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Author's Chapter Notes:

I meant to have a short story. This chapter could disappear and change nothing. Insertion, mouth play, and giantess masturbation.

Francis hid underneath a tiny fold in the sheets, hoping, praying that the prowling monster overhead wouldn't find him. He could hear, he could feel its searching, every single one of its steps shaking his entire world; it was right overhead, and any attempt to escape would only give himself away. His only chance was to hide.

"Where are you?" it sang. "Come out, come out!"

Francis huddled deeper into his tiny hole. Then, without warning, the giantess' hand slammed into the bed barely feet away from him; nearly casting him out from his cover. The dent of her weight in the mattress seemed, for the moments that it lasted, to be a cavernous hole, one that he had to fight for all he was worth to keep from tumbling into.

Then her hand lifted, and his entire world bounced back into position. He almost lost his cover in the chaos of the motion, and he huddled deeper into it, trying to avoid discovery. Her body loomed large over his entire world; there was no escape, and only the smallest of hiding spaces; and if she found him...

Well, truth be told, if she found him, they would have some real fun. He actually wanted to be discovered. But it was also fun to pretend for now.

"Oh, there you are!" the goddess exclaimed. Francis looked up to see the massive woman on all fours over him, her body stretching out over the bed like the sky itself, her head drooped down and looking at his diminutive form upside-down.

Her hand reached for him with terrifying speed. Before he could even react, fingers the size of tree trunks pinched him by the waist and carried him into the sky. In barely a second, he was staring at a face ten times his size, bearing an expression that oozed lust. "I think you're just the right size," it said.

Another, dizzying motion, and he found himself barely inches away from the giantess' dark, wrinkled vulva. "What do you think?" she purred, her voice projecting from far above him. "I think you'll fit just fine..." She drew out the last word into a husky growl, and her other hand came out of nowhere, to caress between her legs, massive fingers stroking along pliant flesh.

He watched, captivated, at how effortlessly her fingers pushed and squeezed and tugged at what, to him, seemed like an immovable monument. He could feel the heat, he was swamped with the fishy smell; even her single middle finger, sliding carelessly along and revealing the bright pink hidden beneath the folds, could do more than he could ever hope to do. He wanted to be in there, desperately. And watching her fingers slowly, carefully, effortlessly do what he could never do in a million years made him feel like he deserved it.

I am your prey, goddess. Consume me.

But she didn't, she just held him there, forcing him to watch while her fingers began to move with greater fervor, and her breath drew quicker with every passing second. Watching her work herself up from this position was an experience like no other, and he was left with a throbbing erection. But, trapped between her pinching fingers, he couldn't do a single thing about it.

Without warning, there was a chaotic, world-spinning movement. His stomach dropped, then jumped straight into his stomach, the world blurred, and then he found himself suddenly hanging over the giantess face, his limbs dangling uselessly. She was sprawled out on her back on the bed, her hair a careless mess spread around and underneath her head, a few strands even hanging over her face.

She blew a strand of hair out of her mouth, and he cought the blast of wind straight in the face, a half-second hurricane that forced him to shield his eyes, limbs thrashing. She giggled, and he couldn't be sure if it was his reaction to her carelessness, or his erection that he stood no chance of hiding that she found funny.

Or maybe it was both.

"I think it's hungry," she said, her voice dripping with lust. Her eyes flitted back and forth across his diminutive body like those of a cat about to pounce, and her mouth moved with captivating grace with every word she spoke. He barely knew which one to watch. "But so am I..." she whispered.

Her face was flushed, her hair was a mess, and her breath came quick. She had worked herself up into a pure sexual fever. He realized with a spike of fear that this was just like she had been when she had accidentally tried to suffocate him inside her vagina; she was capable of nearly anything in this moment, and he was powerless to stop it.

