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Weeks had passed as Claire lay at the top of Leon’s box of replicas, a space reserved only for the most used toys. And used she had been. Weeks of daily fucking had left no doubt in her mind that she certainly was Leon’s favourite toy. She silently cursed her step-daughter for causing all of this, how could someone leave their stepmother battered and beaten like this. She was unsure whether or not to be thankful for her immortality, starving to death seemed a nice alternative to an eternity of this.

In the corner of her eye she spotted the usual swing of Leon’s bedroom door as it opened. A less familiar face entered, Claire’s frozen body vibrated with rage and fear.

The devious face of Jessie creeped into the dark room, scanning the contents. Her eyes lit up as she found what she was looking for. The slam of a door reverberated through the walls, Leon was home, she had to be quick!

Quietly she approached the box that her prize lay in, looming over it’s tiny form. Claire tried to break the seal around her lips to scream but had no luck. The giantess’ fingers curled around her and she was plucked out. “Hope you’ve had fun!” Jessie said, scanning the tiny figure.

Her fingers traced along the doll’s breasts, ass and then it’s vagina. Jessie noticed the polish had worn away around her stepmother’s pussy. Curious, she flipped the doll over and spread it’s cheeks. The polish had worn away here also, a light fluid still dripping out. “Oh you did have fun!” Jessie gleefully exclaimed, knowing what violating acts had befell her stepmother.

Claire felt abused and violated as her stepdaughter threw her body around in her hands as if it were nothing. Holding her stepmother’s lifeless, stiff body beside her she reached down for the interesting looking gun in her brother’s gun replica box. It so obviously wasn’t like the others.

She picked it up and scanned the details of the gun. “Shrink”, “Grow” and a few other settings were placed across the gun's body. A metaphorical lightbulb flickered on.

The thumping of someone, likely Leon, coming upstairs echoed through the house. Panicking, Jessie swung the door of her brother’s room open and made a beeline for the bathroom with the gun and her stepmom.

Leon finally reached the top of the stairs to see his sister flying into the bathroom, likely from his room. As Jessie slammed the door behind her, he ran to his room to check the contents were safe.

Jessie paced the bathroom, thinking hard and fast. She knew it was only a matter of time before Leon came looking for what she had stolen. Claire was merely a witness to the entire ordeal, the sickness from being held by Jessie’s side was getting to her.

Leon immediately clocked that the gun and his favourite doll were gone. He stormed out of his room, straight past the bathroom door and downstairs. John was sitting in the living room watching TV.

“Dad! Jessie has stolen one of my dolls… I mean replicas! And is hiding in the bathroom!” Leon shouted, hoping to call upon the justice of their father. Sighing, John stood up and followed Leon upstairs. He wished they’d just get along.

They both approached the bathroom door and John knocked lightly. “Jessie, have you stolen your brother’s doll?” he asked politely, unwilling to take a side this early on. “I’m using the toilet, I haven’t touched any of his stuff” Jessie called back.

Leon, upset by this trickery, flung the bathroom door open. There sat Jessie upon her porcelain throne, her dress draped down over her knees and her panties around her ankles. Leon looked like a deer caught in headlights and John blushed, embarrassed at seeing his daughter in such an inappropriate way.

“Leon! You can’t do that to a woman! Go to your room now!” John shouted, taken aback by the impolite nature of his son. Jessie just sat there with a neutral face stunned by how well this was going for her, totally unphased that she had to be seen on the toilet to do it.

“She has it in the toilet!” Leon shouted back, clutching at straws as he examined the spotless room, knowing he had lost at this point. As if on cue, the high pitched sizzle of Jessie’s piss hit the toilet water. “Sorry I couldn’t hold it” she apologised. John reached for the door handle, apologising back to Jessie and looked at Leon angrily “I don’t think your sister would go on your toys now would she?”. Leon tried to respond but was cut short “Ah!... I don’t want to hear it, you’re grounded for a week”. Defeated, he resigned to his room.

Claire’s stiff body floated in the water, her body facing up. She was forced to stare up at Jessie’s bare ass and pussy while she waited for her brother to unsurprisingly arrive with the cavalry. Hearing the thunder of Leon running up the stairs, she opened her legs and peered down. Light flooded into the bowl as Jessie lifted her dress and looked in between her legs. “Showtime” she said with a devilish grin and promptly shut them, entombing her stepmother in the cold darkness.

Claire could hear the argument outside of the toilet, the sounds were extremely muffled from Jessie’s ass keeping it sealed. She fought with all her strength to open her mouth, finally succeeding to rip the film that covered it. Screamed out as loud as she could, she hoping the toilet echo would carry her voice. The vibrations lightly engaged Jessie’s rear from the bowl below and she even heard the most slight and faintest scream. She was lucky her ass had Claire sealed in she thought but even that scream was a risk.

Claire noticed a disturbance in her flesh ceiling as Jessie’s vaginal lips began to part. Suddenly a stream of piss darted out, directly hitting her in the face and body. Her screams were cut short as she was sent deep into the toilet water by the pungent piss. It flooded into her mouth as she gasped and tried to scream.

Jessie thought about how close a call that was as the door shut and she reached for toilet roll to wipe. She unceremoniously wiped her dripping pussy and stood up, with her other hand she grabbed the battered Claire from the yellow water. Dropping the wet toilet paper into the bowl below, she flushed.

