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A new street drug is rumored to be in the city, however it’s so secretive some people aren't sure if it's just an urban legend.  However, suddenly there have been about a dozen missing persons and all of them have a link to this mysterious "SK" drug.  After about a month of no leads Detective Brad Graves finally gets information that is going to allow him to go undercover to get to the bottom of what this "SK" drug is.

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Shrink: Doll (12 in. to 6 in.), Lilliputian (6 in. to 3 in.), Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.), Munchkin (2.9 ft. to 1 ft.)
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Published: May 04 2020 Updated: May 15 2020
Story Notes:

Hi Everyone, So in the past I've done story exchanges but I wanted to try my hand at a longer type.  There will be quite a bit of variety and will try to give disclaimers in each chapter for what to expect.  


I hope you enjoy!

1. Prologue: Rumor Becomes Real by LittleLauren [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (1166 words)

Introduction to main character Detective Brad Graves and the mysterious drug "SK"

2. A Jog in the Park by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (801 words)

This Chapter is the actual start of the story.  We also meet Brad's partner Detective Karla Anderson.  No shrinking content quite yet.

3. An Initial Meeting by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (678 words)

A little more set up.  I know it's a lot!  But hopefuly it will be worth it.

4. The Right Place? by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (653 words)

We finally get some shrinking...and it will pick up from there!



5. First Session by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (1123 words)

Tags here would include Gentle, Breasts, Teasing, Mouth.

Let me know if you guys prefer tags like this...


6. The Queen-Pin by LittleLauren [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (859 words)

Not much action this chapter, just a little more plot advancement...

7. Half Dose by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (1548 words)

Things are beginning to pick up!  

8. Quarter Dose by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (2425 words)

How will things go for Brad this time??  Tags include Domination, Feet, Breasts, Butt, Humiliation



9. A Crazy Night by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (1328 words)

Tags include Feet/Humiliation/Butt

10. She's Baaaaack by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (1557 words)

Sorry for the delay!  A few new chapters to add this time!  Feel free to review

I'd say primarily feet chapter





11. A Clear Warning by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (944 words)

Chapter contains BBW, Butt, Humiliation and things like that.


Enjoy! :) 




12. Unfinished Business by LittleLauren [Reviews - 1] (1160 words)

Tags include Breasts, Insertion,

13. Finally a Break by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (2039 words)

Sorry for the delay!  This chapter is a little nicer.  Breasts and Gentle for the most part.  Enjoy!

14. Not as Planned by LittleLauren [Reviews - 1] (2800 words)

Expect a lot of butt in this chapter and some mile toilet.  You've been warned ;)





15. End of His Rope by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (1353 words)

Okay!  Posting the rest of the story.  I hope everyone liked.  If you'd ever like to chat/discuss the whole size-changing fantasy feel free to message me on Discord.  I'm LittleLauren #3666.  Hope everyone enjoys!!!  No more notes other than tags from this point.


Tags:  No shrinking, just story advancement here!




16. A Final Confrontation by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (1760 words)



17. One Condition by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (1786 words)

Tags:  Butt/Insertion and humiliation.

18. Tying Up Loose Ends by LittleLauren [Reviews - 0] (724 words)

19. Epilogue: A New Life by LittleLauren [Reviews - 1] (552 words)