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Author's Chapter Notes:

Anita has some more fun with her new toy in the airport. Vaginal insertion, giantess masturbation, and almost-vore.

"No, he doesn't own this company, I do," Anita said. Her voice was getting loud, and there were eyes turning towards her. "Pfizer doesn't touch him, so he shouldn't get his panties in a wad over it."

A voice of dissent, a totally reasonable voice of dissent, buzzed into her ear from her phone. Annoyed at the airport's delays and flushed with sexual frustration, Anita didn't give the voice the chance to make its argument, cutting it off after only a few seconds. "No, no, no. I'm not going back to Goldman just because that fucker says that pro bono shit should torpedo the IPO unless he gets a bigger share. We had our facetime, and he's got my signature on a piece of paper, so you tell him that he has until next week. I've got a dozen emails from Credit Suisse I've been ignoring for a month."

As if insisting that he was also party to this conversation, the shrunken man inside her started struggling violently. Anita drew a sharp gasp at the sudden sensation, and struggled to keep her base instincts suppressed. Her little toy would be punished for distracting her like this, but it would take a while for her to follow through.

Anita missed the first half of what the dissenting voice said, but it sounded too reasonable, too measured for her. "Look," she said, "Dave needs us way more than we need him. We don't budge, and, if he breaks off, we sue for the travel expenses, got it?"

There was another stirring from the shrunken man. Anita felt her heartbeat quicken, and it was quickly followed by a wave of annoyance. Know your moment, she thought. You can't make me horny, and you don't want to see what happens if you try. The voice was talking, still, but she lost track of what it was saying with her focus between her legs. The line fell silent, and she realized with a start that it was her turn to talk.

"I don't care," she said. Hopefully, it was the right thing to say. "You have my position, so make it happen."

She hung up the phone with a huff and shoved it into her purse, pausing only briefly to check the time. Five minutes until they started boarding. Her heart was racing; she could practically feel the beat of her pulse in her pussy. She ground her teeth; the flight was six and a half fucking hours and there was no real privacy on an airplane. Even the bathrooms, cramped and uncomfortable as they were, were easily unlocked from the outside. Take that with the delays once they landed, and the trip back to her own house, she'd have to deal with this tiny man aggravating her for nearly eight hours before she could take care of it.

After a moment's deliberation, she approached the gate agent. "Hi," she said, her tone as bubbly as she could get it; she wasn't trying to make friends, she was just trying to keep the lust out of her voice. "I have a business call that just came up. When is the next flight to SFO? Could I change?"

The agent had barely made eye contact for a moment before he turned down to his computer, not halfway through her question. He typed for a few seconds, then said, "The next flight leaves in an hour and... nine minutes, from B31. Would you like to change?"

"Please," Anita replied, tossing her hair back with a breathy giggle. She didn't need to play ditzy if not for the fact that her living toy had suddenly started squirming even harder.

"Okay, for first class, that'll be eleven twenty-five."

Anita had her credit card out before he had even finished quoting the number. Nearly twice as expensive as the ticket had been in the first place, but whatever. She was rich. And she wanted this transaction done with as quickly as possible.

The gate agent charged her, passed on her ticket, and she snapped it out of his hands. The only place she could get any real privacy was at the airport lounge, a terminal away, but she had an hour. She had just paid a thousand dollars for an orgasm, so that little man had better not disappoint.

Terminal, escalator, tram, another escalator, moving sidewalk, more terminal, noisy crowd of cheerleaders who didn't seem to realize they were fucking up all airport foot traffic, lounge entrance. A frustrating exchange with the lounge employee who verified her identity and ticket. Finally, Anita was headed to the relative privacy of the lounge bathrooms, her heart racing, pounding in her ears.

Fourteen minutes after being upcharged more than a thousand dollars for the privilege of being delayed an hour, she slammed shut the door to the spacious bathroom in the Delta lounge. She paused a moment, hand on the lock, to listen. Save for the soft white noise from the fan, it was nearly silent, all sound from the outside completely muted. She grinned, turned the lock, and slid down her pants.


Braden's experience was long, unpredictable, but somehow boring. The world that surrounded him was hot, dark, and wet. The giantess' steps reverberated powerfully through her body, shaking his fleshy prison even harder than the periodic flexing of her pelvic muslces. And, though they seemed rhythmic at times, they would start and stop without warning, and would vary wildly in intensity. Sometimes, the dull, steady thudding of her foot hitting the ground would just be the drumbeat for the gentle swaying of her hips. Other times, the impact would be so jarring that he was sure that he would be shaken free from his fleshy prison.

