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Waterfalls of soap and water flooded in from all directions. The machine quickly filled up and Claire felt herself rise as it did so. Soon she was paddling in the soapy water as the machine began to rotate around her. A light spin turned to a strong one and soon Claire found herself struggling to stay above water.

Jessie’s clothing began to get lifted and thrown around. The clothes tumbled on top of Claire and just as she gasped for air, she was dunked into the depths of the water filled machine. Scrambling for the direction she hoped to be upwards she was quickly thrown down as the clothing hit her.

Periodically, Claire was able to reach the air pocket at the top to breathe. The soapy water filled her mouth, making her cough and sputter. The torture continued on for what felt an eternity before it finally slowed and the water drained.

Battered and beaten, Claire lay completely exhausted amongst the now clean clothing. Jessie soon returned and crouched down to open the door of the machine. Claire made no effort to get her attention, she was too tired. She felt herself being lifted and then dropped into the basket again as Jessie emptied the machine. She wheezed as more clothing was thrown on top of her but still made no effort to escape. She lay like a discarded toy, limp and lifeless.

She felt herself being lifted and then the familiar light sway of Jessie’s movement very briefly. Suddenly she was thumped down again. Light flooded onto her as Jessie heaped the laundry into the dryer. Claire mustered up the strength to scream out but was too late as Jessie threw her into the dryer with the rest of the clothes. She peered up at her step daughter’s unaware face and cried out, her second attempt to scream was met with a slam of the dryer hatch and Claire was plunged into darkness.

Like before, the machine began to spin and an overwhelming hot air was pumped into the machine. Claire screamed out as the scorching heat began to dry the clothing, spinning the clothes violently. She was thrown around the machine with the clothing, beginning to sweat but finding that the heat quickly evaporated it. She fell unconscious from the pain.

Claire opened her eyes hoping everything that had happened was a dream. She was definitely not in the dryer but she was still surrounded by complete darkness. A soft fabric was wrapped tightly around her. What had happened was definitely not a dream, she was still among Jessie’s clothing. Her environment was silent.

The silence was abruptly ended by the piercing buzz of what sounded like an alarm. How much time had passed since Claire fell unconscious? She heard the muffled steps of what must have been Jessie getting ready for college. All of a sudden, Claire’s outer confinement lurched forward and she recognised the sound - a drawer. The light shone through the thin black fabric that was wrapped around her and she could make out her step daughter’s face and body peering into the drawer.

Claire flinched as Jessie’s hand reached for her, she tried to wriggle and scream but Jessie paid no mind. Jessie dropped Claire’s entrapment down to the floor. Claire watched up in horror as her completely naked step daughter placed each foot on either side of her. Her shaved vagina almost glistening as the new sunlight shone through the window and onto her goddess-like body.

Reaching down, Jessie pulled the thong up her legs. The strip of fabric in which Claire was trapped began to unravel as the thong was raised, however the energy generated from the fabric being lifted kept her completely pinned to it.

Realising that the strip she was cocooned by was not the front, Claire screamed out for help but was quickly silenced as Jessie’s round and curvaceous ass cheeks surrounded her. Jessie felt this as a slight buzz in her ass, she dismissed it as an itch and continued to get ready.

Walking over to her mirror, Jessie admired her own figure. She contorted her body to show her face and ass at the same time, giving it a light slap and watching it jiggle. Those days at the gym really paid off she thought to herself. Claire’s whole world vibrated as Jessie slapped her ass, she had no idea what was going on.

Jessie approached her wardrobe and picked out a bra, a top, tight denim shorts and plain black leggings. She strapped on the bra and threw the top over her shoulders. She then slid the leggings up her faultless legs, they hugged her ass fairly tightly. Then she did the same with the denim shorts. Struggling to get them over her ass, she hopped slightly to pull them on.

Claire could see nothing. Jessie’s tight ass cheeks had fully entombed her. The pressure was bearable thus far. Suddenly the pressure lessened for a moment as Jessie bent over to pull on the leggings. Like the Red Sea, Jessie’s cheeks parted and Claire could very briefly see through the thin strip of thong that kept her pinned. In front of her was the huge mirror that sat in Jessie’s room. What Claire seen horrified her. Her step daughter was bent over to pull up her leggings and here she sat trapped between her ass cheeks.

Darkness came over her as Jessie began to stand up, pulling up the leggings. Again, Jessie bent down to pull up her denim shorts this time but Claire could no longer see because of the leggings. As the shorts hit the crease of Jessie’s ass, Claire felt the pressure increase. Out of nowhere, her world was thrown up and down as Jessie jumped to pull them up. With each jump the denim shorts got higher. And the higher they got, the tighter Jessie’s ass cheeks were pulled together. Claire could not move at all. She tried to scream out but her mouth was immediately met by the fat of Jessie’s ass and she could no longer close it.

The pressure between Jessie’s cheeks was unbearable. The smell wasn’t that bad, she expected far worse from an ass. Jessie began to walk, her ass cheeks grinding together as she did so. With each step, Claire felt herself falling deeper and deeper into Jessie’s crack. Jessie felt this slightly and, thinking it was her thong being twisted or something, dug her hand into the back of her underwear. Claire felt the cheeks part and was suddenly winded by her step daughter’s fingers that clawed at her and pressed her harder into the cheeks that encased her.

The thong strip untwisted and Claire was plunged deeper. As Jessie’s hand retracted, the cheeks pressed back down around Jessie. She was firmly pinned now against her step daughter’s asshole. The stench here was far worse and the grease of Jessie’s pucker smeared against her face.

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