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Author's Chapter Notes:

Due to the way I post this many tags were excluded that will be in future chapters. Incudling   giant,couple,feet,gore,breat,nose.

 Matt let out a sigh as he pulled into his usual parking spot, he turned the key, cutting the engine. He listened as the ancient car groaned under its weight. He sat motionless taking in the precious moments before work.He exited his vehicle and approached the dirty storefront , just one of many in the nearly abandoned shopping plaza. He remembered as a kid when size technology was new and took entire labs of scientists using high tech equipment in rooms as large as department stores. Now at 26 shrinking is so common there’s an assortment of size manipulators at seven eleven behind the register right next to the cigarettes and condoms. He entered through the tinted glass door that more resembled Swiss cheese with each passing day. He passed the lobby of people in folding chairs waiting for their appointment and headed to the locker room. As he adorned his gear his coworker Johnny approached him “ Another day in paradise huh Matt?!” He took a drag of his wrap and exhaled. Matt secured his suit's openings and gave his buddy a tired look “ You know that shits bad for you right?” “ So ,what’s wrong with that? You wanna live forever or something?!”  “Pfft yeah right we’d be lucky to live through this shift wearing these suits man . I mean c’mon the electronics and safety is fucked on all of em and the fabric is paper thin.. Like seriously, I'm surprised I haven’t died yet.” 

       As Johnny spoke a large man cut in “HEY you two! Those people out there aren’t going to work on themselves! And Johnny put that shit out! You trying to burn this place to the ground ?!” Johnny put out his cigarette and the pair proceeded towards the sizer platform. They got on with the rest of their crew and felt the familiar dropping feeling  the operator at the terminal proceeded to move the cleaners to their first client. Matt was lost in thought when he noticed the person on the table seemed familiar. As they got closer Matt recognized that the undressed woman on the table was his mom. “Jesus Christ what is she doing here? The operator hibernated the middle aged woman. On the platform Matt was freaking out and thinking of a way he could get out of this. The operator's voice then came through the platform speakers” Okay guys today we are going to be doing a normal routine here with Kaylee getting the feet, Johnny on the face, Jake and Mark doing chest and stomach and Matt you’ll get the rear.” In a last ditch attempt Matt made up a story. “Ughh .. Hey operator I’m not feeling that good. I think it’s something I ate. Can I sit this one out or switch with someone else for now?” “Matt you know you can’t switch unless it's an emergency plus there’s no one else available right now. Just get this done quick and you’ll be able to rest when you get back,”

       “Fuck me! If I’d known I’d be dealing with this crap today I wouldn't have shown up.” The crew was placed in their work areas one by one until only Matt remained. Usually unnerved by the countless times he’d done this routine before this time was different. He’d done the job on countless strangers but on his own mother? He wasn’t afraid of her being gross, knowing how meticulous she was. It just felt off. He couldn't keep his eyes away from her goddess like body as she was by no means bad looking, far from it in fact. His mom had always kept in shape for a woman in her mid 40’s. Countless hours at the gym and a healthy diet throughout the years showed through her curves from her large breasts that spilled themselves from her bra. To the flat stomach with creamy skin that lead to a juicy ass and long legs that stretched the limits of her underwear. “Get it together Matt . All you gotta do is do what you’ve done a million times, then when it's all over change, go clock out and drink until you forget about today.” 

       The platform landed onto the soft floor and Matt’s communicator glowed green indicating to start. He took in a deep breath and grabbed his equipment. His mother's soft skin gave way underneath his steps as he trekked across the creamy hills. At half an inch his moms ass cheeks felt more like planets rather than the body of the woman who raised him.Through the suit's shotty air system he could practically taste the familiar rose scented lotion his mom always used. Recalling when as a hormone filled teenager when he would stare at his moms huge ass whenever she was bent over or wasn’t looking. How he wanted to grab a handful of ass flesh and rub his dick between her ample cheeks.Matt shook these thoughts as he headed down between her ass crack. The cheeks formed a valley around him as he climbed down. The  surrounding area was surprisingly clean as he thought as he  approached the ring of muscle. Matt took it all in. Before him was the asshole of his mom. It slightly flexed with his moms breathing. He reached out and caressed the ring. At his size the anus could easily swallow him whole. Matt couldn’t help but feel strange as his earlier feelings were replaced by lust. As his lower head began doing the thinking Matt began removing his suit. 

       He removed his pants freeing his swollen member. He grabbed onto his mom's anus and pumped his cock between its wrinkles. The muscles flexing  combined with sweat from his moms ass lubed Matt’s cock as he pumped it between her skin. In no time Matt felt like he was going to cum. He tensed as his dick shot its load out from her folds down into her asshole. The flexing muscle greedily pumped his dick further not wanting to waste a drop of his seed. Matt couldn’t believe it, he just got milked by his own mom without her knowing. This was some fantasy he’d only ever dream of. As his member softened and the blood began to flow back into his brain the gravity of the situation began to settle in. “Aww shit I just fucked my mom in her ass. What if I’m fired or worse if she finds out. I’m so fucked!” Matt quickly put on his suit again and began to work. “ if I act normal no one will know what happened and everything will work out. No ones here but me anyway.” As he tried to calm his nerves all light disappeared. Suddenly the ground shifted as the ass closed in.on all sides. He was stuck pinned between his moms butcheecks with a million questions. 

       Unbeknownst to Matt and his crew a power outage had struck and everyone was told to leave. Due to the places piss poor staff they unknowingly sent a client out with the crew still on her. As Matt’s mom awoke from sleep by the lady who attended her she dressed back into her clothes and walked out thinking nothing of the people still on her body as she was more concerned of other errands she had to do before going home.

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