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Wednesday, June 2


     After Reese gave his sister her second foot massage of the day on Tuesday, Olivia told him to wake about 15 minutes early on Wednesday. She was going to be going on her runs in the morning from now on, so instead of his usual afternoon schedule, she wanted him to pamper him in the mornings from now on. Or at least, just for the next week, since Reese was set to graduate in only 6 days. The last day of school for seniors was this coming Friday, but the ceremony was the following Tuesday night, which meant technically that was the last day that seniors were able to turn in assignments if they still needed to. He had luckily been able to intercept the school’s attempts to contact his parents about his increasingly close possibility that he didn’t pass, and was hopeful that luck could just hold out for him for another few days.

     Despite being obviously energized from having ran several miles, Olivia still wanted coffee when she returned on Wednesday morning shortly after Reese woke up. She had also had a breakfast of her own, but just enough to fuel her workout; she still expected a big, filling meal from her brother as well. Luckily, she let him eat his breakfast with her, so he didn’t have to rub her feet until after his meal was already finished. Her socks still weren’t quite damp still, but they were still rough and warm. He didn’t want to have to eat anything with his hands for awhile after rubbing his fingers all over her gross, dirty soles.

     Reese’s proposal from the night before to pick up Olivia’s cookies on his way home from school gave her an idea, so after he got out of class on Wednesday, he headed across town to make a stop by Sephora. There was one closer to his school, but he was worried that he might run into someone from school there, and even though he only had a week of high school left, he wasn’t confident enough in his sexuality to shop for what he deemed to be feminine products in front of girls from class. Realistically, nobody would’ve actually cared, but at his reduced size, he was a bit more paranoid about certain things. Olivia had texted him a picture of the specific set she was looking for, and he was glad he was able to find it without much trouble. She had given him thirty dollars in cash that morning, $24 plus tax with which to buy the nail polish, and the rest was his to keep from what she owed him for shaving her legs the other night.

     When he got home, Olivia gave Reese an hour to relax and get some food before she wanted him to start on his chores (although technically, they were really her chores). The first thing she had him do was fold her clean laundry. She sat in bed on her laptop, while he sat against the side of the bed, occasionally getting reminders and instructions about how to fold certain items. They listened to Olivia’s favorite podcast, Call Her Daddy, and at one point while the guest was talking about dominating the men in her life, Olivia smirked and crossed her legs on top of her brother’s head. She laughed when he got annoyed and quickly shrugged them off, giving her a glare. Luckily for him, Olivia didn’t push him any further since she was just wanted to tease him, and knew he obviously didn’t like being used as a leg rest.

     After folding and putting away his sister’s laundry, Reese moved on to painting her nails. They agreed that their father’s armchair downstairs would probably be the best positioning for both of them since Olivia had to sit up a bit. But Tracy was downstairs cooking dinner, so Olivia saved Reese the humiliation of doing her mani in front of their mom and decided they should stay in her room. Like the week before when Reese painted her nails on the couch, Reese sat in her bed again, perpendicular to the middle of the mattress with his back against the wall, scooching his way under her long legs. He still felt trapped, but Olivia was insistent that her bed would be the most comfortable spot for her, and Reese figured sitting under her legs would be better than sitting on the floor without a backrest. So after they got situated, he held her hands once more and started delicately painting her nails while Olivia browsed Instagram. He was nervous that their mom might come into her room without knocking and wonder why Olivia was nearly sitting on her brother while he gave her a manicure, but luckily he made it through without the two of them being discovered.

     The last chore of the day was shaving Olivia’s legs again. She opted for a real shower instead of another bubble bath again, but she still wanted him to come in after she had dried off a bit and have him get her legs all nice and smooth again. All in all, he was able to finish with her tasks for him before they ate dinner that evening, and he got several more old homework assignments in return, so he felt like he had been productive and adequately compensated. Olivia, in return, felt the exact same way, and was glad to have someone serve her in so many ways, when all she had to do was fetch a few old files she had forgotten about and spend a few minutes tweaking them. Later that night, they both headed to bed with a smile on their face, each truly grateful for their sibling.


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