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Sunday, May 30


     “Ugh!” The front door slammed shut behind Olivia as she made her way inside on the warm, spring morning. “I can’t believe it’s almost June already, it feels like only a few weeks ago the weather was nice and cool,” she complained, slipping off her tennis shoes by the door. Reese was eating in the kitchen on a stool, and noticed his sister was considerably more sweaty than she usually was after her runs. Her bulging sports bra was darkened in several areas from the accumulated perspiration. As she walked towards the kitchen, he could hear the thwop, thwop, thwop of Olivia’s footsteps, as her sweat-stained socks had to unstick themselves from the wooden floor with each new step that she took. That’s something I’ve never noticed before. Either it really was extra hot today, or she ran longer than usual. Maybe both. He glanced at the floor behind her, and noticed the big, sweaty footprints, formed from just the few seconds that her hot socks had been in contact with the floor each step. 

     She poured herself a tall glass of water and downed the entire cup in a single chug, then refilled it and repeated the display a second time. She’d brought water with her, but it had run out long ago. “You know,” she started to say, panting with relief from the cold, quenching drink, “I feel like yesterday was… a lot.” Thwop, thwop. She took several steps towards Reese and wrapped her arms around his neck, with her hands clasped over his chest. She leaned over and rested her head atop his, trying to be sentimental. “Like I feel like I got a little heated in the morning. I know you weren’t coming at it from like a place of rudeness or anything, but I was pretty cranky and kinda having a bad day and it wasn’t til I was out running today that I thought that maybe I overreacted. You shouldn’t have had to write that stuff out on a piece of paper a bunch, that was just an idea I had had in the heat of the moment but I didn’t actually want you to do it. You just asked me so I told you. But I just wanted to say that I was sorry. And that I love you baby broooother,” she cooed, smiling happily to end her little speech off. She stood up straight again, and in doing so her boobs accidentally slid up Reese’s back and neck. “You don’t have to say it back, I just figured I should apologize.”

     Reese sighed, knowing he should say something in return. So he spun around in the stool, finding himself staring right into Olivia’s deep valley of cleavage, always threatening to burst through her sports bra. “Oh, um…” he stuttered, looking up into her piercing blue eyes that were sympathetically gazing right back. “That’s OK, I forgive you. Don’t worry about it.”

     “OK good, I’m glad we could clear that up,” she said, and once more wrapped her arms around him, pulling his head up against her chest. Even with all the deodorant she’d put on, he could still smell the sweat that had formed in the crack between her boobs, and it grossed him out as he was pushed against her and got some of it on his face.

     “Ew, hug me some other time when you’re not as sweaty,” he mumbled, pushing away from her, and she laughed at his reaction.

     “Oh yeah, sorry about that I guess. Well you don’t have to hug me, but I still want you to give me a massage, so hup-hup!” She patted him on the back several times, coaxing him out of his seat, and led him to the couch just like any other day. He went to sit on the end of the sofa, but she held her arm out to stop him and shook her head. “Nah, I’m not in a ‘laying down’ kind of mood today, I’d rather sit up against the cushions rather than the arm rest, you know?”

     “Oh.” He stood awkwardly in the front of the couch as Olivia collapsed right in the center of it, comfortably easing herself into the pillows as she extended out her long feet onto the floor in front of her. Realizing that this was where he was apparently supposed to massage her from, he knelt down on the ground before her as Olivia lifted up one of her feet. Reese grabbed onto the top of her sock, four fingers from each hand digging into the tubing, and pulled the sweaty, worn out piece of clothing towards him as she pointed her toes to make it easier for him. As the sock sprung off her foot, he got flashbacks to when she stuffed him inside one of her thigh-high ones and hung him up on her coat hanger. This sock wasn’t as long, but it was still unnervingly large for such a titanic woman.

     “And can you do them like how you did it yesterday? Like I know I was kinda upset with you so you were overcompensating maybe, but still, it was easily the best job you’ve done so far.”

     “Oh… yesterday?” he repeated. He heard her fine, but was surprised she wanted him to do everything like that morning again. I mean, she didn’t just have me rub them, she wanted me to kiss them too. But if that’s what she wanted, then that’s what he was determined to do in order to show his gratitude. So with her bare, reddened and sweaty foot held in front of him, he gingerly leaned forward and pressed his lips firmly against her hot, moist sole. The odor from an hour of accumulated sweat, mixed with the dirty fabric of her years-old workout socks, exploded into his nose. But above him, she started breaking out into laughter, and she pushed her foot back into his face and shoved him over, toppling him over onto his back.

