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Twitter & Discord


I have created both a Twitter account and Discord server for the site. There are buttons below the site logo, but here are links to them:

Twitter - https://twitter.com/GiantessWorld

Discord - https://discord.gg/S7fk6va

The Twitter will be mostly for updates on the site. The Discord provides a place for people to discuss the site and see updates. I hope see lots of followers on the Twitter account and for the Discord server to fill up.

Thank you.

--Administrator on July 26 2020 6:05 PM 7 Comments
Broken Registration


The security image on the registration page was broken, so people were unable to register. I fixed it, so if you tried to register recently and were unable to, try again now. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you.

--Administrator on July 17 2020 6:57 AM 4 Comments
Changing Skins


I have been seeing problems with skins reported by different users. I am going to try and handle those, but I have a quick solution for users in the mean time.

If you got to "Account Info" and click on "Edit Preferences", there is a setting there to change your skin. That will become the default skin for your user account.

Thank you.

Edit: This has been handle. The Desktop skin now is responsive in mobile. Let me know if you find any problems.

--Administrator on July 16 2020 7:57 PM 9 Comments
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10/20/20 12:16 am
Perfect man thank you, I found it on the archive
10/20/20 12:03 am
Son of a bitch. Okay, uh, it was archived on the wayback machine so just navigate that to get to his author page in 2018, you'll see it.
10/20/20 12:01 am
It was called Lilly Tours by Kosmita. hp?sid=3694 (just insert periods where they need to be) (site hates links)
10/19/20 09:34 pm
she's the vacation guide for. The giant couple use the smallest tinies for their sex games, which involves the tinies being trapped in a tube that the giant guy uses on his gf. Anyone know the sto
10/19/20 09:32 pm
hey guys, I'm looking for a story on this site that I know is here but I can't find it. The main character is a girl, she has an inch tall bf, but she's an inch tall to this couple that sh
10/11/20 04:17 pm
I'm back! Check out 'The Resort' in One-Shot City. It's a big one, pun intended.
10/10/20 07:54 pm
Chapter 10 of The Toy and the Trainer, which is also Chapter 50 of The Cougars Get Hotter as The Boys Get Smaller, is now posted. Ryan announces his "pro name" and gets tattooed with it.
The Shrunken Scholar
09/29/20 10:33 pm
Finally got around to posting something after being on a break for awhile. Check it out if you’re interested.
09/28/20 05:23 pm
Kck you
09/21/20 09:49 am
Okay,thank you @inwiththebooks
09/19/20 09:26 pm
@Fitish, That is normal whenever you first upload the story. Those just appear when its first uploaded and previewed. It shouldn't show up in the final version when you upload.
09/19/20 08:07 pm
I'm trying to upload a story but whenever I preview I see different series and categories that I didn't add to it. What's wrong?
09/19/20 12:10 pm
@Larissa with Epiphany I get "Your shoutbox and/or poll could be here. Just edit the footer.tpl" :D (yes, there are polls - try the surpriseme theme)
09/14/20 07:30 pm
By the way, I just published two new chapters of 'Make love, not war'. Have fun! :)
09/14/20 07:29 pm
There's something wrong with the BerryGood skin? I can't see the shoutbox while using that skin (that's my favorite by the way).
09/12/20 04:28 am
The First of two extra chapters is out for The Wrightton Solution, please let me know your thoughts.
09/10/20 08:18 pm
I mainly noticed this by accident when I misclicked my title instead of my username to get to edit. I avoid messing with the read-counter if I can help it. Wanted to be sure it was just me.
09/10/20 07:58 pm
@Xiao-renzhe when you go to edit something while logged in, it also sometimes occasionally will do the same thing, only showing Title-Author name, then under it Reviews and Tabs. The rest is blank.
09/10/20 07:56 pm
@Xiao-renzhe I don't think it's anything to do with the skins. I was messing about with it a bit more, in any PC Browser I tried it doesn't load your published stories but will load others
09/10/20 07:11 pm
@ChronicLifetime, you could also try going to preferences and experiment with different skins to see if your browser loads one better than others.
09/10/20 07:10 pm
@ChronicLifetime, when the site first came back online, everything was scrunched tightly into the middle of the page for me, and it was unintelligible. Turning my phone landscape fixed it.
09/10/20 11:09 am
Also, the first extra chapter of The Wrightton Solution is now out.
09/10/20 10:58 am
I've only just realized that we have all contributed to the ruining of the perfect published chapter number of 32,222. RIP random statistical number.
