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Sunday, May 30


     Sunday was Olivia’s off-day for her jogging, which worked out well considering how late Reese had stayed up on Saturday night; he needed the time to sleep in. But Olivia was still expecting a nice, warm breakfast from him when he woke up that morning, even if it operated more as a brunch.

     Later that afternoon, Reese was alone in his room when Olivia knocked, and he told her to come in. “Hey, even though Sundays are an off day for me and I didn’t go on a jog, I’d still appreciate a foot rub,” she told him, smiling dreamily and batting her eyelashes as if her brother wouldn’t have said yes anyways. “And I brought my laptop too, so we can both get some ‘work’ done together,” she said, holding up her MacBook.

     “OK, sure,” Reese said, pocketing his phone as Olivia cheerfully came over and pounced on his bed next to him. He felt small next to her, as he got squished against the wall by her overbearing size. 

     She leaned against his headboard and his pillow up behind her back. “You might wanna scoot down, silly,” she said, nudging him and pointed her head toward the foot of the bed. I don’t know, it’s my bed, I would’ve thought I could be the one to use my own back rest, he grumbled inwardly, but did as he was told and got down to the other end, sitting criss cross as he lifted her feet into his lap. Unlike the last few days, her socks seemed clean and relatively fresh today. Which was good, it made for a more pleasant experience, one that Reese didn’t feel like he had to keep from thinking about compared to his normal routine of having to work around Olivia’s grimy socks. He worked his fingers along the creases under her toes, the fabric of the socks stretching to accommodate Reese. After a few minutes of him pressing deeply in circles around the ball of her foot, she cocked her head to the side and spoke up. “Do they smell?” 

     He looked at her, confused as to why she’d ask, but continued to rub his hands along her soles. “Um… I…” Does she want me to say no and be polite, or say yes because they’re feet and they always smell weird? “I don’t really know…” he stuttered, hesitant about delivering a concrete answer.

     Olivia rolled her eyes and lifted her foot a few inches off the ground, but still closer to his lap. “It’s not a hard question, I just need to know how bad they smell.” Gulping nervously, he loudly sniffed his nose, making evident of the fact that he was trying to do what she said. He grimaced and shrugged his shoulders, but she spoke up before he could deliver another unappealing answer. “Okay, cool, good to know you can’t smell anything from a foot away, but I’m hanging out with a guy later that always has like a really good sense of smell for things I can’t even notice. I don’t wanna gross him out but I also don’t wanna shower twice in one evening.” Why would she shower twice? He was momentarily confused, before guessing she might be interested in him and expect their encounter to escalate beyond a typical ‘hangout.’ He definitely didn’t wanna pry for more details though. 

     She brought her foot up even higher now, bringing it only a few inches from his nose now. “Actually smell it. If you can’t notice anything from that close then I’m probably good. It doesn’t need to be an overly dramatic one like what you just did, just tell me what you smell.” 

     He shifted his focus from her face to her foot, directly in front of him, and her toes bowed up and down in response. He breathed in… What the fuck do you expect me to say Olivia, it’s a foot. You’re asking me to smell your foot for Christ’s sake. “I don’t know, it’s kinda musty I guess. Like it doesn’t smell like…” What do clean socks smell like? “…laundry, and fresh… skin, or lotion, or whatever. I don’t know, it doesn’t smell like you showered today.” Probably because she hasn’t showered most days. Just baths that she makes me start for her. “That’s what you want me to say, right?” He was almost angry as he said that last line, frustrated by the sheer audacity that Olivia would even suggest him to smell her feet so casually.

     “Well I don’t want you to say it,” she giggled, ignoring his attitude. “But I get what you mean.” Then she retracted her feet into her own lap. “You don’t need to start a bath for me today, I just wanna have a normal shower.” Olivia bounced up, her energetic spirit already having grown tired of Reese’s duties to her, she was now focused on cleaning herself up before meeting with her friend. “Thanks for the massage again!” And with that, she headed out of his room and into the bathroom to wash off before night came.

*    *    *    *    *    *

“Hey Reese,” Olivia yelled, “can you come in?” She was still in the bathroom, having finished with her shower a few minutes ago. 

     He walked across the hall but stopped in front of the door before entering. “Do you have your clothes on?”

     Reese could hear her sigh with exasperation from inside before answering. “Yeah, of course, I just told you to come in so obviously you can come in.” He scratched his head, feeling foolish for even asking, before entering. The wave of steam hit him, along the the distinct, sharp smell of pomegranate conditioner and lavender body wash. Olivia was sitting on the counter next to the sink with her robe on, while she was typing away to someone on her phone. Probably the boy she’s seeing later. She greeted her brother by smiling faintly at him as he came in. “Close the door.”