     “I just meant the massaging part, you didn’t have to kiss them,” she cackled, legitimately surprised that her brother thought she expected him to serenade her feet again while they were so freshly sweaty and covered in her post-workout filth. He blushed, inwardly berating himself for thinking that that’s what she had meant. He pushed himself up onto his elbows so he could stand up, but Olivia’s eyes went wide as she heard someone on the second floor of the house walking towards the top of the stairs. “Wait,” she whispered hurriedly, holding her foot out like it was a hand making a stopping motion. “Remember when we tried to see if my body could hide you from Mom a couple days ago?” We? That was all you… “That was fun, I wanna see if we can do it again. Get under the couch, hurry.” He was a bit confused by this new rendition of one of her ‘games,’ but he did as he was told and shuffled on his back towards the couch, barely able to fit his 3 foot body into the gap under the couch. His feet hit the cabinet table behind the couch before he could fully shuffle in all the way, leaving just his head out in the open as he heard his mom walking down the stairs. With Olivia’s feet planted on either side of her brother’s body to allow him to squeeze underneath her, his sister was leaning forward to look over the edge of the couch cushions and saw that her brother hadn’t been able to make it all the way. 

     “Hey honey,” the two siblings heard Tracy say as their mom entered the downstairs area. Seeing that her brother wasn’t going to be able to fully hide in time, she lifted her feet off the ground and quickly planted both of them firmly on his face just as their mother walked around to the front of the couch and took a seat next to Olivia. Reese was taken aback as his big sister’s heated, practically steaming soles unceremoniously greeted his face and forcefully pressed the moist, tan skin against his unsuspecting face. His little head was easily able to fit into the arch of her oversized soles. The sour stench of her sweat-soaked skin permeated his nostrils, and she was pressing down with enough force to remind him that he wouldn’t be able to escape, even if he wanted to. Reese was simply stuck in another one of her ‘experiments,’ another game of hers. He wondered how his mom hadn’t been able to see him when she came by; even if his face was completely covered by Olivia’s feet, there was still a few inches of the side of his head visible. But Tracy hadn’t been looking at the floor, why should she be? I guess people just don’t see things they aren’t looking for, he mused to himself. “Did you just get back from your run?” Tracy continued. “You were out for a while, weren’t you?”

     “Yeah, and it was suuuuper hot today,” she said. Reese was able to confirm that first hand, as his head was practically sweating already from all the heat that his sister was transferring to his body via her big, athletic soles. “It was definitely the most I’ve sweat so far this year from a run.” As she said this, he could feel her scrunch her feet, mushing his little cheeks around. He could hardly even remember what her new foot lotion that she’d ‘bought just for him’ was supposed to smell like, since all that his nose seemed to acknowledge was the clammy remnants from his sporty sister’s exercise. 

     “Do you know where your brother is?” Tracy asked, then her face took on a more grave expression. “You’re not hiding him from me again, are you?”

     “Do I look like I am?” she asked, giggling in memory from a few days before, and stood up to show her mom that there wasn’t anything (or anybody) under her on the couch. Reese nearly groaned as hundreds of pounds of Amazonian sister suddenly bore down on his trapped, little head, all concentrated in a single spot. But standing on her brother’s head was almost like trying to stand on a ball, and she quickly fell back down to the couch before she lost her balance.

     “Well that’s good,” their mom sighed, convinced that Reese was safe somewhere else. “I was just gonna watch some Judge Judy if that’s OK.”

     “Yeah, go ahead,” Olivia said, pulling out her phone as their mom turned on the TV. It only took a few minutes before Olivia all but forgot about Reese. She still knew he was there though; feeling his little face squirm every once in awhile beneath her warm feet would remind her that she couldn’t get up or leave until their mother did. And unfortunately for Reese, their mom intended on watching TV for the next hour. So all he could do was lay there, trapped beneath the couch, with his mom unaware that he was even there, as his sister’s stinky, sweaty feet used his poor face as a footrest.


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