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Stood in the doorway ominously was the girl they’d all come to fear. Completely unclothed and holding only the gun that had propelled her into power in the first place in one hand and a jar in the other.

“This family is now under new management”, Jessie stated, the feeling of power surged through her. John was unmoving, in complete shock at the insanity his life had suddenly become.

Claire, realising how close to freedom she was, screamed out to stir John, “please John! Do something!”.

Before John could even make a move, Jessie, like a seasoned cowboy, sprung the gun up from her hip and fired a single beam. The life drained from Claire’s eyes as she watched her only hope shrink down to not even a couple inches tall.

The towering Jessie slowly approached her minuscule Father and carefully scooped him into the open jar. Claire begged and cried as Jessie approached her still static body.

A second beam shot out of the gun and Claire’s size quickly dwindled. Again, she was tiny, but at least human-looking again. Jessie held Claire’s rock solid body in her hands for a moment before dropping her into the jar with John. She crashed down against the glass, a significantly more painful entrance than John’s. Paying no further attention to them, she casually left the empty room with them in hand and headed for her own.

Claire and John were thrown against the walls of the jar as Jessie carried it and placed it down on her desk roughly. He attempted to plead with the giantess as she looked through her drawers, totally uncaring of her family seeing her petite, naked frame as she sat.

Jessie either couldn’t hear him or was simply ignoring him as she searched for her nail varnish remover in her messy drawers. Soon, she plucked out the bottle she was looking for and held it up to the jar.

“Can you relax?” Jessie began, “unless you like her in such a compromised position, you dog!”. John looked at the ground, his cheeks flushed red as he thought about what he had done to his wife and how his daughter must have heard.

Reaching into the jar, Jessie plucked her stepmother out and began rubbing her hard skin with the nail varnish remover. Claire felt it burn, but it worked perfectly as she slowly regained the ability to move.

Satisfied with her work, Jessie threw Claire’s limp form back into the jar before peering down into it. Her parents began immediately rubbing at Claire’s inflamed skin in an attempt to wipe off the excess nail varnish remover before it did too much damage.

With her head still hung above the jar's entrance and, not being a total sadist, Jessie spat into the jar and covered both her parents in her slimy, bubbly spit. “You’re welcome”, she said, smiling evilly. Claire and John both continued rubbing her skin, disgusted but thankful for their new master’s spit.

Claire’s skin began to soothe, the redness dying down. They hugged their first real hug in a long time, both of them on the verge of tears.

“If you two lovebirds wouldn’t mind, I’d like my brother back” Jessie said simply. John looked at Claire in confusion, she returned his look with complete horror as she remembered where he was.

“What?! Where is my son?!” John replied, turning and angrily screaming up to his captor. John watched as Jessie’s eyes fell upon Claire, who had begun to bend over.

John looked at his wife as she exposed her asshole. “He’s not… She wouldn’t have…”, he said, refusing to believe his daughter would be so evil.

“John… Relax… You have to get him out”, Claire said, the calm voice of reason now. She spread her tiny, white cheeks for him.

John looked at his wife in disbelief as she bent over and spread her cheeks. Was this their life now? Complete humiliating obedience to his now goddess daughter?

Defeated, John reached down between her cheeks and pressed his fingers into his wife’s asshole. Claire gasped as he entered suddenly, a sharp pain twanged through her as he began to dig around.

Feeling what he assumed was Leon’s head just at the tip of his fingers, John attempted to grasp it and pull his son out. Leon screamed out as the giant fingers gripped his head and began tugging, the pain was immense. However, it was a welcome rescue from this hot, stinking hell as he felt his shit-covered body slowly being pulled towards the exit.

Having shrunk inside of someone, Leon was barely even a centimetre tall now and covered in his own stepmother’s excrement. As John plucked him out, he lost his grip and Leon fell down heavily against the glass gasping for air. Both Claire and John crouched down to help him in any way they could.

Jessie’s phone vibrated heavily on her desk, the three tiny people peering over at the monstrous device shaking beside them. Reaching for it, Jessie picked it up and pulled it to her ear.

“Hello?”, Jessie answered, “Yeah… Yeah… Sure! See you soon! Bye!”. Her captives were unable to hear the other side of the conversation.

“I’m going to need you two on top form” Jessie stated, looking at the two tiny men in the jar.

“Us two?” John asked, speaking for himself and the silent Leon who was too small to project his voice to her.

“Yes, you two!” Jessie confirmed. “SHE is missing, but you both are not. Aunt Jackie is coming to stay.”


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