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Jessie reached into the crowded jar, her three tiny relatives all ducked in fear as her hand came down upon them. Claire screamed in desperation, clawing for any grip as she felt the giantess’ fingers choose her and clasp around her torso. 

The two men grabbed onto Claire quickly and began pulling her back, refusing to allow Jessie to take her. The battle was certainly not hard fought as Jessie tugged on Claire lightly, although Jessie didn’t exactly plan on letting all three of them out of the jar so she released Claire angrily, which threw the three of them against the glass.

“Clearly you three have too much fight in you. If this is how you behave now, what about when Aunt Jackie gets here? Can I trust you?” Jessie ranted to her captives, clearly displeased by their disobedience, but not at all concerned about her ability to keep them in line.

Grabbing the jar she briefly clasped the lid shut and shook it aggressively as if making a cocktail. The three tinies clattered against the sides and each other violently for only a moment. After what felt like an age, their prayers for her to stop were answered as she placed the jar back down and opened the lid back up.

The previously defiant tinies all lay on the floor of the jar stunned. Reaching back in, Jessie plucked Claire out with ease and held her by her side like a child would a doll.

“I have a few things to do before Aunt Jackie gets here. I need you two to do a couple of things for me, but I think you need to realise who’s in charge first…” Jessie said, her tone scarily neutral. The two dazed Men peered up at her as she grabbed the wide jar with her spare hand and placed it on the chair she had just been sitting in.

Now spectating from a lower position, the two men were exposed to a sight of their daughter and sister respectively that they wished they had never seen. Her tight vagina hovered mere inches in front of the jar as she stood there looking down on them, her perky breasts bouncing with each tiny movement her body made. 

Their view was soon replaced by an equally embarrassing one as the two men watched in horror as Jessie began to rotate her youthful, petite body to face away from them. Expecting her to exit the room, they were shocked to find her getting ever closer.

Soon Jessie’s peach was directly above the jar, both John and Leon looked away in disgust as they were exposed to her asshole and vagina. Her potent feminine odours slowly filled their nostrils. Suddenly, Jessie sat her ass fully onto the jar and their world changed.

The air quality immediately dropped as their sky was eclipsed by Jessie’s ass, their only source of oxygen whatever was trapped beneath her asshole as she sat. Her thick chicks spilled over the sides of the jar, red lines appearing where the smooth glass rim dug into her flesh as she created a perfect seal.

Leon ducked down as low as he could go and pulled his head in close to his chest while John retched in disgust as his daughter’s stinking asshole flared inches above him, the heat hitting them as if they had opened an oven. Composing himself, John began screaming up to the giant girl who heard nothing through the thick glass.

Suddenly, the nineteen year old’s asshole flared open and a blast of hot gas filled the tiny space. The two men coughed and sputtered, falling to their knees on the floor of the jar. Condensation began to build up on the sides, wiped away only by the handprints of her captives desperately clawing at the sides of their toxic enclosure. Jessie held this position for a while, letting them stew and ensuring all of it had left her asshole.

With dexterity that could make a magician jealous, she quickly raised her ass off the jar and slammed the lid down onto it. Both men, holding their breath, pleaded with Jessie as best they could through the jar, but it was no use as they watched her immediately exit the room with Claire in hand.

Leon and John choked for clean air. Jessie’s gas, with nowhere to go, hung like a thick cloud. Their eyes burned as they both writhed on the floor of the jar, both forced to inhale her noxious gas and too weak to coordinate any sort of attempt at getting the lid off. Drifting in and out of consciousness, their lungs worked overtime to pull whatever oxygen had been housed inside of Jessie’s rectum out of the smog.

An unknown amount of time passed and Jessie reentered to find both men twitching on the floor of the jar. She giggled, glad they hadn’t died yet. Removing the lid, Jessie watched as life sprang into her two captives. It was as if they had been resurrected as the gas floated out of the jar and was replaced by fresh air.

“I’ve hidden Claire, if either of you try to pull anything or if anything happens to me then she WILL die” Jessie stated sharply, the sudden lack of even her usually devious tone disturbed both men. She meant it.

“I’m going to regrow you so Aunt Jackie doesn’t get suspicious, I might even let you both stay big for the indefinite future if you behave.” Jessie began, “but I want NO funny business, if Aunt Jackie gets either the tiniest idea that something is up, Claire dies and then I’ll deal with you both. Do you understand?”.

The two men nodded in unison at the still naked giantess. “Good!” she exclaimed back to them simply. And with that, she plucked each of them out of the jar and placed them on the ground. Reaching for the gun, she aimed at each of them and fired.

Soon, the two men stood up fully. Their large, masculine forms towered over her tiny, nude body at normal size. They looked at the devil that controlled them with rage in their hearts. But, understanding their situation, they did nothing. 

“Get a shower, she’ll be here in an hour and you both reek!” Jessie commanded, holding her nose as they exited her room in sequence.

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