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Tuesday, June 1


     Reese didn’t see much of Olivia before he had to leave for school on Tuesday. He had been eating breakfast that morning when she came downstairs, but she was walking funny and kind of slow. “God, my legs are so sore,” she muttered to herself, grabbing an orange from the basket of fruit before heading upstairs. It dawned on him after watching her limp up the stairs that his sister had gotten fucked so hard the night before, she was still having some trouble walking. And he’d been there to watch the whole thing. Upon the memory flashing back in his mind, he lost his appetite, and decided to just head to school.

     She seemed better by the time he got home though, since she was walking around without a problem. Because her legs had been sore, she hadn’t gone on a run that day either, so she was gracious and told Reese he didn’t need to give her a rug today. “But you can still help dry me off after my shower,” she mentioned absentmindedly, as if it was a foregone conclusion because of him drying her after she went swimming the day before.

     “Um, but… you’re not gonna be…” he began to ask, not wanting to actually say it. People usually wear something still when they go swimming, but never when they take a shower.

     “Naked?” she said, finishing his question without hesitation, looking down at him with a raised eyebrow and a hand on her hip. “No, obviously not. I’ll slip on my bikini before you come in or something.” He still wondered why she’d want him to help her dry off, but she seemed to read his thoughts and answer before he could ask. “It’s actually not so much about drying my skin as much as it is drying my hair. Obviously most of my body is quick and easy enough for me to dry myself, but because of how thick my hair is—“ she said, flipping her locks behind her with a showcasing smile, “my head takes a bit longer. So that’s the main reason I want you to help. Sound good?”

     “I guess,” he murmured, still confused. But drying her off was such a small thing to complain about compared to the other things he’d done for her by this point. 

     She smiled satisfactorily at his compliance and headed into the bathroom. “Leave your door open so you can hear when I call,” she reminded him, and then shut the door.

     Half an hour later, Reese’s name rang throughout upstairs as his sister beckoned for him. He set his phone down and dutifully made his way into the bathroom. As a force of habit, he swung the door open instead of just a crack, accidentally letting in a burst of cold air. “Oooooh, close it close it,” Olivia complained, prancing back and forth on her feet from the sudden temperature drop. Her little jumping up and down caused her boobs to bounce up and down and her thighs to jiggle, but Reese was beginning to get used to ignoring his sister’s body by now, and grimaced as he shut the door. She crossed her arms over her chest, letting Reese know he wasn’t off to a great start already as he adapted to the warm, humid atmosphere of the bathroom. She held out the towel to him, letting him know he could start drying her off, and took a seat on the edge of the tub so he’d be able to reach the upper half of her body. 

     As he took the towel and started with wiping down her legs, he tried to lighten the atmosphere by joking around with her. “I hope you showered enough,” he chuckled half-heartedly. It was one of those jokes that was somewhat serious—after the last few days, he wouldn’t really be surprised if later today, his sister felt like subjecting him to wearing him in her clothes during a smelly gym session, or rubbing her feet after a run. And he didn’t really expect he’d resist either, knowing that he was so close to graduating and his chance of getting his diploma was pretty much in her hands at this point.

     “What’s that supposed to mean?” she asked, looking legitimately upset. He looked up at her, wondering if maybe he struck a nerve. “Of course I showered good enough, why wouldn’t I?”

     “No, I know, I just meant—“

     “If anything I’m probably actually more clean than normal cuz I didn’t even go on a run today. Like you could literally eat off my skin…” As she muttered those last words, Reese saw her eyes widen as an idea formed in her head, and she lifted her head up in awe of her own creativity. “Actually yeah, that’s a good idea. Not to literally eat off me or anything, that’d take too long obviously, but you should still lick it.” She stood up, looking down at him with a smirk as he gulped nervously, her sturdy Amazonian figure towering over him in nothing but her bikini. “Go on, oh dearest little brother of mine,” she teased with a giggle. “Stick out that tongue!” He did as he was told, opening his mouth and leaning forward, pressing his tongue against her soft, tanned thigh and sliding it up her smooth skin.

     “Like that?” he asked, wincing at the slightly acidic flavor, thanks to her body wash.

     “How’d it taste?” she wondered, cocking her head to the side.

     “Um… it’s definitely clean, I guess… Sorry Olivia, I wasn’t trying to be mean.”

     She sat back down, “That’s OK, I know you weren’t trying to be mean.” After another couple minutes of him quietly drying off the rest of her body, she turned around, still sitting on the tub, and combed her fingers through her long, wet hair. “Remember, you gotta dry my hair too,” she reminded him, and he set to work padding down her locks while she texted Jordan on her phone.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Later on, Reese had just finished painting Olivia’s nails in her room and was about to leave when she remembered something from when he was at school. “Oh! I forgot to mention, your school called mom while you were gone today, but luckily she was in the shower so I was able to answer it instead of her.” Reese’s heart skipped a beat. If they were calling his parents at this point, only days away from graduation, it couldn’t be a good sign. “Basically,” she continued to explain, “they wanted to inform Mom and Dad about how you might not graduate because of how close your grades were. But lucky for you, they thought I was Mom, so I just took the call for her and I guess they still don’t know.” Reese sighed with relief, feeling endlessly grateful for how gracious his sister was for picking up the phone for him. 

     “Thank you soooo much,” he said earnestly, giving her a hug as he thanked God that his sister had saved his ass. “I didn’t even know that they did that kind of thing.”