09/09/20 09:51 pm
@ChronicLifetime only you. Try posting a screenshot of what happens, or using a computer if you're on mobile
09/09/20 03:55 pm
Is it only just me where the stories wont load properly while logged in?
09/08/20 02:06 pm
Yo. I'm looking for stories that the tiny doesn't shrink because he has always been small. Height can be anywhere from 4 foot to half an inch
08/30/20 07:31 pm
@Rl_weeb Brian's Solemate, Descent into Madness, Shrink & Stink are 3 off the top of my head on here
08/30/20 05:45 am
Does anyone know any good really smelly feet stories?
08/30/20 02:31 am
Chapter 8 of the Toy and the Trainer is up. Chapter 48 of the Cougars Get Hotter as the Boys Get Smaller.
08/27/20 03:21 am
Put up Chapter 13 of Fantasy House this week. I'm looking to wrap this up with the next 2-3 chapters. Looking for any reviews or suggestions.
08/21/20 10:23 am
08/16/20 06:08 am
@LittleRomance if you've been looking for a gentle story featuring Mariam, today (or Friday) is your lucky day
08/09/20 03:10 am
Chapter 7 of The Toy and the Trainer is up. It's Chapter 47 of The Cougars Get Hotter as The Boys Get Smaller. All of this is under the Rebalancing the Sexes series.
08/08/20 03:44 pm
The Shrunken Scholar
08/06/20 04:23 am
the shoutbox hates me
The Shrunken Scholar
08/06/20 04:22 am
I would* don’t know happened there
The Shrunken Scholar
08/06/20 04:22 am
I’d probably check it out at least.
Screams of a Shrunken Stain
08/06/20 03:47 am
How many of you would watch a TV sitcom about a family of giantesses?
08/04/20 01:33 pm
You, Sir, are a proper wizard. Much obliged.
08/03/20 10:20 pm
there that one should work @squashed123
08/03/20 10:20 pm
08/03/20 10:19 pm
hmm, wont let me post the link
08/03/20 10:19 pm
08/03/20 10:19 pm
@squashed123 r.php?uid=1034 There you go, I didn't test every story tho
08/02/20 05:02 pm
@squashed123 you could try the wayback machine
08/02/20 03:25 pm
@squashed123 there's no kosmita in Authors=>K; learn to SAVE the stories you like! (I may or may not have it saved, I'll check when I'm at the right computer & I remember - no promises)
08/02/20 05:24 am
Does anybody know where to find Kosmita's stories? They seem to have been replaced with dots, unfortunately. Some of those were among the greatest ever written, imho.
08/01/20 04:44 pm
Hi @everyone. I just posted my first story but don't see it anywhere. I'm assuming its because it has a verification process, am I correct?
07/30/20 01:29 am
Chapter 6 of the Toy and the Trainer has been posted... Ryan explains that his parents found out he lost his virginity when they found him sleeping in his lover's shoe.
07/25/20 01:48 am
Chapter 5 of The Toy and the Trainer, which is also Chapter 45 in The Cougars Get Hotter As The Boys Get Smaller, now posted.
07/24/20 06:06 am
I'm fine with featured story being an editor pick, but it would be nice to see it change every month instead of every year(s).
07/24/20 12:41 am
...there so consistently.
07/24/20 12:40 am
90% of the featured story changes in the past 4-5 years were because of me, when I was an admin. It was explained to us as an "editor's pick," which is why you've seen 2 stories ther
07/22/20 12:06 pm
My suggestion (then I'll shut up) would be either 1. as now, but random pick among featured, or 2. weighted random pick among stories with most favorites (not reads, sorry :)
07/22/20 12:04 pm
IE there are ~30 featured stories and only the latest 3 are shown - random shuffle=>pick 3?
07/22/20 12:02 pm
I remember a comment on a story (which I THOUGHT was Endless, but I was wrong) ~ "wow, this story got featured!"; no objections to the admins doing it, but there's no ROTATION currently
07/22/20 03:49 am
maybe recent stories with the highest reads get featured?
07/19/20 11:10 pm
Hello @Sheograth. I'm pretty sure there isn't one. Asukafan2001 would just feature what he thought was good. However, I might establish one in the future. Suggestions would be great.
07/18/20 12:26 pm
There's a new chapter of The Toy and the Trainer, under The Cougars Get Hotter as the Boys Get Smaller anthology.
07/17/20 11:14 am
One thing I'm interested in is if there's a criteria for Featured Stories. I'm not sure if I've ever seen them change since I've used the site.
07/17/20 06:57 am
Feel free to email me with any concerns, or just leave them in a shout. I will be monitoring shouts and answering questions.
07/14/20 03:25 am
to clarify, the button "works" but the whole messaging system is down and has been for over 7 months. no one gets any notifications.
07/13/20 07:10 am
Thats sad to hear, a direct messaging system would definitely be useful here
07/13/20 04:55 am
had to give up and use his deviantart, this site is truly broken and I'm honestly starting to wonder if the admins even care anymore.
07/13/20 04:54 am
