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Story Notes:

I'll be adding to this every week for the remainder of October until Halloween! Hoping to post at least five shorts. 


I'll add tags as they occur in their respective short stories when I post them. 

Author's Chapter Notes:

A monster enthusiast wanders into an abandoned mansion looking for thrills! Will she be satisfied with what she finds? 


One: Ectoplasm Endo-gasm


Callie slapped her flashlight into her palm a few times with force. It kept flickering out on her, and violence seemed to be the only language it responded to. Her left hand ached from all the hitting, the heavy metal flashlight having the last laugh, but at least it was functioning again for the moment. She shone its warm beam down the hallway and continued to make her way through the old abandoned mansion. She had snuck in the back and was trying to make her way to the grand staircase at the front of the building to orient herself for the rest of her exploration. She was pretty sure that this corridor would take her to it.

When she emerged from the hallway, sure enough, she was rewarded by the space around her opening up dramatically as she beheld the staircase in all its grandeur. The room was utterly massive. The ceiling had to be fifty feet high.

“Bet they had some wild parties here when this place was up and running,” Callie said quietly. She walked up to the foot of the staircase and looked up them. The stairs started wide and tapered inwards near the top. There were so many steps. Everything in the first story was so high-ceilinged that the second story was almost comically distant.

Callie heard a knocking like knuckles on wood behind her and detected movement in the corner of her left eye. She turned her head quickly and brought the beam of her flashlight to bear on what she thought was the source, but the beam flickered out and died again.

“Shit, shit, shit, not now,” she cursed as she slapped the light a little too hard. ‘Not when I might’ve found what I was looking for,’ she thought inwardly. The light came back to life. “Yes!” She shone it forward and gasped at what she saw. Standing at the edge of the room just behind a gigantic, overturned cabinet of some sort, stood a partially obscured woman. Callie could only see the left side of her face as the rest was hidden, but that left eye was locked on her unblinkingly, and it felt like it penetrated into her very soul. Callie noticed that the light from her flashlight hadn’t stopped completely when it reached the figure. She was partially transparent.

The two stood in silence. Callie was waiting for the specter to make its move, but it stayed put. She realized she would have to do something to initiate the inevitable. She rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Are you a gho—" she began to ask, but the ghost flashed forward in the blink of an eye, howling with inhuman pitch as it launched itself at Callie with terrifying speed. Callie just stood there and watched it approach. It raced up towards her and stopped an inch from her face and continued its piercing wail.

“Okay, rude,” Callie said. The ghost fell silent. “Are you the only thing haunting this place?” Callie asked the stunned ghost. Her spectral head nodded slowly. “Ugh, what a waste of my time. And I spent six hours getting here. Not so much as a demon or a pack of zombies or anything remotely worth investigating—just something already dead. Typical.” The ghost stared at Callie with a mixture of shock and indignation on its semi-translucent face. 

“Excuse me...” the ghost said quietly, reminding Callie of her existence in the middle of her diatribe. She stopped complaining and turned toward the ghost.  

“Yes?” She asked curtly. 

“Am I to believe you are not at all frightened of me?” 

“What, of you? What are you going to do to me?” 

“Well, I don’t know. Probably nothing. But that’s just because usually the whole ‘being-a-ghost’ is enough on its own.” 

“Well, sorry to ruffle your ectoplasm, sweetie, but your mere existence doesn’t scare me. Now, if you could stop my heart with your scream like a banshee or spit acid or suck my blood or possess me, then we’d be in fear city, population me, but you’re just a ghost.” Callie finished her sentence while gesturing to the ghoul with her upturned palm in a manner that indicated her disappointment. 

“Just... a ghost?” 

“Yeah. Sorry. What do you want from me? A stutter? ‘G-g-g-GHOST!” Callie shouted with mock terror. 

“A little respect would be nice. I’m just trying to do my thing,” the ghost protested. Callie sighed. 

“Okay. You’re right. I’m being kind of a dick.”

