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I love giantess stories, especially with a giantess and a tiny man. Giantesses with authority are my interest. Teachers, doctor, moms, policewoman, etc. I tend to write longer than average reviews. It's just my style. Also, I love a long response to my review. It tells me that you care about my review want to address every part of it. Female domination and bondage are my favorite subjects in these stories. So if a giantess dominating a man who is taped to her body will always get my attention. I believe a good balance of sexy action and dialogue is key for a good story. Some stories are just filled with thoughts of a character while others are just many types of action without savoring each moment with words. Favorite author is Duggernaut. All of his stories are worth reading, and have enough action and drama to keep you engaged until the sexy stuff can occur. The writing is brilliant, and if it was a movie, I would pay to see it. 2nd favorite author is ThomThumb. He has perhaps the best 2 stories on the site in my opinion. Long stories filled with sexy stuff, drama, torture, and lots of creativity.

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