@vegetaboy @Subzero10 unfortunately it seems the "contact" button that's hooked to emails is defunct now, I had tried to contact a user about a month ago through this method and eventual
07/13/20 02:25 am
@Subzero10 There's no direct messaging system here. The only way you can talk to someone is through reviews on their stories. Or by emailing them through the 'contact user' form on the
07/12/20 09:20 pm
How do I direct message another user?
07/12/20 08:55 pm
@Drew Nightsin Can't speak for the undoing of categories as I've never had that happen to me, but if you're referring to when you hit "preview", that just happens, won't show
Drew Nightsin
07/12/20 07:32 pm
Why in god's name whenever I want to add a story it not only undoes all the categories i want to set for it but adds it to ever series on the site?
07/12/20 01:45 pm
Madrigal16's Jealous of His Own Child had 5 chapters but no additions since Dec--would love to see more. If the author can do more chapters it would be awesome
07/11/20 07:20 pm
Mommy's quarantine more chapters please.
07/11/20 05:08 pm
Chapter two of the Toy and the Trainer, part of The Cougars Get Hotter as the Boys Get Smaller in the Rebalancing the Sexes series, now up!
07/11/20 01:14 am
please change all passwords ect for the site, then make a local backup of the site and sql!! and then maybe if you have the time, do a clean server setup with fresh keys and passswords.
07/11/20 01:11 am
Asuka, please let us help you somehow with the site... Another hacker attack the same week, patreon or w/e
07/10/20 10:46 am
07/10/20 09:51 am
Let's support this site! I think the admins and everybody who keeps this site afloat deserve this help
07/10/20 05:38 am
Has anyone heard from squashed123 ? Just curious about if he's active on deviantart or paetron(I think that's right).
07/09/20 11:05 pm
Than the sock boyfriend has to suck on her feet, she throws him in the hamper and he talks to other transformed clothes.
07/09/20 11:04 pm
I'm still looking for an older story. Guys girlfriend turns him into socks because her religious parents are home, but its actually her old boyfriend.
07/09/20 05:28 am
Still Looking for a story. It started with the tiny being wrapped up in panties. And his co-worker kept him, because she had a crush on him but he was "10 years her senior" got buried by the
07/09/20 04:33 am
Ever since the site went back up the UI on mobile has been fucked
07/09/20 04:31 am
Ever since the site went back up the UI on mobile has been fucked
07/09/20 01:56 am
Asukafan2001 you really need to get more staff.I emailed months ago about a name change, but got no responce (also that should be something users can do on their own without needing admin help)
07/09/20 12:28 am
Asukafan2001 it really bothers me that this site with a log in system isn't using HTTPS in the current year. It's a huge security flaw, and was wondering if you're looking into getting it
07/08/20 10:21 pm
Glad the site is back up Was wondering why it was down a few days ago
07/08/20 10:19 pm
Glad the site is back up Was wondering why it was down a few days ago
07/08/20 07:33 am
I actually have a beta web application that I created. I tried contacting you about deploying it, but I got no response. Please, email me, so this project can go somewhere.
07/08/20 07:02 am
HELLO ASUKAFAN2001 I have been trying to contact you for months about fixing the site. You haven't responded to anything. Please, email me at fullofjunkmail@protonmail.com to talk about this.
07/08/20 06:06 am
... on a eu peur
07/08/20 06:05 am
Merci ...on eu peur
07/08/20 04:00 am
thanks for saving the site <3
07/08/20 03:53 am
I have not heard from rustingman in awhile. He was wanting to help out pro-bono so i understand if projects came up. I have reached out to labbaArt who has offered to help.
07/08/20 03:15 am
you should really have a staff team so if anything happens to you the sites not dead in the water.
07/08/20 01:35 am
I'd absolutely contribute to some kind of fund to keep this place up and running, a Patreon would be a great idea.
07/08/20 01:16 am
There not a whole new look. The alternate site skins are just disabled, so you might be seeing a different mobile design. Nothing is functionally different.
07/08/20 01:07 am
Nice to see you back online, and with a whole new look. Appreciate your hard work making this happen.
07/07/20 11:50 pm
Glad to see it back up, I'd join a patreon in a heartbeat to keep this place going
07/07/20 11:37 pm
Asukafan2001 as someone who has been following this website nearly 18 years of you wanna set up a Patreon or donate button to help with costs and maintenance Im sure myself and others would pitch in
07/07/20 11:08 pm
Yeah, what about Rustingman? You can't be the only one who's currently looking after the code, right?
07/07/20 11:04 pm
So whatever happened to Rustingman? He was supposed to do some revamps to the site like 2 years ago. Any update on that, Asukafan?