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Reviewer: sandman579 Signed [Report This]
Date: July 25 2021 11:33 PM Title: Part 5

Oof, that ending. We don't know much about his sister, but she at least waited for her mom to break Jason into sex. In her own twisted way his Mom seemed to think she was being a caring and loving mother, given him something she thought would be rewarding and "punishing" him for trying to get aware from her and just not being a good active partner appreciating what she was doing for him. In the 2nd chapter when she put him in unprotected, she did pause to look at him and tell him she loved him. However both women do know in his final minutes he was terrified enough to piss himself in fright and he died slowly as he was bludgeoned to death over several minutes. His mother knew from the earlier sessions he begged her to stop and was bruised and weak afterwards. Did either of them express disappointment at breaking "it" so soon or react with disgust at the state of his body, done by their own hands? Did either of them breakdown in tears or express shame or remorse? Guess we'll never know how they reacted when they finally took it too far with poor little Jason.

Author's Response:

lmao thats quite the review, u seemed to really be into it lol, glad u enjoyed

Reviewer: Dawger2 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 24 2021 8:36 AM Title: Part 5

Holy crap! He has an older sister?!?! YESSS! Too bad it's a short one just when it's already getting gettig to the best part.Anyway, that was some awesome writing Thanks, man

Author's Response:

i just write what they tell me to lol, thanks for the review 

Reviewer: Dawger2 Signed [Report This]
Date: July 06 2021 5:42 AM Title: Part 3

Did you just say "children"? So Jason has some siblings, huh. Gonna stay tuned on this one

Author's Response:

honestly i didnt even notice that lmao

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