     He looked at her for a second, confused. “Why?”

     “You’re letting the cold air in, just close it!” He seemed to be questioning her a lot more these past couple days, which was starting to get frustrating. He still hadn’t said no to anything she’d ask, but he’d ask why she wanted something several times. She wondered why he wouldn’t just deny her something if it really mattered that much, it was almost more annoying to have him question her motives instead of just turning her down. But she regained her cool as he closed the door and looked to her expectantly to see what she wanted. She put her phone down and hiked the bottom of her robe up, making sure to still keep it covering her lower region, then reached next to her and lifted up a razor. “Can you help me shave my legs?” Help you? It sounds like you mean do the whole thing for you… “Look, I haven’t shaved in several days, they’re prickly.” She grabbed ahold of his wrist with her other hand and pressed it against her thigh, then rubbed it up and down on her skin. Her skin was soft, but there were still some definite hairs beginning to stick out. Olivia didn’t have a lot of hair, and it was a sort of golden color so it didn’t standout against her skin, but she still wanted to be completely smooth before… meeting up with her friend. She let go of Reese’s hand. “I know you don’t have a ton of experience with shaving,” she said, then grabbed her brother’s chin between her fingers, drawing attention to his lack of facial hair, and he blushed. He had wished for years that he could just grow a respectable amount of stubble at the least so he could feel older, but the sentiment was even stronger after shrinking several feet to the size of a child. “But I do, so I can work you through it.”

     “I know how to shave!” Reese responded indignantly. He was so caught up in his sister making him feel infantile, he hadn’t even considered whether or not he wanted to shave his sister’s legs, and had subconsciously agreed to help without needing to say anything. 

     Olivia held her hands up at her brother’s reaction, realizing she might’ve gone too far. “Sorry, sorry. Just make sure to be really delicate with it, like you just need to barely be touching the skin and that should be enough pressure. Leg hair isn’t as strong as beard hair. And there’s a lot less of it, obviously.” She handed him the razor in her hand and a bottle of shaving cream, then turned on the sink faucet next to her. “It usually only takes me like 5 or 10 minutes to do both legs. And I’ll give you five bucks if you can do it without nicking my skin,” she added with a smile. Initially he felt like rolling his eyes at the offer of only five bucks, until he realized that it was only a few minutes of work like she said. Technically that’d be like making twice minimum wage even if I took a few minutes longer than she does, he pondered. She’d really pay me five bucks just for ten minutes of work? Jeez… “But remember, only if you don’t nick my skin,” she reminded him, interrupting her thoughts. “No scratches or cuts.” 

     Well that’s why, if I mess up then she won’t pay me anything. “Deal.” I just have to focus and I’d be good. Five bucks if five bucks. He lathered the shaving cream onto his fingers then applied it to her right leg, making sure to spread it evenly all around, from her ankle to just below her waist. Olivia had made sure after hiking up her robe that a bundle of the fabric was collected between her legs to make sure her brother couldn’t accidentally see anything. This allowed her to lift the sides of her robe high enough that he could reach her upper thigh without risking exposure to any bits of his sister that neither of them wanted him to see while he worked. Delicately, Reese set the razor down at the top of her leg, slowly sliding it down along her leg, collecting copious amounts of cream along with several hairs here and there. Olivia picked her phone back up while her brother worked, confident in his ability to work diligently. If only she had offered to pay me for the other stuff I do for her, he wondered as he glided the razor down additional columns along her thigh, rinsing the razor off after each stroke. What if my job was just working for my sister. Like doing whatever she wanted for 8 hours a day. Wonder how much I’d wanna be paid if I actually did that… He finished her upper thigh, then placed his hand back on it like before and rubbed it around. She looked up quickly, not used to the feeling of someone’s hand gripping her upper thigh. “Feels good,” he said reassuringly, then blushed as he realized the phrasing might sound weird in the context of shaving his sister. She faintly smiled, then went back to texting. Eager to move on, Reese kneeled down so her knee was in front of his face, and shaved carefully, not wanting to nick the bonier area. After her kneecap was clear, he stood back up and grabbed her ankle, lifting her leg up so it was perpendicular to his body, her foot against his chest while he finished her lower leg. He was just as careful shaving Olivia’s left leg, and before long enough, he was all finished up, washing her razor and setting it down on the counter. He wiped down all the excess cream off her legs with the towel she had dried off with, then hung it back up to admire his work while she set her phone down.

