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Monday, May 31


     Reese was standing on one of his kitchen stools cooking breakfast for himself before school on Monday morning, when he heard creaking floors from the upstairs hallway, announcing that Olivia was up and about. Normally she was already awake by the time he was up, but apparently she’d slept in later than normal today. The soft pattering of her footfalls got louder as she came downstairs and entered the kitchen. “Morning,” he mumbled, flipping one of the fried eggs, and briefly turned his head. But just as he did so, his face got pressed right into the center of his sister’s boobs—except there wasn’t a shirt in the way this time. His head became almost fully engulfed by her gigantic bust, her soft skin quickly warming up his head, before she recoiled with a giggle.

     “Sorry lil dude, I was gonna give you a surprise hug from behind, but I guess you noticed me first,” she smiled. As she leaned back away from him, he realized that the reason why he’d been able to get deeper than normal into her cleavage, when normally her top would stop him, was that she only had a bra on. And panties down below. The six and a half foot amazon was clad in only her underwear as she towered over Reese, the sunlight peeking through the kitchen window and illuminating her golden skin. “Mmmmmm, the sun almost makes me wanna just lie down again,” she said wistfully, closing her eyes and stretching her arms out on either side as she absorbed the comfortable warmth of the morning rays. But there was something about Olivia’s lingerie that nearly made Reese choke in surprise.

     “Olivia, your… your nipple… I can see your nipples through your bra!” he husked, as if he didn’t want their parents to hear. And sure enough, Reese was right: Olivia was wearing a sheer lace bra, and unmistakable through the translucent material were an unavoidable pair of dark brown areolas. It wasn’t like she had had a wardrobe malfunction and accidentally shown them; it was just how the bra was designed, so that anyone who was looking would be able to see what was underneath.

     Olivia rolled her eyes and bent over so her head was level with her brother’s, resulting in her tits hanging incredibly low from her chest right in front of the surprised and nervous boy. “Yeah, and I can see your nipples through your clothes too,” she said, reaching down and squeezing one of the tiny protuberances from his t-shirt, pinching his little nipple with her fingers. He yelped out in surprise, before she laughed and let go, standing back up to full height. “It’s not like being able to see someone’s nipples is that rare. Like it doesn’t even matter what your gender is, you know what I mean? It happens all the time. Besides, if this was my house, I wouldn’t be wearing any bra at all, they’re so restrictive.” She furrowed her brow and readjusted the straps, causing her tits to jostle around again just a few inches from his face.

     “Yeah, b-but—“

     “Anyways, breakfast looks good, hope you’re making enough for me,” she said with a smile, ruffling his hair a little bit. She turned back around, and he watched her practically bare ass, only slightly covered by her skimpy panties, wobble from side to side as she walked away, before he took in some deep breaths and went back to cooking, now for the two of them.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Olivia came home from her afternoon run about half an hour after Reese came back from school. By now, she was making sure to time her exercise sessions so that as soon as she got back home, her little brother would be ready and available to tend to her needs. He already knew what she’d want, so as soon as he saw her head up to her room, he put his snack away and jogged up after her.

     “Looks like you’re starting to think ahead, that’s pretty smart of you,” she told him approvingly, taking a seat at her desk and letting out a big sigh. “I have some stuff I have to work on, so why don’t you get under there for me and you can work from that angle.” She motioned to the area under her desk and scooted her chair back, indicating she wanted him to get underneath. So he followed her instructions got onto the ground, before turning onto his back and scooting under his sister’s desk. “Perfect!” she said with a smile, although the desk above him was blocking his view of her face, so all he saw was her torso and long legs as she took off her shoes and socks. Even though the upstairs was carpeted, she still used a rolling chair at her desk because of its adjustable seat and ability to spin around. Which was useful now for her to raise the seat so her feet were off the ground, then scoot the chair into her desk. The center pole of the office chair came right in between Reese’s legs, so his body wouldn’t have to twist awkwardly around the wheels while allowing Olivia to scoot in as close as possible. She lowered her feet onto Reese’s chest, and he could immediately feel the heat from her warm, sweaty soles pressing through his shirt, so he quickly picked one of her feet up so he could get to work with giving her daily massage. 