“You were. Very uncool. It’s not like I want to hurt you. Just get a good scream.” 

“Well, I’m sorry. But you’ve gotta step on the gas if you want to really inspire existential dread. Just shrieking and rushing me like that is so unimaginative. Plus,” Callie shone her flashlight on the ghost’s face, “you’re way too cute to be properly terrifying. No offense.” 

“That was the least offensive insult to my prowess so far,” the ghost said with apparent frustration. “How was I supposed to know that you’d be some sort of monster-veteran with nerves of steel and that you’d fancy me?” The ghost floated in a circle around Callie, sizing her up. “What’s it take to scare you, anyway?” 


“Well, like I said, you’d have to be threatening to actually do something,” Callie said with a chuckle. “I’m wise to your kind’s game. You don’t like to get your hands dirty. I’m not even sure you can interact with me at all!” 

“Well sure I can,” the ghost said, reaching out towards Callie and pressing lightly onto her forehead with her index finger. It felt cold and strange on Callie’s skin, almost like it was slimy, but it didn’t leave a mess. 

“Oh, well that’s news to me. None has ever tried.” 

“Hmm. Not such an expert after all.” 

“Hey, that’s not on me. That’s on all your little ghost friends for sticking to such a predictable playbook in the past.” 

“So, I just need to think outside the box,” the ghost said with confidence, pounding her right fist into her left palm. Callie chuckled. She sat down on the second step of the grand staircase. 

“You’re that set on scaring me, huh? Well, I’ve got nowhere to be. Knock yourself out.” Callie crossed her arms and leaned on the bannister. The ghost began to float back and forth in front of Callie.

“Hmm. Think outside the box. Original. Existential dread. What to do, what to do, what to do?”

“Can you transform into a ball of flames? Can you give me hallucinations of hell?”

“Not helpful!” The ghost said in a singsong tone. “Your ideas are not helpful,” The ghost paused. “Are you afraid of heights?”


“The dark?”


“Oh, yeah… spiders?”

“You mean tax attorneys?”


“Never mind. No. Not afraid of spiders.”

“Okay, I’m just going to start listing phobias. Stop me when I get to one that applies.” Callie nodded in assent. “Okay. Monophobia?


“Me neither. Xenophobia?” Callie shook her head. “Trypanophobia?”

“I have visible tattoos.”

“Necrophobia?” The Ghost asked, raising her eyebrows hopefully.

“Wishful thinking!”


“Not in the slightest.”

“Darn… Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia?”

“The heck even is that?”

“The fear of long words!” Callie chuckled.

“Good thing I’m not afraid of irony.”


“The fear of holes? Hmm… depends on what’s in it?”

“Ugh. Not helpful. That would make it a different phobia! Claustrophobia?”

“Hmm… I guess circumstantially.

“Oh! Uh… getting buried alive?”

“Oh-h-h, now we’re talking. A vampire did that to me last year!”

“Son of a… what haven’t you been through?” Callie tapped her chin thoughtfully.

“Hm-m-m-m… let’s see. Oh! I’ve never been through a yeti.” The ghost stared at Callie confused.

“Never been through… what?”

“A yeti tried to eat me alive a few years back when I was on a winter expedition. Big nasty things. Bad breath. Didn’t pan out for him. But it was rather scary!”

“Oh, okay. Well, I guess that makes sense. Not sure how you would have gotten out of that one if it had gone differently. Okay. So, all I have to do is eat you and you’ll get scared?”

“I’m sorry. You?” Callie burst out laughing. “I can see right through you and I’m not seeing a belly,” Callie said, leaning forward and pointing at the ghosts translucent midriff. The ghost crossed her arms and turned around.

“That’s just because I’m not focusing on it!” She objected. “It’s not the center of my ectoplasmic concentration.” Callie tilted her head to the side.

