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Chapter 6

A few hours later, as he left his office for the weekend, Lucas’s head was buzzing with so much activity and energy that he had to steady himself a little as he turned to lock his door. So much was tumbling over itself in his brain: Rick’s wide eyes as he spoke excitedly a mile a minute about all the incredible new data that had come through about the nanobots, and the future promise of making even more efficient replacement bots that wouldn’t die out as quickly…Lucas’s own visions of fame and fortune, far surpassing what he had dared to hope for before…a shiny new car that he could buy with the financial proceeds of this staggering new invention that would be sure to come through soon…the adoring eyes of Olivia as he strutted through the halls, his brilliance now firmly established…

All of this flashed through Lucas’s mind like lightning, but none of it remained in place for too long in his thoughts. This was because, overwhelmingly, he was thinking back to those first moments of actually seeing Brooke grow in the glass cylinder, and later in Trent’s office…as he pressed down on the remote button…the remote that he, and only he, had access to. He couldn’t get her expanding breasts out of his head — she had been almost completely flat-chested when she had come in that morning, and now she had C-cups…and respectable C-cups at that. Her breasts had gotten so big that Lucas had actually noticed them gently bouncing behind her white blouse as she came into his office to report her progress under Trent’s direction. 

Her progress! That’s right! She had actually completed her assigned tasks for the day! Lucas didn’t spend too much time thinking about this specific fact, but it had subconsciously occurred to him that her success had been…well, a bit out of character for her. He hadn’t expected her to complete any number of tasks with Trent, but she had gotten through them all!? 

‘Maybe Trent’s just a better instructor than me,’ Lucas chuckled to himself as he turned around, briefcase in hand, and walked down the hall towards the elevators. ‘Some people are just naturally…better educators. Executives like me don’t really have time to stoop to that level — it throws us off our game. But I’m glad I have someone like Trent who can usher our newbies along.’ 

Lucas fingered the remote in his pocket as he walked, his mind absently wandering back to Brooke’s gently bouncing breasts, her gently undulating butt cheeks as she had walked away…her arms and legs, and how much more substantial and well-formed they looked. And her face! That was maybe the most dramatic thing of all — Lucas still hadn’t managed to wrap his head around how…normal Brooke looked now. And maybe even a little above normal, if he was being honest. Her blemished face had cleared up; her skin had definitely looked more elastic and smooth. That conspicuous overbite she had before…well, that was gone. He remembered, as the memories piled up eagerly in his brain, that she hadn’t even come to work with her glasses on. And those big, dark eyes that looked down at him as he sat at his desk…so innocent, so eager to please, so soft… 

‘A solid 6 out of 10, no question about it,’ Lucas thought to himself, almost a little smugly, as he continued to turn the remote over and over in his pocket. Thus far, he had refrained from using it again, for the simple reason that Brooke had gone home, and that he wouldn’t be able to see her growth in real-time. But as more time passed, the temptation was still growing for him to use it again, even though he couldn’t see her.

Trent suddenly popped out of his office as Lucas passed by, startling Lucas out of his fantasy reverie. 

“Oh!” exclaimed Lucas in surprise. 

“Oh! Haha, sorry!” returned Trent, backing up a little. 

“Hehe, uh…n-no, no problem,” chuckled Lucas, feeling more awkward around Trent than he liked. Trent had caught him off-guard in a private moment, and Lucas did not enjoy the guilty feeling that was fast replacing his fantasies of Brooke’s breasts growing bigger. Why was he feeling guilty like this!? 

“So yeah, the new girl, Brooke,” said Trent, leaning back against the wall.

“Yes?” asked Lucas, collecting himself and peering forward eagerly. He had not intended to come off as eager as did. 

“Well, I wasn’t expecting much from her, to be honest,” said Trent, laughing a little ruefully. “Started her off with some pretty simple coding stuff…you know, like…I’m talking basics.”

“And?” Lucas felt like he had done a lot better with this one-word question, as he feigned a casual tone and even looked at his fingernails with evident disinterest.

“She struggled through it at first…didn’t make any headway at all,” responded Trent. “I was actually getting close to asking you to take her off my hands, haha, because, you know…i couldn’t get anything done with her in there, just floundering. But…”

“But?” repeated Lucas, tilting his head as he blinked in what he thought was a cool, unaffected way. 