Her mouth opened wide, and he had barely a moment to process that before her fingers parted. He slid abruptly downwards, his stomach dropping, until her thumb and forefinger caught him by the wrists. The sudden stop was jarring, and his legs kicked uselessly, barely inches above her gaping mouth. For a moment, he felt a real sense of panic, staring down at her wide-open jaw, her tongue writhing, searching, her throat eager to swallow something just about his size.

She wouldn't, would she? He had survived more than he expected, but if she swallowed him?

She lowered him down just slightly, and her tongue probed upwards, crawling between his legs and tickling his crotch. The feeling of it on the sensitive flesh was too much, and he convulsed involuntarily, kicking wildly.

In response, her lips clamped down around his shins, and, in a single instant, she sucked him down into her mouth, until only his head was left out in the open air.

From this perspective, all he could see was the two gaping holes of her nostrils, greasy caverns ringed with hairs, disappearing rapidly into inscrutable darkness. He screamed, horrified that she would swallow him whole, but she seemed not to hear.

Instead, she let out a pleasured moan, exhaling through her nose. He could hear the wind of her exhalation howling over his head, but, somehow, he was spared the blast of air. Was she... masturbating? With him in her mouth?

As if answering his question, her tongue surged up from beneath his back and flipped him over, a move so abrupt and so violent that his heart started to race again; he really was prey here. If she wanted him dead, he would be dead before he knew it. Hell, all she had to do was bite down, and she'd cleave his head clean off.

It was terrifying, but he trusted her, so it was also hot as hell. He was hers, wholly hers. His body, his very life, was her plaything. And if she had to swallow him whole to get off... Well, it was terrifying, and his primal instincts would not be denied, but he still trusted her.

But, here, he was treated to an incredible view. With nothing more than his head poking from between her lips, and his back pressed against the roof of her mouth, he could see the whole, vast landscape of her body. The soft curves of her breasts, the tight plain of her stomach leading down to the pale, stubble-covered mound of her vulva, and the smooth pillars of her legs that continued on towards the end of the bed, seemingly an eternity away.

Her left hand was massaging her breasts, and her right was between her legs, fingers carefully rubbing at the tender flesh. She let out another moan, and her tongue squirmed against his body, pushing him a bit harder into the roof of her mouth. His dick was rock-hard by now, and the infinitely-pliant muscle of her tongue felt really, really good writhing along it.

Oh, Vivianne, my goddess...

He had watched the giantess work herself to orgasm a dozen times already, but he had never seen it like this. Her right hand did its work as the desperation and the pitch of her moans slowly grew. Her hips began to rock, and her left hand squeezed at her own breasts, moving from one to the other schizophrenically, pinching the nipples hard enough to make him wince.

Her lips clamped hard around his neck, choking him, and her tongue kept squirming relentlessly against his body as she breathed out moan after desperate moan through her nose. Whether she meant to or not, she was edging him, and he wanted nothing more than to be underneath the fingers of her hand, between her legs, where he belonged.

Her legs moved restlessly, her hips writhed in pure ecstasy, and her hand moved faster and faster, careful rubbing turning into desperate slapping as she drove her middle two fingers into her vagina. Her left hand left her breasts, and she propped herself up, as if she wasn't able to get the leverage she needed lying down. His perspective shifted somewhat when she did so, giving him a view of the incredible speed and strength of her hand at work.

Her moans came with every breath, and he was pressed up against the roof of her mouth with incredible, painful pressure, like he was the only thing keeping her anchored to earth. She was completely lost to pleasure. Her hand whipped back and forth with furious speed, sending jiggles across her entire body. Her palm slapped noisily against her crotch, over and over, faster... faster... faster...

Finally, she came. He watched her entire body convulse, breasts bouncing, stomach seizing up, hips bucking. Her mouth fell open, and a ragged gasp escaped her lips as she collapsed backwards onto the bed. Francis slipped out of her mouth and tumbled downwards, bouncing once off her breasts and landing facefirst on her stomach.