“Huh, well alright. Whatever that means. You’re also shorter than I am. I don’t see how… wait… what’re you up to?” Callie trailed off as she noticed the once petite form of the ghost girl begin to swell and seemingly blow up right before her eyes. The ghost slowly rotated to face Callie without moving, her eyes trained on Callie’s little body as her head rose up more than halfway towards the hall’s very high ceiling.

“You don’t give ghosts enough credit!” Her voice boomed. She was clearly trying to inspire terror. Callie craned her neck up to appreciate the ghost in her new, truly awe-inspiring size, but it wasn’t fear that the ghost had inspired in Callie’s being. No, though she was certainly experiencing a rush of adrenaline.

“I’ll say!” Callie said with glee. “You’re enormous! Incredible! I didn’t know y’all could do that!” Callie had gone from being disappointed to being absolutely enthralled by this specter in all of a few seconds. Suddenly the possibility of a thrilling new experience presented itself. The ghost looked disappointed, however.

“This is… not the reaction I was anticipating.”

“What? You were cute when you were small. I meant that. Now there’s just more to appreciate.” The ghost’s lips grew thin with frustration.

“You were supposed to be terrified!”

“Oh, well then, I guess you’ll just have to make good on the rest of your threat…” Callie said suggestively.

“What? Oh! That’s right! I’m going to devour you, human!” The ghost boomed in her attempt to inspire horror. She reached down and grabbed a hold of Callie with one of her cold hands and picked her up, bringing her level with her face. The ghost’s grip made Callie shiver. The ectoplasm was all around her and it gave her the impression of being wet, though, again, it didn’t appear to actually be soaking her. Callie chewed her lip as she was brought to bear with the pretty ghost’s huge face. She couldn’t explain why, but she was really excited about how this situation was playing out. The ghost looked closely at Callie, who had a strange expression on her face. The ghost seemed to mistake it for concern and seemed pleased with herself. ‘Finally, I’m having an impact!’ She thought.

“Prepare, little human, to be treated to a horrifying journey through my ghastly bowels!” Callie shivered hard in the ghost’s grip. ‘Oh, I’m thinking I’m prepared.’ She thought.

“W-what will become of me, ghost?” Callie asked in an attempt to sound timid, but she really just wanted to get her to describe the experience. The ghost held Callie above her head.

“First, I’ll gobble you up with my huge, hauntingly hungry maw!” As she said this, she opened her massive mouth up wide, and a stream of spectral saliva seemed to have been waiting to drain off the tip of her tongue onto the floor. Callie shook now in the fist that was her prison. She was trying to imagine what this was going to be like.

“Oh god,” Callie said quietly. Again, the ghost mistook her expression for fear.

“Yes, and that’s just the beginning! Then, you’ll plummet into my stomach! Nothing’s been inside of it for a hundred years! You’ll be trapped and churned by it for many hours— perhaps even days! Behold!” She said, bringing Callie down to her belly. She pressed Callie gently against her cold, slick skin, and just as Callie’s eyes began to adjust to looking through the ghost, she marveled when she realized that her stomach was slowly coming into view. She could actually see the many, wrinkly folds just barely through the ghost. ‘Wow! This ghost really does have a stomach! Or she manifested one just for me!’ Callie thought.

“And then what, your ghastliness?” Callie asked, not even trying really to sound afraid.

“And then, you’ll be subjected to the process of that which happens to all little morsels once devoured! You’ll slip into my gut and slide slowly through the long, twisting path of my intestines, before you’re eventually and humiliatingly expelled.” Callie actually blushed hard at hearing this. She was going to get gobbled up by this cutie of a ghost and eventually get squeezed out of her tight little bum? This was turning out to be a trip well worth her while indeed. The ghost brought her back up to her face, licked her lips, and opened wide. “Are you ready, human, for the horrifying journey before you?” Callie wanted to shout yes, but also didn’t want to deter the ghost from carrying this out, so she remained silent, chewing on her lower lip with anticipation. “Scared speechless, aye? That’s good. Maybe you should have been more respectful when you still had the upper hand, because now, you’re nothing but a little treat for my delight!”