“There was a moment where it just…well, it all seemed to just click with her,” said Trent. “Everything just fell into place, and I didn’t even really need to help her after that. Just breezed right through it.”

“Well, isn’t that something?” replied Lucas, turning the remote over in his pocket as he thought about Brooke’s ass bouncing up and down in her wake.

“I don’t know what happened,” said Trent, shaking his head, “But this Brooke girl…haha, yeah, I gotta say, I hadn’t noticed her” — and here, Trent mimed cupping breasts on his chest — “before, you know? Girl’s got an ass too, haha! And, I gotta say…It was a pretty good choice for her to wear contacts too, instead of those ugly-ass glasses.”

“Heh! Uh…right,” said Lucas, feeling strangely violated by Trent’s words. 

“Yep, I think you need to start assigning her to me a lot more often!” laughed Trent, slapping Lucas on the shoulder. “I wouldn’t mind — just…throwing that out there, haha!” 

Lucas watched Trent laughing as he turned and left, and he felt something aggressive boil up in him. He wasn’t growing and accentuating Brooke so Trent could enjoy her! Right then and there, Lucas resolved not to give his young, upstart rival employee so much as a sniff more of Brooke.

“So, Mr. Chief Executive Manager of the 42nd Floor,” came Sophia’s voice behind him, “I had a nice little chat with your new employee today.” 

Lucas closed his eyes and turned around. He was not going to give her more ammunition to use to shred him. And besides, he had to remember: HE was the one who had the power in all of this. Not Sophia. 

“Oh yeah?” he replied quizzically. “And how did that go? D’ja give her the down-low about how to fast-track file sexual harassment complaints to HR?’

“Actually,” said Sophia, shifting her weight to one leg as she crossed her arms under her C-cups, “We arranged to have a nice little shopping trip this Sunday.”

“Oh really?” asked Lucas with high-pitched mock interest, as he turned towards the elevators, Sophia following. 

‘Good,’ he thought to himself, ‘She’s following me…I’m the one leading the exchange here. She won’t suspect anything unusual…I’m acting totally causal.’ 

“Yeah, she said that you gave her some cash for new clothes,” said Sophia, with a curious tilt to her tone. “That was…very nice of you.”

They had reached the elevators, and Lucas had pressed the “down” button. 

“Yeah, well, you know,” he said flippantly, “She’s a new employee and everything…gotta welcome her to the team and all, right? Make her feel welcome?”

“Mmhm,” nodded Sophia, her eyes fixed squarely on Lucas. Who was he kidding? She knew. But was she going to mention anything about it, or just let it slide? A few seconds of silence passed. 

“Brooke’s taller,” remarked Sophia, her eyes unwavering. Lucas turned to her and smiled slightly.

“And curvier,” continued Sophia. “Girl’s got an ass now…and tits too. You notice that?”

“I…did notice,” replied Lucas, smiling fully now. He felt like chuckling, but held it in. 

“Lucky girl,” said Sophia as they stepped into the elevator. “Lucky…girl.”

The doors closed, and Lucas suddenly decided to just come clean to her — he wasn’t going to keep playing her game and dancing around the subject. If she was going to come at him from some angle, he would be ready. 

“Look, Brooke accidentally drank a sample of nanobots the other day,” he said, trying to make sure that he wasn’t sounding like he was making excuses. “And I didn’t realize it until this morning — I got really worried, of course, but she showed up to work feeling fine, with no signs of anything gone wrong, and…well, come on Sophia, this is such a huge opportunity for…for all of us, you know? Brooke included! Rick and I gave her another dose this morning, and…haha, well, the results have spoken for themselves so far, haven’t they?” 

As he spoke, he felt himself figuratively rise up more and more above Sophia — this was the big break he had been looking for, and now that it was finally here, of course she was going to try and guilt him out of it. 

“And…and,” he kept on, as Sophia was opening her mouth to speak, “She signed a consent form.”

Sophia’s mouth shut, but opened quickly again. “And you told her the risks?”

“Well, it was all in the form,” said Lucas, gesturing impatiently. “If she didn’t read it, then that’s not really my problem, is it?” 

Sophia shook her head as she adjusted her jaw. Now it was her turn to smile ruefully. 

“Even for you…this is a new low,” she chuckled, almost to herself.