Claire, taking advantage of her new power of voice, continued to scream for help. This development was too uncertain for Jessie’s tastes so she squeezed her stepmother’s lips shut. “Do not shout, you listen now” Jessie demanded.

Claire took no notice of Jessie and continued to scream whenever she was able, knowing Jessie had nothing but bad plans for her anyway. Uneasy over how loud Claire was, Jessie reached over to the cistern, opened it up and grabbed the gun out. She shook the droplets off of it and aimed at the tiny figure.

Claire paid no attention and continued to scream. Suddenly she felt that familiar zap and began to shrink. Soon she was no more than a centimetre tall. Her screams, whilst quieter, were still too loud for Jessie’s liking. “Last chance” she said to her tiny captive, raising her tiny body up to her face.

Claire looked up at Jessie’s large features. Her giant eyes peered down, scanning for a response from the tiny woman that she held just below her giant nostrils and mouth.

Sucking in as much air as she could, Claire screamed out “FUCK YOUUUU!!” to her sadistic stepdaughter in an attempt at defiance. Rolling her eyes, Jessie responded with simply “have it your way”.

As she was being held on the tip of Jessie’s index finger, she felt her body begin to rise. Suddenly, the force increased and Claire was sharply dragged upwards. Like a bullet, her miniscule body was pulled upwards through the air.

With her tiny captive in place, Jessie gave a powerful snort as her finger lay directly under her left nostril. She felt the stiff speck fly through her before coming to a sudden stop half way through her nasal passage. The foreign body was extremely apparent to Jessie, she could feel her stepmom lodged in her snot. As she pulled her finger away from her face, her stepmother was nowhere to be seen. Satisfied, Jessie lifted her dress and tucked the gun into her panties before placing the cistern back onto the toilet and making her way to the bathroom door.

As Jessie left the bathroom, Leon peered out of his room in a final attempt to catch Jessie with his toys. She came out with nothing at all, no gun, no replica. She looked over to Leon and threw him a slightly confused look to really gaslight him and sell her innocence before entering her bedroom. He responded with an equally, but much more real, confused and defeated look back. She could feel the vibrating screams in her snot but the viscous goo let little sound out.

Shutting the door behind her, Jessie pulled the gun out of her panties and stuffed it down the back of her bed for safekeeping. Deciding to leave Claire in her nose as punishment, she stripped out of her dress and underwear and climbed onto her bed to relax. Switching the TV on, she put on her favourite show, Catfish.

Hours passed as Jessie absentmindedly watched TV and played on her phone, she had begun to get used to the feeling of her stepmom in her nose and eventually fell asleep for the night.

The sun beamed through her window, lighting up her nude body as it lay limp on her bed outside of the sheets. Claire had been in hell, forced to stay suspended in the thick goo with no way of escape.

Jessie’s eyes flickered open gracefully and her slim naked body rose from the bed, rubbing her head she looked down at her phone. “Wow, a good 12 hours of sleep there”, she stated to herself, proud.

She had totally forgotten about her stepmom in her nose but she could feel a load of snot lodged right up there and planned to get rid of it soon. Reaching over to the box of tissues on her desk she plucked a bunch out.

Raising them to her nose, Jessie began to blow with all her might. The thick lump quickly dislodged and began barrelling out towards the tissue. Claire felt her body being pulled with the snot into the tissue with a thud. She peered up from her gooey position into Jessie’s oblivious eyes, Jessie looked back down into the tissue.

Not seeing Claire, she turned her nose up at the disgusting amount of snot in the tissue. Quickly she crumpled it up and threw it onto her desk for her to get rid of later. Claire couldn’t hear much through the tissue and she had no idea what was going on outside or how long it had been. She had felt herself moving quite quickly at one point but now she was discombobulatingly still. She couldn’t tell if it had been days, weeks or hours.

Finishing up, Jack climbed off the bed and grabbed the first tissue he saw. The snot had dried into it by this point, Claire was left stuck to the inside by a thin layer that remained over her. Jessie opened up the tissue, finally exposing Claire to the outside world.

The light flooded into Claire’s eyes, briefly blinding her, as she hadn’t been in light for quite some time. She screamed out for attention as Jessie unknowingly began to lower the tissue. The scream, that Jessie would’ve usually heard, was cut short as Claire and the tissue were slammed against Jessie’s hairless pussy. Making sure to clean herself properly, Jessie really dug the tissue in to scoop it all out. Soon it had soaked up all of her’s and Jack’s cum that was trickling out of her pussy. Claire cried out at every opportunity as her tiny body was forcibly rammed into every crevice of her stepdaughter’s pussy.

Jack didn’t plan to stay for much longer and hastily left. Jessie didn’t mind, he had adequately served his purpose and truly rocked her bed. The non stop rocking had actually dislodged the gun that was stuffed down the back of it. As Jessie stood up from her bed with the tissue, to finally discard it, a thump was heard at the back. Curious as to what it was, she peered under.

There sat the gun she had hidden. It all came flooding back. She looked down at the tissue in her hands and carefully unfolded it. There amongst the cum and snot lay her stepmother, too abused to scream at this time.


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