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From the gorgeous sight of what was the image Jessie sent, the recipient was over in a flash. Letting himself in, he glided up the stairs and to Jessie’s room. She lay there, filled with desire, awaiting his entrance after having heard him enter the house. The door swung open and their gazes met. There stood the behemoth that was Jessie’s boyfriend, Jack.

Fuelled by lust, he tore off his clothing and climbed onto the bed; passionately kissing Jessie as he did got down to her level. His member hung below him like a throbbing spring as it edged towards her vagina. Jessie pulled herself away slightly and put her finger to his lips. “None of that tonight” she whispered. He looked at her confused.

Meanwhile, Claire was in a stinking hell. Her step daughter had been walking a lot, a combination of sweat and shit had grinded into her body. The asshole before her felt almost hungry as the cheeks pinned her down against it. She wished Jessie would notice her. The torment mostly stopped after a while as she felt the pressure on her release slightly. She got a glimpse of Jessie’s bed sheets through the strip of Jessie’s thong as she bent to sit on the bed. Things calmed since then, Claire was thankful for this.

Jack sat before Jessie unsure of what she meant. Keeping eye contact with him she climbed up onto her knees and crawled towards him. Lowering herself down to his penis, she wrapped her lips around it and took the full length into her mouth slowly. She pulled herself away from it until just the tip hovered between her lips before, again, taking the full length. Jack allowed her to do this again and again as he sat in a state of confusion and ecstasy.

Satisfied with her job, Jessie pulled herself away from Jack’s penis entirely. Saying nothing, she turned and presented her round ass to him. He watched in awe as the strip of her thong peeled away from her. Finally, he understood.

Claire could see only Jessie’s bed through the strip as Jessie sat on her knees and rocked slightly for a reason unknown to Claire. Soon, she felt Jessie’s body rotate and horror struck her to her core. As Jessie’s knees straightened and her ass raised, Claire could see clearer and cleared due to the cheeks parting. She screamed out for help to Jack as she met his drooling gaze. Suddenly the thong came down and she writhed to get free, sending a shiver through Jessie’s body, whilst screaming for Jack who was seemingly staring right at her!

The shit that covered her had hardened. She couldn’t get free as she sat glued to the bullseye between her step daughter’s cheeks. Jack came closer and closer, never breaking his line of sight with where Claire lay. She screamed with joy at the prospect of getting free by the hands of Jack as he had clearly seen her. Maybe Jessie had even quietly asked him to check between her cheeks

With what felt like inches between them now, Claire’s heart sunk as Jack’s face disappeared in place of his giant throbbing penis. Her eyes scrunched, her body clenched, her heart pounded and silence exited her mouth, where a scream would’ve been, due to the sheer terror that filled her.

Like a tunnel boring machine, Jack inched closer and closer in a painfully slow manner before finally making contact. The pressure increased drastically as his penis began to press into Jessie’s hole. A muffled grunt of pain left her throat as Jessie pressed into him. Building and building, the pressure began to almost crush Claire’s tiny body.

With no warning, Jessie felt a strike of both pain and euphoria. Her elasticated anus finally gave way. With nothing stopping him now, Jack plunged his penis deep into Jessie. Claire had finally broke free of the hardened vice. However, now, she was at the mercy of Jack and Jessie. As Jack’s member entered Jessie, Claire found herself going deeper and deeper before coming to a sharp stop as Jack’s hips reached Jessie’s cheeks.

All came to a pause. Jack moaned, Jessie moaned, Claire screamed but the putrid air within her stepdaughter stole her breath. Suddenly, Jack withdrew his penis and unknowingly left Claire suspended within the stinking, empty bowel of her own stepdaughter. As quick as it left, it returned and hit Claire like a truck.

Claire clambered to her feet as best as she could as Jack pulled back. She made no headway before he, again, steamrolled her tiny body. Faster and faster he got, with each pump a loud moan reverberated through Jessie’s body as she came closer and closer to orgasm.

Claire was knocked deeper with each pound. Each brief moment of relief allowed her a step deeper into her step daughter to avoid the penis that kept invading the space. There was no time for sadness or disgust, she just kept moving deeper. The deeper she got, the less empty the bowels became but at least she wouldn’t be crushed to death.

Jessie felt her body becoming tighter and tighter. The concept of her step mother so deep inside of her and at her mercy was blowing her away. Jack, panting now, got closer to release also from the tightness of his beautiful girlfriend. He shouted out “I’m gonna… come!”.

Synchronised, Jessie and Jack orgasmed harder than they had ever before. Jessie’s entire body rattled with sexual ecstasy for what felt like a blissful eternity as she felt Jack’s thick semen fill her cavity. Claire was crushed from within Jessie as Jessie’s body contracted around her. This time, Jack’s penis didn’t leave the space. It briefly convulsed before suddenly squirting out his seed all over her.

The force of Jack’s release launched Claire deeper than ever before. She clambered for a grip anywhere and hunted for a space where she could breathe. Jack withdrew his penis and fell down to Jessie’s bed alongside her, she did the same. She tried to clench her hole closed as it got used to not having the intrusion. The semen flooded towards the exit, only reaching the hole as it closed completely; thus leaving it within her. Claire was abandoned deep inside, still covered in her step daughter’s excrement and now her boyfriend’s semen. She held onto the ribbed side of Jessie’s rectum as the semen washed over her and raced away towards the exit. Claire lay panting, completely exhausted.

Jessie, completely satisfied with the disposal of the stepmother she disliked so much, stood up and put her clothes back on. She grinned, planning not to relieve herself for as long as she could just to make sure her stepmother died in there. And, just in case, she pulled her thong on tightly to seal her in.

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