“Oh my god, here we fucking go!” exclaimed Lucas, actually feeling quite angry now at Sophia’s expected reaction. He ushered both hands in the universal “come-on” gesture. “Well go on, Sophia, let me have it — tell me what a bastard I am for daring to take some risks for the sake of our development. Are you seriously focusing on this shit when…when we’ve made…the kind of…of progress that we made today!? Don’t you realize that we’re on the CUSP of developing a world-changing technology that’s gonna make us all millionaires!? But don’t worry, I understand, if you’d rather not participate, then don’t worry, Sophia, you can opt out of the profits right now, if you’d like.” 

“Jesus, I got you all worked up, didn’t I?” chuckled Sophia as the elevator doors opened. “Chill out, Lucas. In any case, I’m taking the girl shopping on Sunday.”

“Well…have fun,” huffed Lucas, irritated that he had let Sophia get under his skin. He had let her trick him into thinking that she cared more about Brooke than she actually did…that was just…classic her. 

“Oh we’ll have fun alright!” laughed Sophia, waving goodbye. “Let’s see if you and the rest of the boys can keep it in your pants when you see her on Monday.”

“I’m on the edge of my seat,” returned Lucas dryly, not returning her wave as he stumped over to his car. The thing was, though…he was on the edge of his seat. But not for the reason that Sophia thought. He took out the remote again after he had closed his car door. He studied it…what did it matter that he wouldn’t be able to see her become…more…when he pressed it? It was the thrill of control, of knowing that her body would respond to the pressure of his thumb on the remote, that was so overwhelmingly enticing to him. 

‘And I invented the nanobots…the things that are making it all happen,’ he reminded himself, conveniently skimping over the fact that the development of the nanobots had very much been a team effort at Braden. Yes, he had presided over the effort, at least in his branch, but he still knew, in the back of his mind, that Dave and Bill had been the ones to kickstart the whole campaign. But they were the overseers, who didn’t have the same intimate knowledge that he did…HE was the one doing all the real work, laboring away in the metaphorical trenches of the 42nd floor, trailblazing a revolutionary technology. 

He put the remote back in his pocket as he continued to vaingloriously daydream. He still had some amount of self-control that he could expend against using the remote again so soon. But he knew, not too deep down, that it was only a matter of time before he pressed it again. 

Lucas managed to hold out until Sunday. By this time, he had almost forgotten that Sophia was taking Brooke out shopping — he had been so wrapped up in his own kinetic brooding that the outside world had largely ceased to exist beyond his own brain, his memories of Brooke’s expanding body, and the reality of the remote on his coffee table, where he had carefully deposited it Friday night when he got home. All weekend, Lucas went about his business, floating from page to page on the internet as he remained suspended in a kind of expectant ether, all the while stealing glances at the remote, looking at it out of the corner of his eye like he was sneaking a look at Valerie’s double D’s. Olivia…he wondered how she would react to Brooke…oooohhh this was gonna be rich…maybe this would work out perfectly for Lucas, such that Olivia might actually be forced to “up her game” if she started to feel like her position as the sexy office chick was in jeopardy. Maybe she’d start dressing in even tighter clothes, just to hit home that she was still the “hot one.” 

‘Haha, poor Brooke,’ thought Lucas, picking up the remote on Sunday, studying it again as he turned it over and over in the early-afternoon sunlight. ‘Doesn’t really have a chance against Olivia…but still…why not help her out a bit?’ Without thinking any more about it, he suddenly pressed down on the remote button, holding it down for five seconds, before releasing it again. His heart quickened in his chest, and his breathing began coming in aroused bursts. He had been brooding for so long that it felt like a sudden and rash decision to press the button, but once he had done it, it was easier, a couple hours later, to do it again, this time holding it down for longer. He realized that his cock was pressing painfully into his jeans. 

‘Fuck it, what am I doing?’ he asked himself, hurriedly yanking his pants off as he laid back in his bed. With one hand, he pressed the remote again, and with the other, he started jerking himself off.

At the same time, Brooke and Sophia were a few miles away, browsing their way through a Nordstrom women’s section. 

“I’m not sure that I need…new underwear,” giggled Brooke, laughing a little at her own awkwardness. 

“Oh nonsense!” replied Sophia immediately. “We’re getting you a whole new wardrobe! And any wardrobe starts with the lingerie. What kind you got on now?”

