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Leon finished up his shower, dried himself off and exited the bathroom in only his boxers. He was a tall and good looking 18 year old with dark hair. His family made fun of his interest in replicas because his looks wouldn’t make you think he was such a nerd, yet he was.

As he entered his room, his gaze instantly locked onto the gun he had found earlier. He picked it up to inspect it more. The giant action figure lay still in the corner of the room from before.

He wanted to test it again. He looked around the room for a figure he could stand to lose. His eyes locked onto the strange skin coloured thing on his bed. Paying no attention to where it came from, he placed it on his desk and went to take a shot. He was just glad he didn’t have to use one of his collectibles.

Wasting no time, he took the shot. Claire was ecstatic. She couldn’t believe it was this easy. Leon was literally going to fix everything without knowing. She grew and grew before stopping at 4 feet tall. Little did Claire know that the only way to properly regrow would be if the unshrink setting was used, growing her didn’t quite work like she’d want it to.

She tried to move again as she stood on his desk but the polish still had it’s hold on her. Leon approached the figure. All the features had yet again smudged. Before him lay a skin coloured doll with only basic features. Brushing a hand across it’s stomach, he felt the hardness of it’s skin.

Just curious, he peered up towards it’s vagina and ran his finger along it. The film of polish was lighter here as it peeled away from her as his finger ran along it. Intrigued, he plunged his finger into the doll, surprised by the detail. It was soft. It was moist. Claire screamed on the inside, feeling the painful intrusion.

Leon picked up the doll off the desk and was shocked by its weight. He stumbled over to his bed and lay it down face first to inspect it further. He kneaded the cheeks of the doll’s ass and then began to press into its asshole hard, expecting a similar hole to be there. Like before, the film came away from the hole and his finger fell deep inside. He was even more surprised that it had a life like asshole as well as as vagina.

At this point, the doll had him both intrigued and extremely turned on. He climbed onto the bed alongside it and quickly tore off his boxers. Wasting no time, he climbed onto the doll. Claire couldn’t believe what was happening. She lay face first on her stepson’s bed, abused and unable to move. She felt the weight of him press down on her back, she had no idea what he was doing.

Excited by his new sex doll, Leon parted it’s cheeks and pressed his throbbing penis against its asshole. Claire felt the pain immediately, she tried to scream out for help but no sound escaped. Since it was a doll, Leon spared no thought for the abruptness of his entry and forced his penis into it as hard as could. He felt the tight rectum of the doll surround the girth of his penis. It felt life like. It felt alive!

Filled with lust, Leon began pounding into the doll. The pain was beyond compare for Claire. The disgust and embarrassment overcame her in waves, along with the agony she felt as each hard thrust penetrated her ass so deeply. Leon was in another world. His eyes rolled back into his head as he felt the ecstasy of each pound pulsate through his body.

Claire gritted her teeth and tensed her asshole in an attempt to push him out as Leon invaded her tight space. A stray tear broke through the glue that kept her bonded and dripped to the bed. Contrarily, Leon was in complete bliss. He couldn’t believe this doll felt this way.

With each powerful pump, Leon got closer and closer to release. Claire could feel his penis pulsating more now, it felt engorged, she knew what was to come. Suddenly, she heard Leon groan and felt his semen fill her insides completely in a few strong shots. Sighing in pleasure, he fell prone on top of her static body. He was completely worn out. With all her strength, Claire tried to move even an inch and, to her surprise, succeeded. Leon quickly climbed off her, seemingly in response.

Filled with joy, Claire waited for Leon to turn her over and save her. She could forgive him for this, he didn’t know! She was just happy that he felt her move. Out of nowhere, she suddenly began to shrink down back to an inch. Leon approached her, plucked her tiny body up and placed her down in his box of replicas. Laying on her back among all the other toys, she felt Leon’s semen begin to trickle out of her exposed asshole. Paying no mind to the toy he had just defiled, Leon exited his room. He had not felt her move.

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