Hiiiiii,” he heard her say downstairs as she opened the door, before a guy’s voice greeted her back. “How are you?” she asked, with more enthusiasm than he had ever heard her ask to Reese. He almost felt jealous. Wait… I thought she was heading out somewhere. Is the guy coming here? He heard the door close as they continued chatting, answering his question for him.

     The two continued chatting as they headed into the kitchen while Reese stood and listened. He wasn’t sure if he should continue looking for her money or leave. Is she gonna stay down there with him? I don’t really wanna interrupt them. She probably doesn’t need me up here still. Although I do wanna get my money… Their voices started to grow in volume and soon he heard them making their way up the stairs. “Oh yeah, my parents are both at the store, I think they’re grocery shopping, but my brother’s still home, he was helping me clean my room,” he heard her say, before the two of them turned the corner into Olivia’s room. Her head was turned behind her as she was talking to the guy, causing her to bump right into Reese as she entered. “Oh, I didn’t see you lil man,” she said. Olivia turned back to the guy, “Parker, this is my brother Reese. Reese, this is someone I went to high school with,” she said, her hands motioning between the two of them. 

     “Oh, uh, what’s going on, man?” Parker said, clearly surprised by Reese’s small stature, and he reached his hand out to shake Reese’s hand. He looked about as tall as Olivia, with black, slicked-back hair and a growing beard, dressed in a Nike t-shirt and basketball shorts. He seemed polite enough, for some reason Reese had expected him to come off as a douche, even though he had no reason to think his sister’s standards were that low. 

     “Reese has DSD,” Olivia explained after they shook hands. 

     “Yeah, I could tell,” Parker said, seeming to feel sympathetic for Reese. “That sucks man. I saw someone at college who was like, two feet tall once. Coulda had it worse,” he shrugged. He was right, technically, but it didn’t make Reese feel any better in the presence of this clearly more muscular and well-groomed man.

     “Oh, what college did you go to?” Olivia asked. Clearly they hadn’t kept in touch very well over the last four years.

     “Pacific,” he replied, slowly nodding. “Business major.”

     “Oh, nice,” she replied. What a stimulating conversation, Reese thought, and the three of them just stood there for several seconds. “Anyways, sorry my room’s such a mess,” she started again, and bent over to pick up a bra off the floor. As she bent down, her jean shorts stretched over her wide hips, teasing Parker with how big her ass was. Reese looked away from the giant mounds in from of him as he rolled his eyes at her lazy attempt, but his turning just put Parker’s rising erection in his view. Parker was too busy drooling of Olivia’s butt to realize him and his dick slowly growing a larger tent in his shorts was blocking Reese from leaving the room, and Reese turned away again with even wider, more scared eyes as he tried not to think about how giant Olivia’s friend’s dick seemed to be from his perspective. God, I really wanna get outta here now. Olivia stood back up, tossing the bra aside. “Yeah, this place gets messy pretty easily, that’s what Reese was helping me with, but I think he was just leaving, right?” she asked, looking down at him expectantly. 

     “Oh, sorry,” Parker laughed, stepping out of the way. 

     “Wait, what about the five buck—“ Reese started to say, but was interrupted by Olivia as she turned around.

     “We’re gonna hang out in here for a little bit, mkay?” she said, lifting her foot up and pressing her sole against Reese’s stomach, then forcefully pushed her brother stumbling backwards out of the door. The door closed in his face, and he headed downstairs, upset about not getting his money, as he heard someone jump on Olivia’s bed as she started to laugh now that Reese was gone.


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