The only constant was the heat, which pressed in from all sides, making his already claustrophobic confines almost nightmarish, and the fluid, which filled every tiny gap between him and the flesh around him. The slimy, salty taste filled his mouth, his nose, and his lungs with every labored breath. It covered every inch of his body and every texture of the squishy surface around him. Over the subtle thudding of the giantess' heartbeat and the noisier pounding of her footsteps, every move he made created a disgusting, squelching sound of wet flesh against flesh.

He hung upside-down, the blood pooling in his head. It made her swaying gait that much more confusing, and it was really difficult for him to make sense of where he was or what was happening. Was she walking? Was she sitting? Lying down? He had lost all frame of reference. Only the rhythm of her heartbeat helped to tell the time, but the chaos of her motion told him nothing about what was happening in the outside world.

He fought and kicked occasionally, when he got so frustrated with the boredom that he couldn't take it anymore. Anita would quickly punish him for his efforts, her pelvic muscles squeezing around his tiny body like a vice. He didn't realize that the soft, pliant flesh of her vagina could turn so hard so quickly, but he learned quickly how strong this woman was. The breath was forced from his lungs and his limbs, already pinned to his sides, cracked painfully under the pressure. He was sure it would have killed him if he hadn't already survived worse.

It was when he heard her speaking that he really fought, refusing to still even under the brutal pressure of her pelvic muscles. If she was speaking, there was a chance that there was another person in the room with her, and he might be able to set her off-kilter enough that the other person would realize something was wrong. He paid for his efforts in the constant, suffocating flow of lubricant from the walls all around him, and the painful, crushing force of her vaginal walls clamping down on him, but it would be worth it if he could escape.

The giantess' fingers plunged suddenly into his flesh-filled world, barging in with a deafening sound and a sudden rush of light and fresh air. They clamped around his chest, and he was dragged out into the open world in an instant.

The transition was so violent that he didn't even realize that he was falling until he had hit the ground. Gasping like a drowned man, squirming like a fish out of water, he completely failed to comprehend the situation around him until his senses finally adjusted to the jarring transition.

Braden spent a long moment in dazed confusion. Cold tiles at his back, a giantess standing over him, naked from the waist down, with fluorescent lights above her. He could smell the sterile scent of cleaning fluid. He could even see a door just overhead, and it was... smaller, somehow.

It took a moment to click. Anita had pulled him out of her vagina, and, in that brief moment of disorientation, she had sized him up. He was a foot tall now, maybe even two.

Large enough to escape! He fought to get to his feet, opening his mouth to yell, when Anita, her naked legs straddling him, came crashing down with frightening speed. Her knees hit the floor just as her crotch hit his face. He felt the wet smear of lubricant on his forehead just before his skull cracked into the tiles beneath him. Stars danced in his vision at the impact, and his shout died in his throat. It took a moment for him to recover his senses, and, when he did, the giantess' massive hand was on the back of his head, and pushed him relentlessly into her crotch.

He yelped in surprise, but his voice was muffled by the flesh that filled his mouth. In an instant, all he could see and taste was the pussy that he had been trapped in not moments before. He was bigger now, sure, but the thin line of wrinkled flesh that was her labia seemed a foot long. His entire head fit comfortably in the palm of her hand; he couldn't fit inside her at this size, and he couldn't do anything to really please her, so what the hell did she want?

"Eat me," she ordered, pushing his face a little harder into her crotch. He squirmed and sputtered, but he couldn't escape her. "You have five minutes. Eat me, or I eat you."

What the hell did he know about eating out a woman? That was for straight dudes, you bitch, and you picked a gay one. Still, after she punished his flailing by squeezing his shrunken head brutally between her thighs, Braden settled his tiny hands on her crotch and started licking and sucking as best he could.

The clit, right? That was what he needed to find? But where the hell was that? Up or down? Was it inside? He had no idea. He didn't really have any control over the matter; the giantess put his head wherever she wanted it to be, moving him back and forth at the same time that she ground her crotch over his face. The flesh between her legs was a brown blur, and the noise was so loud and wet that he was sure someone would hear.

Braden just had to endure, to keep licking and sucking and hope that Anita would put him in the right spot. He had suffered under this heat and smell and taste for days now, trapped either in her panties or in her actual vagina, but it was worse, somehow, to know that the fresh air was right there. He could feel it on his skin, almost chilling, but he was denied the taste of anything but the giantess' pussy. He fought not to gag.

