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Giving her stepmother no time to speak or recover, Jessie quickly carried her to the bathroom and cleaned her. She paid no mind to any of the noises coming from the living toy, she just rubbed it and rinsed it. Finally satisfied, she carried the doll back to her room.

Claire felt her movement returning as the water and snot had worked wonders to get the polish off. However, her stepdaughter was always one step ahead and was already reaching for her clear polish. Jessie, making sure to leave the pussy and asshole untouched since it accidentally worked so well last time, covered her stepmother in polish again.

Jessie spread Claire’s asscheeks and held them wide open until they stayed stuck like that. Within 30 minutes, Claire was totally static yet again. The layer of polish was much thicker this time except for her intimate areas which were totally exposed. Claire’s asshole was no longer covered by her cheeks, she worried about what Jessie was planning.

Opting to grow her stepmother, Jessie watched as the solid doll got bigger and bigger. Claire was now around 4ft tall, again with features smudged. Admiring her handiwork, Jessie walked over to her desk and grabbed some paper, a pen and some tape. Claire couldn’t make out what was being written and soon Jessie taped the paper to her naked stomach.

“Just a few finishing touches needed” Jessie said with a smile. She grabbed something and quickly left her stepmother in her room, leaned against her wardrobe.

Soon Jessie returned holding things that Claire couldn’t quite see behind her back. Walking up to her stepmother and getting uncomfortably close, she placed something down on the desk beside them out of Claire’s view. “Here’s your finishing touch” she said, and with that Jessie plunged her fingers into Claire’s pussy below. She tried to scream out at the intrusion but was unable to.

Jessie continued to finger Claire’s pussy, sliding her fingers completely out periodically and using them to cover Claire’s entire crotch and ass in her juices. Every so often her finger would slide out and then plunge suddenly into Claire’s tight asshole, lubing it up more and more as she went. Soon, Jessie was plunging two fingers in, really spreading her stepmom’s tight hole until finally coming to a slow and calm stop.

Claire sighed internally, relieved at how minor that was compared to what else she had endured. Wasting no time, Jessie heaved her heavy sex doll over until Claire was leaning face first into the wardrobe with her ass facing Jessie instead.

Jessie reached down at her desk and grabbed at the mysterious item. She leaned right into Claire, her crotch hugging the bare ass. With her eyes level with Claire’s, Claire could feel Jessie’s breath in her ear. Then she raised her left hand, to make sure that Claire was fully aware of what was going on. In front of them was Jessie’s flailing brother at about 12 centimetres tall. Claire’s eyes bulged in horror.

As soon as Leon had appeared, he was gone. Jessie, making a show of it for herself, slid his body down their stepmom’s back and to her ass. Using the lubrication from before, Jessie took great pleasure in plunging her brother into Claire’s bare ass.

Leon’s head quickly pushed past her sphincter, suddenly in the dank depths. He coughed and screamed, his body flailing as if his life depended on it. He couldn’t believe his sister was putting him in his sex doll.

Claire yelped internally as her stepson’s head met the shit that he had packed into her ass over the past few weeks. Not eating had meant she had never needed to let it out, so it just stagnated in there and left a truly rancid odour.

Not afraid of a challenge and noticing the pressure of Claire’s tight ass pushing back, Jessie forced her brother’s shoulders in further and Claire’s asshole soon gave way. She failed to moan in pain, her asshole flexed and spasmed over him. The rest of his body slid in with little resistance.

Almost like a pop, Leon’s feet finally went past the point of no return and Claire’s asshole reflexively closed over them. Held so tightly in the confines of her asshole, Leon was unable to turn around or shimmy out. He merely shook and flailed against the walls that pressed against him.

She tapped and rubbed Claire’s asshole, checking it was secure. As she pressed into it, it began to sink slightly but gave a good bit of resistance. Happy with her work and sure Leon was secure, Jessie struggled to carry the lifesized sex doll down the stairs and to the front door. Opening the door she dragged it out onto the porch, rang the doorbell, shut the door behind her and ran upstairs.

Hearing the doorbell from the other room, John got up from the sofa and quickly approached the door. Opening it, he peered out into the garden to find nobody there. Scanning the area he caught a glimpse of the human looking toy on his porch and jumped back in surprise. Laughing at himself, he realised it wasn’t real.

He couldn’t help but find it familiar as he scanned it’s body. He looked down at the sign on it’s stomach. “John, I’m sorry I can’t be there right now. Please take this until I return. I love you - Claire.” it read. His emotions stirred, Claire was alive! He ran into the street to see if she was there but found it totally desolate. Overwhelmed by emotions, John remembered that there was an extremely lifelike sex doll on his porch, he retreated to his home to take care of it.

Worried his kids might see this huge doll, he quickly dragged it upstairs and into his bedroom. This would require further investigation.


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