     Several minutes had passed, and Reese’s hands were starting to feel a bit clammy from rubbing and kneading his sister’s damp skin. And she’d started to watch TikTok videos on her laptop that she’d found in a Twitter thread. But with how Olivia’s mirror was positioned behind her, he was able to see her computer screen, and had started to discreetly watch along with her. But eventually, his rubbing slowed down, as his mind became more focused on enjoying the videos rather than rubbing Olivia’s feet. She noticed his slacking, and peeked under her desk to find him staring off, and she looked behind her to realize what he’d been doing. Their eyes locked in the mirror, and he quickly went back to diligently rubbing her feet, feeling guilty at having been caught. “Sorry,” he mumbled.

     “It’s OK Reese, you shouldn’t feel that bad,” she reassured him, and reached down from her chair to pick her dirty socks off the floor that she’d been wearing just a few minutes ago. “I think I have a little solution though that can help you to pay attention and only focus on the massage.” She pulled her feet away from his hands as she got out of her chair, onto her hands and knees at the foot of her desk. Reaching towards the back, where her brother’s head was, she carefully laid the sock out vertically over Reese’s face, the dirty, grayed sole facing downwards. And his head was so small compared to her oversized feet, that her sock’s width when flattened was enough to cover both of his eyes (and his nose and mouth, for that matter). He was taken aback as the suddenly strong smell of her still somewhat damp workout socks, smelling strongly of sweat, grime, and tennis shoe, took over his senses, while also effectively blinding him. There was still light leaking in from the sides, underneath the sock, but his ability to slack off by watching her mirror was definitively taken away. “I thought I’d need both my socks, I forget how small you are sometimes,” she laughed, but laid the other one on top of him horizontally anyways, just for good measure. “I only need your hands,” she explained, and scooted back into her desk while her foot nudged Reese’s hand expectantly. “Now there should be no more distractions.”

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Shortly afterwards, Olivia went for a swim in their pool out back, and Reese had decided to join her. She ended up taking advantage of him though when she asked him if he could dry her off. She’s always looking for new ways to use me, isn’t she? he thought, but grabbed one of the towels off the outdoor rack anyways. She stood proudly in the sun, looking down at him as he got onto his knees and began dabbing her feet, then wiping at her ankles and calves. He stood up, working his way up her legs and drying all around her thighs as well. Since he was only as tall as her hips, he reached up to dry off her stomach and lower back too, but he neglected to pad her butt. “That’s all I can reach,” he said, expecting to be done.

     “Uhh… no it’s not.” She reached down and grabbed his free hand, raising it up next to his head as she turned to the side, then pressed his hand up against her ass cheek. “Does that feel dry to you?” His face reddened as his sister made him feel her butt and how wet it still was, so he quickly wiped her bum off with the towel, trying not to think about how squishy it was whenever he pressed in. 

     “Now?” he asked, hoping he was done.

     “Now I’ll help you with the upper half,” she said, and he watched as she reached her hand out straight for his face. But she didn’t grab his face, and instead he felt her hand rest on his head and her fingers clamp around his skull. His head was small enough that her entire palm was able to fit over the top of his head, with her thumb and pinky finger each digging into his ears as her other three fingers clawed at the back of his head. Is she really big enough to— he started to wonder, before she answered his question for him and picked him straight off the ground with her hand, moving him closer to her and her boobs. As he dangled helplessly from her clutches, he worked as quickly as he could to wipe her neckline, abs, and all over her tits. As much as it made him uncomfortable, he knew she’d just ask him to do it anyways if he didn’t take the initiative himself. She looked down and used her other hand to feel around her cleavage and stomach, wiping her hand around to see if the area was still wet. “Good!” she said with satisfaction, and dropped him to the ground with a giggle. With a sigh of relief, he ran back inside to throw the towel in the laundry and head to his room, as Olivia watched him leave with a smile on her face.


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