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Sunday, May 23


     Reese didn’t sleep well on Saturday night, so by the time he woke up on Sunday morning, he felt so weary that he didn’t even want to bother making breakfast. He just made sure to get Olivia’s coffee started, and then fell on the couch. He was awake enough to come downstairs so he could eventually start the day, but still too tired from the mediocre sleep to want to do anything just yet. Olivia wasn’t so impressed though. 

     “Mmmmm, no breakfast?” she asked, walking over the couch and standing over her brother. He slowly inhaled, always a bit in awe at the sheer size of his sister, now looming far over him as he sat down. It was admittedly even a little intimidating.

     “Uh, yeah, I mean… I’m just like, too tired. For now.” Maybe she’ll accept that answer. Wait, why did it even matter if she accepts my answer to begin with?

     Olivia was visibly disheartened by this. “Aw, I was hoping you’d make eggs or something again,” she said, scratching the back of her neck as she looked down at her feet. “Or pancakes,” she added, a little more chipper.

     “Well, I’m… tired,” he replied. He didn’t know what else to say. It was the truth.

     Olivia rolled her eyes, “Well yeah, everyone’s tired when they wake up doofus. Getting food and water into your system helps to wake you up because your body has to work to digest it.” Reese didn’t say anything back. I mean, nutrition is kinda related to what she majored in. I guess she’d probably know that better than I would. “Come on,” she said, reaching out and pulling her brother up. “You need to eat something. You don’t need to make me anything, but you should eat something yourself.” She lightly pushed her brother towards the kitchen, where he begrudgingly walked towards, not wanting to fight back. “Like, I obviously wouldn’t object if you made me breakfast too. I haven’t eaten yet either. So…” she trailed off. 

     Reese sighed. “Alright, what do you want to eat?”

     “I told you, you don’t need to make—“

     “What do you want?”

     “Eggs and bacon!” She honestly wasn’t trying to trick her brother or use reverse psychology, but she was certainly glad he had decided to make her food anyway and obviously wouldn’t object to the morning service. Just then, the espresso machine beeped. “Oh, and my coffee’s done too!”

*    *    *    *    *    *

     Reese retired to the couch again after he finished, and sighed when Olivia followed right after. Just like yesterday, he sat all the way on the end of the couch, but she still decided to put her feet on his lap after sitting at the other end. She had been wearing slippers over her socks to keep her feet warm after getting out of bed, but now she slipped them off while on his lap and cracked her toes. For a few minutes, he realized that maybe his mom was right - they were just feet. It was a bit frustrating to have his personal space invaded, but he didn’t want to argue again like yesterday. Maybe instead of just a manicure, his mom would make him paint his sister’s toenails too. While scoffing quietly in aversion to his thoughts, Olivia spoke up. “Hey, I don’t like morning showers, but I was walking around for a few hours yesterday. Not like, enough that I needed a second shower as soon as I got home last night, but like…” she trailed off and held her foot up to Reese. “Do my feet smell bad? I was gonna shower this afternoon but if I need one right away then let me know.” Reese wrinkled his face in disgust as Olivia’s foot was raised in front of him. She wasn’t being rude about it and pressing it against his nose to force a smell, but the audacity of even asking him to smell her feet definitely caught her off guard. He quickly breathed in, about to unleash on her again, but remembered that his parents were nearby, and his sister didn’t seem to have a malicious look on her face. Sometimes she was just a weird girl. She laughed, noticing his hesitation. “I know it’s kinda a weird question. But like, people can’t smell their own BO as well as other people can. And my socks are on too so I figure it’s not as bad as like, sticking your face in my pits,” she said, breaking up with laughter. “Come on,” she teased, this time daring to inch it a bit closer to his face. 

     I hate myself, why the fuck am I being so agreeable lately, I hate myself, Reese thought over and over, as he leaned in and gave his sister’s foot a smell. It… wasn’t as bad as some dirty feet. But it didn’t smell like fresh linens. He told her as such, adding “You can probably wait til this afternoon I guess. Not that a few hours would really make a difference.” 

     She thought about it for a few moments. “Yeah, I guess that’s true. I’ll still wait though.” She booped him on the nose quickly with the side of her feet, “Thanks!” Then hopped up and left for her room.

*    *    *    *    *    *

     After dinner that night, Tracy asked Olivia to clean up the kitchen, but her daughter showed confusion towards the request. “Uh, sure, but… I thought Reese was supposed to clean it?” Before Tracy could interject, Olivia finished, “Because of his outburst yesterday, right?”

     Reese’s mouth hung open. “Uh, no… you can’t just make up chores for me Olivia, my punishment was that I did your nails, remember?” He scoffed at the audacity for his sister to press her luck so much, whether it was intentional or not.

     “You’re right Reese, Olivia doesn’t make up the chores, I do. But there’s no need to act that way towards your sister just because she forgot something anyways. I still want her to clean the kitchen, but you can help her with it now.” Reese bit his lip in anger. I shouldn’t have said anything. Somehow, speaking up in self defense actually got me more work.

     Olivia was fine with the change though. “Oh, sorry Reese, I just forgot, jeez. But thanks for giving me some help, mom,” she said with a smile.

     Helping Olivia clean the kitchen at least made it go faster than if he had had to do it alone, but the worst part was Olivia opting to empty the dishwasher before they loaded it. Every time she would put away cups or plates or something that went in an upper cupboard, she would lean against her brother to get to them. At first she didn’t, she gave her his space like a respectful person. But eventually she got tired of always waiting for him to move or somehow skirt around him, and since she was so much taller than her little brother, she’d just clumsily lean over him to reach where she needed. Reese was hating it, but didn’t know how to word why. Every time she’d lean over, her breasts would squish against the back of his head and her body would temporarily trap him against the counter for just a second or two, and then release. Over and over. It was frustrating to be worked around, but he didn’t know how to verbalize that her tits were annoying him. And he didn’t want his mom to see him complain again. So he just shut up and let his sister work around him, miserably wishing that he could just be taller again.


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