     “So you still don’t have a passing grade in English yet? Isn’t that the only one you really even need to pass to graduate? With all the assignments and essays and shit I’ve done over the past few weeks for you, I would’ve thought you’d be in the clear by now.”

     “Um, well I am,” he said, scratching his head nervously and avoiding eye contact. “In English I mean. But I failed my AP Calc final, which brought it down a lot. And I didn’t pass the class last year so I never got my third math credit,” he explained.

     “Jeez, why’d you choose calc then? And an AP class?” 

     Reese shrugged and got defensive, “I don’t know! Cuz I was a dumb freshman when I chose which math to take and now I’m here, and I had to take the AP classes cuz the regular ones were already filled up.”

     “Hmmm.” Olivia regarded her brother with a slightly judgmental gaze, but one still tinged with sympathy over his situation. “So what I’m hearing is, you need to fix your math grade in the next couple of days? Like, by Friday, cuz that’s your last day of school, right?”

     “Yeah…” he mumbled, still avoiding her eyes.

     “Which means you actually need me to fix your math grade…”

     “No, I can fix it myself!” he insisted.

     She raised an eyebrow, not believing him. “Well judging by the fact that you said you just failed your final, I don’t know if you really can. If you have to do homework to make up for your grade, you literally don’t have the time to get stuff wrong and have it not be good enough. So… you do need my help.” He couldn’t argue with her. He knew she was right. “Reese?”

     “Yeah…” he sighed again.

     She sighed, “Well, go back to your laptop and send me the stuff you need to do for the class then.” He nodded and headed back to his room with his tail between his legs, and came back into her room a few minutes later after he’d sent the assignments. “Jeez,” she commented, pulling up one of the assignments on her phone, as she laid on her side on her bed, giving it a closer look. “I guess I can see why you failed, I forgot how hard this shit is,” she chuckled. “God, calc really sucks.”

     “So… can you still do it though?” He had a bit of hope she’d still be able to help—she’d always been better than him at math.

     She rolled over onto her stomach and pulled up another assignment; this one wasn’t as difficult. “Yeah, I guess. But I’ve pretty much only got like, tonight and tomorrow to finish it for you, right? Cuz I’m not cancelling my plans to head to the beach with Jordan on Thursday.” He nodded, and she took a deep breath as she realized she’d have to rework her schedule for tomorrow if she was gonna help her brother out.

     “I know I’m already like, doing a lot for you and stuff,” he said, “but is there anything else I can do for you? Cuz like I’m… I’m really thankful and stuff Olivia. You’re literally—you have no idea how much your help’s meant to me the past few weeks.” 

     She turned to smile at him, setting down her phone. “Well, you can keep humoring me I guess. Like our little games and jokes and whatever random stuff I come up with.” He didn’t hesitate to nod along enthusiastically; it was all a small price for him to pay when looking at the bigger picture, so he didn’t need to think twice about agreeing. “How about, since your homework really stinks, you kiss my ass again like the other day?” 

     “Oh… OK,” he mumbled nervously, climbing on his sister’s bed and leaning over her butt. He bent down and placed a kiss on her jeans, right in the middle of her cheek, before looking up to see if she was satisfied. “And then give it a hug too, just like I showed you. Except I don’t wanna have to hold your hands this time.” He crinkled his face in trepidation for what he was about to do, but obeyed her nonetheless, moving over so he sat above her legs. Then he leaned down with his arms outstretched and wrapped them around her hips, before planting his face right in the middle of her gigantic ass. “A bigger hug than that, come on!” she giggled, having fun teasing him. He nestled his face even deeper, his nose trying its best to bury itself into his sister’s crack, even though a thick layer of denim was in the way. But then all of a sudden Reese heard a loud rumble, and his face heated up as a noxious smell briefly puffed against his nose: she’d just farted in his face.

     He instantly recoiled, coughing in surprise and gasping for fresh air, while Olivia burst out laughing, tears coming to her eyes at how successfully she’d been able to prank him, holding in her gas ever since he came in the room. The look on her brother’s face was priceless, as he tried to regain his composure and what semblance of dignity he might have left. “Oh God,” she laughed, wiping a tear from her eye and settling back down with her head resting comfortably on her pillow. “That was way too perfect. I’m sorry Reese, but I mean, honestly, the opportunity was literally perfect.” He furrowed his eyebrows, upset at her, but not willing to get openly angry and risk tampering with her generous attitude towards helping him with his homework. As he chuckles died down, she took a deep breath and sighed, closing her eyes as she tried to relax. “I still want you to keep your face planted down there though,” she said, and after a couple of unsure seconds, she smiled contentedly as she felt her little brother’s little face once again press itself against her mighty glutes. She flexed her muscles, as if to give Reese another squeeze, as she felt another wave of toxins brewing in her guts. “I’ve got another fart coming, which shouldn’t be super surprising considering what I ate this morning. But this time I wanna see if you can keep your face down there when it comes out, instead of turning away like you just did. Think you’re man enough to handle it?” He ignored her playful patronizing comment and kept his face glued to the backside of her jeans, and then twitched with surprise as he felt another toot escape from her asshole, right into his nose. It wasn’t as big as the last one, but the fact that he hadn’t jerked back this time made the smell stronger, as he simply let it float into his nose without complaint. Another smaller round of chuckles came from Olivia, and she grabbed her phone to scroll through TikTok, kicking her feet up behind her lackadaisically while Reese stayed obediently glued to her butt, ready for any further rounds of farting that his sister might unleash.


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