Her arms and legs were limp, her breaths deep, the flesh beneath him slick with sweat and burning with the heat of her effort. Francis reveled in the warmth and smell of her, rising up and down with her belly as she slowly caught her breath. He hadn't been at ground zero, or so to speak, but, God, it was still amazing to be a part of something so intimate, to be both  her prisoner and her audience, and he could ride the steady descent from heaven with her.

The massive woman let out a quiet giggle, and her stomach muscles spasmed unpredictably when she did so. Francis looked up, but wasn't able to see her face beyond the mounts of her breasts. Her right hand came out of nowhere, and brushed him slowly, tenderly, along the surface of her stomach and down, down, towards the heat and wet that he had missed, her fingertips carrying him along like a snowplow.

Reistance was useless, so he let himself get carried along until he was tossed over the edge, falling the short distance to the mattress. The bedsheets were a little damp, but it was nothing compared to the glistening wall of flesh that towered over him.

She said that she had started to shrink, but he couldn't tell from here. Her legs, lying flat on either side of him, were slender, pale mountains that he could never hope to scale. Between them, her crotch, red and swollen, was as tall as he was, and the tight muscles of her ass kept it just barely out of his reach.

The imprint of her weight in the mattress wasn't steep, but it would be easy for him to lose his footing and slip down into the crack between her ass if he tried to reach it, so he was content to sit back and take in the sight. At least until she decided she wanted something... more interesting.

And it really was a sight to behold. Still engorged from her aggressive masturbation, the soft pink flesh of her vagina was visible between the parted lips of her vulva, all of it glistening with a messy, streaky layer of slimy fluid. A single trickle of it even ran down into her ass. The heat was incredible, and the stench was even more so. Francis could even see the slight twitching of her pelvic muscles, working involuntarily beneath the surface.

He was familiar with every fold and wrinkle of it from his days spent nestled in her panties. The smell of it was overwhelming, but it was also warm and comforting. The sight of it was intimidating, but it was also welcoming. The hand that had shoveled him off her body sat delicately just above, her fingertips only an inch away from getting right back to work.

He heard her subvocal moan, and that hand slowly slid downwards over either side of her vulva, spreading it apart and revealing every detail that was hidden beneath it. At the bottom, Francis could see clearly the tight walls of her vagina, and they squeezed slightly, pushing out a thin issue of even more lubricant.

"It's still hungry," Vivianne said. Her voice was quiet and distant, but the sexual energy of it electrified the air.

Her fingers let go, and her vulva closed up again, but Fracis could still see the fleshy maw of her vagina through the thin gap. Her hand reached forwards, over his head, and cupped his body from behind with her middle two fingers, each just barely shorter than he was. He was lifted off the mattress and carried slowly forwards, right up against her crotch.

She moaned again, a little more eagerly, and her fingers slid into her vagina, carrying his legs along with it, all the way up to his waist. Her fingers slid out effortlessly, leaving his body behind. He flopped backwards, arms hanging over his head. Even after her sexual workout, the walls of her vagina held onto his legs tightly enough, and he wasn't heavy enough, that he stood no chance of slipping out, even if he tried. He was completely at her mercy now.

And she didn't disappoint. He knew she couldn't see him, but her fingers moved expertly, grabbing his arms, pinning them at his sides, and then sliding the rest of his body all the way into her vagina, seemingly in a single, effortless motion. The tight walls wrapped up his body and folded over his face, and yet he was still driven deeper, deeper, until his feet hit something hard, and her fingers pulled away.

As the walls slowly tightened around him, sealing around every curve of his body, he could hear, or rather feel, a more full-throated moan from far above him, followed by some words that he couldn't really understand, but he could still tell that they were absolutely dripping with lust. Was she really about to start again? And so soon?

She had come too fast for him to get release while trapped in her mouth. His erection was painfully hard by now. He barely had any purchase to move, he could only grind his hips against the walls that pressed in around him, but, as he heard her heartbeat start to speed up again, as he felt her start to move, it was enough.

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