Finally, and probably through no effort of his own, the giantess came. Her entire body shivered; he could feel that happen; and her legs squeezed hard around his head. Hard. Had she orgasmed or was she trying to crush a watermelon between her thighs? Her gasps were so loud, so desperate, that he was sure someone would hear, and at least think that someone needed to be rescued.

No such luck. When the massive woman finally stopped shaking, Braden felt that drop in the pit of his stomach that said he was shrinking again. Sure enough, her pussy grew even more terrifying in size, until he could once again slide effortlessly into it and be lost forever.

And Anita didn't waste any time. She pressed his tiny body, four, maybe five inches, between her labia, until his face was pushed hard against the slimy pink flesh beneath, and her middle finger guided his legs into the warm, wet tunnel of her vagina.

Not again, please. She slid him in slowly, and he dreaded that moment when his view of the outside world was replaced by the darkness of her body, but she stopped just before then. His arms dangling over his head, he was just barely free of her body; he didn't have the position or the leverage to free himself, but he at least could enjoy the privilege of fresh air, for as long as it lasted. Below him, the giantess' bare legs seemed like smooth, fleshy pillars, stretching far down to her bare feet on the floor. Bare feet in a public bathroom. Interesting.

Anita's hand came back down and pinched his dangling arms between her fingers, dragging him out of her body in a terrifyingly rapid action. The fresh air hit his fluid-soaked body in a sudden shock, and then there was a blur of motion. Brown flesh, dull-painted walls, fluorescent lights, a blue T-shirt, and then suddenly the giantess' face. Her dark brown eyes seemed to bore directly into his soul, her expression unreadable. Whatever came next, though, it couldn't be good.

She lifted him further up and tilted her head back, opening her mouth. Braden stared for a second down the fleshy pink tunnel of her throat before his brain finally realized the threat, and he started to kick and squirm. But, by that point, she had already lowered him down, and his legs were kicking against her teeth. Her lips closed around his lower body, her hand let go, and, with a sudden jerk, he was sucked into her mouth all the way up to his neck.

She could bite his head off right now. Or could she? She could swallow him, surely, but how immortal was he? His right arm was still free, but his left had been sucked in between her lips and her teeth. But even through the panic, he knew that, at his size, there was nothing he could do to fight her. He was totally at her mercy. If she wanted him in her stomach, on the floor, or just as a piece of human chewing gum, he wouldn't be able to do shit to stop her.

That knowledge, even after all this time, didn't quell his instinctive struggles. Below his shoulders, he could feel the giantess' tongue tossing his body around effortlessly, the giantes demonstrating, maybe not even on purpose, her total control over him. In a sudden, terrifying movement, he was tossed upside-down, left staring up at the giantess' nostrils, before her tongue twisted him back around again.

Just finish it, bitch, he thought. I'm not your plaything.

Her hand came out of nowhere, grabbing his free arm between thumb and forefinger. The pressure was tremendous; it should have shattered his bones, but he barely felt any pain. In a single, violent jerk that absolutely should have ripped his arm from its socket, he was pulled out into the open air, hanging by his wrist above the giantess' face.

At his size, in his position, the massive woman's expression was extremely difficult to read. Every facial feature, every wrinkle, was a landmark, so it was hard to take the full picture in. Except now. Anita was horny. There was no other way to put it. The way she chewed on her lips, the way she cast her eyes towards him, even the red flush to her cheeks that shone through her darkened skin.

Braden's heart sank. It was nowhere near over for him.


It took a minute for Anita to catch her breath, staring hungrily at the tiny man dangling in front of her face. She had no idea how good it would feel to force him to eat her out at a fifth of normal size. Maybe it was his shrunken face, maybe it was his earnest efforts, maybe it was her own desperation, but she hadn't come that hard in her entire life.

Lost in lust, she had shoved him bodily up her vagina, then sucked the fluids off his body. The taste was rich and more than a little salty, and it only helped to stoke the fire of her libido.

That was a thousand-dollar orgasm, she thought with a sigh. He owed her at least one more, and she had time to make it happen. Holding the little man in front of her by his wrist, she swung him back and forth playfully. His frightened expression and panicked scrambling was nothing if not entertaining. Should she tell him what was in store?


Anita leaned against the wall, spreading her legs and bringing the shrunken man between them. She rubbed his tiny face against her clit in fast, brutal circles, turned on as much by the stimulation as by the idea of torturing her shrunken toy. Within minutes, her masturbation had turned furious, and she was plunging the little man in and out of her vagina over and over again.

Fuck yeah, you little bitch. Take it. You belong to me now.

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