“Um…these?” said Brooke, pulling down her skinny jeans a bit so that Sophia could see her white panties. 

“Hmmm, yeah, those don’t even match your bra,” said Sophia, shaking her head kindly. “We gotta get you some sets that match, ok?”

“Ok,” said Brooke, nodding as she snapped her jeans back into place, wincing slightly. “Let’s…yeah, let’s do the lingerie and pants first. These jeans are, like, way too tight for me now.”

“Well that’s because you’ve done a bit of growing these past couple days!” laughed Sophia. 

“Well, Friday, anyway,” said Brooke. “I don’t think I grew any yesterday. But today…haha, well, I already told you about that little spurt I felt when we were having lunch. You sure you didn’t notice it?”

“Yeah, I didn’t see anything,” said Sophia gently. “But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I trust what you say about your own body, Brooke.” 

“Thanks Sophia,” Brooke said bashfully.

Sophia looked at the young girl and gave her a genuine smile that had some pity behind it. Brooke was clearly less awkward and nervous than she had been previously, but she still hadn’t quite put it together that her growth spurts were the direct result of Lucas pressing a remote. Sophia hadn’t seen any remote on Friday, but she strongly suspected that Lucas still had in his possession some kind of mechanism that activated the nanobots. She was intimately familiar with the research Braden had been doing, and she knew how the bots were activated in all the experiments. She also knew Lucas well enough to ascertain that he was likely getting off on the power of augmenting his “test subject.” It all made Sophia angry, and a little sick, but she knew what she was doing. She thought weeks and months, not days, into the future. 

“Do I look ok in this?” asked Brooke eagerly a few minutes later, after shyly emerging from one of the changing-room stalls wearing a dashing, summery red dress that fit her body tightly, showing off her newly-enlarged hips and C-cups.

“Oooohh, I love it, Brooke!” cried Sophia honestly, a bit taken aback by just how good Brooke looked in her new getup. Turn around for me…let me see your butt…oh wow! Yeah…yes! Brooke, you look great in this!”

“Really?” Brooke asked innocently, blinking her big, dark eyes ecstatically down at Sophia. 

“Really!” responded Sophia, actually recognizing, for the first time, that Brooke might have the potential to be a bit imposing. The 5’6 Sophia was wearing her casual 2-inch pumps that she often wore outside of work, which made her exactly Brooke’s current height. But as she watched Brooke spin around and around in this red dress, in her bare feet, Sophia could anticipate how different Brooke’s stature might appear when she stepped into some heels. 

“How about that bra?” asked Sophia, stepping in closer to look. “Does it feel comfortable under there?” 

“Yeah it does!” replied Brooke brightly, glancing down as Sophia peered in. 

Five miles away, Lucas had just started pressing the remote again, for a second, longer amount of time. And right there, in plain view of both Brooke and Sophia, Brooke’s breasts began to visibly grow. For a second, Brooke didn’t quite know what was happening, but when she noticed that her breasts were expanding, she gave a sharp intake of breath from the sheer surprise of seeing herself grow like this in real time. Sophia watched on, her eyes getting wider and wider as she saw Brooke’s C-cups widen and stretch at the fabric of her bra, and the tight red dress on top of it. The sound of stretching fabric peppered the air. Sophia’s mouth dropped open as her eyes locked onto the burgeoning breast flesh that seemed to build up and swell from some unseen source; they appeared to be expanding and blowing up like balloons. Sophia watched in stunned silence as Brooke’s C-cups developed and inflated into D-cups, all in a matter of a few seconds. It was all over as abruptly as it had begun. Brooke winced slightly, pulling Sophia’s attention back.

“Oh! Brooke! Are you…are you ok?” she asked, her voice filled with genuine concern. 

“I’m fine…I just…ugh, everything feels so squished all of a sudden,” said Brooke, her face again wincing in slight discomfort. “The bra especially…geez…it’s super tight now.”

“Well, that’s just because…uh…yeah,” said Sophia, reminding herself that she owed it to Brooke to appear calm and collected. She could feel her anger at Lucas beginning to simmer. 

“Because I just had another spurt, yeah, I know!” exclaimed Brooke, cupping her big breasts and giving them a disbelieving shake. “Gosh, I like…totally saw it that time! Did you see it, Sophia!? Did you see me grow just now??”

