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(Jurassic Park, but with Giantesses!   Why?   Why not?!)


Isla Altura, headquaters of Metagenetics, is home to one of the most ambitions undertakings of mankind.   Experiments and trials are routinely done on the island, resulting in the creation of the first growth serum.   (See where this is going?)   Giantesses, grown and cared for since birth, populate the many areas around the island.   With the overwhelming success of the procedure and an intelligence leak occuring in the mainland of Costa Rica, an idea is put forward to transform the island into a massive themepark.   With the death of one of the workers however, thanks to a particularly hungry resident named Taylor, they need a group of people to confirm the safety of the island.   


With a group of redshirts, err volunteers, they head off to the island of titans.   Of course they are amazed by the residents there, the first few being quite friendly, but unfortunately, things go amok.   How?   I don't know, it shouldn't be a carbon copy of the orignal story.


(I'd try working on it myself, but unfortunately I don't have the writing skill of imagination to make it unique.   I couldn't do it without help, ( alot of it,) so I'm just going to put it down as a challenge.   If there is anyone patient enough for my stupidity / insanity, I'd like to do a collab.)

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