     “Looks like you did a good job,” she admired, running her fingers along her leg, glad for them to be clean and barren again. She slid off the counter and let her robe fall back down to her knees, spreading open her arms for a hug. Reese felt good about himself from her positive feedback, and stepped forward to hug her back. The top of her robe was just open enough that he could see her cleavage grow bigger as his face approached her body, before she wrapped her arms around his head and held him snugly with his head pressed up against her breasts, nearly in between them due to the shape of the robe. The smell of her body wash was stronger now, and other than the awkwardness for him of being positioned between his sister’s boobs, he felt comfortable in her embrace. “Thanks,” she added, and let go of him as she beamed down at her good little brother. Olivia picked her phone back up, and walked past him, opening the door while he followed behind her to her room. “Hope you take cash,” she said as she entered her room. Reese instinctively followed suit, but was stopped short as he saw her turn at the door with her hand on the inside handle. “Wait for me to change first,” she said, then closed the door while Reese stood outside patiently.

     She opened it back up a minute later, dressed in high-waisted black jean shorts and a white, lace-up back tee that was cut off just above her bellybutton. In case it wasn’t evident she was meeting a boy later, her cute outfit for a Sunday night made it obvious now. “Here, try to help me clean up a little bit,” she said, turning back around as she picked up clothes off her floor. “I know there’s cash somewhere around here. It might be in one of my pockets.” She kicked aside some of her clothes, absentmindedly looking through them while Reese helped her look. “God, my legs feel so good,” she squealed, clearly excited for that night. Reese felt glad he could help get Olivia into a good mood as he lifted up one of her amazon-sized pairs of sweatpants that came up to his armpits, checking the pockets for her money. He heard a buzz from her desk and she rushed over to it, smiling at the notification before grabbing the phone and running downstairs. Wait… I thought she was heading out somewhere. Is the guy coming here? “Hiiiiii,” he heard her say downstairs as she opened the door, before a guy’s voice greeted her back. “How are you?” she asked, with more enthusiasm than he had ever heard her ask to Reese. He almost felt jealous. 

     The two continued chatting as they headed into the kitchen while Reese stood and listened. He wasn’t sure if he should continue looking for her money or leave. Is she gonna stay down there with him? I don’t really wanna interrupt them. She probably doesn’t need me up here still. Although I do wanna get my money… Their voices started to grow in volume and soon he heard them making their way up the stairs. “Oh yeah, my parents are both at the store, I think they’re grocery shopping, but my brother’s still home,” he heard her say, before the two of them turned the corner into Olivia’s room. Her head was turned behind her as she was talking to the guy, and she nearly ran into Reese as she entered. “Oh, I forgot you were still in here,” she said. You just said I was still home, how did you forget? Olivia turned back to the guy, “Parker, this is my brother Reese. Reese, this is someone I went to high school with,” she said, her hands motioning between the two of them. 

     “What’s going on, man?” Parker said, reaching his hand out to shake Reese’s hand. He looked about as tall as Olivia, with black, slicked-back hair and a growing beard, dressed in a Nike t-shirt and basketball shorts. He seemed polite enough, for some reason Reese had expected him to come off as a douche, even though he had no reason to think his sister’s standards were that low. 

     “Reese has DSD,” Olivia explained after they shook hands. 

     “Ohhhh, gotcha,” Parker said, seeming to feel sympathetic for Reese. “That sucks man. I saw someone at college who was like, two feet tall once. Coulda had it worse,” he shrugged. He was right, technically, but it didn’t make Reese feel any better in the presence of this clearly more muscular and well-groomed man.

     “Oh, what college did you go to?” Olivia asked. Clearly they hadn’t kept in touch very well over the last four years.

     “Pacific,” he replied, slowly nodding. “Business major.”

     “Oh, nice,” she replied. What a stimulating conversation, Reese thought, and the three of them just stood there for several seconds. “Anyway,” she started again, turning her attention to Reese, “we’re gonna hang out in here for a little bit.” She stepped to the side, the path to the door as clear as her wishes.

     “Alright,” Reese said, sighing since he hadn’t found his five bucks yet. “See ya,” he said, and held up a hand to the two of them in farewell as he exited her room. Olivia closed the door behind him, and Reese heard their small talk pick back up. He certainly didn’t wanna risk hearing anything from his room across the hall since it was obvious where their night was gonna go, and he was sure they’d want their privacy anyways, so he headed downstairs to watch Netflix while he waited for his parents to come home.


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