The ghost licked Callie right on the face. It was a sensation so shocking and alien to Callie that she had no choice but to squeal at the strangeness of it. The ghost took her intrigued squeal as a scream and was satisfied.

“There, there, human girl. I’m not actually going to eat you.” Callie’s eyes grew wide. The ghost had been trolling her?

“W-what? No! You… it was just getting good! Are you serious?” The ghost looked at her, utterly perplexed.

“I’m confused. I thought I was scaring you. Do you want to be eaten?”

“You were… uh… well I was thrilled…”

“Thrilled…” the ghost said with palpably abject disappointment.

“Okay, okay. Listen. You’re very scary. Terrifying even. You’ve really upped your game. I was really convinced you were going to gobble me up.”

“Well, good. That was the goal.”

“Mission accomplished. Now that you’ve tricked me, do you think you could just… stick to your guns and actually do it?”

“But… why? It’s not as if I can actually digest you…”

“See? I didn’t know that! I thought I was going to surely perish inside your bowels. I was too scared to think straight. You got me so good!” The ghost smiled.

“Oh, really? Well. That’s good to hear… but why would you now want to experience this?”

“Because… because it’s been so long since I was afraid? And…Um… I can pretend you’re going to digest me? Ugh… I mean, come on. Have you ever eaten a human before? Don’t you want to know how I’ll feel?”

“No, truthfully I don’t eat anything. I’m a ghost.”

“You’re not scared, are you?” Callie asked with a slightly sarcastic tone. It was one thing that the ghost had trouble understanding this human’s feelings and fears, but to be accused of being afraid herself? That was too far. She didn’t know what this human stood to gain, but she’d had enough. Afraid or not, at least she’d get the satisfaction of subjecting her to her guts. Without another word or time for thought, the ghost opened her mouth and outstretched her tongue, sliding the human out of her hand and onto the organ which she immediately drew back inside and took the human into the back of her mouth.

“Oh-h-h, god!” Callie cried out. The ghost used both hands to shove Callie inside, but quickly found that the human was too big to swallow easily, but she was determined. She willed herself to open her throat wide and gulped repeatedly. Callie was treated to the most bizarre feelings she had ever experienced. It was dark and slimy inside the ghost’s throat. She felt the muscles warp and constrict around her body as they struggled to get her down. Finally, all at once, Callie suddenly lurched forward and was sent plummeting down the ghost’s gullet. Callie moaned with fascinated joy as she swiftly dropped down the tight esophagus and came to a halt in the sizable belly.

When she arrived at her destination, she assessed her situation. She was just taller than the belly was long, so it was a tight fit. She was curled up slightly, and squirmed until she felt comfortable. It was dark inside, but she could still see because the ghost was somewhat transparent. She looked around and was disoriented by what she could and couldn’t see, the layers of transparent tissue throwing her mind. All of the ectoplasmic gastric juices around her gave her the impression that she was soaking wet, but when she felt the sticky stuff all over her clothes and skin, she couldn’t tell if it was actually permeating the fabric. It was like it was able to interact with her, but not effectively do anything more than give the feeling of cold wetness, like they were still on two plains of reality even though she was very much surrounded by the ghost’s belly. She felt pressure at her side and looked to see the faint outline of the ghost’s hand rubbing her belly.

“That ought to teach you, girl.” The ghost said. “Don’t know how long it’ll take, so get cozy human.”

“Oh, I’ve certainly learned my lesson!” Callie shouted. The ghost smiled.

“Well, too late. There’s only one way out for you now.” Callie shivered. She was going to slither all the way through this ghost’s guts and emerge from her butt. There was no use in denying it any longer; this was very strangely arousing. Could she get away with it? To hell with it. Callie began to fuss with the buckle of her pants and undid them hastily. She wiggled her hips as she slid them off, and then unbuttoned her blouse, discarding it. She then began to rub herself softly through her panties, making little circles on her most sensitive parts.

