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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hi everyone, I wrote this story a long time ago. I haven't written much fiction since I stopped writing this but I thought some people might like it. So if you have any comments or suggestions I'd love to read them.

Thought the story there are a lot of references to her time as a tiny person and how it compares to now being a giant. More chapters to come, they are all pretty short though.


Ok, someone helped me out with the spelling so hopefuly if that was giving you trouble it will be easier to read now.



I could feel his pulse pounding all around me, His hands convulsed in time with it. His arm like fingers securely wrapped around my tiny frame. He broke into a full sprint, my stomach swirling with nausea as he swung me through the air.


Then it came, like a razor wire through the center of your spine, the cackling laugh of a neo-nazi on speed. Zachary Lyndon had come to extract his revenge. No one else could make an expression of joy sound so wicked.


Suddenly my stomach lurched in protest as Mike stopped dead in his tracks. My eyes strained to focus in the dim light but slowly I began to make out our surroundings. The alley was badly lit but I could still make out the chain and razor blade fence that now blocked our escape.

which meant that 

Lights shone down the alley and Mike turned to see the small mob that had cornered us. The lights, shining in our faces reduced the mob to a line of silhouettes. But their was no doubt who they were. We’d been on the run or in hiding from them for the past two years. Lyndon, their ring leader was nothing if not persistent.


One form moved out towards us. With the other torches to his back I could see the gleam of his brass knuckles. While the shadow still obscuring his face. Torch in his left hand, his legs bent at the knees, back hunched over creating a physical manifestation of the insanity rampant in his mind. It was Lyndon.


"Hey Mike. Where'd you take our lovely living dildos?"


Mike stood firm.


"Ahhh come on Mike, Give them up now and we might just decide to let you live.

"We both know that isn't true." I made it a statement, yelling so Lyndon could hear. Let's not mince words, he was going to kill us no matter what. Lyndon tilted his head to one side. "You've been spoiling her Mike. A dildo shouldn't talk to it's master, when I get it back I'll have to break it all over again." That made my blood boil, just who the fuck did that lanky little prick think he was.


I felt Mikes grip began to tighten around me. He loosened it but it got tight only a second later. The growth agent was beginning to kick in. Mike kneeled down and released me from his grasp. The sudden drop left me giddy and I fell to the ground.


"Run Veronica!" Mike whispered. "Quickly through the empty lot. After you've grown you can find the police." Laying on the ground I could feel the footfalls of the oncoming mob like an earthquake.


"Go!" still whispering, an air of fatalism hung in his voice. It was clear he didn’t expect to live past this fight.


I leaped to my feet and ran through the chain link fence into the tall grass of the empty lot. I ran straight ahead. The rough dried grass and thorns nipping at my naked form. Then came the gut pumping nausea. Just like it had when I was shrunk to this accursed size.


Then the unconsciousness began to eat away at the edges of my sight. I fell to the ground vaguely recognizing the surroundings shrinking smaller and smaller around me. The last thing I remember about that night is my lover’s shrill screams and the horrid cracking of sound of braking bone. Mike survived his assault but I would make Lyndon pay for what he did.





Chapter 1

I slowly opened my eyes and just lay their staring into the stormy sky. When most people think of the rain, they think of gloom and sadness. It never occurs to people how their rain gives life to the earth. Feeding the plants, witch feed the animals and us.


My head felt groggy. Like some one had wrapped a whet towel around my brain. I stretched up with my hands and chest in a yon. Then let my body flop down to the earth.


But my left hand hit something that was not the soft grass of the empty lot I had grown in. It felt like I had just destroyed a small house of cards. I rolled on to my side to get a better look.


My eyes flew open in shock. Beneath my hand was a small shack that looked like it was made of tin sheets. Coming from inside I heardthe small, shrieking sounds of terrified little people. I lifted my hand off the small shack and sat up. I crossed my legs and sat in front of the little house fore a long time. A million questions running around in my head. How did these people get hear? I didn’t know of any SP (Shrunken People) rings in the aria. The only place I could think of was the safe house Mike and I were staying at. And if they were their why would they wont to escape?


Through all this I could heretheir tiny screams from inside and before I realized what I was doing I had torn off the roof of their house. I looked down on them, a whole family. Mother, father and two small children. I could fit them all into one hand. They looked so small and helpless, huddled together in the corner of the building, the walls threatening to fall down around them. I wanted to pick them up, cradle them against my chest and tell them it would all be ok.


As I moved my hand slowly toward them they flinched. It was abasing. How much that one small movement implied. Like they were trying to push through the wall and away from my hand. It yanked me back into reality, back to a place were people jugged you by their actions because they couldn’t magically sense your non-malicious intent.


For the first time I really saw the expressions on their tiny faces. They were terrified. I had just crushed half their home, pulled off their roof and now my enormous hand was hovering over them. Fuck they had a right to be terrified.


I backed my hand away from them, slowly. And then backed away from the house, just to give the little family sum distance from me. I opened my mouth to speak, then closed it. What was I going to say “Ummm…. Sorry for demolishing your house and scaring the shit out of you”. I remembered that a normal persons voice at the normal volume was like thunder to a tiny persons ear. So I spoke under my breath, trying not to use my voice box at all. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten….”


I was cut off by the sound of a car crash. But it was so close. I looked over to were the sound had come from. A tiny car had crashed into an other little tin house. A little man looked up dumbfounded at me. What the fuck was going on!


I reached over and picked up the wrecked car. The car wasn’t damaged that much but the driver was now screaming. I ignored him and focused on the tiny vehicle in my hand. Had these little people stolen a toy car? I looked down at the model. But is was far to detailed to be a model. It looked like a car she could see from a distance but it was in her hand.


Suddenly the realization of what had happened hit me like an anvil. I looked at the ground and slowly stood. It almost felt like taking off in a helicopter or the inside of a glass elevator. The ground just went straight down and I was suddenly ten storeys up. My tunnel vision opend up and I could see the whole slum. The one Lyndon had chased Mike and me into after his mob ran us off the road.


Oh God, Mike. I’d forgotten all about him. I’ve been out for hours, he could be dead by now. I looked to the ground surrounding my feet. I was standing in the vacant lot were I had passes out. To my back was the house I destroyed witch means that the ally mike had been trapped in was to my left. I looked and their it was.


It had seemed so massive last night. Now I wouldn’t be wide enough to fit my foot in their. I put the car back down beside the road and kneeled over the small ally trying to make out what was down their. Other than the trash their was a puddle of blood but no body. Perhaps he had gotten away. But if he had then where was he. My heart began to pound higher in my throat. Choking at the thought of Lyndon and his men “disposing” of Mike’s body in some ditch somewhere. Or taking him back to their hideout to toucher the whereabouts of the other shrunken people out of him.


I had to find him and I had to do it fast. I had no Idea where Lyndon hideout was. So I decided to try the hospital first, then if he was not their I would try and enlist the help of the police.


I knew if I had to go looking that it would be to late for Mike. If they killed him, their was nothing I could do. If they were trying to interrogate him it would be to late by the time I found him. He wouldn’t give them any information, so they would kill him.


At this height I could easily see the town's hospital in the distance. It was one of the largest buildings in the suburbs. I started off toward it. Being careful of were I stepped.

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