“I saw it, yes,” breathed Sophia, taking a deep breath immediately after she spoke to compose herself. “But you feel ok? You aren’t in any pain?”

“Not really, no,” said Brooke, digging her fingers down into her bra and fitfully stretching and prying it off her breasts in search of relief. “But, I mean…this dress…this bra…everything I’m wearing is too tight now. Like, I wanna take it all off now. That must have been a big spurt, because everything fit so perfectly before!”

“Yeah, let’s get you out of these clothes,” said Sophia, trying to sound normal. “And don’t worry — we can just get that dress in a bigger size. I think it really fits your style!” 

“Why is all this happening?” asked Brooke, her voice suddenly taking on a tone of slight desperation and anxiety as she looked with concern into Sophia’s eyes. Sophia noticed, as she met her stare, that Brooke was now a little taller than she was…even though Brooke was still in her bare feet.

“Is this all ok? It doesn’t seem ok,” Brooke continued, her newly-enlarged chest beginning to rise and fall at a quicker frequency as she started getting herself worked-up. 

“Shh, shh, it’s fine, it’s all totally fine,” reassured Sophia in a soothing voice, petting Brooke consolingly on her back. “The nanobots are just doing their work, but it doesn’t happen at a constant rate, you understand? The bots work in fits and bursts of activity — that explains why you have sudden spurts like you do. But as long as they’re not painful, there’s nothing to worry about! Haha, and I mean, just look at you! You’re taller than me now, and I’m wearing these heels! And ohhhh damn! Look at your hips, girl! Turn around and lemme see that butt again…yep! Definitely bigger! Hehe Brooke, do you know what so many girls would do, just to be able to get bigger boobs, or a bigger ass!? And it’s already noticeable with you! Geez, and this is just the start” 

“Just…the start?” asked Brooke, blushing at Sophia’s compliments as she smiled sheepishly. 

“Well yeah! It’s only been a couple days with the bots inside you,” replied Sophia, thinking that now was probably the time to switch the subject. She didn’t want to freak the girl out too much. “But anyway, the whole point is, you’re looking excellent, Brooke. But all the tight clothes aside, you’re feeling good?”

“Yeah!” said Brooke, reaching her arms up high as her curvy body quivered and strained in the pleasant stretch. “I…actually feel pretty great, if I can just remind myself what you said, about not having to worry about…about the bots inside me.”

This was the first time that Sophia had heard Brooke verbally acknowledge presence of the nanobots inside her organism, and it filled Sophia with a combination of tender pity towards Brooke and hostile anger toward Lucas. But she swallowed it all down, determined to focus on helping the girl navigate what was happening to her. At this point, Sophia had surmised that the bots had improved Brooke’s confidence as well as her appearance, but she was as-yet ignorant of the cognitive augmentation that was developing unseen in Brooke’s mind. Brooke felt it — things were becoming clearer now. She felt like she was in the process of walking out of a thick fog, or waking from a deep sleep. 

“Ok, let’s get you a bigger dress, bigger bra, bigger everything,” laughed Sophia. “And then, let’s have you try on some heels, huh?”

“Oooh yes!” cried Brooke excitedly, clasping her hands together. 

Hours later, after the night had nearly deepened into midnight, Lucas finally went to bed, having firmly reassured himself that he would not press the remote any more. Since Brooke’s growth spurt at Nordstrom’s, in front of Sophia, Lucas had pressed the remote three more times, holding it down for five seconds, then two, and then only one, right before he went to bed. He hadn’t been able to help himself. He had become almost helpless at the feet of his own arousal — the control he had over Brooke’s body, and the growth of her body, had proven an indulgence he could not resist. 

As he attempted, with difficulty, to sleep, he looked forward to the next day, Monday, when he would see what Brooke looked like…his little project. Maybe her boobs…and curves…would even be close to Valerie’s! He couldn’t help but smile to himself as he thought about all the fun and sexy office drama that could come out of all this. Brooke versus Olivia…Olivia versus Sophia…maybe even Brooke versus Sophia…hehe, and the look on Trent’s face when Lucas would take Brooke as his own personal assistant. What did it matter if she couldn’t code to save her life? He could just look at her…and if she wasn’t what he wanted, he could just press the remote again. 

He finally fell asleep, with images of breasts bouncing through his head.

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