“Oh-h-h, yes!” Callie moaned. “Trapped inside a big cute ghost’s stomach. No way out but through her… oh, so naughty… so unconventional!” She cried out. The ghost could only barely hear her, but she could feel her squirming very well. It was a feeling the ghost was not at all familiar with, and she had to admit, it felt rather good. She lied down on the grand staircase, making herself comfortable. She realized she would be forced to maintain this size until the human passed through her completely. Otherwise, she’d never make it out. So, she may as well relax. She enjoyed the sensations of the human writhing within her, rubbing her belly thoughtfully.

“Must be really uncomfortable in there. What’s it like being trapped inside a ghost, scrumptious morsel?” Callie moaned at the sound of being addressed like a mere meal. Her hips bucked forward, and she slid her hand inside her underwear, fully touching herself for the first time. She cried out.

“Tight! So tight!” The ghost grinned.

“It’s only going to get tighter once you enter my intestines.”

“Oh, hell yes. Keep talking like that,” Callie mumbled, really getting worked up. The ghost lied back and put her hands behind her head. She closed her eyes and basked in the strange feeling of having a full belly that was very active with its living meal.

“You just expend all that energy and succumb to my body’s will, my tasty meal. Settle in and get digested, working your way through me. It’s what you asked for. Hope you’re not regretting it!” Callie was very far from regret, working her fingers in and out of herself rapidly, building ever closer to her secret bliss. If the ghost hadn’t guessed what she was up to by now, she saw no point in holding back. She moaned loudly as she edged herself. The ghost let out a yawn, but it was interrupted by a loud “burp!” “Oh, excuse me. Must’ve swallowed some air with you… how strange!” The burp was the last straw for Callie. Giving the ghost a satisfying belch really solidified her feeling of being a good meal, and the stomach suddenly constricted her even more tightly. She reached her peak, and let out an uncontrolled, loud scream as she finished herself off. The scream carried to the ears of the ghost, who smiled contentedly at the sound, believing she had finally inspired something like true fear in the human. Perhaps she was claustrophobic? Whatever. She was satisfied. The ghost and Callie both drifted off to sleep.



Many hours later, Callie awoke to find herself encased in a very tight tube. She had no idea how long she had been asleep, only that she had drifted off after perhaps the most risqué orgasm she had ever had. She wriggled around to test her surroundings. The guts were stretched to maximum elasticity just to permit her body. There was no more give. She was stuck, her arms pinned to her sides, sliding along feet-first through the ghost’s bowels.

The ghost, too, had awoken. She had felt a strange pressure building up in her abdomen and realized that it was almost time to let the human girl out. However, as the human once again became active, the ghost experienced another, stranger sensation. The feeling of the girl wriggling in her colon made the ghost shiver and chew on her lip. She had enjoyed all of the sensations of ‘digesting’ the unfortunate girl so far, but this was different. It was more intense. The ghost took a while to realize what it was. It was a feeling she had not experienced since becoming a specter. She was physically aroused.

“Oh my…” the ghost whispered. “This was certainly unexpected.” She wondered if the human would notice if she… well, why should she care what the girl thought? She was serving as a meal. The ghost pressed on her lower belly and felt the girl’s struggles carefully. She was almost through. The ghost clenched her cheeks, squeezing the girl. She was rewarded with some fantastic squirms. The ghost gasped and repeated the exercise. Each time she squeezed her captive she was met with delightful sensations of the struggle within. She didn’t even have to touch herself to experience pleasure. The human inside her was doing incredible things all on her own.

Callie was perplexed at first by the way her environment was responding to her struggles, but eventually she realized that it was deliberate, and that she must be very close to the ‘exit.’ She didn’t understand why the ghost was treating her to the rectal massage until she heard the faint, ghostly, ‘moan.’

“Oh… my… god…” Callie said. She realized that the ghost was enjoying herself very deeply. This made her blush. Sure, she had gotten herself off in the ghost girl’s stomach, but that had been a clandestine operation. The ghost surely knew that Callie would realize her game, right? So that just meant that she didn’t care. “This is so sexy.” Callie began to wriggle more enthusiastically for her ghost host. She wanted to make sure she was as pleasurable a guest as she could be. She managed to slide her right hand back under her panties and got her left hand up to her breasts, fondling and rubbing herself as she squirmed for the giant spirit.

The ghost cried out, relishing in the squirms from within. She placed her hands on the ground beside her and lifted her hips into the air, her back arching on the stairs. The spasming inside her ass grew so strong that she accidentally applied some pressure, squeezing the girl’s legs out of her anus. The feeling of them sliding through was unexpectedly satisfying, and she moaned deeply as she began to climax, squeezing the girl out the rest of the way.

Callie landed in a puddle of ectoplasm wearing nothing but her underwear. She gasped at the view of the giant ass and dripping crotch hovering above her as it was quickly brought down on top of her. She wasn’t squashed into nothing, however, as the ghost never settled with her true ‘weight,’ capable of floating anyway. But the ghost had sat upon Callie in a panic when she realized that it would be obvious what she had been up to. She felt the poor girl’s helpless struggles under her left cheek, and sighed. There would be no way around it. She rolled over and let the human free. Callie gasped for air. Being flattened under the giant ass cheek at the very moment of her own orgasm. She had finished while suffocating, and nearly passed out from the pressure and unexpectedly erotic asphyxiation due to being weighed upon by the huge, smooth ass. Now freed, she took in deep lung-fills of air to make up for the frighteningly stimulating conclusion to her erotic journey. She lied there breathing heavily while the ghost leaned down and studied the exhausted girl. The ghost’s eyes grew wide as she realized the human was now naked, save for her underwear, and that her right hand was inside them, touching herself. The ghost chewed on her lip.

“You too?”


“Were you ever scared?”

“Uh-uh.” The ghost sighed.

“So those screams in my belly?”

“M-m-m, yup.” The ghost shook her head.

“Oh well. Looks like there’s more use to you humans than fear.” She shrunk back down to her normal size slowly and sat on the bottom step next to Callie. Callie struggled to sit up and leaned on the ghost’s shoulder.

“And I’ll be sure never to think ‘little’ of a ghost again,” she said with exasperation. I think you’re my new favorite. The ghost chuckled.


“Callie, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to eat you,” Emily said with a smile. “Come back any time.”

“You going to do that again?”

“Who knows? Maybe I’ll try and think of another way to frighten you. But, if all else fails, at least I know we’ll both have fun…”

“That much seems certain. Deal. I’ll come back and you can try your best. But yeah… if you can’t scare me, feel free to eat me. That was wild.”

“Thrilling?” Emily asked.  

“Thrilling and chilling.”

“I can settle for that. I look forward to it. Just don’t get killed chasing other monsters.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I think you taste better alive.” Callie shivered.

“Well… are you constrained to haunting this place?” Emily looked around.

“No. It was just available and suitably creepy.”

“Well then, would you consider, maybe… haunting me?”

“What?” Emily asked, visibly flustered.

“Well, I’m available and suitably creepy… and you’ll be fun to have around.” Emily considered this.

“I’ve never thought about haunting a person.”

“Well, I’m inviting you to do so. I might not be as grand as this mansion, but I’m not too shabby.”

“Guess that wouldn’t be so bad…”

“Plus, assuming growing isn’t your only trick, I’d love to return the favor,” Callie said seductively. This time, it was Emily’s turn to shiver. “You know, unless you’re scared…” Emily’s eyes grew narrow, and she glared daggers at Callie who was playfully licking her lips.


The End

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed the first spooky short!! Please let me know what you thought in a review! And I'm somewhat open for suggestions as to other Halloween shorts I can write this month, so feel free to let me know if you have any ideas!! If it's something you think I'd be into based on my other writing, send it my way! 

Happy Spooky Season! 

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